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Episode 1 - "Brave New Worlds"

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Commander Natalie Jowett - U.S.S. Atlantis
Personal Qaurters

"These are your quarters, ma'm." Said the young Ensign who had been assigned to show Commander Natalie Jowett to her quarters on the Atlantis.
"Thank you, Ensign." She said to him.
He nodded politely and walked away. Nat opened the door to her quarters and stepped in. The door closed behind her and she looked around.
"Awfully small." she muttered to herself. She let out a sigh and plopped down on the bed. She wasnt exactly thrilled about being here. But who was she to refuse such an important job? So here she was.
After a moment, she sat up and began unpacking her stuff. After she was done, she wanted to go to the bar. She was looking forward to meeting her new crewmates.

Lt. Commander Monica Reyes ~ Quarters ~ U.S.S. Atlantis

Not bad Reyes thought as she stepped into her new quarters. She looked round and saw her luggage, in a nice pile on the floor.
"Time to check out sickbay," she whispered walking out. She found the nearest turbolift.
She stepped out, she turned left, then another left, she was finally relieved when she found sickbay, "Great," she said approaching the doors. They opened before and she looked round, there was a male medic, human standing at a console, "Hello?"
He spun round alarmed, "Doctor Reyes?"
She nodded, "That's me,Monica Reyes," she replied, "You are?"
"Ensign Turner," he answered.
"Good good," she commented looking through the cabinets to check all the equipment had arrived safely, "Everything here I asked for?"
"Yes ma'am."

She crossed over and quickly started to unpack some of it, Reyes picked up two Medical Tricorders out of her own case and put one into the lockers and put the other one next to the monitor, she prefered to keep her own one with her. She sat down at the monitor and brought up some records, she wanted a chance to review the crew's medical records.

Captain Steven Chain - Jestra 5 - Apartment

Chain looked out the window of his Apartment. He was on the 43rd Story of the Building he lived in and was disappointed he'd be leaving it so soon. Out his window was a view of a few other Building's being built, and the Lake off behind them. A few Hover Vehicles flew by. "Hmm... I wonder how long it'll be before the Atlantis got here."

This city was the main City so far on the Planet. It was new. Smaller Towns and Research Facilities were in the first stages of being built. The additional population of the Planet was yet to arrive. "Commodore, I was wondering what the arrival time was going to be?"

Chain contacted Commodore Gorak on his living room Viewscreen. Gorak was at the small Federation Base in orbit. "I am not sure yet. I was hoping soon."
""Well, we're pretty far away from the Wormhole. So if they're not in the Quadrant yet, it'd probably be a while.""
"You seem... anxious."
""Excited is more the feeling. I just hope my crew feels the same way.""
"I am sure they do. But beware, this isn't the most safe of Quadrants."
""Isn't that the truth..."" He eyed Gorak. ""I certanly hope we can begin negotiations with the most nearby Species.""
Gorak nodded. "I will ensure our safety." An officer came by and handed him a padd. "We will speak later. I must handle this immediately."
""Chain out.""

Commander Natalie Jowett - USS Atlantis - Bridge

"Ensign, how long until we reach the planet?" she asked the young female at helm.
"Approximately two hours and twenty minutes, ma'm."
"Thank you." Nat replied, and the Ensign nodded in response. ey had been than ready to be there.
"Ma'm, we're being hailed from Starbase 549." 549 was the Starbase orbiting the planet.
"Onscreen." she replied.
It was Commodore Gorak. "Commander." he said in greeting.
"How much longer until you reach the Starbase?" he questioned.
"Approximately two hours and twenty minutes." Nat said.
"Thank you, Commander. Gorak out."

Commodore Gorak - Starbase 549

Gorak paced around his office. He went to his computer, and began recording a personal log.

  This is my first day in the Gamma Quadrant, and what I have seen so far worries me greatly. Defending the Federation Colony will be an enormous job, and I fear that we do not have enough firepower to defend ourselves against the many hostile races that may inhabit the quadrant. I have told the Federation Council several times that our colonization of the Gamma Quadrant is a mistake, but despite all my objections, here we are. I wonder if my complaints to the Council are why they have put me in this hellhole. Our Security forces must protect the colony against an entire quadrant of unknown races. I have advised Starfleet Command that we need more ships to provide firepower, but they insist that the Atlantis is the only ship available for this assignment. The only bright spot of this assignment is the Atlantis itself, which is the newest, most advanced ship in the fleet. The armaments on the ship are amazing, and I look forward to spending as much time on the ship as possible. Anything to get off this damnable Starbase. The base has so few weapons and shielding that it could be destroyed by the first stray ship to come along. I was stuck on a Starbase at my last two postings, and it felt like I was rotting in hell. 
        Also, I am hoping to meet most of the members of the crew of the Atlantis today. Even though I may not be interacting with all of them on a daily basis, I hope to have a good relationship with all of them, as I will be spending a lot of time on the Starbase. But for now, I have dozens of things to do to prepare for the arrival of the Atlantis.

