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Episode 8 - "The Genesis Experiment"

Posted by: Hawku Nov 14 2005, 09:41 AM

Captain Chain - Starbase 549, Corridors

The Captain had been squeezing his way through crowds and crowds of people. The station was more full than he had ever seen. It contained people from the planet Jestra, below, who had been living there ever since the evacuation of one half the planet, and scientists who were eager in studying from space, the tentacles that continued to flail out into the atmosphere.

The word on the street, er... deck, was that one of the tentacles had extended out as far as the troposphere.

What were they reaching for? Chain thought. But apparently these things were living organisms and no one actually wanted to destroy them. When he came to a computer console, he found an open study someone had been working on. It showed the bio-energy levels the Tentacles had been showing, and described that everytime their side of the planet faced the direction of the Nor'Shizi, the bio-levels would increase in excitement.

Before Chain could react in shock, he was suddenly bumped into by Commodore Teris.

"Uh, a little crowded in here?" He commented.

Chain was brushed by a largely built civilian, almost losing his balance. "Hey watch it! ...Err, Commodore. Isn't there a maximum capacity of this Station?"

"There is, and we haven't reached it. Most of the people living here, actually want to stay here believe it or not. Anyway, I just came by to let you know that the Droid System on your ship has been successfuly installed. As for the Shark and the Blade, they will take a few more hours or so."

Chain shook his head, "These droids... they don't beep and move around in circles do they? Because I hate that."

"No," the Commodore looked at him annoyed, "Oh and I recieved your request to have them uninstalled. It'll be processed at Starfleet Headquarters on my next trip through the Wormhole. But that won't be for a while. I think I may stay on this station for some vacation time or do some work here."

Suddenly a very old, short, man with a cane approached the two of them. Chain and Teris looked over slowly in awkwardness, as the old man had joined thier company without asking, or introducing himself. He just stood there and stared at them, happily.

"Umm... can we help you?" Teris said, increasing his annoyedness.

The old man continued to stare happily.

"If you're lost sir, then may I---"

The old man the shot out his cane between the two Starfleet Officers, yelling out, "Think fast!"


Teris jerked his head back, nearly being hit by the cane. But Captain Chain launched out his arm and grabbed it in mid air. Chain flung out his other arm to block an incoming jab from the old man. They stopped, for the old man had been testing him.

Chain sighed, "It's alright, Commodore. I know this guy."

Teris growled at the old man, angrily, "You better watch where your waving that thing! If you had hit me I'd---"

"Blah! Blah! Blah!" The old man interrupted.

Teris stepped away angrily, "Arrgghh. Chain, you'd better watch this guy. He's on very thin ice with me!" The Commodore stomped away to get back to other business.

This left the two to get re-aquianted... but Chain wasn't really looking forward to it. His stomach curled in anticipation.

"So! You've certainly moved up in the world. How are things, Chain? Heh! Heh!" The old man smiled.

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Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

Jon sat at his desk staring intently at the display, "What in the hell is the hang up here? These things were designed by me, for these ships. I'd better go see if I can lend a hand." He proceeded down the corridors, to the port installation of the droids.

Port Droid Installation

Jon swiped his access card and the door opened.

"Sir!" a young Engineer exclamed "What are you doing down here? If I may ask"

"We have to speed this up-"

"Sir, we are working as fast as we can, without loosing.... er, well, every thing."

"I know that you are working hard, but we need to get it done faster..." Falqon explained, almost being interupeted again. "Which is why, I am down here to render some assistance"

"A Commanding Officer doing the work of an NCO?" the Petty officer questioned, "Alright, let's see what you've got!" he said tossing Jon a spanner "Come on over to Bay 4, it'll be me and you"

"Okay, get to work on bays 5 and 6, the SO and I have 4!" he shouted to the other engineers in the room, raising a bit of a snicker.

Jon frustratedly spoke, "Petty Officer Thomas, go help you men, I'll finish bay 4 before you 5 are done with yours". Then he hurried over to Bay-4 and began his works.

Sure as shit, just as he promised he was done before the other engineers.

"How in the hell did you do that!?" Thomas inquired.

"I designed these things, droids and all."

"Damn, Commander, I owe you a drink, I'm off-duty as soon as we finish up here"

"As am I, lets get those bays finished up then, shall we."

Posted by: Hawku Nov 22 2005, 11:30 PM

Captain Chain - Starbase 549, Atlantis Docking Port

"Ughhh..." Chain moaned as he walked with the old man to the Docking Ports, "Kezel, what are you doing here?"

Kezel looked at him annoyed, "What kind of respect paying is that? The correct term to call me by is Teacher!"

"Alright, fine. Teacher - what are you doing here?"

Kezel poked him in the chest, "Don't give me that attitude. I gave you the best lessons known to man, and here you are wasting yourself! - To answer your question, I moved to Jestra in hopes of getting in contact with you. You were one of the best students in the class and passed with Honors! ...I've been making it a point to catch up with my best students from the Academy. I want to see how they've progressed before I die."

"I told you that I wasn't going to continue with that. There are more important things to take care of in this business. I'm a Captain now for earth-sakes! It just takes up too much time," Chain replied.

Kezel crossed his arms, "How many years has it been?" - There was an uncomfortable pause. "How many years, Chain?"

"--Five!" Chain finally gave in. "But I did try picking it up again a few weeks ago... You see there was a Vorta, and he... well, he could fight---" - But before the Captain could go on, a comm signal broke in.

- "Jowett to Chain. There's a strange long-range communication coming from the Karemma. They are asking for you personally."

Chain and the old man looked at each other in confusion. Just as the Captain tapped his commbadge, "I'm on my way," and began walking... the old man started walking after him.

"I'm joining your crew for this mission," the old man, Kezel, said.


"No but's! You owe me at least that," Kezel said intently.

Chain sighed helplessly and gave in once more. He allowed him inside, where they made thier way to the Bridge.

U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

When Chain got there, he found a very distressed Karemma on-screen. He looked like it was all over for him.

"Nevek?" Chain said as he recognized the alien.

- "I didn't know who to turn to... Our... our scientists aren't able to solve this problem. There's no way to stop it!"

"Why - What's the matter?" Chain asked.

- "It seems a rogue Planet has somehow been set on course for our homeworld. It is to make impact in exactly 30 days!"

Chain tried to absorb the information. A whole planet?? On course for Karemma? This doesn't make any sense! - He then looked back on-screen. "I can't believe what you're telling me, Commander."

- "It's true," Nevek said. "Please, we request your assistance."

The Captain nodded, "Very well. I'll have the Atlantis take a look. We'll be there soon, Commander."

- "Thank you. It is with great appreciation," Nevek said before the screen went out.

Captain Chain turned to the Tactical Station and said, "Hilder, please send a message out to the Blade and the Shark: The Atlantis is going to make a trip to the Karemma Homeworld on urgent business."

The officer quickly tapped in the message on the panel as Chain spoke.

"Order the Blade, that when they are finished the installation of those Drones, they are to continue on-mission to explore and map out Gamma Sector 883-B," he took a breath, "Also, order the Shark, that when they are finished with thier installations, they are to continue on-mission to explore and map out Gamma Sector 836-G."

Hilder nodded as he finished inputting the text. - Chain nodded back and glanced on-screen, "Mr. Raven, set a course for Karemma space and engage."

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Is this the -Q- and Hawku show here?

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

=/\="Falqon to Koran. Captain, come to your ready room, I need to speak with you." Jon said, fidgeting about in the Captain's Chair. There was clearly something on his mind. Jon got up, and walked into the ready room.

[NOTE]The Blade is still docked at the moment, Falqon just likes to be on the Bridge[/NOTE]

Jon ordered up a cup of Earl Grey Tea atthe replicator, and sat in Captain Koran's chair.Man this is a comfy chair

Captain Koran walked in and Falqon immediatly started, "Captian, we have been ordered to continue with the exploration and mapping of Sector 883-B, as you are well aware. However, I have just recieved word...from a reliable source, that there are strange things afoot in the Karemma Home System, A rouge planet is headed for their Homeworld. Now, I believe that you have heard of the Genesis Project. It was before you left Section 31, so we may talk of it. It seems that things have gone awry. This may be our fault. Not yours and mine per se, but, ours in general if you know what I mean. Commodore Teris has given me permission to disregard Captain Chain's orders, but I don't want to have to do so without your full cooperation. I am willing to follow your orders, but we need to talk about this first. I want your opinion, off the record."

Jon sipped his tea and awaited Captain Koran's Response

Posted by: BSA Dave Nov 27 2005, 08:41 PM

"Captain" Koran Lacer, Ready Room, USS Blade

"Jon you know I don't want anything to do with the agency anymore! Because of them I had to do some very nasty stuff. Try living with killing off entire planet. It's alful. Not a Day goes by that I don't think about what I did. Yes i know it was to set the Nor'Shizi back from attacking us. To show not too mess with us. But we destroyed any chance for peace with them." Koran Said

Koran walked to his replacator. "Root Beer" he ordered.

"Jon my opinion off the record is the smae thats on the record. I don't think we should leave Chain in the dark about this. No more behind everyone's back."

Lacer looked at jon. "How far off coarse is it?"

Posted by: Hawku Nov 29 2005, 08:07 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

The Atlantis approached a giant, but dark planet, projected on the view-screen, just as Yelesi entered the Bridge. Chain looked over and noticed her, wondering what she was doing here.

I suppose it's alright, Chain thought. She is sort of 'observing' our culture.

He then looked back on-screen at the subject at hand. It was a pretty big planet, that seemed to be losing atmosphere.

"Sir," Hilder spoke out, "It appears to be close to a Class K planet. There is evidence of methane, nitrogen and liquid neon."

Chain stared at the screen in wonder, "Are there any life-forms on it?"

"No," Hilder said after he scanned. "But the way the Planet has been configured... it's confusing. The computer can't plan out a logical history for it."

The Captian took a seat in his chair, "It's possible a star system was interrupted by some force, which sent this Planet hurling through space. Is there any way we can slow it's momentum, or even change its course?"

