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Episode 5 - "Right of Space"

Posted by: Aku May 18 2004, 10:52 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, 10-Forward

He was wondering what was in his soup. It was brought to him by an Ensign who enjoyed cooking. She was happy to allow Chain to be one of the first to try her new recepe.

"Actually... it's pretty good," Chain said while sipping it at a table by one of the big windows. The Ensign had been standing there, waiting for a response. "You know, you can sit down and join me," Chain reasoned with her.

"No, it's okay Captian. I just wanted to see your initial reaction. I have to get going now anyway. Thanks for your input, sir!" She smiled and left.

It felt nice to have a distraction, but what Chain was really supposed to think about was the rondezvous. The Atlantis had left to the next Sector to meet with them. He still wasn't sure if it felt right taking over another Species' fleet.

The Atlantis dropped Warp, and approached three Karemma Starships. They could be seen through the window's of 10-Forward.

Captian Chain dropped his spoon and left.

Briefing Room

In the Briefing Room, no one really bothered to sit at the table. Chain met with three Karemma Captian's from each ship.
"You seem anxious..." The lead Captian said.
Chain looked at all three of them, "I can't accept your offer to have us lead you into battle. It's not right."

The Karemma glanced at each other. "We are not usually an aggressive people. We need the guidance of the Federation in battle."
"Why?" Chain asked. "Why do you even hate the Nor'Shizi?"
"You know that we are part of the Dominion, and so was the Nor'Shizi at one time. During that time, the Nor'Shizi ransacked our world of goods for thier own needs. They've caused our economy so much pain," the second Captian explained.
"We aren't respected by the Nor'Shizi. Now that they've been seperated from the Dominion, four of our own Starship's have been sucked of supplies or destroyed in the process," the third Captian finished.

Chain looked out the window for a second. He knew the Karemma weren't respected by the Dominion either. If Chain agreed to this alliance, the Dominion wouldn't even care. It didn't seem like they tried to help the Karemma before anyway.

He glanced back at them, recalling the secret trades already going on between the Karemma and the Federation through the Wormhole. They were already allies on that level. What was another step in peace going to hurt?
"Captian Chain. You know you must attack the Nor'Shizi now. They are obviously calling you on by this course of action... this gathering of thier fleet. The Karemma fleet's out-number them by so much. We must take them on!"

They looked at Chain's face and already knew what his answer was going to be. Yes.

"Then it is Yes," the lead Captian nodded.
Chain nodded in response, "I'll lead the Karemma Fleet. But you won't as hell be happy about the casulties."
"We're ready to die before the Nor'Shizi ever harm our world again! We believe in the Federation. What, with the war's with the Cardassian's, the Dominion, the Borg! We are honoured to be lead by you," the other Captian bowed his hammer-shaped head.

In that second, Chain felt honoured himself for such a compliment towards the Federation. He knew he had to lead these people.

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Commander Haza Tinashi - Mess Hall

It normally was not customary in Nor'Shizi society for a leader to dine with subordinates, but Tinashi was no customary Nor'Shizi. He sat at a table with his first officer, Lyn Ry'Mor, and his chief engineer, Soth Na'Vo.

Tinashi spoke. "Both of you are aware of this fact, I am sure, but I would wish to bring it into the open anyway."

Ry'Mor and Na'Vo glued their gazes to Tinashi and nodded in anticipation.

"This whole damned conflict is due to right of space. Our right to own it, and the Federation's right to settle it. It may not seem petty now, but when war is declared - and I think it will be - THEN it will seem petty," Tinashi put his glass down.

Ry'Mor creased her eyebrows in confusion, and Na'Vo looked shocked. He spoke. "Sir? If we are the strong, are we not to look forward to war?"

Tinashi chuckled. "Well, young man, you are soon to find that in war, there is death. Yes... I am afraid we will all find this out..."

Ry'Mor watched quietly and cautiously. Na'Vo replied, "There are acceptable losses... And you are a man of war - do you not look forward to your duty?"

Tinashi grew still. "...Duty," he whispered. "I have done my duty. And I am still doing it. My duty is to protect the Empire, and you need not go to war with another race to do so unless absolutely necessary..."

Na'Vo nodded, though obviously not understanding. "Well sir, I have to attend to my post."

"Dismissed," Tinashi said quietly. Na'Vo about-faced and left.

As soon as he was outside of hearing range, Ry'Mor leaned toward Tinashi and spoke. "I have attended nearly a hundred missions with you, and yet I still do not completely understand you."

Tinashi cracked a half-grin. "Oh, you do, Lyn."

Ry'Mor giggled. "I think not. Because, as you know, whatever the Empire's interests are, that is where your duty lies."

Tinashi was fully grinning now. "You see - you do understand me."

Ry'Mor looked confused once again. "So why are you worried about reasons of what we are ordered to do? They come straight from the Emperor himself."

Tinashi leaned forward this time, leaving only about 2 inches between their faces. "Because the Emperor is not the Empire."

Ry'Mor cocked her head to one side. Tinashi continued, "But fear not - I'm to well-versed to disobey orders. I will do what I must do, and that is all that can be asked of a soldier."

Ry'Mor blinked. "Whatever happened to the Haza Tinashi who swore on his grave to defeat the Federation?"

Tinashi replied, "He was a warrior. Since then, he has grown a brain and became a soldier."

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USS Blade, Ready room. Captain Koran.

Koran sat in his chair. He thought "Now we can finaly stop the Nor'Shizi. the waepon will be complete." He tapped his commbagde. " Helm take us to these cords. i am sending you. maxium warp." Koran to Falqon, Have my ship ready to go in 2 hours. I also want you to load in a few Ion Missles in there to. In case i run into trouble. Falqon responded, Aye sir. Koran out"

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Ensign S. M`Ress - Science labs - USS Shark

After the day he had just had in the science labs, M`Ress didn't want anything but to go back to the communal quarters he shared with nine Caitians and three Deltans, and pass out for at least forty-eight hours.

He shrugged that off, though, after the computer reminded him of his appointment with the Captain at 19:00 hours.

"Enter," Captain Aldera said into the air when the chime rang.

The doors to her ready room opened, and M`Ress stepped inside, hesitantly.

"Ensign," Aldera said upon seeing him, "please, have a seat."

M`Ress sat down, but his face, ears and tail clearly displayed how nervous he was. "Is something wrong Ensign ?" she asked.

"I don't know," he answered, his soft voice betraying his mood. M`Ress took a deep breath, but his voice got half stuck in his throat . "Did I do something wrong Captain ?"

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 22 2004, 03:05 PM

Did I do something wrong Captain ?" Ensign M'Ress asked her.

"Well besides bowling me over... no" Alder said with a grin. She could tell that the young officer was nervous.

"No, Ensign. YOu've done nothing wrong. However, I need to know what you know about that Nor'shizi device that we destroyed."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey May 23 2004, 10:48 AM

"I have been reviewing several hypothesis. Given the artifact's function, I think it was a sentient being, like the Slaver's Weapon. But I seriously doubt the Nor'Shizi knew this. The Kai artifact seemed to collect DNA and RNA. It also restores a dead body with injuries and decay to what the Nor'Shizi used to look like in their life's prime. I would also instantly kill, living Nor'Shizi upon contact."

"How does it work ?" the Captain asked him.

"Convertion of oxygen, to ionized gases such as ozone. I also found a very old theory written by humans, 2018 and 2037. Sciencist, Morisato Keiichi, discovered a subset of liver cells he called EVE. It causes mitochondria to mutate via adenosine triphosphate and apoptosis."

"Apo .... What ?" Aldera said.

"Cell suicide. A normal function of the humaniod body, old cells commit suicide and are replaced by younger cells. Apoptotic cells break into smaller pieces called apoptotic bodies that other body cells recognize and eat. But ... the EVE cells they created, took on a life on its own. It killed about 400 people before it was destroyed."