Lt. JG R'Dedreen - Counsellor - Atlantis Corridor

The counsellor walked down a corridor of the impressive ship and conducted himself like any logical vulcan would. Deep down, though, he was glad to be here in the gamma quadrant 'exploring new life.' His assignment was fairly simple, to counsel. Starfleet, feeling eager, sent along a few other officers for R'Dedreen to work over. To serve as a role model for, and to ultimately get some experience in this new quadrant.

The day looked simple for this counsellor, though. He planned to go and meditate as soon as he was off duty. He needed to relax his mind after being around so many people.

Lt. JG R'Dedreen - Counsellor - Atlantis Corridor

As the counsellor continued to walk down the corridor, he felt a jolt. The corridor went darker and the lights on the walls flashed red. Indicating a red alert. Highly puzzled as to what was happening, he ran up to the bridge as quickly as possible. There was another jolt, and all the lights went out, leaving the counsellor in the dark. What in the hell is happening!

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Nor'Shizi War-Cruiser Vali'Kaan

Commander Tinashi turned his chair around slowly to face the main viewer.
His dark eyes seemed to carry burdens unspoken, and his golden brown skin
showed wrinkles under his eyes and around his mouth. The commander's dark,
deep, and rich blue hair had the slightest hints of graying. He remained still, with a
stony, emotionless expression on his face. He fingered the control panel blankly,
yet with such a determination as to suggest that he was carefully calculating every
move his body made. He then shifted when he saw the shots fire at the ship on
the viewer and quickly came out of his reverie. He turned around.

The War-Master.

He was giving orders to the weapons officer. "What are you doing?" the
commander said to the War-Master in a low, yet brusque voice.

The War-Master looked up in surprise. The obviously younger man said, "Just
issuing orders, commander." He emphasized the last word.

Tinashi did not break his gaze.

The War-Master explained, "A warning shot, commander. A warning shot."

Tinashi remained unflinching, "I counted two."

"That is beside the point."

"Yes, it is. The point is that I should have given the order, Master Hitok."

"I am the superior. Don't forget it, commander. Besides - would you have issued
the order had I not done so?"

Tinashi raised his left eyebrow, "If you had told me the order, then yes - I would.
If you had left me to my own devices, I would have hailed them first."

The War-Master chuckled, "It is of no consequence. They have received the
warning shot."

"Shots," the commander said, again reminding the War-Master.

Hitok ignored this, "Hail them now, if you wish."

"I do," Tinashi replied. "Master..." he said under his breath.

The first officer, Lyn Ry'Mor, piped up. "The vessel has raised sheilds and locked
weapons, sir," she said urgently yet politely to Tinashi, seemingly ignoring the
superiorly-ranked War-Master. He seemed slightly miffed, but said nothing.

"Thank you, Ms. Ry'Mor." He turned to the communications officer. He gave him
a look, and the officer opened hailing frequencies.

"This is Commander Haza Tinashi of the Nor'Shizi War-Cruiser Vali'Kaan. You
are trespassing on our space, and you will withdraw immediately. You will also
withdraw your personnel on the world of Shi'Tosti, or Jestra 5, as you refer to it.
You will leave the city on there intact, and if you must leave your starbase, you
certainly may. The point is that you WILL evacuate, and under no circumstances,
EVER come back. Our firepower is far superior to yours. If you resist, we will
forcibly remove you and your people. We will not tolerate insidious invasions."

He signaled the comm officer to cut communications.

The War-Master turned to him, "You don't actually think they'll just obey you, do

"Calm yourself, Master Hitok. No, I do not. I always expect them to fight. I just
hope that for once, someone becomes enlightened and does as they're told."

"So do I," Hitok said, eyeing the commander.

Tinashi broke eye contact and walked over to his young first officer. They, despite
their gender and age differences, obviously knew each other very well. They
quickly began formulating a plan of action.

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

Chain beamed into the Control Deck and rushed over to Gorak. The Control Deck was practically empty and new. "What's going on?"

Gorak was tapping at long-range sensors, scanning like crazy. "I am picking up the Atlantis, the Omaha, and the Landaluce. They seem to have been confronted by a pack of Nor'shizi War Cruisers two Stars Systems away."
Chain shook his head, trying to remember the Nor'Shizi in previous briefings. "The Nor'Shizi... They don't own this System."
Gorak looked at him. "Perhaps they used to."