Jowett glanced over at the others and then back, "I don't think so, sir. An object of this enormity is completely impossible to move. I don't even think destroying it is possible."

"Not even a hundred ships would have that kind of fire power," Hilder commented.

Chain thought for a moment, "I guess you're right." He then stood up, "But the Karemma are in trouble. I want a meeting in the Briefing Room in one hour."

Posted by: -Q- Dec 7 2005, 06:55 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
USS Blade

"Chain knows, he was informed by The Gamma Quadrant Command Centre. Anyways, it is just a few thousand Kilometres, it's like Chain wanted us to investigate or something." Jon spoke.

He hesitated for a moment, then added, "Also, Commodore Teris has been called back to Earth for a few months, He will be leaving in a month. He has called upon me to keep is chair warm for that time. I should be able to do it from here, but, if the need arises, I will have to be able to leave the ship. Do you understand, Captain?"

"Any how, back to the topic at hand. If you do not authorise this manouever, I will not take the ship from you, but I will take half of the Droid Detachment, as well as a few crew members and your Captain's Yacht." Jon paused, sipping his tea, and awaiting the Captain's response

Posted by: BSA Dave Dec 7 2005, 07:23 PM

Captain Koran Lacer

"Jon i do not like that tone in your voice. I am tha captain of the ship I will tell you weither or not if you can use MY yatch. Is that Understood?"

Jon had a bit of bewidlerment in his eye.

" You may make the coarse corrections. Under one condition, You tell me everything that is going on. And you give me the it's classified, we will not make the coarse change, and YOU WILL NOT be aloowed to leave this ship is that understood?"

" How it's time for you to get out of my chair. "

Jon got up out of the chair and Lacer sat down.

Lacer sipped his root beer slowely. and awaited Jpon to tell him everything that is going on.

Posted by: -Q- Dec 10 2005, 12:05 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
USS Blade

Jon began pacing about the room. "I merely meant that if you were not cooperative I would not remove you from command as I was ordered to. I know that there are alternatives to taking the entire ship." Jon paused for a moment. "And, if you think that you will get in the way of my having to go to the Star Base in the Commodore's absence, you are mistaken. Or did you forget, Starfleet Command doesn't trust you anymore."

"Very well, Executive Commander, I shall tell you what I know. At this point in time, one of the Genesis planets has gone out of control wayward. It is heading for the Karemma Home World and, more than likely cannot be stopped. There is not a way to change it's course, but, it does have a self destruct mechanism. We aren't certain that it will work, and the codes are set to a pattern that can only be determined on the planets surface. The rest of what I am about to tell you, Lacer, cannot be told to anyone else, not even Chain. Do you understand that?"

Posted by: Hawku Dec 12 2005, 09:24 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Briefing Room

Chain met with his senior staff in the Briefing Room of the Atlantis. "Any ideas people?" He asked before noticing the Ambassador's presence. It's alright that she's here, he thought to himself.

"It's impossible to stop the momentum of an entire planet," Jowett said half in thought.

Through the large window's, part of the planet could be seen.

"I don't know..." S'Ron began speaking, "What stops us from splattering all over the walls of the ship? The inertial dampeners, right?"

Lars looked over at him, "What are you getting at?"

"If we could somehow apply the intertial dampeners to the... maybe the atmosphere, you know, like it was shields. Maybe that could effect the whole planet," S'Ron continued.

Raven shook his head, "It's theorhetically impossible. We'd need an extensive power-output, a range a million times more than the ship could generate."

"Captian," Hilder interrupted, "Before we go on, I must report a message we recieved from the Shark."

Chain understood the complexity of the situation nearly confused the order of reports, "What is it?"

"They're reporting a rogue planet on the other side of the Sector. They had changed course to examine it," Hilder said.

Chain stood up in shock, "Another one?"

As he stood, the crew looked at him, afraid he was about to end the meeting. Chain then noticed thier awareness and slowly began to sit back down.

"--Alright, let's finish this meeting."

Posted by: -Q- Dec 12 2005, 05:19 PM

((This post takes place after the meeting Between Jon and Lacer))

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

Jon stood at the Tactial Station. Well, stood wasn't really the word, as he was pacing.

"Lieutenant, take over for a minute, I have some business to attend to". Jon walked into the turbo-lift before the young officer was even to the panel.

"XO's Quarters" he said. then the lift took off through the ship. When he reached his quarters he immediatly sat down at his desk.

"Computer, hail Captian Chain on the Atlantis, Priority 1B."

"Captain Chain, good to see you, but I did not just call to say hello. I have vilat information on the rouge planets-"

"How do you know about the-?" Chain asked, in shock ((OOC: I say, we'd better not put Chain into much more shock or he'll have a heart attack))

"Never mind that, let's just say that they are an experitment gone wrong. By your rank, you are allowed access to this. Before I continue; Is there anyone else in the room? If so, please, they must make their way out. This is for your ears only."

Jon paused, awaiting for the all clear from Chain before continuing. "Captain, it's the Genesis Project. Now, there is a way to destroy the planets. They are all armed with an auto destruct. However, I cannot give you the codes, you see, they change. Only myself and a few others have the knowledge needed to read the pattern. We are on our way to Karemma now. We should be upon you in an hour or so."

Chain made as to say something in protest, but Jon waved him down. "Captian, I know what you are going to say, and it doesn't make any difference. The facts are, I am the only one that is within four weeks of the planets."

Posted by: Hawku Dec 13 2005, 07:26 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Briefing Room

Steven Chain gritted his teeth in anger to himself... He disliked Falqon's way of just gutting in to the situation like he owned it. But there was obviously something bigger going on here, and Chain couldn't go against that.

"Very well..." he said, with his teeth still gritted together... "I'll see you in an hour."

Falqon nodded and the screen clicked off.

As it deactivated, Chain let out an angry fist slam onto his desk. "Argh!" He didn't even realize the old man who had been standing at the Briefing Room doors. How the hell long has he been here?? He thought as he turned in realization.

"Need to see a Councillor?" Kezel said, holding on to his walking stick.

Chain, sitting at the head of the long table, just returned to facing the table's direction, "Now's not the time, old man."

"Maybe it is," Kezel walked toward him and then flung his cane toward Chain's head.

Chain suddenly realized what was happening and then grabbed the cane before it hit him, inches away from his face. "What the hell are you doing??"

"You're speed. It looks like it was an instinct of yours." Kezel lept up and swung a kick around towards Chain, who was still sitting at the table. Chain quickly dodged his head back, as the foot passed over. As Chain was dodging back, his entire chair began falling back, and he fell back onto the floor.

When Kezel landed on his feet, he brought up the same foot he attacked with before, and then down to Chain's chest. Chain grabbed the foot before it crushed his rib-cage and the old man used Chain's hand as a jump point.

Kezel lept up above Chain, flipping overhead, giving the Captain enough time to kick his chair away and climb to his feet. He immediately went for his commbadge, "Captain Chain to Se--" But as the old man was coming down, he kicked Chain's hand away from his commbadge.

Kezel landed right in front of Chain, facing him. When Chain made eye contact, he re-affirmed his anger and went to tap his commbadge again. But the old man reached out his left hand and knocked Chain's forearm away. Captain Chain tried again, but Kezel knocked it away once more in another direction. "Captain to--"

Kezel then kicked Chain in the chest, sending him back into the large-viewscreen. His back hit it in pain, impacting on its surface. When Chain pulled himself off the wall, he clenched his fists and held them before him in a fighting stance. "GGrrgghh. That's it, old man. I don't care about calling my crew anymore. You're going down!"

He stepped forward to a ready man, and began punching at him. But Kezel merely used one hand to re-direct and block each incoming fist. He then used the same hand to jab through an obvious opening in Chain's attack and to accross Chain's face. "Ugh!"

Chain grabbed the old man's arm and then kicked the old man in the side. The old man grabbed the leg and spun Chain around so much as to send Chain over the table. When Chain was on the table, he began using his feet to block incoming punches from Kezel. Chain then kicked for Kezel directly at his face, but Kezel grabbed the leg and then jumped over. He came down, landing each a foot on a senior-staff chair and one hand at Chain's throat, and another hand holding Chain's arms together.

Kezel looked over him, in expert skill, "You're not as bad as I expected."

"What the hell? Has this been some kind of test??" Chain said.

Kezel let go and lept off the chairs. He landed on the floor, awaiting as Chain slowy sat up on the table. Chain went to tap his commbadge, but stopped.

"Okay fine. You made your point," Chain said bringing his hand down.

Kezel went over and picked up his cane off the floor. The Captain got off the table and approached him. "If you were the man I just fought, all the time, then perhaps things would be a little different in this Quadrant. This was a man who is more aggressive... more a man who uses intelligent quick thinking. One many could admire, and his enemies fear."

"I have enough to deal with at the moment than your old lessons, Kezel. The Karemma are depending on us."

Kezel nodded, "Just be aware, you need work. Your level at the moment is below average... the class's old average, by the way." He then patted Chain's arm and left the room, showing a slight limp.

Chain wondered if the limp was a lie, or if it really did exist and the old man was able to fight with it. He just shook his head and caught his breath. There was something relieving about that whole fight. As if it was at a speed he once understood in complexity. Captain Chain walked out of the Briefing Room and onto the Bridge.

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Captain Koran, USS Blade, Ready Room

Lacer sat in his chair sipping his beverage he thought to himself Who the hell does jon think he is this is my damned ship. I don't give two craps if he is section 31 or not

Koran thought over and over on how to go from here. this was his ship, but if he did something to Jon like confine or may try to take command and may turn into an munity. he didn't want blood shed.

Koran tapped his computer screen, computer engage force feild aroundmy ready room, deactivate if there is any survalance devices (He really did trust Jon after this meeting) and set up a scambled priotity one comm channel, set security clearence alpha 3162 level 12. Open a channel to Captain Chain"

Posted by: Hawku Dec 14 2005, 10:28 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Chain stepped out onto the Bridge where S'Ron approached him from the Turbolift. Glancing over, Chain noticed that he had a padd in his hands and was carrying it over. The officer made his way around the Bridge to the Captain and handed him the padd.