Aldera was quiet for a few seconds. "Okay, but what was happening to Captain Chain? He was transforming into something."

"Resonance. Fusion. Selection. Evolution. Liberation." M`Ress said. "I think he was evolving into something like the artifact. Prehaps the artifact's real appearance. But the artifact and Captain Chain never merged to complete the process."

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Captian Steven Chain - Karemma Starship Desolate

The Desolate entered the Karemma System where a huge fleet of Karemma Starships waited in anticipation. Chain peered at the shaped viewscreen, feeling a great burden on his shoulders.

"The Council can't wait to meet you," the Karemma Captian, Hidley said.
"We don't have time for this. If we're going to take the Nor'Shizi on we have to do it now," Chain replied.
Captian Hidley nodded, "I agree. But you must meet the Council. We have put a great deal of effort into researching the Federation's past, and we would be honoured if you were to meet someone from our past. Council Leader Finden Trokeski."
"Who is that?" Chain asked.
"He is the remaining survivor of the last Karemma wars that took place long, long ago."

Council Ship

Chain was met with an old Karemma man and a group of people in a Briefing Room. The old man, Finden, came over and clasped Chain's hand in friendly gesture. "It is an honour to meet you..." He said, shaking in his old age.
"Err-- thanks," Chain said uncomfortably.
"I have... advice for you. Do not ever doubt yourself in battle."
Captian Chain appreciated it, "I don't intend to."
"Then I have greater advice for you..." Finden grabbed Chain's shirt and pulled him closer, "It is likely many Karemma will die by your order..." He breathed in air through his aging lungs, "Don't think about it."

He let Chain go and began walking away through the crowd of Karemma observers. Chain was left bewildered by this advice.

"I had to learn the hard way. But trust the Karemma; for we can take care of ourselves." Finden then left through the back doors, and a few other's followed with him.

Chain just glanced at Hidley confused.

Karemma Orbital Base

A group of Captian's and Commander's were gathered around a holo-graphic map representation of Tesna Savo. Chain was one of them, looking up at the massive holo-images.

"The Nor'Shizi colony is small, spread from a few cities on the Planet, a Military Base on thier moon, and a small Starbase closeby," a Karemma leader pointed out. "Attacking them while they're not expecting it is our best move."
"Then let's do it," Chain said. "I'm giving you all a quick lesson in tactical manouver's and how to work efficiently with other ship's," Chain said handing out Federation padds. "Read and understand these carefully, but don't feel obligated to follow them with perfect execution. The most functional battles are fought on the fly and with your instincts. Your awareness has to be your biggest weapon of all."

He finished handing them all out.

"Remember, work together and keep your shields online. One tactic the Nor'Shizi pride themselves on is boarding your ship. If they do that, you're pretty much screwed." He had to be hard on them. The truth would pump them up.

The Karemma Captian's nodded in agreeance. Captian Chain was actually making sense.

"One more thing. Your top priority is disabling or destroying Nor'Shizi vessels. Helping your allies must be your second priority, if not one of the last priorities on your list. This is true unless it will help you tactically with the first priority." He walked around until coming to a complete stop.

"Now, I just want you to know that we've got your back out there. The Atlantis... the Shark... and the Blade." He looked across the room into each one of thier eyes. "And no one goes home without depleating thier fleet."

Karemma Starship Desolate

The Desolate left the Karemma ships and jumped to Warp. They headed back to the rondezvous point of where the Atlantis sat in space... a sensor hidden area, masked with nadian radiation. If one thing was for certain, Chain was confused by that old man.

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Log of Haza Tinashi, Commander of the War-Cruiser Vali'Kaan, Supplemental:

Our engine upgrades are almost complete, and we should be underway to Earth in two days if we go by the book. Anxiety still gnaws at my gut, and I can only say that I feel something terrible is about to happen - my colleages have often said that I have a 'sixth sense' when it comes to these sorts of things. As a result, I have put this vessel on yellow alert, and I am surprised the rest of the base has not followed accordingly. (Laughs) Of course, my crew has responded in great pride and has displayed the dedication and skill I have come to expect of them, and I take great pride in them in return.

I feel as if I am waiting for a dawn which others believe will never come.
We will be ready for that dawn, even if the others are not.

(Signed) - Haza Tinashi

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Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Quarters, USS Alantis

Monica Reyes lay on her bunk stroking her cat, Tibby. She felt awful at the moment, destroying the artifact had proven to cause more problems. Instead of sacrificing the life of the Commanding Officer, she had given the opportunity for the Nor'Shizi to attack. She picked Tibby her up and lifted herself into a sitting position, she put him back down in her lap and continued to fuss the small animal.

What had she done? She glanced out the window of the quarters, "I'm a doctor," she said to him, "I save lives." Reyes was only trying to do the right thing, she had a duty to the crew and the most important member of the crew was the captain.

No matter how many times she went over it with everyone she spoke to, it still didn't get rid of the guilty feeling that was lining her stomach.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 26 2004, 11:37 AM

Alder Jakson. Ready Room

Alder nodded. "Right because we destroyed the artifact." she said. "By the way good work there, Ensign."

Alder sat back in her chair, steppling her fingers. "Would you be able to recreate the same type of effects that the artifact had on the Nor'shizi?"

She looked atthe Caitan officer, wishing that she knew how to read him.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey May 26 2004, 01:11 PM

Ensign S. M`Ress - Captain's Ready Room - USS Shark

His tail coiled like a tropical serpent lounging on a branch. "Well ....." M`Ress started. He was pleased the captain approved of his quick thinking. "Given a few months of research, there is a 70 % change I can reconstruct the artifact. Otherwise I heard about another race who's been fighting the Dominion for the last 25 years. The Edenians created a pathogen called Ketracel-Black. In its current state it is very effective on Vorta and Jem'Hadar. Maybe ... just maybe a variation can work on the Nor'shizi."

"At the risk of the Edenians and Nor'shizi going to war afterwards." Captain Jakson said.

M`Ress scratched his mane, "Basically not a good idea."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 26 2004, 03:16 PM

Alder Jakson Ready Room

"Correct." Alder thought for a few moments. "Ensign, all research from the NOr'shizi device has either been transferred to the Shark or is being transferred to the Shark."

The Ensign nodded.

"Well, I am placing you in charge of finding a way to recreate a device with the same effects as the Nor'shizi artifact or something of the same equivalency.You have all resoures I can give you at your disposal. This is of the highest proiority, Ensign. With the Nor'shizi artifact destroyed, an attack is most high probability."

Posted by: Aku May 27 2004, 07:47 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

When the Desolate reached the Atlantis, Captian Chain was transferred over safely. He made his way to the Bridge where he met with his crew.

"Captian, are you alright?" The Commander asked.
Chain nodded, "Don't worry about me. Contact the Shark and the Blade, where ever they are, and schedule an immediate rondezvous. I want this meeting to be a quick one and then..." there was a chilling pause, "we're going to war."

Everyone on the Bridge slightly glanced at each other. They weren't too sure about Chain. Not for the man he was, but for the life changing experiences he'd been through recently. Was he really stable enough to collaborate a fleet together? Should the Federation even be the ones to declare an intergalactic war?

"Aye sir," the Commander nodded and went around to the Tactical and Communications Console. There was no question of Chain's order. If he was this serious, then it was possible those life changing experiences weren't played factors at all.

Ready Room

The Atlantis passed near the Wormhole's location. Chain opened a communication with Starfleet Command, linked to several Relay Stations. The screen had minimal distortion.

-"You know how edgy this whole Gamma Quadrant business is to the Federation Council," spoke Admiral Stevens, "But the whole matter is in your hands. The Council is allowing you to make the big decisions now." -

Chain remained silent.