Commander Jowett
U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Natalie was silent for a moment.
"Ma'm?" Asked the Ensign at helm. "Are we going to withdraw?"
She snapped around to look at him and gave him a glare. "Of course not!!" she replied. "They dont own this system! Please contact Starbase 549 and let them know what has happened. Tell them we are running a littlle late but will be there shortly."

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

"They are not standing down, sir," the helm officer said.

Tinashi was unfazed. He exchanged a glance with Ry'Mor, who nodded slightly
in acknowledgement.

"Go to silent running!" Ry'Mor said, command presence evident in her voice.

She'll make a fine commander, one of these days, Tinashi thought to
himself. He, of course, had a master plan for the Federation... invaders.

"We are going to recloak?" War-Master Hitok asked incredulously.

"Patience, War-Master. Patience... we will attack - But we must set ourselves up
for the 'checkmate'," Tinashi said, recalling what he had read about the Federation.

"Perhaps you'll care to enlighten me, commander," Hitok said. He seemed to have
let the frustration by, and simply gave up on the commander.

Tinashi seemed to think this over, "...Of course... I will tell you if you truly wish to

The War-Master was surprised for about the one-hundredth time in the day.

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

Chain and Gorak watched the sensors carefully. The Nor'Shizi ships began repositioning...

"Damn!" Chain exclaimed. He paced quickly. "Should I trust my First Officer? Can she handle the situation?"
"She told us she'd return shortly." Gorak explained calmly.

Chain stopped and stood over the Hailing console in hesitation... He knew this would've been the worst time to interrupt her, as her head would be concentrating on the enemy's movements. Natalie had been in this type of situation before. "Let's hope this won't be her last."

Lt. JG R'Dedreen - Counsellor - Turbo Lift

The Counsellor walked on to the bridge of the Atlantis, thinking it illogical to be walking around in the corridors while they may need his help. He stood stationary on the bridge, watching the officers hurry and do there designated dutys. Beneath the layer of logic, R'Dedreen wished that he could assist the other officers instead of just standing there without much else to do.

Commander Jowett
U.S.S. Atlantis

Nat was talking to Captain Chain via comm link in the ready room.
"What do you think, Commander?" Chain asked.
"They seemed very serious in their threats, sir. I advise that we be wary of them."
"I agree. Commodore Gorak has recomended that we send for a couple more ships, for extra protection. Ive seen to it."
"With all due respect, sir, do you really think that is neccesary?"
"We know nothing about these people, and we are settling a new area. We can never be too cautious."
"Aye, sir."

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

Chain was on long-range communications with the U.S.S. Charismatic. Captain Lane was on screen. *We will reach you in 16 Hours.*
"Hurry---!!" But Captain Chain was inturrpted by a cut in communications. Tinashi blinked on screen.
*Unfortunately your vessels will be destroyed by that time.*
"Who are you?"
*I am Commander Haza Tinashi of the Nor'Shizi War-Cruiser Vali'Kaan.*
"This is Captain Chain of the Federation Starship Atlantis..."
*That's funny, I would have thought a Captain should be at his Bridge. You are not even on your Ship!* Tinashi was having fun.
"Oh yeah? Well at least I don't need a War-Master!"
Tinashi sat up at this insult.
"Yeah that's right, I read over the Nor'Shizi."
*Do you play Chess, Captain?*
*Chess. Do you play it?*
"What does this have to do with anything?"
*It is a Human game is it not? In Chess you must set up your army carefully and tactfully for the proper blow. Men must be sacraficed for the greater goal... and then, the Checkmate.*
"Is that what you think this is? A Chess game?"
*Every battle of any sort goes like that, Captain!*
"Why don't you make peace, Tinashi? This isn't necessary."
*You are in our space!!!*
"According to reports, you abandonned this space 20 Years ago!"
*It is Nor'Shizi tradition to return to our graceland after an immense period of time.*
"That's a lie."
*You know nothing about us, Captain. Don't pretend that you do!*
"I know a lot about you, Tinashi. More than you think." The Enemy was the same in any Quadrant. Always pushy, always getting what they wanted. "And the Atlantis is about to go on a little ass-kicking binge."
Tinashi calmed. *I'm going to destroy your vessels now. When that is over, I will contact you again.*

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Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

"Ms. Ry'Mor, are we cloaked and at silent running?"

Ry'Mor looked up from her post, "Yes, sir."

Tinashi half smiled, "Good. Reposition us and the two other Cruisers for a Delta
formation, with us at the head."

The three Federation starships were still facing them on the viewscreen, with a
vibrant red nebula in the background.

"Full Impulse power..." Tinashi said with steely determination.

Ry'Mor complied. Unbeknownst to the Federation ships, the Nor'Shizi cruisers
were heading straight for their counterparts.

As the Nor'Shizi ships got ever closer under cloak, Tinashi barked out, "Cut our
engines! Tell the other two ships to manuever inward and to come to a halt when
they are parallel to the Federation vessels!"