"I've just come up with something," he said.

Chain took the padd and looked at it curiously, "What is it, Lieutenant?"

"It's a theorhetical way we could extend the inertial dampeners to a gravametric force like the rogue planet. If we use a system like what I've worked out here, and placed the ship-- or possibly multiple ships, into the atmosphere of the planet-- it's possible we could diffuse its motion."

The Captain began reading through the data quickly, trying to see the evidence for himself.

"Unfortunately," S'Ron continued, "We'd need a lot of ship's surrounding the planet, and the instant they were to be used, the dampening effect on the ships themselves would go haywire and kill anyone on board."

Chain shook his head, "Damn."

"But that's the closest theory my team has going for us," S'Ron said.

The Captain handed him back the padd, "It's just too bad we can't put it to the test." He turned in deep thought. "But the Blade thinks they have a way to stop this thing. They may be our only chance."

Just then, a console started beeping and Hilder called out, "Captain! ...We're getting an encoded transmission from the Blade. It's Captain Koran."

"Huh?" Chain turned to the view-screen, "Put him through."

Posted by: -Q- Dec 19 2005, 10:18 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

Jon stepped off of the turbolift, resuming his post. He turned to the Ensign at the helm, "Ensign, has Captain Koran left his ready room yet."

"No, sir. But he has given orders not to be interupted."

"Understood, Ensign." Jon said. "I will need to speak with him soon", he thought aloud.

"What was that, sir, I didn't hear you".

"It's okay Ensign, I was talking to myself. Too much time amongst humans..." Jon laughed. "Computer, time."

"23-29" the computer said.

"Heh, 30 minutes left on my shift. Good, I need a drink!" Jon thought aloud once again.

Posted by: Hawku Dec 22 2005, 10:27 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

"Sir, it's a secured channel," Hilder said.

Chain paused for a moment in confusion. He then realized that there may be some answers in this mysterious transmission and nodded and turned, "Put it through to my Ready Room."

Ready Room

The Captain entered his Ready Room, and turned the laptop on his desk toward his seat. Chain sat down and activated it. On the view-screen came Captain Lacer Koran's image, and he was looking irritated.

"Koran?" Chain said.

"Captain Chain, it's me. I wanted to talk to you about Commander Jon Falqon," Koran looked left and right almost as if he was partially paranoid. "...He circumvented my command. He spoke to you and ordered a change course in my ship without my approval."

Chain crosses his arms, "Yeah I noticed you dropped your previous mission."

"That's not the point, Captain. He's---"

Chain unfolded his arms and leaned in, "Look. Sometimes being Captain means you have to work with your First in Command on the level. If you have a problem with him, then you both have to talk it over-- like adults. But if there is a serious problem, then only you should know what has to be done."

"You have no idea," Koran said enthusiastically.

But before he could say anything more, Chain interrupted again. "--Wait. He said something about a Genesis Project. Can you elaborate on that?"

"This whole thing involves Section 31. He said that the organization was responsible for the creation of that planet, and possibly more planets. He said something's gone wrong and now they are rogue planets."

Chain looked to the side in shock and then back, "What? Are you saying Falqon is a member of Section 31?"

"There's something else. You see I---"

Chain interupted him again, "Koran. Tell me straight right now. In your professional opinion, does he have the means to stop this rogue planet from hitting Karemma?"

Koran paused for a moment, hesitating on what to say as the conversation had suddenly taken a left turn--- "Pos... possibly. If he believes he does, then I am certain he can stop it."

"Hmmm... But where did these planets come from? There must be a base somewhere, or a ship?" Chain said half in thought.

Koran leaned in, "Falqon said something of a Starbase he intended on visiting. He didn't say the location."

"A Starbase, huh?" Chain raised his eye-brows. "Look. Keep humouring Falqon until he can put a stop this rogue planet. I know it's crossing the line into immorality, but we have to work with this. Help him stop this planet. In the meantime... I'm going to find this Starbase."

Koran spoke out suddenly, "But sir, there's something of my past that I must tell you---"

"Save it. We don't have a lot of time. If I find it, I'm going to leave the Atlantis and take the Shark to this... Starbase. That's if I find it. Wish me luck." Chain then cut the screen out, and left his Ready Room.

Posted by: -Q- Dec 22 2005, 09:07 PM

((OOC: I am playing Alec Teris for a while, so be certain to check for my headings in bold))

Commodore Alec Teris
Starbase S31G1 (Section 31 Gamma 1)

Alec paced about the control centre of the Starbase. What could have gone wrong, we did everything according to plan. I send a message back to San Fransisco, and what happens, they call me back, I only hope that Jon can handle this situation. He has proven himself worthy of my respect. He has proven to be an excellent officer, loyal to his commanding officer, and willing to bear the weight of any consequences with him. He is exactly what we need here at S31. Suddenly he felt dizzy, and then coughed up a mixture of boogeys and blood.
=/\="Teris to Sick bay, medical team to Ops, right now. I am-" Then he feinted

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

"Commander, a message for you, text only, encrypted beyond my clearance" the Lt. Commander at the Communications panel said.

"Put it thorugh to my viewer here at the chair." Jon said. The officer obliged. Jon typed in a code, and read the message.

QUOTE(Starbase S31G1 @ Medical Department, Commander James Saron, M.D.)


I hope this message finds you in good health. But let's skip the pleasantries for now, Commodore Teris has fallen ill, we arrived in Ops to find him unconsious near a puddle of phleghm and blood. As of the sending of this message, he remains out cold. He left instruction that you were to be placed in command of the Section 31 Gamma Quadrant Detachment. I understand that you are on a mission of the utmost importance, so, as soon as it is convieneint, I require your presance here.

Luck and Health,

"Koran is not going to be happy about this." Jon said aloud.

"Not happy about what, Jon?" A voice asked.

"Captain, Alec Teris... he is... incapcitated. He coughed a nasty little blood filled boogey and weht down for the count"

"So, this means..."

"This means that after our little solution of the Genesis problem, I have to leave the ship. If it means loosing my Commision as XO of this boat, then so be it, I have to go. By the way, I apologise for the way I acted before. I was just stressed about this whole situation. Everything just fell on me at once." Jon finished speaking just as the shift ended. "So, I'm off duty now, how about a drink?"

Posted by: Hawku Dec 23 2005, 11:31 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Chain stood behind S'Ron at the back of the Bridge, where they were peering through a computer station. On it were several variances of Long-Rage scans. "Hmm," S'Ron said. "I'm finding it difficult to sort through a lot of the spacial distortion in this region."

"That looks like a Nebula. According to the readings, it's possible that the rogue planets may have come from there," Chain pointed at the view-screen.

S'Ron shook his head, "Yeah, but how would you even know where to start looking in there? With all this distortion around, a ship's navigational sensors would be out of whack."

"I suppose you're right..."

Just then Yelesi approached them. She had been wandering, bored, on the Bridge of the ship.

"Yelesi. Is everything satisfactory on the ship?" Chain asked.

Yelesi nodded, "It is fine, Captain. I was just curious as to what you two were working on."

"It's really, nothing you have to worry about. If you want, I could have a Crewmen treat you to 10-Forward?"

The Sylesi Ambassador looked at him weird. "Please. I do not require any patronisim."

"Oh," Chain was taken back. "Well is there anything I can do for you? You know we do want to make your stay here as comfortable as possible."

Yelesi pointed at the computer station the other two were working at, "Perhaps I can help you with that."

"You mean the Nebula? I don't know. We have our best men working on this problem. I'm sure we can handle it."

The Ambassador looked at the readings on the station, "Perhaps that is your first problem; having the 'men' working on it."

"We're looking for a Starbase," S'Ron gave in to her, "We're assuming its in use by possibly Section 31... they're an agency that uses stealth as thier main advantage."

Yelesi stared at the readings, "In my time on my vessel before this, I had experience in scanning through this type of planetary radiation. I think I may be able to come up with a configuration capable of scanning through it."

"Really?" Chain said in shock.

But then Yelesi turned to him with a look.

"I mean-- Really," he repeated in a better tone. "Yelesi," he began, this time more seriously, "If there's anyway you can help, I'd be greatly appreciative for it. I know there hasn't been much to do around here lately since we left your people."

The Ambassador nodded, recognizing his attempt at sympathizing. "Thank you, Captain. I believe I may have a way to help with this situation." She then took S'Ron's seat, and began sifting through the scans. S'Ron hovered next to her and the station to look at the data as-well.

Posted by: -Q- Jan 2 2006, 11:39 AM

((OOC: What did I just get finished saying about Chain and Shock))

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

"Computer, open a channel to the Atlantis"

"Captain Chain, we are here, I am taking a small team down to the surface. You may join us if you care to." Jon ended the transmission and went to Transporter Room II. His team was already assembled, A Science Officer, an Engineer, and a Droid

=/\="Falqon to Koran. Sir, we are heading to the suface now. If you have not heard from us in 12 hours, start heading in the direction of the nebula, stop outside, and await further instruction."=/\= At the end od the last word, Falqon engergised the transporter


"Yes, sir" the Droid replied

"Execute programme S31GP-search"

Posted by: Hawku Jan 2 2006, 10:40 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Captain stood at the centre of the Bridge after having recieved the transmission. Jon Falqon had ended it before he could respond. "Th-- ........Falqon?"

Chain turned in annoyance.

"Ugh. He didn't even give me a chance to reply."

Hidler glanced over at him from tactical, thinking he was talking to him, "Sir?"

"Huh? Oh nothing," Chain replied before regaining his awareness. To that end, he began walking the Bridge, toward the back where Yelesi was working at a computer station. Falqon's working for Section 31... Chain said to himself in his head... All this time, he's been operating right under my nose. Why didn't I see it? Why couldn't I have seen it? He then stopped in his tracks. Don't kid yourself, Chain. He was on another ship. There was no way you could have known.