-"You've come a long way, Captian Chain. We had never had this kind of support before. With luck, Jestra will one day be flourishing with Cities, aswell with some of the other Planets we've scouted in the Gamma Quadrant. I hope that someday our presence will be recognized by others and we'll have even more Starships there."-

"Thank you, Admiral. I want that too. But it'll be a touch and go process... We can't just step on other Species' toes. Look what's happening with the Nor'Shizi."

-"Don't forget they abandonned that space, officially, twenty years ago."-

"...To the Dominion."

The Admiral looked at Chain annoyed. -"You need all the help you can get, Captian. Take those Karemma and ram those torpedoes down the Nor'Shizi's throats!"-

Chain looked at the Admiral confused for a moment.

The Admiral calmed, -"You know this has to be done. When the Nor'Shizi are dealt with, they will leave you alone. For the time being, you're going to have to do this without Starfleet. We have no available Ships."-

"I knew that. Well, I have to be going Admiral."

Stevens nodded, -"Good luck. Thank you for understanding."- And the screen went out.

Posted by: Eric Draven May 31 2004, 11:57 PM

Captain Lacer Koran, USS Dilligent ( The Captain's Yatch)

The Blade just dropped out of warp. Mear seconds went by and the small Yatch was let go. Lt. Cmdr Falqon was left in command. He felt that Jon could take good care of his ship.

Lt. Samantha Lomar and Captain Koran sat in the cockpit of the Dilligent. They were going over the mission plans. She spoke "Sir, in one hour we will reach the colony Nor'kalla. The planet has 17 million inhabitants. Only 3 destroyers are protecting the system. When we drop out of warp 2 of them will be out of intercepting range, the third we will have to deal with. By the Time the other 2 ships get there, the population will be 78% dead before they get there. Only about 5 to 6 percent will survive after they arive."

Koran responded " Just like old times isn't it. I hope these Ion missles have a great affect on the destroyer. We have the Modified torpedos loaded in the port tube. There are a total of 7 warheads. Thats 2 more than we need. We have a complment of 14 photon torpedos, 4 Tricobalt Torpedos, and 3 Ion Missles."
Sam's Response to that was "Sir I hope that Captain of the Shark dosnt show up and screw things up and if she does show up and tries to stop us we might have to fire on them. I know it dosnt sound good but We need to protect ourselves."
Koran raised his Voice " I will not fire on a federation ship we will just have to out run them if nessary. Understood."
She replied "Yes Sir."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Jun 2 2004, 02:41 PM

Alder Jakson, Ready Room

Alder was about to continue when her security officer broke in over her commbadge.

commbadge.gif Captain Jakson to the bridge, please. commbadge.gif

Alder sighed and stood up.

"Well, Ensign, I think you might want to get started. We don't have months. We need what ever you can get us as of yesterday." she said heading for the the bridge.


"Yes, Ms. Devera?" Alder asked heading over for her Security chief.

"You asked for anything about the Blade, ma'am." Devera said.

"Yes, I did. Anything unusual or odd. You know what I meant. What did you find Lt.?"

"Well, the Blade has left the station."

"Under orders" Alder asked, "to join Captain Chain?"

She already knew the answer to that.

"No ma'am there's been no communications with Captain Chain since he left."

ALder nodded. "Then where did they go, Lt.?"

"I ma not sure." Devera replied. "But based on calculations, they are headed directly for Nor'shizi space."

Alder stared at Devera for a few minutes.

"Recall everyone from the station. NOW! And get me a secure communications with Captain Chain." she spun around. "Helm, get us clearance to leave this station, then plot a course following the Blade."

She tapped her commbadge.

"This Jakson to all senior officers. MEet me in the briefing room at 2030 hours. Jakson out."

Alder glanced at Lt. Devera. "Keep working on getting us Chain, Lt." she sat in her command chair. She needed to figure out what was going on. She called up Captqain Koran's file. Perhaps there might be something there.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Jun 2 2004, 05:24 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Turbolift

The turbolift doors closed, and starting its descent. Deck 2, Deck 3. M`Ress was heading to his quarters to get some much needed sleep when Aldera annouced a meeting in the briefing room, in 13 minutes.

Alone in the turbolift, he bared his teeth, skin under his fur turned to a brilliant ruddy colour. His hackles went up, and M`Ress released by strong, tangy odor. On his face, whiskers stood straight out instead of flowing in graceful angles for his face. He could not keep his talons sheathed.

"I AM TIRED." he yelled.

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Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

The Atlantis recieved a long-range communication. Captian Chain stood from his seat and declared the screen on.
"Captian Alder," Chain was surprised.
Alder looked at him, -"Captian Chain, you're not going to believe this. But our sensors have just detected the disappearance of the Blade."-
Chain thought for a second, "The Blade? But they're not scheduled to be going anywhere."
-"Yes, I know. They didn't even say where or why they were going."-
"Is it possible thier ship was somehow hijacked?" Chain wanted to explore different possibilities.
-"Captian, you and I both know Koran did this on his own command. I didn't get a chance to tell you this, but I had noticed something peculiar about his behaviour lately. As if he had been hiding something."-
Chain paced once, for a quick overview of these events in his mind. "You're right. There is something up with him. It wasn't too long ago when he supplied the Atlantis with some powerful weapons. One has to ask themselves, where did he get them?" He thought back to when he destroyed the Borg Hub site.
-"I'm heading in his direction now. Hopefully we won't lose his ion trail."-

Chain looked back at her, "Unfortunately I won't be able to join you. We're going ahead with the attack with the Karemma."
"I'm leading them to Tesna Savo."
Alder recalled the last few meetings the three of them had together about the Karemma and the possibility of attacking Tesna Savo. "Understood. Be careful."
"You be careful. You must use your best judgement in this situation with the Blade. Do whatever is necessary." There was a small pause between them, and Chain spoke again, "I think it's obvious you're not just an Acting Captian anymore..."
Alder nodded, -"Alder out."-

Briefing Room

The Atlantis met up with a large fleet of Karemma Starships, armed to the teeth like no Karemma ship had been as much before. Before a formal contact, Chain met with his senoir staff in the Briefing Room.
"I know you all had friends and co-workers on all three of our ships that you may or may not have lost in battle to the Nor'Shizi. That goes the same for the Charismatic, Omaha, and Landaluce. But this isn't just about that. There are some things we're not meant to understand, or complicate. This is one of those things. We're going into battle, because that's just what we have to do. Understood?"
The crew understood, and were with him. But there was at least one of whom looked at Chain with unsurity, and Chain knew exactly why.
"Don't worry. I won't be morphing into any creature, or losing my mind under the influence of Probablity..." He looked at them, "I'm here. Now."
One of his senior staff rose thier hand slightly, "Captian. How do we stand a chance without the Kei Artifact? I mean, we had our best specialists trying to develop a weapon for it on the Shark and now the Shark is gone."
"Listen to me when I say this. We don't need that. We have our wits, and our intelligence. I know you can do it." He paused. "But if none of you can, then I want you to leave this room immediately."

Chain looked at each of them, coldly. In that moment, his crew knew themselves and that they were ready to fight.



The Atlantis and the fleet of Karemma headed for Tesna Savo at high speeds. When Chain entered the Bridge, the screen clicked on to a view of an angry Hidley.

-"We must attack swiftly!"-
"No," Chain replied. "What honour is there in an attack like that? I'm going to talk to the Nor'Shizi first and give them a chance to evacuate Tesna Savo. We can still avoid an all out bloodbath."
"You said you wanted my leadership, so here it is. Do what I say, or I will stand down."
Hidley looked at Chain and knew he meant business. Calming so quickly as in Karemma nature, he stepped back understandingly, -"You are right. Then do as honour dictates."-

The screen clicked off and the Atlantis lead the Karemma fleet towards the Tesna Planet.