"Yes, sir!" Ry'Mor piped up. "Sir, we still have a great deal of inertia - we won't be
able to stop in time before we hit the lead ship dead on."

Tinashi looked at her, "Yes - that is exactly what I'm counting on..."

Ry'Mor looked perplexed, but she wasn't going to probe further, "Just tell me


The three Nor'Shizi ships decloaked. Two of them were directly between the
Atlantis and the two other vessels. The Vali'Kaan was moving rapidly toward the

"Open fire!" Tinashi bellowed.

The Nor'Shizi let loose in a stunning display of light. The two support cruisers were
using their side cannons on the two supporting Federation ships, effectively cutting
them off from the other ships. The Atlantis was being pummeled by fire directly
from the front, the Vali'Kaan not stopping it's charge...

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Commander Natalie Jowett - USS Atlantis

The Atlantis jolted violently as Nat held on. Her stomach was turning. "Take us under them!!" She ordered.

The Atlantis headed downwards and under the Vali'Kaan, slicing phasers into thier shields.

Councillor R'Dedreen stepped up beside Nat, eyeing her mental state, but making sure as not to interfere with her command. Nat suddenly noticed him there, but before she could say anything the Atlantis' forward shields were broken into and the hull was hit.

Pieces went flying out into space.

USS Omaha

The Omaha began pumping torpedoes into the the second Nor'Shizi Ship.
"Their shields are weakening!" A Tactical Officer yelled.
But the Nor'Shizi vessel fired torpedoes at the Omaha until thier shields began to weaken aswell.

USS Landaluce

"Manouver us over the other Nor'Shizi Vessel, the one that's firing on the Omaha!" The Captain ordered.
"But sir, we have our own problems--" The Helmsmen argued.
"Just do it!"

The Landaluce began hovering over the Nor'Shizi Ship, blasting torpedoes into it. This Nor'Shizi Ship was getting hit by both Federation Vessels, losing its shields percentage by percentage...

USS Omaha

"Captain! Thier shields are down!" The Tactical Officer reported.
The Nor'Shizi Ship was hit again and again, as parts of it began to explode. A huge piece of the Nor'Shizi Ship blew off and flew accross space, slamming into the Omaha.

The large piece of Nor'Shizi's hull richcheted off the Omaha's shields, knocking the shields offline aswell. The Omaha was knocked back in space in momentum, tilted.

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Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

Ry'Mor looked at Tinashi, "The Atlantis has gone past us to stern, sir!"

"Fire aft torpedoes, maximum yield!" Tinashi ordered.

Five torpedoes emerged from the Vali'Kaan's stern, three of them clipping the
port nacelle of Atlantis, another smashing into the impulse drive, and the last one
zooming off into space.

Ry'Mor spoke, "The Atlantis has been disabled, for the moment. The Hek'Tor is
under heavy attack by the Landaluce and is losing life support!"

Tinashi grew visibly concerned, "How far?"

"Not far - but the Omaha is between us and the Hek'Tor... The Omaha is heavily
damaged and drifting. The Zen'Ti is fine, and is attacking the Landaluce's stern,
but it is having little effect."

Tinashi growled, "Finish off the Omaha and get us in position to help the other two
ships with the Landaluce!"

In a spectacular show of weaponry, the Vali'Kaan targeted the drifting Omaha's
Warp Core and destroyed the Akira-class starship completely.

Ry'Mor's voice was urgent, "The Hek'Tor is hailing us!"

The Commander of the Hek'Tor cam on screen, his face bloodied and the bridge
charred and in shambles.

Tinashi spoke up, "We're moving into position, Commander. We think -"

The other Commander cut Tinashi off, "There isn't enough time!" He turned to his
helm officer, "Full burn for the Landaluce!"

Tinashi's eyes widened. The other Commander saw this, "Goodbye, old friend. Do
not let these invaders deny us what is rightfully ours!"

Tinashi found very little air for words, "I promise. I swear it, on my grave - my dear friend Su'Zha..."

Commander Su'Zha looked at him resolutely, "We release ourselves for honor."

Tinashi closed his eyes at hearing the ancient Nor'Shizi saying, when a warrior
knew his body's end was near.

The Hek'Tor rammed straight into the Sovereign-class Landaluce's engineering
section, causing a catastrophic Warp Core breach which engulfed both vessels.

Tinashi ordered the Vali'Kaan and the Zen'Ti to withdraw - ignoring the drifting
Atlantis. He was thinking of other things...