Captain Chain continued walking until he reached Yelesi.

"Any luck?" He asked.

Yelesi shook her head slowly, "Not as of yet. I am still in the process of filtering scans."

"Understood," Chain nodded. "I'm going down to that Planet to meet with Jon Falqon."

Just then, Hidler turned from his tactical station, "Captain, is that wise? He's from Section 31. He can't be trusted."

"I'm going down," Chain repeated himself in a stronger tone. "You guys keep working on finding that Station. I'll keep in touch."

They nodded in understanding, and Chain accepted their acceptance. I know he's part of Section 31, he continued thinking to himself. But I need Section 31. As much as it pains me to say it - I need them right now.

Chain left the Bridge and made his way to the Transporter Room. With the proper thin layer suit, he stepped on to the padd and ordered the beam out.

Rogue Planet 397X, Section 8826

Captain Chain dematerialized on the surface, finding himself in a barren and rocky land. The sky was a dark blue with an orange mist in some parts - and the air was bitter cold. Chain found himself with three Starfleet Officer's and one Droid. Although, one of the Starfleet Officer's wasn't technically full Starfleet---

"Captain, you came alone," Jon said.

Chain glanced at him, breaking away from the gaze of the sunset or sunrise horizon, "I trust your Team is sufficient." He then looked at the Droid... a piece of comical technology in his eyes. But nonetheless, there. "And I use the term 'Team' lightly."

"Of course. Wait a minute. Do you have a problem with the Droid?" Jon asked, suddenly realizing Chain's sarcasm.

Chain held up his hands, "No no. The Droid is fine. Perfectly fine........ It's just that.... I kind of didn't bring the can of peas I needed opened."

"Captain," Jon said to him, "I don't appreciate your unprofessionalism. I helped design these Droids."

Chain nodded in understanding. How can I possibly give you professionalism when you've broken everything you vowed to stand for in Starfleet? He then glanced back up at him. Nevertheless... the Karemma are depending on us. And I can't let them die. I can't let a whole civilization fall due to something I know can be stopped. - "Alright, alright," Chain replied straight out. "I'm sorry. Let's get started on this mission. Where do we go from here?"

Jon checked a tri-corder with a map that was being fed by the Droid, "TAD-3 is searching just to the west; in this direction," he pointed. "It's not too far off."

"Alright, let's go," Chain said as the Team began moving. The journey had commenced.

Posted by: -Q- Jan 4 2006, 10:53 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Rogue Planet 397X

"Captain, I have to tell you something." Jon said suddenly.

"What is it, Jon?"

"Let me start from the beginning... I am a ranking officer in Section 31, so much to the point where Commodore Teris has entrusted me with command should he become incapaitated. He has fallen ill, Meaning that I am in charge of Section 31 in the Gamma Quadrant."

"I already had a feeling that you were Section 31, Jon, but Why are you telling me this?"

"Well, I was getting to that, I would like to invite you, the other Captains, and Ambassador Manticora, to our Star Base"

Posted by: Hawku Jan 7 2006, 07:56 PM

Captain Chain - Rogue Planet 397X, Section 8836

"Starbase?" Chain replied in partial shock. He already knew the possibility of a Starbase, but didn't feel it necessary to plaster on more of an 'I-already-knew-that' attitude. His shock more lay in the fact Jon was inviting him. Perhaps he really is the head of all Section 31 in the Gamma Quadrant. - "But why? Why are you doing this for us?"

Before Jon Falqon could respond, the group came upon a giant towering machine. It stood tall and thin, with a grouping of giant elongated probes pumping up and down into a man-constructed hole in the ground. The hole was lipped by metallic surface... like a big drain-pipe to the Planet.

"--Oh, my, God," Chain's jaw dropped in amazement of the structure. He couldn't believe he didn't see it the whole time they were walking. His conversation with Jon had distracted him.

Jon pointed, "That goes to the core of the Planet. According to the Gamma Genesis plans I read, the Planet was created around this structure. I'm able to confirm now that this Planet was one of the first few created."

"Why?" Chain asked.

Jon dropped his hand to limp, "Because the second batch of Planets were created without these structures."

The idea of more Planets in existence scared Chain, and the fact that these more Planets had no self-destruct capability scared him more.

"Let's get to work," Chain said. But more toward Jon, so that he'd start the process of destruction.

Jon nodded and walked toward a control panel against the pumping Structure.


(OCC: Well there's more shocked reaction from Chain. But I assure you, he can handle it. lol)

Posted by: -Q- Jan 7 2006, 08:52 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Rogue Planet 397X
Control Centre

Exactly 2 metres away from the panel, Jon stopped. He reached down between two identical looking rocks and knocked, there was a flesh-on-metal clank when he did so. He flipped both rocks on thier sides, first the left, then the right, and a spherical metal object began to rise from the ground. It took exactly 16 seconds for the entire four metres of the shaft to appear. It began to glow in varying shades of Yellow. The only part not glowing was a triangle shaped symbol in the centre of the pole.

"That takes care of the First Device." Jon shouted so as he could be heard over the ever growing din of the pumps. He looked about, and his gaze locked ten metres away, somewhere near Chain's feet. There he saw two identincal grass patches. "Captain, you are standing on the Second Device. Back up, and shoot the grass patches, first the one on your left, and then the one on your right." Jon shouted to Chain, then turned back as though to study the shaft he had raised.

As Chain did so, the right side of the triangular shape began to glow red. Jon immediatly walked ten metres to his left. noticing two identical pipes. He paused to think for a moment, then returned to the rocks he had moved picking up the left in his left hand, the right in his right. When he returned to the pipes, he placed the left rock in the left tube, the right in the right. By the time he had done this, Chain's pole had fully risen and was glowing in varying shades of green, also with the red triangle in the centre. This one however, was only glowing blue in the ground. Suddenly, the two visable red triangles began to blink in regular ten second intervals, after 40 seconds, the blinking began to speed up, and the thrid shaft began to rise.

"Clear the area, make certain that you can see all three poles! The Operations Base is rising!" Jon said, then ran to join Chain.

After ten entire minutes, the whole base was visable... a shaft at each corner, each one still running it's light show. Jon ran to the control panel, pressed 33 keys on it in rapid succesion, and the door to the base opened.


((OOC: hahahaha! Oh, I bet you didn't expect this to happen either... well, to tell the truth, neither did I))

Posted by: Hawku Jan 9 2006, 09:32 PM

Captain Chain - Rogue Planet 397X, Control Centre

Chain looked at the Base that seemed to ascend out of nowhere and glanced at the other Officers. They just stood there, dumbfounded. The Captain then glanced at Jon who had just finished inputting the codes.

"Shall we?" Jon asked.

But Chain just looked past him at seriousness towards the Base. The Captain and the others began walking to the doors on queue.

Operation Base

Inside, Falqon was forced to input more codes into a console do show his identity. Down the hall an open room would be visable, where four giant shafts with computer consoles on them.

The crew walked down the corridors to this open area, which was lit fairly bright.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Commander," the Captain said.

Jon nodded and went over to one of the shafts. "The base goes deeper into the ground, but I'm quite certain I'm able to start the auto-destruct sequence from here," he motioned his head to the floor. "We're standing on a big Lift right now, that rides these four shafts. The base is compromised of 30 Floors going down."

"Fascinating," Chain said blankly.

Jon began tapping at the controls quickly, trying to input more codes but at a certain speed this time, "And now to just..."

...As Chain watched and waited in anticipation, his mind began to solutionalize the situation. It appeared, as so to him, that everything was actually working out. He'd get this Planet destroyed, and then he'd find out what was going on with Section 31.

He didn't like the fact they were here in the Gamma Quadrant, but he accepted it anyway. For the first time in a long time, terrible situations such as these didn't bother him as much. I suppose stressing about it as I have in the past, isn't going to solve anything... He recalled his dealings with the Nor'Shizi - how they had caused him much anger.

It'd been anger within him that he started to let go-- mostly because he didn't see the point anymore. But why do I feel that way? Chain asked himself. He hadn't been so serene for years. And then he realized; it was because his Teacher was on the ship. Kezel focused all his anger anyway, which usually meant it was a lost cause. So with Kezel here, he felt like he did back in his training years... calmer. Different.

He looked at Jon and the controls he was working on, when suddenly the floor began to rumble and shake.

Posted by: -Q- Jan 9 2006, 10:44 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Rogue Planet 397X
Control Centre

Jon was startled by this, "Captain, this is premature. I have not finished entering the codes yet. Jon said, looking at Chain. As he did so, the door slammed shut and there was a loud bang out side. He tried the door, It moved about a centimetre and stopped.

Then Jon shouted over the rumbling din, "There's something blocking the door. Don't bother trying to destroy it, it is Phaser proof. Everyone, we need to get down to sub-level 27. That is the supply level. This base was made to house a small detachment. Also, sub-levels 5 an below are shock proof." Suddenly there was a loud crash above. Just above. "Oh hell!" Jon screamed. "The top floor just went, don't just stand there, MOVE! Down the stairs, once we get to sub-level 5 we can take the turbolift, not before!"

Everyone rushed through the first five levels to the turbolift, which happened to be off. "ShitShitShit!" Jon swore. "TAD-3, go back to sub-level 4, and turn on the turbolift"

"Aye, sir." The droid responded and floated away.

"TAD-3 will rejoin us downstairs. We will get on the lift as soon as it arrives, and get down to 27." Jon ordered, then looking to Chain, with a bit of mild resentment, said, "If that is okay with you, sir. I apologise, I am used to being the senior most officer on missions."

Posted by: Hawku Jan 13 2006, 10:20 AM

Captain Chain - Rogue Planet 397X, Control Centre

"Well I don't see any other way, Commander," Chain replied as the Lift suddenly arrived.

He looked at the others who seemed to hesitate at the notion of going deeper into the Building when it was shaking. Chian quickly nodded and they all got on.