Posted by: Kelly Jun 7 2004, 07:07 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay, U.S.S Atlantis

Monica Reyes arrived back in Sickbay, Chain's words during the briefing going through her mind.

"Listen to me when I say this. We don't need that. We have our wits, and our intelligence. I know you can do it. But if none of you can, then I want you to leave this room immediately."

She had to admit that she highly admired the captain, she admired people that could carry on and do their job, whatever their feelings, no matter how bad the situation was and it was only going to get worse. Reyes headed over to the medicine cabinet, getting different types of medication, filling hypo-sprays. She had a feeling that Sickbay was going to be very busy soon.

Reyes glanced to a medic on her right, no she didn't have a feeling about this, she carried on working. She knew.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Jun 8 2004, 09:27 PM

M`Ress Shinoline - His quarters

M`Ress felt like an exposed nerve ending.

He was beyond tired as he returned to his quarters to sleep.

M`Ress shared communal quarters with 9 other Caitians, no bedrooms, the only privacy might be the washroom. But again M`Ress, typical of his people, is not fond of wearing clothes when the tempature is comfortable, basically anything above 4 degrees Celcius.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Jun 13 2004, 11:36 AM

[/B]Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

Falqon was sitting in the Captain's chair when, the Chief of Operations, full Commander Anor Kanap, came to talk to him. "Can I help you Commander"

"Yes, Jon, you can give me command of the ship, after all, I am the senior-most Line Officer aboard"

"While I am in command of this ship, I outrank you, and Captain Lacer gave me that authortity, and he outranks you, no matter what. Is that clear, Commander"

Kanap spoke with sarcasm and attitude "Aye, sir"


XO's Quarters

"Acting Commanding Officer's Log, Jon Falqon recording. Chief of Ops, Commander Anor Kana..." Falqon is inturpted when the door chime sounds "Come"

Kanap walks through the door

"Ah, Commander, can I help you, again"

Kanap pulls a phaser "You will give me command of the ship, or I will kill you." before Kanap finishes speaking, Falqon has his phaser oout, up, and aimed at the Commander's phaser

"Put the phaser down, Kanap" after about 20 seconds, Falqon's phaser goes of, blowing Kanap's against the wall, and shattering it

Kanap charges at Falqon, and they wrestle for the phaser, it fires

(**-OOC-tune in next week for the exciting... just kidding, here ya go/**)

Kanap falls to the ground, Falqon looks down "I wasn't going to kill you Anor, but you left me with no choice" Falqon says to the already dead Anor Kanap.

"Computer, resume recording"

"Recording currenty in progress"

"Then end it, it contains everything."

"Recording, ended"

Falqon walks off to 6-forward "I need a drink."

Posted by: Aku Jun 15 2004, 08:14 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Karemma, lead by the Atlantis, approached Tesna Savo. The Atlantis hailed anyone there.

"This is Captian Steven Chain of the U.S.S. Atlantis. I just want to talk..."
The screen clicked on to a view of Haza Tinashi, *What is this?*
"You're venturing too close to our space, Tinashi."
*Is that against the rules? I have not broken through your borders. It appears to me that you're the one who's ventured too close.* He looked him over, *You obviously came here to fight other wise you wouldn't have brought the Karemma. A personal vendetta? Not very Federation like to me, Captian Chain.*
"Is war all you think about Tinashi? It may not have crossed your mind but the Federation thinks about peace too. Maybe having us here in the Gamma Quadrant is in your best interests. Did you ever think about that?"
*Are you declairing war Captian? Because it appears that you are by this course of action... you and the Karemma!*
Chain squinted his eye annoyed, "Maybe I am. Maybe if that's what it takes for you to leave us alone."
*Oh no, Captian. It is you who needs to learn to leave the other alone... As in leave the Gamma Quadrant.*
"That won't be happening, Tinashi. I'm asking you to evacuate this System."
*That won't be happening either. Well, I see we are at a stand-still. Tinashi out!*

Tinashi hadn't expected this at all, but he was soldier and he would do what soldier's did. Chain sighed silently, wishing the Gamma Quadrant meant exploration and not war as it had turned out.

The Valikaan headed the Nor'Shizi fleet forward at the exact same time the Atlantis headed the Karemma fleet forward. Both fleet's integrated like a two colliding armies and opened fire.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Jun 16 2004, 01:29 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - His quarters

Curled up like a cat, M`Ress was having a nightmare. The woman spun around and caught her wrist. The Caitian's eyes first widened in surprised, then quickly faded into anger. No one stopped him before. is other hand came towards her blurred, and, she had managed to stop that too.

The mystery woman, a Cardassian lifted her left eyebrow, grunted and said, "Well, well. The Federation should be more selective in their choice of assassins, hmm?"

That angered M`Ress even more, for reasons he can't understand, and he kicked out at her, hoping to hit her in the stomach. His foot collided with her suit, a bright orange one. It sounded like a deep gong being struck. She smiled at him, and his face met her forehead as she bashed into his.

He fell backwards, but she did not let go of his wrists. He toppled onto her, the woman's hair hung limp and fury in her eyes. A second later, he was blasted off of her by a force that knocked the air out of M`Ress and left him gagging and clutching him stomach by the wall, some several meters away.

She picked up a large rather large rock with both hands. M`Ress could not find the strength to pick himself up. "Good bye furball." she said, hitting him on the head. Yellow and red stars fought for supremacy in his eyesight and his head felt like it was going to explode.

"NOOOO" M`Ress yelled, suddenly sitting up straight in the sleeping area. Selphie stopped filing her nails, cocked her head towards him, "Are you okay M`Ress ?"

"I suppose so." he answered.

Posted by: Aku Jul 15 2004, 01:45 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis flew right above two oncoming Nor'Shizi Cruiser's and blasted two phasers into both thier shields. The ship then spun a hard 180 degrees and blasted four photon torpedoes upon the same Cruiser's back's.

The Helmsmen of the Atlantis just sat there for a second with his heart beating in shock. The Captian was standing above him, assisting him.

"Sir! I have never seen anyone spin a starship like that!"
"I know, it's a little hard to do and not really recommended," Chain said. "But just trust me."

The Atlantis was now chasing the two Cruisers, pumping more double torpedoes into thier backs until the shields were burned through. The Cruiser on the right broke off course, but the one on the left began to explode.

The Tactical Officer watched closely as the Atlantis broke off course aswell and followed the other weakend Crusier. He fired when in range, until the back of that Crusier blew up.

A rain of Karemma Ships and Nor'Shizi Cruisers continued to fight each-other in the background.

Posted by: Eric Draven Aug 1 2004, 07:43 PM

Captain Koran. Captain's Yatch.

The Ship droped out of warp.

Lomar reported "sir, we will arive to the colony in 2 minutes. The destroyers have dected us. they will intercept in 78 seconds.' Koran replied, "Raise sheilds, arm all weapons. Have the Ion Missles ready to fire. Hopefyully they will disable them. have the Warheads armed in starbord tube, ready to fire.

Posted by: Aku Aug 4 2004, 10:26 AM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The crew watched on the viewscreen as a group of Karemma ship's bundled together and flew straight down towards a single Nor'Shizi Cruiser.

"No!" Chain yelled compulsively.

The Nor'Shizi ship was torn in to with torpedoes, but two more Cruisers entered out of nowhere and encricled the speeding group of Karemma, blasting thier own torpedoes into them.

"That doesn't look so good," the Tactical Officer said.
"Dammit! Don't you Karemma listen to orders?" Chain turned to the Tactical Officer, "Open a channel to the Karemma!"
"Open sir."
"Pattern Delta! I order you all to attack on Pattern Delta!"
There was a response from the lead Karemma ship, *Yes, Captian. Acknowledged.*

The Karemma fleets arched in a surrounding position, flying towards more Nor'Shizi. They came at the Nor'Shizi from the outside and around.