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Lieutenant Commander Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay, USS Atlantis

Monica Reyes held on to her chair as the ship rumbled and moved in different ways she had never thought possible I'm a doctor, I've been doing this for years, I can stomach watching people die and cutting people up but when it comes to this she made another unpleasant sound.
The doors opened and she spun her chair around, there was a young male ensign holding a female Lieutenant, Reyes' gaze went down to the Lieutenant's arm, it was covered in blood, she grabbed a tricorder and rushed over to them, "Over to the bio-bed," she said as she helped them, "What happened, Lieutenant?"
She sat down and glanced down to her arm, "I was working in engineering when one of the conduits blew and," she held up her arm slightly.
Reyes ran her scanner over the arm, "A burn," she commented to the young woman, "Nothing to worry about," she was about to go on when she was interupted by the doors to sickbay opening, "Doctor," a crewman said, "We need your help," she looked to the young lieutenant and everyone who came through the door, she stepped back.
"Everyone, please calm down and I will get round to seeing you all soon," she headed over to her console and opened a comm link, "Reyes to Commander Jowett."

"Jowett here," came her response.
"Commander, it is possible to open a ship-wide announcement?" she asked looking as more and more people came through the door.
"I need some help down here, anyone with first aid training would be helpful," Reyes answered and waiting for a reply.
"Okay," Jowett replied before closing the link.

Two seconds later, her voice came over the intercom.

"All hands,this is Commander Jowett, can anyone with any first aid qualifications, please report to Doctor Reyes in sickbay," she said and Reyes smiled slighty as she headed over to her first patient.

This is going to take a while she thought.

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Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

"What's going on?" Chain asked.
Gorak tapped at the controls. "The Omaha and the Landaluce have been destroyed, and two Nor'Shizi Vessels are headed this way!!"
Chain ran up to look at Gorak's sensor readings. "The Atlantis??"
"They are adrift..." Gorak looked at him, both fearing impending doom.

Earth - Starfleet Headquarters

A group of important officials met in the President's Office.
"Sir's, it is unfortunate to report that Jestra V is under attack by the Nor'Shizi..." Admiral Paris approached.
The President, and Council Member Wong glanced at each other.
"We should have never tried colonizing it!" Council Member Dune walked around the group.
The President watched him. "...The Federation? In the Gamma Quadrant? Perhaps such ideas are..." He didn't want to finish his sentence as it was agreeing with Dune.
"Is it possible the Nor'Shizi have rights to Jestra V?" Wong pondered.
Admiral Paris stepped in, "Excuse me, but the Nor'Shizi have been hostile towards every Alpha Quadrant species to come through the Wormhole. Especially the Ferengi."
"A dislike for Alpha Quadrant species?" Wong asked.
Dune stopped pacing, "Listen to yourselves. We cannot stay in the Gamma Quadrant! There are too many unknowns. We can't deal with all that. We don't know what is out there!!"
"Restrain yourself!" The President ordered. He turned to Paris. "How close are the reinforcements?"
"We have three ships on their way."

Deep Space 9 - Ops

An Ensign handled the sensors as she watched the USS Charismatic, the USS Blade, and the USS Shark approach the Wormhole.
' "Blade to Deep Space 9, we're on our way." ' The Captain spoke on screen.
"Goodluck," the Ensign replied as she was the only in Ops at the time.

The Wormhole blasted open and all three Federation Ship's sped through.

Starbase 549, orbiting Jestra V

"What's the status on the Federation Ground Forces?" Captain Chain examined possible ideas.
"Yes, I nearly forgot about them!" Gorak stated. "Their Bases are still in production, but I believe we have at least a Hundred Defense Fighters available. It is unknown how many of them are operational."
Chain checked the database, "These are the same Fighter Types from the Mars Defense System."
Gorak shook his head, "Those Fighters have been upgraded ever since the first Borg attack at Wolf 359."
Chain pondered, "But against two Starships? Especially Nor'Shizi?"
"What do you think they were built for?" Gorak replied. "At least they will hold off the Vali'Kaan and the Zen'Ti until reinforcements arrive. Get the Defense General on the Viewscreen..."

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Commander Haza Tinashi - The Gallery

Tinashi, in his off-duty robes, kneeled on the floor in the middle of a large gallery,
with a great view of space before him. All around him were various artifacts from
various cultures. Scented candles were lit in certain parts of the circular room.

Lyn Ry'Mor walked into the room, still wearing her formal military uniform, as she
was still on duty. "These are the last reports from the repair teams. We are at
full functionality now, Commander."

Tinashi turned around and took the reports, "That did not take long at all..."

"The Federation starships only caused minimal damage, sir. The Zen'Ti will require
a little more time for repairs, however," Ry'Mor replied.

Tinashi shook his head, "Very well - we will remain at low warp toward the
Federation colony on Shi'Tosti."

Ry'Mor looked cautious, but ventured a question anyway, "Sir - you said to the
Federation captain that you would contact them after you destroyed their ships..."