"It's about time!" Jon said as he tapped at the controls. The Lift then jerked and began descending down into the Planet at incredible speeds. As it sped through level after level, Jon couldn't help but wonder why the activation sequence went so prematurely. "Captain, I know how this place works, so you're going to have to follow my lead."

"How do you know it so well? Did you come here during your time in the Gamma Quadrant?" Chain asked in curiosity.

Level 27

But before Jon could answer, the Lift jerked to a stop. They had reached Level-27. Everyone stepped out, but Jon ran to a control panel and started tapping at it. Chain ran over, noticing the calm and shock-proof nature of the Level.

"What are you doing?"

Jon tapped quickly, "I'm trying to activate the Detatchment." But every time he went with one sequence of codes, the panel would ring out an error beep. "Damn! It's not working!"

Chain turned his head and noticed the TAD-3 come down another shoot in the area and approach. "What is your next orders sir?" It asked Jon.

Robot loyalty, Chain thought. How comforting for him.

Another panel beeped and Chain looked at it. He noticed it was a Planetary monitoring station and turned it on. The screen began to show shots of the Planet starting to explode.

"We did it!" Chain said. "This thing's going to go!"

One of the Officer's came over and saw the screen as well, "But sir! Won't the large pieces still be in momentum? Won't they still head on course for Karemma?"

"If the expulsion of the planet sends them in other directions, I assume not. But for the pieces sent in the direction of Karemma... I'm quite certain they can be destroyed by torpedoes." Chain said as he thought. He hoped he was right.

"In the meantime," Jon said losing his patience. "We've got to get off this thing!" He turned to his robot servant gave orders again, "TAD-3! See if you can decode the Detatchment!"

Posted by: -Q- Jan 30 2006, 10:58 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
Operations Base, Detachment Section
Level 27

Jon hit the nearest wall. "Why won't my codes activate the Detachment?!" he said to no one in particular. He tried one more time and elevator music began to play.

"Shit! This is bad, really, really bad!"

"What is the base going to explode or something?" Chain asked

"No, this song is just rather annoying, and it will play for two hours unless we can gain full control of the base."

Cue the collective "SHIT!" from the entire party.

"TAD-3 how close are you to decoding the detachment?" Falqon asked

"The Detachment cannot be decoded using Starfleet Protocol." TAD-3 said.

"Well then use the Section 31 decryption algorythyms installed in your database!" Falqon said, rather irratated.

Commodore Alec Teris
Section 31 Starbase
Sick Bay

"Doc, I need to send a transmission to the Blade, I am going to my office. I'll notify you if I start to fell unwell again"

"Alright, sir. Be careful, you ave not fully recovered" But Alec had left the Sick Bay already.

Commodore Teris' Office

"Computer, call the Blade." Teris spoke. Instantly Captain Koran's face was on the Viewer.

"Hello Commodore, Jon is not onboard at the moment. Are you feeling any better?"

"Yes, I am, thank you. But enough of that. I need you to take the Blade to Gamma Sector 773-K, and find and destroy or divert the rouge planet. Be careful there are several other planets near-by, don't destroy or divert them or we will have too many crises on our hands."

"Commodore, I'm not Section 31 anymore, I don't take my orders from you anymore, but just this once, I think it will benefit everyone if I do. Just remember, I'm not one of your pawns anymore."

"Lacer..." Teris said then stopped. He ended the transmission

"That was much easier than I thought it would be."

Posted by: BSA Dave Jan 31 2006, 03:55 PM

Captain Koran Lacer, USS Blade, Bridge

Lacer sat in his chair, he just finished a unpleasent conversation with the Commadore.

"Helm, Set coarse to Gamma Sector 773-K. Maxium Warp. Tatical take us to red alert. And have the Acting Cheif tactical officer, adn the science officers report to the breifing room in 20 minutes."

20 minutes later, Breifing room

Koran sat down at the small table with Lt. Brian Ramious, acting CTO, and LT Cmdr "Tal" Talloriana. The female Bolian Science Officer.

"Sir" Spoke the Lt. "How large is this Planetiod we are after?"

Koran responded "Roughly the size of Earth's moon."

Tal Thought out loud, "Holy crap" she paused "well our tractor beam dosn't have enough power to move it, so thats out."

Brian interrupted "Couldn't we use our torpedos and phasers to make it smaller them move it?"

Lacer Answered "That would take to long." "What about Beaming several torpedos in the center?"

"Well the rock is pretty dense in the center. We could try to beam out some of the rock in the center to create enough space. But I don't think several Antimatter warheads would do it." Tal Responded.

"Well I have a very power weapons under guard in cargo bay 2. But it's the last one I have. It's a Isolitic Subspace warhead. That should have enough firepower to destroy it, and we could use the phaser to destroy and large left over peices that might cause anyone harm." Koran Said.

"Sir, arn't those Illegal?" asked Brian.

"Yes, but I had orders to be fitted with several, but all but one were used in the first Nor'Shizi attack." Koran Answered.

He paused.

"Start working on the plan, get the war head ready to go, and get the transporters ready to beam out the center of the planetiod. Dismissed"

Posted by: Hawku Feb 1 2006, 09:05 AM

Captain Chain - Rogue Planet 397X

Chain was beginning to start pacing when TAD-3 suddenly came up with the Detatchment codes. Looking up, Chain found eye contact with Jon Falqon who quickly nodded. A door opened to everyone's left, turning heads.

"We've started the destruction of this Planet," Jon said. "Now it's time to get off it."

Everyone ran through the metallic door into a small Escape Pod, known as the Detatchment. The door arched closed as the earthquakes caused the interior of the base to start collapsing. In fact, continental plates throughout the planet were beginning to break apart. Magma was spewing out from the cracks into the atmosphere.

U.S.S. Atlantis

"Ma'am!" Shouted Hilder, "The Blade has jumped to Warp for Sector 773-K."

Jowette remained focused on the view-screen, which was showing the Planet under a great amount of stress. "Let them go. Have you locked on to the Away Team yet??"

"No," Hilder shook his head. "The interference is still in the way!"

Jowette gripped the arms of her chair in anticipation.

"The Planet is producing high levels of energy from within its core. I... can't explain it. I don't know what it is? But if we don't get out of here now, we could get caught in an explosion!"

The Commander continued to stare at the screen, holding back on the orders to jump to Warp, "...Energy from within the planet. That's got to be Genesis."


Suddenly the broken plates on 397X started pushing against each other. A large piece of continent flew up over another piece, angling upwards into the sky. The energies within the core egnited and blew one side of the Planet into space! As giant rocks trucked out into space, the Detatchment was hit and knocked around within them.

Chain and Falqon grabbed the controls of the Detatchment and began manouvering the debris. As a giant rock flew over them, they were able to change direction and pass around a cluster of smaller rocks.

"Thrusters at full!" Chain said, as the Detatchment flew a direction that went sideways to the direction of the moving debris. From the source of the debris, they could see a giant form of liquid magma, moving a lot faster than the debris. They accelerated the Detachment, ducking and dodging rock after rock, trying to get out of its path before it was too late.

Falqon shook his head, "This won't help, Captain. As soon as we reach the border of this debris, we're going to get hit by another one. Look!" He pointed out the window as more of 397X exploded. Another giant cluster of debris was flying out in all directions.

"Gghh..." Chain gritted his teeth as he handled the Helm, "Re-route life support to the thrusters!"

Falqon looked on, "What??"

"Life-support! It's the biggest system on this thing, and has the most power. Do it!"

The Agent quickly got to the controls and tapped at them. There was a sudden boost of energy in the thrusters, knocking the Detatchment out of the debris field, which was quickly solidified by a giant shard of cooling magma.

As the other more enormus debris field was coming for them, the Atlantis transported them out.

The Detatchment was beaten and destroyed from trillions of debris fragments.

U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain and the rest of the group collapsed off the Transporter padd. Thier bodies weak and pained. As they each started getting up, Chain and Falqon looked around to see if the group was alright.

"Everyone accounted for," Chain said.

Falqon then noticed something, "Wait. Where's TAD-3?"

"Huh?" Chain then noticed that it wasn't there.

Jowette was just entering the Transporter Room in a great rush, when she saw what they were looking for. "We could only risk locking onto bio life-signs." She shook her head, "Don't worry, the Atlantis still has a TAD."

"Hhh," Chain got up and leaned against the tranporter wall. He stared at nothing for a second, "Falqon. I know I don't agree with your way of life... but thank you."

Falqon was just getting up aswell.

"Can you take me to this Starbase?" Chain asked.

The Commander nodded, "Yes. I did invite you."

"Very well," Chain nodded back, still in pain. "Let's go."

Out in space, the rest of 397X exploded, prompting the Atlantis to speed around to position and jump to warp. The giant pieces of the planet trucked out into space... leaving the Rogue entity nothing more than fractions of its former self.

Posted by: -Q- Feb 4 2006, 01:29 AM

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Atlantis
Ready Room

"Captain, this is a matter of the utmost secrecy. We must take a shuttle or your Captain's Yacht. Captain Koran is away on a mission and will be unable to join us. Ambassador Manticora may join us at you discression. Captain Taurik is also welcome to join us." Jon said, pacing about the ready room. "I must also inform you that Commodore Teris has recovered and is not particularly happy, but will allow you to come aboard"

Jon walked to the Repilcator, "I will have some cola, computer". He took the cola and continued, "You sould inform your crew that you will be away for a bit, please, do not tell them where we are going."

Posted by: Hawku Feb 4 2006, 07:28 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Ready Room

The Captain stood from his desk, "Secrecy? You think I care about your secrecy? ...How many people's lives were threatened thanks to your Section's little secrecy? Karemma didn't succumb to begging for help for nothing!" He walked around his desk to approach Jon, "How many lives were lost during the Dominion Wars thanks to your kind?"

Jon turned his head and rolled his eyes, "You have no idea how many lives we saved during those Wars."