Chain paced for a second. He stopped and looked on-screen. A few more Nor'Shizi were taken out, along with Karemma. Explosions were blooming in space.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Aug 17 2004, 06:50 PM

M`Ress walked down the hallway on deck four with Ensigns Agmenasdu Vonioki and Miah. He thought of a Kai artifact, how to rebuilt it. But he had several unanswered
questions, and too many variables and unknowns. He also felt secluded, from the rest of the crew, as if by self-punishment.

M`Ress rounded a corner, walking right into two Bolians and scampering pets.

The corridor instantly turned into a lively game of hopscotch as M`Ress and his friends and the other person bounced around trying not to step on the pets. The "dogs" run around in circles creating a furious knot with the leashes.

As the confussion abruptly died down. The Bolian female looked up to find the other crewmember braced against the bulkhead. The Bolian gathered the pets closer to her. Dark blue starting to flood the Bolian woman's face. Before she could
speak M`Ress beat her to it.

"Oh, please excuse me, Doctor. This is not my day for walking I guess."

"Are you alright...?” M`Ress asked.

Taeyln tried, unsuccessfully, to hide the flush that came over her face again at M`Ress's amusement of the situation. She closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again, “Yes, thank you. I'm fine.” She held a hand out to the doctor.

M`Ress nodded "Sorry. These are my pets," she looked down to where the animals began to calm down. "The Terrier is Icky, and the Cat is her royal highness Specky, she goes by Miah for short."

M`Ress glanced down at the dog and cat as the doctor gripped her hand, “They certainly get along better than most animals of that breed I've seen.” She watched for a moment as the pair finally sat side-by-side, looking up at the humanoids.

Science lab
M`Ress standing at the entry way looking at the sparsly crowded room. He took a deep breath, shifted the pair of PADDs under his arm and stepped in to the room. Crewman Chun-Li Xiang saw him. The Caitian just continued deliberately forward as the conversation around him hushed. The one at the table continued and
M`Ress came to a stop directly behind Crewman Xiang and tried his best to think small. It didn't work.


Still grinning from the conversation with Tylan and her new friends, Chun-Li turned at the sound of his voice. He first saw the mid-section of the cat-like Caitian and drew her eyes up to meet his gaze.

"Ready to get to work ?" she asked.

The Caitian's tail swung, a sigh of excitement. "Let's get started."

Posted by: Aku Aug 23 2004, 12:20 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis locked a tractor beam onto a Nor'Shizi Cruiser. They pulled the ship along using it as cover for other incoming Nor'Shizi fire.

Before you knew it, the Nor'Shizi Crusier began exploding.

"Drop the tractor-beam. Hard to port!" Chain yelled.

The Atlantis dropped the beam and turned quickly. They then jumped to Warp 1 out of there as the Nor'Shizi vessel exploded.

Eight or Nine Nor'Shizi Crusiers were blown into because of that, breeching thier hulls and blowing thier ships apart.

When the Atlantis dropped Warp they turned around and headed back to Tesno Savo. Upon arrival they came to a sight of Karemma ships plowing through Nor'Shizi and a thought came through Chain's mind. The same thought that had came accross it several times. Was it right? He didn't know. But it was necessary.

His allies, the Karemma continued taking out Nor'Shizi until the Nor'Shizi began wearing thin.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 8 2004, 09:32 AM

Captain Koran, Captain's Yatch

"Sir" Lomar reported, " warheads are ready to fire." Koran replied, "Then by all means FIRE!!!" The warheads learched out of the tube. They struck the Planet, the atmospere was turning a dark black. Instently covering the whole planet.

Lomar evassive manuinvers fire phasers are the lead destroyer.

Posted by: Aku Sep 11 2004, 07:04 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

As the Atlantis spun around a group of battling Nor'Shizi and Karemma, Captian Chain was starting to notice that they were winning. At this point, a lot of the Nor'Shizi were falling back.

But more began to fall back even at places where they were about to take the Karemma.

"What's going on?" Chain asked.
"It seems the Nor'Shizi have received some kind of transmission from thier Homeplanet," Tactical replied.
"Can you find out what it is?"
The Tactical Officer tapped at his control panel in curiosity, "I don't think it is possible, sir."
"Hmm," Chain glanced back on screen.

All the Nor'Shizi were turning and jumping to Warp out of there. They had left thier destroyed vessels behind and rescued thier injured.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 13 2004, 12:21 PM

Captain Lacer Koran Captains yatch

The small ship weaved about firing at the nor'shizi destroyers.

"Sir" Lomar reported "our sheilds are at 45%. We can't hold out much longer." Koran responded "about 80% of the planets population is either dead or evacuated. Take out the destroyer on our ass and then set engage the transports and destroy them we can outrun the destroyers at impulse." She responded "aye sir" the small shuttle fired several ion missles disabling the pursing ship. then the ship lundge into full impulse towards the transports. once in range several torpedo's were launched. shreading one of the transports.

Posted by: Aku Sep 15 2004, 10:42 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain combed his fingers through his hair at the sight of empty space. He was then hailed by the Karemma leader.
*We did it! We scared them off!* He exclaimed.
"They may be gone, but I think they went for other reasons," Chain said.
"I'm not sure. But they abandonned the fight. I say we stay here for a the next 24 Hours and keep an eye out. It'll also give us some quick time to repair any damages."
*I agree. Excellent work Atlantis! We do not regret choosing you as our leader at all.*

The Karemma then cut the screen off excitedly. Chain wondered if it was a good thing or not to have a race of people love you this much. He sighed, Let's hope that doesn't get us into trouble...

He then turned to his crew, "Begin repairs to the Atlantis. Also, see if you can contact Jestra and find out what happened to the Blade and the Shark. Obviously we're too far away from them right now to contact them ourselves, so see what info you can get from home."

His crew nodded and quickly got to work.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 16 2004, 10:22 AM

Captain Koran, Captains Yatch.

Several more torpedos were launched from the small ship. Destroying three more Transports.
"Sir the destroyers will renter firing range in 45 seconds." Said Lomar
Koran responded, " Evade them as long as possible, consentrate all fire on those transports. what is the report on whats left of the planets population."
" The planet is completely deserted, only several thousand survived. But they won't survive for long." She replied.
"Once we destroyed the last three transports take us to the prearanged Cords. We will need to redezvous with the Blade. Hopefully we can outrun those destroyers til we met with the Blade." Koran Stated.
Her response was "Aye sir."

Posted by: Aku Sep 17 2004, 12:51 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Briefing Room

Captian Chain sat at the end of the big table, contemplating the situation. Outside the window, floating debris of Nor'Shizi ships passed by.

"Long range sensors indicate no activity in the area for the past ten hours sir," Commander Jowett restated.
Chain nodded in understanding.
"Perhaps, we should take what we can from this debris and head home?" Lieutenant Hidler, the tactical officer suggested.
"The Nor'Shizi could take that as a deeper offence to them. I mean, we already attacked them without warning," Lieutenant Lars of security said.
"What is the status of the engines?" Jowett asked.

"They're in working condition," Lieutenant S'Ron reported. "Not that they weren't damaged in battle, but they're strong enough to get us home."
"Well, it's not like we couldn't ask the Karemma for help. I mean they'd do anything for us now," Doctor Reyes said.
Chain took a deep breath, "You're all right. But I think we'll wait here another fourteen hours. Dismissed."

Everyone got up and left the Briefing Room.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 17 2004, 01:16 PM

Captain Koran Captain's Yatch

"Sir" Yelled Lomar. "six more Nor'Shizi cruiser dropped out of warp at the edge on the system."

Koran looked at her
" set coarse to the rendevouse coarse with the Blade. Get us the hell out of here maxium warp NOW!!!"
The smal ship streaked into warp one transport was left.
"Sir, we have a total of eight ships on our ass, and there gaining fast. Intercept in 25 minutes."
Koran thought, " damn outnumbered, outgunned and alone. What do I do. he knew what he had to do, he did like it but he had no choice."
Lomar send a distress call to the Shark, atlantis and the Starbase. tell them to meet us a 225 mark 315. To be battle ready."