Tinashi was slightly surprised at himself, "I almost forgot. Thank you for reminding
me. At least we are letting them sweat, in the meantime."

Ry'Mor's lips curled up into a slight smile.

Tinashi gestured to a table, with two chairs facing each other, "I understand your
duty shift is about to end - please, take a seat. I'd like to show you something."

Ry'Mor's eyebrow lifted in curiosity as she sat down opposite Tinashi.

"This is the Earth game I was referring to earlier - Chess. I can teach you to play
it - it is really quite fascinating."

Ry'Mor's curiosity wouldn't allow her to refuse. "Thank you, sir. By the way - I
notice you have a lot of Human artifacts in here..."

Tinashi smiled, "A perfect way to defeat your enemy is to understand him better
than he understands himself. I was quite taken with this game because of the
kind of warrior I am - not all Humans are alike. They value their differences. That
is the first thing you must understand about them - they are all quite different from
each other, and that is their strength. Their weakness is their common instinct to
become emotionally involved..."

Tinashi looked down at the pieces, "A weakness of mine, I'm afraid, as well... That
is the difference between a soldier and a warrior, and it can lead to a warrior's

Ry'Mor was tactfully aware of her commanding officer, "There was nothing you
could have done for the Hek'Tor and her crew..."

Tinashi looked back up at her, "You're right, as usual, Lyn - may I call you Lyn?"
He said, trying to make her more comfortable in his rather intimidating presence.

"Of course, sir," she said as she immediately settled down into a more
comfortable position. "So - what are the roles of the different pieces?"

"Well, first you have the pawns at the front..."
Tinashi continued to explain the game to Ry'Mor, and they played it for a good
portion of the night.

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Commander Natalie Jowett - USS Atlantis, Engineering

Nat stood with a group of engineer's giving thier report on the Warp Core. Above them was a completey mangeled cieling corner. Power conduits and bulkheads hung out.

The ship was a mess. Power failures, and systems malfunctions occured every second. Deck 6 was compacted into Deck 7. The truth was, the Atlantis was in no shape at all.

"Okay, reroute that power conduit through the new matrix." She ordered. Two engineers nodded and walked off. Nat checked her tricorder for signs of radiation, "Hmm..." when suddenly she heard a screeching noise.

One of the engineers also checking a tricorder glanced at her. What makes that sound? As if two pieces of metal frictioned against each other.

A single spark from a power conduit fell behind Nat, and before she could look up a collage of technology and a support beam fell from above. Metal pieces and flew down, richocheting off other pieces and Nat and two other engineers were caught under the debris!

"Medical Team to Engineering!" Someone yelled as everyone in Engineering ran over to the product of chaos. Throwing off parts of the bulkhead, both engineers were helped out. Ensign Henries found Nat and grabbed her arm. He pulled her out to see that a metal pole stuck right through the left side of her stomach.

What the...? What is this...? Nat thought as she just noticed it, looking down.
"Oh my God." Ensign Henries said.

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Lieutenant Commander Monica Reyes ~ sickbay

Reyes put down the sleeve of an injured ensign, she glanced up to him, "Just keep pressure on it for the time being," she looked around to see the next patient she didn't get chance, "Engineering to Sickbay."

Reyes tapped her badge, "Reyes here," she shouted, trying hard to hear the voice on the other end of the conversation, "What can I do for you?"
"We need a medical team down here asap, we've got three casualities..." he shouted.
"I'll send down some of my team," she commented.
"With all due respect Doctor," he continued, "I think it should be you, one of them is very bad."
Her eyes widened slightly, "What's happened?"
"It's Commander Jowett, she's been injured badly, a metal pole has gone through the left side of her body..." Reyes ran over to the counter and grabbed a ton of stuff, she didn't care what, she just knew she had to grab everyhing she could think of, she looked over to a nurse, "Take care of everything here."

The doors shut, "Whatever you do," Reyes said back into her badge, "Do not move her...I'm on my way to engineering now."


Reyes stepped into engineering and looked round, it was complete chaos, people injured but not too serious from the look of it. It took her a few seconds to spot where the damage had been done. She quickly dodged stray wires and reached them, she looked up at Ensign Henries, "Where is she?"
He only had to look down, Reyes knelt down next to the young Commander, Reyes hadn't had a chance to meet the First Officer yet, What a way to meet her... she thought. She looked down to where the pole was, luckily she weren't losing too much blood, it was the loss of blood that was foremost on her mind, secondly, the location concerned her.