"How am I supposed to know if that's true? Section 31 is a thug organization. They seem to think the oath we all took was nothing but a joke. You parade around in shadows, and yet when you reveal yourselves, you claim to be better than the rest of us," he took a breath, "And since when does Koran take orders from Section 31?" Chain shook his head, "...If you save lives, I believe the only way you do it is through murder!" Chain walked around Jon toward the door. "I'm taking the Atlantis to this apparently 'Federation' station, and I expect you to give me the co-ordinates."

Posted by: -Q- Feb 4 2006, 10:47 AM

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Atlantis
Ready Room

"Aye, sir, the Genesis programme is not what we had hoped it would be. We did not wish to endager lives through it, quite the opposite really...

And since when does Koran take orders from Section 31?

"Captian, Captian Koran Lacer does not take orders from us, he may have done so in the past, but this was a request, not an order. He had every right not to accept this mission. He is going after a second rouge planetoid."

"I am taking the Atlantis to this apparently 'Federation' station, and I expect you to give me the co-ordinates"

Jon sighed for a long moment, then responded, "Very well, Chain, give me the helm, I will set the course and then your people can take it from there. "

Posted by: Hawku Feb 7 2006, 01:15 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain regretted having to speak like that, but his feelings against Section 31 were strong. He nodded to Jon who in turn stepped out the Briefing Room to the Bridge with Chain.

The Captain took his position at the centre of the Bridge, as Jon approached the Helm. "Mr. Raven," Chain spoke formally, "Please open your position to Commander Falqon, as he will input the co-ordinates of the Starbase into the Helm."

Raven looked confused at the Captain and then the Commander, but stood up none-the-less. He backed away as Falqon took a seat at the Helm. "Thank you," Jon Falqon said, and began tapping at the console.

Chain looked away in thought. His body aching for some sort of excercise for some reason. He felt as if he was coming down with some sort of Attention Deficit Disorder... This can't be good, he thought.

Jon got up from the Helm, allowing Raven to retake his seat, and nodded to Chain. The Captain caught it and nodded back.

"I wouldn't mind some off-duty time until we get there," Jon suggested.

Chain wondered if Jon wasn't in Section 31, and was a straight Starfleet Officer, if that would have been more of a request. Either way, Chain knew he needed to get to Sickbay. "Very well," Chain replied. "We'll contact you as soon as we enter the Nebula."

Jon nodded again and left the Bridge. After a moments hesitation, Chain turned to his Bridge crew, "Hilder, you have the Bridge," and left.


He made his way down to Sickbay, but not before stopping off at his Quarters for his basketball. As he entered Sickbay, he came into company with the Doctor, who had just finished with a patient.

S'Ron got up to leave, "Thank you, Doctor," he said.

"Just watch those plasma burns in Engineering," Reyes replied, before turning-- "Captain Chain?" she took notice.

Chain nodded, "Doctor.... I'm feeling some sort of edgyness in myself. Kind of an A.D.D. thing, if you know what I mean?"

"Err, but what were you planning on doing with that basketball?" She asked.

The Captain looked down to the one of his main phyiscal hobbies, "I was going to play a bit after the examination."

"Here," Reyes rolled her eyes and walked over. She took the basketball away and placed it to the side. "Take a seat at the biobed." The Doctor took out a medical tricorder and began scanning. After a moment, she began getting readings. "Wow."

Chain attempted to look at the tricorder, "What is it?"

"Your serotonin levels are through the roof."

Captain Chain looked to the side in thought for a second and then turned back to her, "Could this have anything to do with the Kei Artifact? Remember how it changed my genetic structure, that time ago?"

"Well," Reyes continued her focus on her readings and shook her head in confusion, "When did you start feeling this way?"

Chain tried to recall, "I don't know... I guess when we came into proximity of the Rogue Planet. It's like some kind of energy inside of me has been steadily increasing."

"I remember Lieutenant S'Ron saying something to me a few minutes ago," she began deducing, "that his plan to control the momentum of the Rogue Planet would have required a tachyon field to counter some kind of metaphysical energy."

The patient nodded, "That would be a product of Genesis."

"It's possible... that the energy is activating dormant devices within your body, left by the Kei Artifact."

Chain looked down, "Crap. I was hoping that thing would never come back to haunt me." He thought back to his last visit to Starbase 549. "Back at Jestra, those Kei tentacle things were reaching out into space, in the direction of Nor'Shizi." He looked back straight ahead, "If I'm... part them... then maybe the Kei and I have some sort of relationship with Planets in general. Like some kind of reaction?"

"That is one far-fetched theory," Reyes said. "But the evidence suggests it isn't completely impossible."

Chain looked at her for help.

"I can try to give you a senetive, but it won't last. I'd need to look into this further," she took out a hypo-spray, tapped at it, and pressed it against Chain's neck. She then looked at him.

The Captain nodded, "I know, I know. I should try to get some rest."

"Actually," she picked up the basketball and handed it to him, "Maybe you should try a few minutes of activeness."

Chain took the basketball, and left Sickbay. As he did, he wondered what Koran was hunting at the moment.

Posted by: -Q- Feb 11 2006, 01:00 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Atlantis

Jon was wandering through the corridors of the Atlantis. Suddenly he got the itch to practice his sword work. He wandered a bit longer an got frusterated

"Bloody big ships!" he spoke with a hint of aggravation. "Computer, where is the Gym?"

The computer beeped and lit the path


"Computer, Level 84 Sword Practice Drone, get the details from the Blade if you must."

After a few minutes, a spherical target with 10 sabres appeared. Jon easily vanquished this opponent within 5 minutes, when he turned to give the computer a new command, he noticed Chain standing by the door with a basket-ball.

"Good afternoon, Captain. I there anything I can do for you? Perhaps you would like to have a bout or two with me or some of my training drones?"

Posted by: Hawku Feb 13 2006, 01:16 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Gym

Chain dribbled the basketball for a second. "I've kind of been trained with the Katana, actually."

Jon swiped his sword in opposite diagonal motions, "That shouldn't be a problem."

"Really?" Chain was shocked. Most people preferred to practice with opponents of the same weapon, to match wits.

"That is if... you're interested in taking me on?" Jon continued, swiping again in his own personal practice.

Chain thought about it. Would it really be wise to enter into combat with this man? - He looked at his forarm, which was just dieing to get into action. "Alright," the Captain replied. "Normally, I'd fight with a wooden sword... but I suppose you don't have a problem with actual ones."

Jon shrugged, "The safties are on, so they're okay."

The Captain nodded, "Computer - katana, short sword." A thin, yet strong sword appeared in thin air of the Gym, and Chain grabbed it. The length was just the same size as Jon's 'Arabic-style' sabre.

Jon watched as Chain threw his basketball to the side, and began swinging the katana around, left, right and in circles. Chain then tested out a hack and then took a stance. "Ready?" Jon asked.

Chain nodded, "Begin!"

Jon and Chain moved toward at each other simultaneuosly, clashing swords. They pulled off, and Jon took a jab at Chain's open left side. The Captain quickly leaned back, awkwardly, to dodge it - and then spun his body around so his katana would come around aswell, and knock the sabre away.

The Commander swiped again, clashing with Chain's katana again, and again. As they clashed and clashed, Jon was stepping forward and Chain was stepping back - Captain Chain then quickly let himself drop to scissor his feet at Jon's ankles.

The distraction caused Jon to decide to jump over Chain's head. They clashed again, while he was in the air, as Chain positioned the soles of his feet to the floor. Jon landed in a crouch, and Chain jumped himself right over Jon's head this time. They clashed again, while Chain was in air, multiple times: left, right, left, and right, as Chain landed with his back to Jon. "Hyah!"

Chain forced his katana from his lower right side, directly behind at Jon. The Commander almost didn't see it coming as he was starting an attack himself, but quickly richocheted himself to the side by clashing off swords at an angle. Jon spun himself to a direct right-angle position to Chain's.

They looked at each other for a moment, "Heh. You're good," Chain said in surprise.

"You're not bad either," Jon said in equal surprise. "I never pictured you of all people as a fighter?"

"--That's because he's foolishly forgotten it all," a voice said from the doors. Chain and Jon turned thier heads, while remaining in ready-posture's, as they saw that the voice belonged to an old man-- Kezel to be exact. "Yes, I am his Teacher. Although I must say, Chain, it was quite satisfying to see you in action again. Perhaps I did not waste my life on some of my students after all?"

"You were watching us the whole time?" Chain's jaw dropped.

Kezel nodded, "Yes, that's right. But I fail to see why this fight should be over. I may have taught you serenity, Chain, but only you know how to balance it within yourself."

Chain thought for a moment, wondering if that balance was what he needed to fight off whatever was happening to him. He then turned to Jon, "You ready to go again?"

Jon nodded, "Let's go."

Chain swung his katana to Jon, who quickly blocked with his sabre---

- "Bridge to Captain Chain," a voice came over the comm.

Chain and Jon stopped in mid fight, with thier swords pushing against each other.

- "Bridge to Captain Chain, are you there?"

Chain hesitated, wanting to keep going. But Jon was starting to get confused as to why Chain wasn't responding. "Aren't you going to answer that?" Jon asked, perplexed.

"Grgh!" Chain pushed himself off Jon's sabre and then went to the trouble of tapping his commbadge. "Chain here."

- "Is everything alright?"

"Yes," the Captain replied, feeling a bit anxious, "What is it?"

- "We've entered the Nebula, and are now arriving at the Starbase... It's of Federation design."

Chain and Jon shared a look for a moment, "The Commander and I will be beaming over. Prepare the Transporter Room."

- "Understood."

Out in Space

Meanwhile, the Atlantis slowed in approach to Gamma 1, the Starbase set within a giant Nebula. There were at most, two Starship's docked next to the base... and to the left of the entire infrastructure were Planets-- nothing but Rogue Planets!

Planets of different colours, and sizes. They all hovered, harmlessly in sheer incomprehensible proximity to each other; some closer than others. More Planets existed behind these Planet's... visually faded, due to the particles of the cloudy Nebula. The field of Planet's was horribly beautiful - a vision of God's work gone mad.