She looked at him and just said "Aye"

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Sep 19 2004, 06:30 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
XO's Quarters
USS Blade

=/\= "Falqon to Captain Koran on the Captain's Yacht"

"What is it Jon, I've got 8 ships on my ass."

"Aye, sir, I'll be right there with the Blade. I'll lock on to the beacon I installed. Falqon out."

Falqon site-to-sites onto the bridge


"No time to walk, Helm lock on to beacon 3 plot an intercept and get us there... Maximum Warp."

The young ensign just looked at him, still in awe as to the site-to-site "Aye, sir"

"Just do it Ensign, or I will have your commission."

The Ensign rushed immedeatly to work.

The Blade launched instantaniously to warp.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Sep 24 2004, 01:28 PM

Alder stood on the bridge of the Shark. Besides chasing the Blade it had been uneventful.

"Captain, I am picking up a distress signal. It is federation in origin." the security officer said.

Alder turned around.

"Trace it."

"Already doing. It appears to be a small yacht."

"Possibly the one that left the Blade?"


Alder turned back to the viewscreen, considering the options.

"Security, relay the coordinates to the helm. Helm lock in course and engage."

"Aye, ma'am." came the responses.

Alder sat down. And waited.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Sep 26 2004, 12:29 PM

M`Ress - USS Shark

Crewman Chun-Li Xiang and Ensign M`Ress were bouncing ideas and theories off each other on how to recreate the Kai artifact.

Genetic engineering and cloning seemed so far was the only way to athieve this near-impossible goal.

M`Ress noticed the Shark making a sharp turn starboard and down on the Z-axis. Whatever was going on meant only one thing: trouble.

commbadge.gif "Alder to M`Ress. Report to the bridge at once."

Wide eyed now, M`Ress acknowledged the order, left the Science Lab and headed up to the bridge.

Posted by: Aku Sep 27 2004, 04:58 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain entered the Bridge where he was called. Apparently Hidler noticed some unusual behaviour by the Karemma.

"What the--?" Looking on-screen it showed the Karemma cutting into and beaming parts back and forth between all the Nor'Shizi debris. Some Nor'Shizi half-vessels that remained in tact were being salvaged.

The Atlantis was suddenly hailed by the Karemma Starship Desolate.
>"Captian, I hope you don't mind the salvage operation."<
"Who are you?"
>"Commander Nevek, I'm sorry to say our Captian was killed in battle."<
Chain looked to the side at this news. He remained silent for a moment in respect. Chain then glanced back, "I'm sorry to hear that, Commander. But aren't you being hastey with all this salvaging?"
>"What's to be hastey about? Of course we should salvage thier technologies. Look what they've done to us! The Nor'Shizi are evil Captian. I know you Federation type believe there are good in all people, but you really have to look at our situation here."<
Chain held up his hands, signalling for Nevek to stop already, "Okay okay. Just... well... share the information."
>"Of course!"< Nevek outspoke, >"We wouldn't be here without you!"< he replied smiling and then cut the screen off.

Chain just rolled his eyes, "No of course not."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 6 2004, 08:56 AM

USS Shark~ Bridge

Alder looked up as M'Ress walked on to the bridge.

"Any luck, M'Ress?"


"Captain, we are coming up on the coordinates." came from helm.

"Captain picking up 8 Nor'Shizi ships. The Blade's warp trail leads away from here."

"Red Alert!" Alder said standing up. "Notify the Atlantis of where we are and what'ss going on. M'Ress, if you have any solutions, I'd appreciate you telling me."


Alder sat down.

Posted by: Alan Orlando Oct 7 2004, 06:27 AM

Starbase 549, Medical Facilities

Doctor Ryan watched the body on the biobed

"How is he progressing from the cirgury" he asked to the nurse standing next to him

"Fine doctor no changes on his condition so far"

"Good, well this confirms it then"

"Confirms what doctor?" asked the nurse puzzled

"That Commander Cruz is a lucky fellow, the concussion he get for crashing against the wall, have it been a few centimeters to the right it would have been unoperable" Responded Doctor Ryan

"Well it's a good thing that the Shark Doctor beam him over to our most advanced facilities then"

"It certainly is, well inform me if there is any change on his condition" And with those words Ryan left the room

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Oct 8 2004, 09:04 AM

USS Shark - Bridge

M`Ress scratched his mane, then more or less shrugged, "The only thing I can think of, is rush by the Nor'Shizi ships at maximum warp. Otherwise try to sneak past them at impulse speed, silent running mode, using initia velocity only. I am a sciencist, not a soldier."

Alder looked at M`Ress, with annoyance.

The OPS officer spoke up, "Incoming Distress signal from the Blade. Meet with them at 9.5 by 225 mark 315. Be ready for battle."

M`Ress narrowed his eyes at this. He always knew Lt. Commander Jon Falqon and Capt. Koran was one of the nastiest people he's ever encountered. What are they up to ?

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 8 2004, 12:38 PM

Captain Alder Jakson
Bridge, USS Shark

She scowled. She was ready to throttle Koran and his Executive Officer Falqon. She really didn't care about the fact that technically she was the junior captain in the fleet, she didn't like having to chase a ship half way across the quadrant, then have to bail thier arses out of a fight. She sighed furstrated.

"Alright. OPS send an acknowledgement." she finally answered tersely. "Security, if the Nor'shizi have a weak point in thier shields; find it and pound the heck out of it. Helm I expect some fancy flying that keeps most of thier shots away from us and lets our shots hit them. Understood?" she asked looking at the bridge crew. She got nods of acknowledgements.

"M'Ress, get us a devicelike the one we destryoed. Please." she said adding the please softly. She sat down in her chair. "Helm, engage,"

Posted by: Alan Orlando Oct 12 2004, 07:55 AM

Starbase 549, Medical Facilities

The Nurse watched Lieutenant Commander Javier Cruz biosigns when he openned his eyes.

"Welcome back commander" the nurse said in a soft voice.

Cruz felt like if a shuttle had landed on him "What...where am i?

"You are on the medical facilities of starbase 549, the shark's medical officer transport you here after you had your "accident"

"I don´t...remember anything of what... happend to me" Now the commander begun to felt exhausted.

"Don´t worry you will get better in time now you should rest" but before she could finish the sentence commander Cruz was already slept.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Oct 12 2004, 12:25 PM

Ensign M`Ress
USS Shark - Bridge

"I am sorry sir, but that is impossible. To recreate the Kai artifact will take atleast 2 months of study and prototypes, before we can recreate it."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 12 2004, 01:42 PM

Alder scowled. "Great." she said dryily.

She clutched the arms of her chair as the ship took a couple hits.

"Shields down to 70%." Security reported.

"Get us to the Blade." she ordered.

"Aye, Captain." Helm said.

"THis just keeps getting better and better. Someone to remind me to punch Captain Koran adn Commander Falqon when we get home."

Posted by: Eric Draven Oct 13 2004, 09:39 AM

Captain Koran, Captains Yatch.

"Lomar, lock onto the flanking Cruiser. Take some Heat off of the Shark."

Phaser fire erupted out of the small shuttle. Striking the Nor'Shizi Cruiser. Doing little damage.

"Lomar open a channel to he Shark."
She Responded Channel open."
"Captain Target the support ship. Lock weapons onto it secondary power submartix. It's aft sheild will drop 45% with a few torpedos. I got the Flanking ship. We will just have to ignore the rest untill the Atlantis and Blade Arrive. Koran Out."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 13 2004, 12:17 PM

Alder gave a sharp nod.