What's her first name again? Reyes thought back to records, I know it's not right but I can't keep going Commander then it hit her, "Natalie," she said as loudly yet softly as she could, "I'm Monica Reyes."
"Chief Medical Officer," Jowett replied slowly and Reyes smiled to her, "Correct, I'm here to help you." Jowett simply nodded and tried to look at the wound, "Don't move," Reyes said and looked to one of the crewmen standing around, "Can someone get behind her and support her head, make sure she holds still." She watched him then looked back down to Jowett, "Would you like something for the pain?" She shook her head.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions," Reyes started moving her hands down Jowett's arms, attempting to keep her calm, she was actually surprised, most people would be panicking, she had seen it before but she was really keeping her calm about the situation. "Do you feel numb anywhere?"
A few moments passed, "No," Jowett answered.
That's a good start... Reyes smiled to her, "Good, that's great," she patted Jowett's legs, "Can you feel that?" Another nod, Reyes moved her hands up to her arms, "And this?" yet again another nod. Jowett closed her eyes, "Stay with me, Natalie." She opened her eyes again.
Reyes then paid her attention to the stomach, she looked at the pole. She tapped her comm badge, "Reyes to sickbay. I need a stretcher down here on the double," she quickly cut the communication.

It had to be at least an inch in diameter, she looked round the base of where it had penetrated the skin, it already had visable signs of bruising, she pressed down lightly and got a muffled scream from Jowett, "I apologize," Reyes said, "But this has to be done," she got out an hypo-spray from her case, she injected it there, "What's that?" Jowett asked.
"Local anesthetic," Reyes commented, she looked to the doors as two crewmen carried a stretcher over to them, she stood up, "Put it down here," she saw the looks on their faces as the sight of the pole, "We have to be careful with her," she said putting the stretcher next to Jowett, "Right this is what we're going to do, when I give the signal, we're going to move her onto the stretcher, I'll count to three?"

They all two grabbed under arms, two grabbed her legs while Reyes got ready to support her lower body, "1...3" she said, they lifted her onto the stretcher with a bit of a groan from Jowett, Reyes stood up as they lifted the stretcher up and began to make their way out of engineering, she turned to Ensign Henries and nodded, "I'm going to take her up to sickbay, see what I can do." She followed out after them.

Posted by: Aku Oct 22 2003, 08:52 PM

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

Defense General Vorlon clicked on screen. -"Gentlemen. Looks empty up there."-
"Yeah, the staff doesn't arrive 'till Tuesday," Chain brushed off. "Listen, we're going to need a Defense Squadron armed and in space."
"The Nor'Shizi are attacking," Gorak explained.
Vorlon blinked for a second, -"Now? But we've been developing here for so long."-
"We know--" Chain started, but was intrupted by a beeping noise from another communications station. "Look, we have to go. Can you get a Squadron up there? It looks as if it's going to be two Starships."
-"Well,"- Vorlon checked himself, -"We've got a good 25 Fighters. That's including some of my best men."-
Chain and Gorak glanced at each other for a second.
"Do it." Gorak ordered.

Meanwhile, deep in space... The Shark, the Blade, and the Charismatic slowed to meet up with the drifting Atlantis and all the ship debris floating around. Their meeting was short, as repair teams were beamed over, and the Shark, Blade and Charismatic jumped off into Warp again.

Gorak was busy with external scanners. He had located the two Nor'Shizi vessels, the Vali'Kaan and the Zen'Ti. "What is it?" He asked, noticing the preoccupied look on Chain's face.
"...That was a message from the Federation," Chain said, "They want us to consider withdrawing from the Gamma Quadrant."
"What about the Planet?"
"Even the Planet."
They glanced at each other again, and then at the viewscreen conveying their tactical situation.
"Klingon's do not withdraw." Gorak stated firmly.
Chain walked up to the Viewscreen, a symbol and device of circumstance. He hadn't expected the world's lives to be threatened at its own doorstep. Chain narrowed his eyes and replied, "...Neither do we."

Then, 25 Starfleet Defense Fighter's blasted out from Jestra's atmosphere into space. The Vali'Kaan and the Zen'Ti had entered the System.

Posted by: Jake Nov 3 2003, 06:32 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

Ry'Mor turned her head to Tinashi. "We're ready to jump, sir."

Tinashi focussed his eyes on the viewscreen. "Jump!" he ordered.
The Vali'Kaan and the Zen'Ti dropped out of warp, and the beautiful blue and
green of Jestra 5 was revealed. A blue nebula served as a backdrop to the
tranquillic world.

Ry'Mor looked at the sensors. "I am detecting twenty-five Federation starfighters
on an approach vector."

Tinashi thought for a moment, "Put us directly behind the Zen'Ti. Comm officer,
tell the Commander of the Zen'Ti that I want him to stop when we reach the
vessels and deploy their own fighters."

The Comm officer acknowledged.

Tinashi continued, "Helmsman, prepare to overshoot the Zen'Ti - on my signal."

The helm officer acknowledged.