And in the distance, a hole in the formation of Planets... the source of 397X, and many more that had gone missing.

Transporter Room 3

Chain placed a phaser into his hoilster and stepped on to the transporter padd. Jon also took a step onto the transporter padd, but glancing down at Chain's phaser.

"That is hardly necessary, Captian," Jon said.

"I'll decide what's necessary," Chain said in defense. He was beginning to feel the stench of Section 31, creeping up on him. Whatever they were planning, he had a feeling he was about to find out. "Energize."

Starbase Gamma 1

Chain and Jon beamed into the Control Centre, where Teris was wating for them. In the background, teams of Section 31 Engineers were hard at work at stations, trying to sort out the trouble that was going on.

As Chain stepped forward, he could see all the Planet's, sitting outside the Starbase giant window's in perfect view. They portrayed magnificance in thier existence.

"So there you have it, Chain," Commodore Teris spoke first. "You've finally seen the truth. We've put to use our modifications of the Genesis Device. Are you happy now?"

Jon glanced over at Chain, waiting for his reaction. "How could you do this?" Chain asked. "Who do you people think you are?"

Teris sighed, "All you Starfleet kind have the same limited way of thinking. The question you should be asking is 'how could we not have done this'? Don't you see what we've done here, Chain? Thanks to our research, we've been able to solve the protomatter issue in the Genesis Device. Our modifications have enabled us to create self-sustaining Planetoids with a mere fraction of this Nebula!"

Chain stared away in shock. The very idea that they could have been this successful was beyond comprehension. "Then..." he began, "you really have made a breakthrough." The shock was neutralizing his pent up anger. He didn't know what to think anymore. Did man now, once and for all, have the power of God himself?

"Precisely!" Teris continued, "You, Chain, continue to get in our way, so I thought maybe showing you finally would open your eyes!"

The Captain glanced out the window and then back again. "Fine, Teris. But what were you planning on doing with these Planets?"

Teris now turned away in shame, "You see that's where it gets complicated. We planned on inhabiting this Sector. Positioning these Planet's around Star's and making them home to Federation Citizens. But nearing the end of thier construction, there was an explosion. The Starship we had been using to launch our Genesis device had run thier engines into some derelict particles. The explosion wasn't your ordinary explosion - it knocked several Planets out into deep space, beyond our control."

He shook his head.

"I was on Starbase 549 when I heard the news. But it was too late. We had lost our prototype Starship capable of relocating Planets. It used a kind of Genesis influenced Relocation Device, able to manipulate a Planet's momentum from the base of its core."

"That's impossible," Chain said.

"How do you think the explosion was able to knock those other Planet's away so easily? It was a sort of, subspace explosion. It destroyed the ship, but barely affected the Genesis technology itself."

"You mean, the Genesis Device is still in tact?" Jon asked in shock.

"Yes," Teris replied. "Ever since the explosion we've been trying to decide on what to do next-- although it's quite clear on what should transpire."

"What's that?" Chain asked.

"We use our last two Starship's and equip them with similar Relocation Devices. They'll begin to move these Planet's out into better habitable locations. You see, right now, thanks to that explosion, the Planets out there are slowly in momentum, risking certain collision-- hense my Agents working very hard in the background-- and if we don't do something soon, all our hard work will be down the drain."

"Okay..." Chain said preoccupied with other thoughts, "Then where exactly does Federation Rule come in?"

"Federation? We're doing the Federation a favour. They should be thanking us!" Teris said.

"This is more illegal than ten cases of Enolian Spice Wine mixed with Romulan Ale. No neighbouring Species is going to trust us anymore, after you do this. We won't make anymore allies, and the Dominion will turn against us!"

"Weak arguements. Let's just make one thing clear - you can't stop us. When the Federation gets word of these new location's, they'll be Warping ahead of themselves just to get first pick at thier new worlds. And who will be at the forefront of power in the Gamma Quadrant? That's right... Section 31."

Chain shook his head. "The Genesis Device used again on a planet will destroy it. I'm going to find it, and use it against you."

"Haha! I knew you were going to say that. I also know how dangerous keeping that Device around is. You see, the Genesis Device fell onto one of the Rogue Planets in the explosion. It was beyond our reach before we could do anything. But luckily I've sent the Blade to destroy it... Koran should be remedying that right now." He then turned to Jon, "Commander Jon Falqon. Please take Captain Chain to the Brig... where he will be kept in constant check. Heh, heh, heh."


(OCC: Phew. That was one long post. But I was hoping it would be the major turning point in the episode. tongue.gif )

Posted by: -Q- Feb 13 2006, 07:41 AM

Commander Jon Falqon
Starbase Gamma 1
Commodore Teris' Office

Jon was startled by this. "I did not bring Chain here just to jail him!"

Teris just smiled, "Commander Falqon, Jon, do you like having the power of Section 31 to back you? Do you want to lose that power?"

"Commodore, Captain Chain is not a threat, let him go. There is no need to waste a cell on someone so useless" Jon argued, hoping that Teris would not see through this and that Chain would. Unfortunatly it happened the other way around.

"What?! Jon?! How could you...?!" Chain gasped in shock

"Oh, calm down Captian, if you did not see right through that..." Commodore Teris said, laughing.

"I had hoped that it would not come down to this. Commodore, you are unfit to Command Section 31. As the Executive Officer of Section 31 in the Gamma Quadrant, it is my right and duty to relieve you under such circumstances. You have gone mad with power! Genesis is a failed experiment, and you know that I would not just say that... I was one of the first to agree that Genesis should be tried again! You have business in the Alpha Quadrant. Do you not?"

Both officers stood in shock at what Falqon had just said. Teris was the first to speak up.

"Commander Falqon. I do believe that you have, for once out...", the Commodore paused to cough, "Out foxed... me". The coughing became more violent

=/\= "Commander Saron! Jim! Come to the Commodore's Office now. He's getting sick again!"

"Jon? I'll be right there."

After 1 minute had elaped, Commander James Saron, CMO of the Starbase, appeared in through the door with a team of Medics.

"Staff! Take the Commodore to Sick-Bay, Use site-to-site!" Saron shouted to his team. "I'll be with you in a moment."

The 4 Medics and Teris dissappeared. "Jon, what have you done to upset the Commodore? It would not have come back so soon if he hald remained more calm."

"It is simple, Jim", Falqon addressed his old friend, "I have relieved him of duty. He is unfit for command."

"I see. Jon, do you have any idea what you have just done?! You have left Section 31 divided. You know that many of our people are loyal to you, and many to him." Saron said exitedly.

"Where do your loyalties lie, Commander?" Falqon address him with a sudden impersonal tone.

Saron quickly spoke up, "With you, Jon, of course. With you."

"Good, I had hoped as such. Make certain that Teris is not late to the Alpha Quadrant. Until his appointed time to leave, keep him secure in sick bay." Jon said.

They practically ignored Chain during this entire event. Although, Chain did little to make himself noticed, until he finally spoke up.


Both turned to look at Chain.

"Yes." Jon said

"Aye, sir" spoke Saron, noticing the Captain's pips on Chain.

"Commander Falqon." Chain said, then Saron turned and headed to sick-bay. "Did you just... Did you just stand up for me?! To Commodore Teris?!"

"I guess you could say that. Well, I could end up in one of two places after this: in Full command of Section 31 in the Gamma Quadrant; or dead. Now come on, are you satisfied? Let's get out of here. Before one of Teris' Loyalists find us!"

Posted by: BSA Dave Feb 14 2006, 03:22 PM

Captain Koran Lacer, CO, USS Blade, Bridge

The Blade Striked out of warp several thousand Km's from the target.

"Sir" Reported Tal "The warhead is armed and ready."

Koran tapped a comtrol on his chair.

"Koran to Engineering"

"Engineering here"

"Cheif, begin your calacuations and transport out the center of the Planetoid at the pre-aranged cordinates."

After five or so minutes enough of the center was excavated out by bthe transporter beam. The warhead was beamed in the empty chamber.

"Tactical, is the remote detonator set?"

"yes sir, ready to blow on your command"

"Helm, Take us two million Km's away from the planetiod. We don't want to be near that SOB when it blows. after the shock wave disapainted move us in closer and Tactical have phasers and torpedos ready to fire at remianing debris."

When the Blade got to postition the Planetiod Exploded. If the force wasn't so deadly, it might have been a beutiful explosion. The shockwave did minor damage to the Blades Sheilds. Then the small starship moved it and picked off the larger fragments.

"Communications, Send a Message to the Atlantis, ask them what our orders are. In the mean time conduct repairs and take all nessary scans."

Posted by: Hawku Feb 19 2006, 06:05 PM

Captain Chain - Starbase Gamma 1

Jon was about to run, but Chain interrupted him. "There's just one more thing, Commander."

"Uggh. Don't you see that we're running out of time here?"

Chain then shook his head, "Alright, never-mind. Let's get out of here."

"Very well--" But then Jon stopped voluntarily, "No, what is it you wanted to ask?"

Chain turned, "It's about Lacer Koran. Was he... a part of Section 31 once?" The Captain wasn't ever directly told, but he was starting to put the pieces together.

"Hhhh," Jon sighed, regretting to break the news for someone in the dark for so long. He had completely forgot that Chain wasn't privvy to all the Section 31 secrets. "Actually, yes," Jon replied.

Chain looked away in reaction, neither disappointed nor impressed. All these years, and all the trouble... it had all made sense, and yet it was all under his nose. But the Captain was starting to catch on to Section 31's ways. Having undercover people was not even a big deal to them - so Chain shook his head out of it, and decided it wasn't important, "Alright, let's get out of here."

Jon nodded and they both ran for the Transporter Room.

Transporter Room 5

As they were about to enter the room, a sudden small burst exploded on the wall next to them. - Pfft! - Jon pushed Chain into the Room and ducked.

"What was that??" Chain asked.

The doors closed behind them. "Someone's out in the corridor. That was the firing of a Silencer Rifle. They don't make any noise." Jon tapped at the controls as to lock the door, but then a Section 31 Agent ran through blasting his Silencer Rifle ahead of him at Captain Chain.