"Security do it. Fire torpedos on my mark Delta-7 configuration." she snapped out.

"Aye Captain."

Alder kept he eye on the readouts that she recieved.


THe torpedoes fired out.

"Do it again and again. Until thier shields are pentrated." she ordered.

Posted by: Aku Oct 15 2004, 11:56 AM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Everyone sat around in the quiet Bridge, completely silent until a beeping sounded off on the Tactical console.

"Captian," Hidler said. "Long-Range sensors are indicating faint Nor'Shizi signatures at the Nor'Shizi homeworld... followed by faint torpedo and phaser signatures."
"Faint?" Chain glanced over.
"Well, it is so far away. I'm sure if we--"

Chain stood up, "What could they be firing at?" He looked at the Karemma and debris on screen. He would need a few ships. "Contact the Desolate. Tell them to bring two other ships and follow us."

Hidler got to work. Chain then approached the helm.

"Raven, set a course for Nor'Shizi space."
"Do it."

Raven swallowed a bit nervous and then tapped the course in.


Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 15 2004, 12:15 PM

"We've penatrated thier shields,Captain." came the report from security.

Alder coughed. The Shark had been hit quite a few times.

"Report on our shields?" she snapped out.

"shields at 65%"

"Jeez. Continue to fire on them. When shileds drop below 50% we get the hell out of here." Alder ordered. "Status on the Yacht?"

"It's shields are holding." came the report.

"Good. Once thier's fails, beam them directly to the bridge."

"Aye, Captain."

Alder sat and wondered where in the quandrant was eveyone.

Brings a whole new meaning to trail by fire. she thought quietly.

Posted by: Aku Oct 16 2004, 06:06 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis and three Karemma Ships sped through warp at immense speeds. It would be a little longer before they would reach the location under seige. But from constant incoming sensor reports, they had detected Federation signatures.

"Engineering! Increase warp speed to 9," Chain stepped forward and tapped his commbadge.
*I can only get us to 8, sir. The Engines aren't at peak efficiency at the moment,* came a reply from S'Ron.
"Alright, fine."

In no time, the Atlantis and the three Karemma Ships came to drop warp and near the Nor'Shizi.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Oct 18 2004, 10:05 AM

"Captain, we have four ships dropping out of warp. One appears to be the Atlantis." came the report as the ship shook from another hit.

"About blood damn time." she growled. "Send a tactical report to the Atlantis, and tell them it's thier turn. We need time to boost the power to our shields."

"Aye, Captain."

"Helm, take us to the edge of the fighting. Give us some breathing room." she tapped her commbadge. commbadge.gif Bridge to engineering. commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Go Captain. commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif You'll be getting some breathing room shortly. Get our shields back to full status. That's the number one proirity. commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Aye, Captain. :commbadge.:

Alder glanced at the security officer.

"Atlantis has acknowledged."

"Good. Helm pull us back." she ordered.

Slowly the battered Shark pulled away from the battle.

and to think we had just finished repairs from Captain Chain's freaky attack thing

Posted by: Eric Draven Oct 20 2004, 08:34 AM

Captain Koran, Captains Yatch.

Koran had taken the controls. Lomar's station exploded seconds before. She was dead. He armed what was left of the Ion Missles and fired them at the Nor'Shizi ship he was presuing. He looked on his sensors, The Shark had taken massive damage. He saw another image appear. It was The Blade.

The Blade erupted massive phaser fire. Crippling a Nor'Shizi Destroyer. It came around and provided cover fire for the Shark.

Posted by: Aku Oct 20 2004, 06:14 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis sped downwards on an angle passing by the Shark and opened fire upon incoming Nor'Shizi Ships.

"Fire at will!" Chain ordered.

Two Nor'Shizi came straight towards the Atlantis blasting thier torpedoes, but the Atlanits blasted a direct hit to one of ther engine's, blowing the side of one Nor'Shizi ship.

That ship drifted off course, trailing debris as the other Nor'Shizi vessel blasted a hole through the Atlantis' shields. The Atlantis was pushed to the side and off thier direction but not before pumping three torpedoes into that Nor'Shizi ship. The front half blew apart in fire and energy.

Organic debris drifted in the background as the side moving Atlantis passed near the first debris-trailing Nor'Shizi ship. The Atlantis locked a tractor beam on that and pulled them around as a shield against a surprise attack from the left.

More Nor'Shizi ships came and fired, but accidentally blew one of thier own vessels into pieces that had been placed in front of the Atlantis.

The helmsmen took control and sped the Atlantis around to assist the Blade and the Shark.

Meanwhile in the distance, one of the other Karemma ships exploded, causing a few other nearby Nor'Shizi to undergo severe damage... until a few of them began exploding.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Oct 23 2004, 10:43 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

=/\= "Falqon to Koran, I am going to beam your Yacht into the shuttle bay, repairs will be commenced upon arrival"

"Just get me outta here Jon, Sam's dead!"

"Aye, Captain" responded Falqon as he motioned to a bridge officer to execute the order.

Minutes later the Captian was on the bridge. "Sir, respectivly, I came into battle in command, I would like to be the one to finish this, no matter what the outcome is..."

"Sirs, inbound Nor'Shizi War Crusier" the tactical officer interupted

"Are the Shark and Atlantis aware of this Ensign?" Falqon inquired

"Aye, sir, what action should we take."

"Hmm..." Jon was deep in thought "Captain Lacer, how many of those Ion Missiles are left in the yacht?"

"Four." Koran replied

=/\=" Falqon to shuttlebay"

"Lt. Edwards here, what is it sir."

"Edwards, there are four missiles in the yacht, I need them ready to fire out of tube 2"

"Aye, sir"

Posted by: Eric Draven Oct 25 2004, 09:11 AM

Captain Koran, USS Blade, Bridge.

Koran looked at Falqon. I'll take Tactical then. He motioned to the officer standing there to move.
Koran yelled to Falqon "Ion missles are armed and ready. I'm targeting there Primary EPS Transfer system. Ready to fire on your command."

Jon yelled "FIRE"

two of the missles were launched. Smaching the War Cruiser. The ship was temporaily disabled. It drifted away. While the second war cruiser blew past the drifting ship. It fired its phasers at the Blade. Striking the port side. Blasting a hole in the sheilds.

Falqon yelled "Damage report."

Lacer responded "forward sheilds down to 67% aft sheilds down to 75%. Hull microfracture on deck 4 section 13 gamma. Damage control teams are repairing the fracture. Main power down to 70% Emergency power at 90%.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Oct 27 2004, 08:26 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade

"I need some help to win this one" said Jon "Open encoded captains' frequency, request that the Atlantis and Shark provide us with a three pronged Torpedo assault and move into attack pattern Theta-Omega-Four".

"Aye, sir" the Communications Officer responeded

"Bring us to point two on the Theta-Omega-Four fomation, and have the other two Ion Missles ready to fire at a moments notice" Falqon ordered.

The three ships moved into a formation someting like:

* = Federation Ship
<======< War Cruiser

and fired Torpedos rapidly, destroying the crusier.

Posted by: Aku Oct 30 2004, 05:17 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain nodded to both Bridges of the Blade and Shark as they were on-screen. "Great job Captian's, it looks like most of the ships are destroyed."

Suddenly, the tactical panel beeped as it reported more vessels arriving... It was the fleet from Tesno Savo!

"It can't be!" Chain ran to tactical in astonishment. "How is it we got here before them???"
Hidler shrugged in confusion.
*Maybe they waited for your arrival on purpose,* Alder said. *We're much less than the fleet of Karemma you were battling with at Tesna Savo.*
*The Nor'Shizi are smart, but we are smarter,* Koran added grimly.

It was obvious five ships didn't stand a chance against an angry fleet of Nor'Shizi. No doubt they waited to get this drop on us the same way the Atlantis dropped in on them back there.