Chain attempted to dodge back, but was hit in the shoulder. Chain flew back off his feet and onto the Transporter Padd. As the Agent was turning to fire at Jon, Captain Chain was getting up with a smoking gash in his shoulder. He looked at it in curiosity and confusion.

"We won't let you get away with this, Jon Falqon," the Agent said as he aimed his Rifle. He was about to pull the trigger, but Chain got up and kicked his leg right under the Rifle, to parallel it. He kicked the Rifle upwards and grabbed it, while the Agent turned his head at him.

"Augh!" The Agent was shot in the chest as Chain pulled the Rifle into his own grasp and fired it. The Agent flew back to the ground, with a smoking gash, but not getting up.

Jon ran over, "Captain Chain! What the hell happened? You should be on the floor right now?"

"I don't know..." Chain replied. "My Doctor was saying something about my cells being somehow adrenalized by these Planets. It all goes back to the Kei Artifact that merged with me a long time ago."

Jon looked at the gash in shock, "How odd."

"Let's go." They activated the Transporter and then got onto the Padd.

U.S.S. Atlantis, Transporter Room 3

They stepped off the Transporter Padd there, relieved to be off of the station.

"Jon, you've risen to power so fast in Section 31," Chain said in realization.

Jon shook his head, "Unfortunately, as the Federation is, Section 31 is detatched with its counterpart in the Alpha Quadrant. Almost anything goes here."

The Captain tended to agree.

"Sir's," Yelesi entered the Room, "The Bridge wanted to let you know as soon as you arrived; We're being hailed, long-range, by the U.S.S. Blade. Koran is saying he's destroyed the Rogue Planet he was after and is asking for his next orders."

Chain looked to the corner of the room at this, "Damn. Koran's destroyed the Genesis Device."


"Teris was saying that the Genesis Device was lost onto one of the Planets that had been shot out into the Quadrant, and he sent Koran on a mission to destroy it," Chain replied.

Jon nodded, "That was the only way he was able to ensure the Device couldn't be brought back to foil his plans. According to history, the Device is capable of having reverse effects on a living planet, instead of bringing it to life it also destroys it."

"Like the Rogue's out there. Now they'll live forever," Yelesi realized. "What do we do now?"

Just then the Atlantis shook from a torpedo hit! The three glanced at each other.

"Captain Chain to the Bridge, report?"

- "Those two Starship's off the Starbase have just undocked. They're opening fire on us," came a voice reply.

"Return fire," Chain replied. "It's the other half of Section 31."

- "Aye Captain."

"Just to let you know..." Jon started, "Those vessels are considerably powerful, even for the Atlantis. Section 31 is, in a way, more advanced than Starfleet."

Chain nodded, "Understood," and they left for the Bridge.

Posted by: -Q- Feb 20 2006, 01:15 PM

Commander Jon Falqon
USS Atlantis

"Captain, I think that there is a chance for us to win this."

"Then tell me Jon!" Chain said.

"Let me take tactical! It is the only way!" Jon said, raising his voice to match Chain's

"Then do it!" Chain spoke, raising his voice further. As he spoke the Tactial Officer stepped away from the Tactical Station. Jon walked over, glancing at the panel. It was showing a fourth ship inbound.

"Captian! Another ship coming in port-side! It's the Haruchaii one of mine! Communications! Hail the Haruchaii. Tell them what is happening. Tell them I am onboard!"

Posted by: Hawku Feb 20 2006, 01:55 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Chain glanced back at Tacitcal, who opened communications. "This is Captain Chain of the Federation Starship Atlantis, hailing the Haruchaii. We have your Agent Jon Falqon onboard the Atlantis. Please respond," Chain said, breaking the yelling contest.

- After a moment the view-screen clicked on, showing the Commander of the Haruchaii, "Jon... is that you?"

"Yes, it is, old friend."

- The Commander shook his head, "Well I wouldn't say 'old friend'. I've only known you for as long as you've been in the Section."

The Atlantis shook again extremely violently. Lieutenant Hilder at Tactical suddenly went down from an explosion. Yelesi ran over and checked him.

"He needs medical attention...!" She contacted Sickbay and had them come up. She then took his place at the Tactical console.

"Commander!" Jon called out over another hit, "You must help us stop those direlect Section ships!"

- "Those ships are built with planet Relocation Devices. They could demolish us with gravitational forces if they activate them," he looked away, "But we won't let them. I'm with you, Jon... oh, and you aswell, Chain."

"Thanks," Chain said half sarcastically and half amused.

The screen clicked off, and the Haruchaii opened fire on the two Section 31 Starships.

"Ambassador," Chain turned, "Can you contact the Blade and tell them to get here as soon as possible?"

"Indeed," she replied.

Meanwhile, Chain returned to looking at the view-screen. He began ordering moves, causing the Atlantis to move forward and blast torpedoes at the left Section Ship.

Posted by: Hawku Mar 18 2006, 11:38 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The ship shook again in violent submission as it was hit with torpedoes from the first Section 31 Ship. Chain held on tightly, but felt as if the hits were to himself aswell.


Jon looked over and noticed Chain close his eyes from some kind of internal battle. He decided to take command and step into the center of the Bridge. "I'm taking over," Jon said, "Target weapons onto the second Section 31 ship. Fire!"

The Atlantis continued to blast torpedoes at the enemy, but was starting to fail quickly. The Haruchaii was pounding the first Section 31 ship with phasers and torpedoes, aggrivating them horrendously.

In fact, the Section 31 ship couldn't take it anymore and began loading its ultimate weapon.

Meanwhile, the U.S.S. Blade flew in and covered the Atlantis. It crossed the path of fire, undertaking some hits, and returned the favour.

- "Captain Chain, this is Captain Koran," the viewscreen clicked on for a quick second.

"Koran! This is Jon. I took over, because as you can see, Chain is out," he gestured behind him to the Captain's Chair where Chain was under some sort of pain.

The Doctor and two medics came onto the Bridge to scan him.

- "What's going on here?" Koran asked. "Why are you fighting Section 31?"

"It's a long story. But sufficed to say, Teris has turned on us. He was planning on using the Genesis Experiment and these planets to reinhabit this Quadrant. It was his way to rise Section 31 into power within the Federation... possibly an ultimate power."

- "My God..."

"Koran, that's not the worst of it. The only way to destroy these planet's is with the Genesis Device. None of them have the built-in self-destruction facilities that were installed in the early planets."

- "I'm out of my warheads," Koran admitted. "That means we've got to use the Genesis Device."

"We can't. You destroyed the device when you destroyed that planet! Teris used you, Koran. He knew the device was on that planet. It fell there during the priliminary explosion that caused all the early planets to be shot out into space."

- "What..." Koran looked to the side in shock and anger. "He will pay for that..."

Suddenly comunications broke out as both ships were hit by a huge wave of energy. The Section 31 ships were severely damaged themselves, in fact, on the brink of destruction - but that didn't stop them from using a Planetary Relocation Device on the Atlantis and the Blade.

The weapon was a thick wave of power, barely visable, using gravametric forces to crush and warp the hulls of its enemy ships. The Haruchaii was the first to go and got it the worst.

Its hull crumbled and thier warp-core began to breech. An explosion was immanent.

The Atlantis and Blade merely felt the tip of the attacks. Thier shields were lost and parts of the ship's destroyed.

Chain looked up in sudden realization of what was going on. Alert sounds, yelling, and bending hull was all that could be heard. But he stood up and attempted to voice his order over everything, "Take us into the Planet cluster!!!"

Somehow the Helmsmen and Jon heard him and the Atlantis began rotating in space. Lacer Koran on the Blade didn't take too long to catch on, and in no time the Atlantis and the Blade were speeding into to the massive field of Planets...

Meanwhile, the Haruchaii exploded, taking both Section 31 ships with it. Unfortunately, the Starbase was close by and recieved much of the throwback, undergoing severe and fatal damage aswell.


The gravity forces from each planet they passed made it that much harder to navigate. With both the Atlantis and the Blade in critical condition, there was no way they could survive the power of these giant beings...

It was a stress Chain knew all too well. The sounds of disaster all around faded, as he found his cells diffusing out of existence. Whatever the Kei Artifact had affected on him long ago, was beginning to get worse as he got extremely close to these planets.

The truth was the Kei Artifact had an intimate and morbid relationship with planets in particular. It was shown through the growth of the Kei on Jestra -- thier reaching tentacles into space -- and it was shown through the Kei's basic function, a natural byproduct of Nor'Shizi planets, to nurish the dead.

"Ughh... Is anyone out there?" But there was no response. The Captain was beginning to glow strangely, and through his view the entire universe around him was hightening in glow. The sound of the disaster was subdued, but he could still see everything that was going on. The medics around him didn't know what to do. "Anyone!?"

But it was too late. He had already taken on the full affect of the Kei. It was almost as if his body was adapting to the Kei, but without the odd morphing he endured once before. This was different. The planets were speaking to him... almost communicating. What the hell is this?? Chain thought as he attempted to decipher these new senses he had. These planet's aren't alive! That's impossible!

The Atlantis and Blade were deep into the sea of Genesis-created planets, when one of them took on a great gravity field. It was like a magnet to the ships, and pulled both the Atlantis and Blade down. Both vessels entered the atmosphere and headed straight for the rocky surface below. It was too late -- they would crash and drag along the ground in ultimate chaos!

Looking behind him, Jon saw Captain Chain disappearing. His entire body diffused out of there, nowhere to be seen again.

Somehow Chain knew what happened to the Atlantis. He was still conscious, knowing what was going on. It was as if he was struck by clarity. He could see everything and how it all made sense. The whole Gamma Quadrant was tied together by strings of events through time -- planets led by leaders and others adrift in silence. But Chain knew the most important thing, and that there would be survivors on the Atlantis and the Blade.

It wasn't over.

Here on these entities so massive would begin a new truth, here on these brave new worlds.