"Dammit! We have to get the hell out of here," Chain said.
There was a grim look on Koran's face. But it went unhithered as Chain and Alder had too much to deal with in him already.
*Alright, Captian.* Alder nodded and turned around to her crew, *Helm! Set in a course!*
Koran turned around at the exact same time, while the screen was clicking off, *Helm set in a course for Jestra. Engage!*

Chain glanced on screen before he knew it all five ships were warping out of there as the withered Fleet of Nor'Shizi were dropping warp at the edge of thier tarnished world.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 3 2004, 08:49 PM

Joint Post Between Lt. Commander Jon Falqon and Captain Lacer Koran,
USS Blade

Falqon walked up to Koran, looking like he had something important to say. “Sir, I hate to beat around the bush, as Terrans say, so I am just going to tell you. Chief of Operations, Commander Anor Kanap is dead. Come to 6-Forward, we are not needed on the bridge at the moment"

”OK, Jon what is it?”

"Well, what happened was Kanap came to me on the bridge. He told me to give him command of the ship, because he was senior to me. I told him that you left me in charge and that meant that I was his superior. He left with an air of sarcasm. Later that night when I was recording a log of what had happened he came to my quarters, and tried to force the command from me with a phaser. I shot his phaser, he rushed me, and we wrestled for a bit. I fired and killed him."

Jon, what did you do with the body. Does the crew know yet that he is dead? Because if the crew doesn’t know he's dead, we can claim he was killed in the attack. we could place burns over his body from a exploding console. They won't do a medical check for cause of death. I would like this to stay between us. No One else needs to know” Koran said with an air of seriousness.

"No, sir, the crew does not know, the body is stashed in a locked cargo hold that only the CO or XO can open." Jon said looking relieved that the captain did not court-martial him. "and I could simulate an explosion on the holodeck with the safety parameters off."

“OK, Jon make the explosion happen make sure no one knows about it. And if the Crew some how finds out, I'll cover your ass” The captain said.

"Two senior officers are required to turn off the safety parameters." He said looking at the captain. “And I cannot ask someone else. I will also need assistance covering the site-to-site trail"

“Ok if we are going to site-to-site, we need to do it were no one else is.” The captain said

"I can lock the holodeck, so there is no problem there" Jon said in a scheming voice "or we could just call a red alert drill that will keep people out of our hair. We need to do a site-to-site to avoid being seen"

“Do the Red Alert Drill, Jon, it will work best.”

"Very well" Falqon said before pressing his Commbadge =/\="Falqon to all hands. Red Alert Drill. All Hands Battle Stations. Prepare for combat operations drill. This is a Drill. You will be timed and tested" The Red Alert alarm began to sound, red lights were going off all over the ship

Shortly after that, Koran and Falqon were in the cargo hold and did a site-to-site into the Holodeck with the body


Computer Override holodeck safety protocols, Koran alpha 2-2-1-5 black "Second senior officer required to disable safety protocols" The computer said

"Computer, override safety protocols, Falqon Theta Alpha Alpha 2"

"Protocols disabled"

"Okay, computer simulate a console explosion where Commander Kanap's Commbadge is."

There was a large explosion right on the late Commander Kanap's body

"Okay, Captain please inform the CMO of the new found casualty, I'll inform his family"

“Koran to sickbay, we found another Casualty. It's Commander Anor Kanap. He was found in deck 4, section 3. Lock on to his Commbadge and beam him to the morgue.”

Lt. Commander Falqon
XO’s Quarters

Falqon is seen in his dress uniform looking at his main viewer

“Mr. and Mrs. Kanap, Father and Mother of Anor Kanap”

A faint “yes” is heard over the viewer’s speaker.

“We of Starfleet regretfully inform you that your son was killed in the heat of battle with the Nor’Shizi”

All that is heard is crying

“We can arrange to have the body sent to you next shipping cycle. You can get back to me on that.” He says before the viewer cuts off. After a few minutes he stands up “ That is always the hardest part of combat

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 10 2004, 10:50 AM

Captain Lacer Koran
Catpain's quaters
USS Blade

Koran sat at his desk. His mission was a success, but it cost the life of a fellow agent and allowing The Atlantis and Shark to be brought into this mess. He knew he could deal with Chain easly. After all Koran always had his back. But the captain of the shark was a different story. He knew the Captain will try to do everything to find out what all happened.

Koran turned to his replacator.
And Spoke "Bajoran Spring Wine chilled."

He took a sip of the Wine. it tasted alright. But nothing bets the real thing.

Now all he had to do is wait for either captain to call him. He was not wanting this call at all.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 13 2004, 11:52 PM

Lt. Cdr. Jon Falqon
Corridor to CO's Quarters
USS Blade

He rings Koran's door chime

Koran says "It's Open" and the door slides open to allow Falqon to walk through.

Falqon has to bottles with alien labeling "Captian, I wanted to let you know I confiscated these from some on-duty security officers. One is Klingon Bloodwine, and the other... well I just can't read it, here you look" he says handing the bottle to Koran.

"It's in Bajoran" Koran said "It says 'spring wine' I just so happen to be drinking some now."

"You keep it" Falqon said walking out the door "You'll be able to handle Chain and Jackson better drunk on the real stuff, instead of the replicator shit" Falqon said with a smirk as he poked his head back in the door.

Posted by: Aku Nov 14 2004, 11:32 PM

Captian Steven Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Ready Room

The Captian sat at his desk and tapped his commbadge. "Chain to Hidler. Open a channel to the Captian of the Blade and patch it through to my Ready Room."

The connection was made and Captian Koran blinked on-screen.

*Captian,* Koran nodded slowly.
"Koran, you blatently disregarded the rank of Starfleet Operations in the Gamma Quadrant, and you went under all our noses to launch an assault on the Nor'Shizi Homeworld," Chain said. "Without hesitation you killed an entire race of billions," he paused for a moment, "Those including innocent women and children whom have absolutely nothing to do with the military aspect of Nor'Shizi."

Chain looked to the side for a moment and then back.

"What were you hoping to get out of this? A name for us? Did you want people to fear the mere mention of the Federation? I certainly hope you got what you wanted."

Chain fixed his stance. "The Nor'Shizi are not all dead. They still occupy a few more worlds. And I don't doubt grudges will be held. Very big grudges," he nodded. "I just hope... they didn't have enough time to get the registry of that ship that anihilated thier homeworld, because then they would be after you."

Chain didn't find any of this at all pleasant.

"The Blade is going to be under investigation, along with yourself and your crew. This will be lead by Gorak himself... He will also be joined by a few Council Members and Admirals coming straight from the Alpha Quadrant."

There was short silence in which Koran broke himself, *Chain, the Nor'Shizi threat is gone. We have nothing to fear from them anymore.*
Chain nodded, agreeing on this. With that, he deactivated the screen.

The Captian turned in his chair and looked out the window.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 15 2004, 11:15 AM

Captain Koran: USS Blade: His Quaters

Koran sat on his couch, He had 1/3 of the spring wine gone. He rethought, what he did. He thought He did what he had to do, what he was ordered to do.
He took a big gulp of the wine, and threw the bottle against the wall. The bottle Shattered.
And screamed
"Can't you be greatful for once. I saved millions of federation citizens.Screw you. you bastards!!!" " I killed innocent people. Tell that to the people of the USS Landaluce and USS Omaha. Tell that to their families. Tell that to the family of Lt. Micheals on the Omaha."
He sat back down. relizing that no one was there to hear him.
He spoke quitely to himself. " why are they after my Crew, I kept them all in the dark about this. Falqon better better watch his ass. they will want to talk to him."

He walked to a chest in his room. He opened it, and pulled out a bottle of real romulan Ale. He opened the bottle and chuged a half of it. At this point he didn't care. He was filled with distrust, anger, and confusion.
His last thought before passing out was "My is probley over."