The Federation fighters intercepted the two ships head-on at flank speed. As the
Zen'Ti cut thrusters to engage, the Vali'Kaan pulled up, just clearing the Zen'Ti,
and continued toward Jestra 5 at full impulse, leaving the Zen'Ti and the Federation
fighters battling in it's wake.

Posted by: Aku Nov 7 2003, 02:13 PM

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549, orbiting Jestra V

"Dammit! They're headed this way!" Chain checked sensors.
Gorak turned to some of his men who entered Ops. "Get those weapons online!"
"Shields up!" Chain yelled.

Out in space, the Vali'Kaan approached the Starbase and opened fire. The Station shook like crazy.

"Hail them!!" Chain yelled.
The Nor'Shizi Commander came onscreen.
-"Knock, knock..."- Tinashi spoke.
Gorak and Chain glanced at each other and then glanced back at Tinashi.
"Alright Tinashi. You have us. What now? Are you going to destroy us? Are you going to kill everyone on the Planet?" Chain crossed his arms. "I'm curious as to your intentions."

The Battle of the 25

Meanwhile, out in space, the fleet of Federation Fighters continued to swarm the Zen'Ti. Unfortunately, an energy beam from the Zen'Ti knocked one of the Fighter's into another Fighter. They exploded.

"Attack pattern Zeta!!" Someone yelled into subspace, pulling his Fighter around a phaser blast and passing over the hull of the Zen'Ti.

Another Fighter came over and they both sliced phasers along the upper hull of Zen'Ti, burning through the shields and breaking into the organic hull. Shreds of organic hull waved off into space.

The battle was at equal lengths. Both sides took on extensive damage.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 7 2003, 08:26 PM

Captain Lacer Koran Bridge U.S.S. Blade

on the bridge of the Blade sat the young Bajorian male. he sat in his chair. and asked very frustrated whats is our ETA the Helm officer resonded six minutes. Koran stood and turned to his tactical officer and spoke i want full power to the sheilds and weapons. i want to blow the hell out of these Nor'Shizi bastereds for killing everyone on the Omaha and Landaluce. when we drop out of warp fire everything at the secondary ships aft sheilds. hopefully it will draw fire away from the fighters.

In the back of his mind he felt the same rage and hatered for the Nor'shizi as he did in the occupation against the cardassains. and will not stop til they all pay.

At that moument the Blade, Shark, and Chansmatic dropped out of warp drilling several phaser shots in the aft sheilds of the Vali Kaan

Posted by: Kelly Nov 9 2003, 04:00 PM

Lieutenant Commander Monica Reyes ~ sickbay

Reyes took a step back from the biobed and looked down to Jowett, she hadn't really wanted to put Jowett under a strong anesthetic but she had no choice. By the time they had got back to sickbay, the pain had increasingly got worse and Reyes had really felt for her.

She looked down to the wound, the bruising now a dark shade of purple and blue, she winced slightly at the pole sticking out of the young woman. She grabbed the top of the pole to steady it with her left hand while she pressed down, it seemed very tender. Reyes turned back to one of the medics, "Hand me that tricorder," she said in a commanding tone, she scanned the area, looking for any signs of internal bleeding... a few moments passed.

Thank you she said to herself as the results came back, luckily there was no sign of any damage to the organs whatsoever. "I'm prepared to remove the..." she glared at the piece of metal, "This," she answered to a medic, "I need a little help."
Positioning herself over the top, she and the medic pulled it out slowly and she allowed the medic to take it away, "Put it out the way, we don't want anymore accidents..." she said then looked back down.

After final checks and happy that she would be alright, Reyes decided to bring her around. With her trustly hypospray, Reyes injected it into Jowett's neck, "Come on," she whispered as it began to work. Jowett's eyes fluttered slighty, "Come round," Reyes said softly placing a hand on her shoulder.

"What happened?" Jowett asked sleepily.

"You had an accident Commander," she answered softly taking a step back to give her some space, "A rather large piece of metal found a nice place to embed itself." She saw Jowett glance down to her stomach, "Don't worry, fortunately it didn't go all the way through, no organs damaged."

"When can I get back on duty..."

"I'd advise getting some rest first Commander," Reyes said firmly.

Posted by: TPol123 Nov 9 2003, 04:10 PM


"I need to feed my dogs. And they need to be walked, theyve been in my quarters all day. Was anyone else injured?" Nat said.
"Nobody else was seriously injured." Lt Commander Reyes replied. "I'll feed and walk your dogs for you. But I want to keep you here overnight for observation."
"Ok." Nat agreed, closing her eyes. She was really tired. "Thank you."

Posted by: Aku Nov 12 2003, 10:34 PM

Captain Steven Chain - Starbase 549

Right outside the station, the Blade, Shark and Charismatic had taken on the Vali'Kaan. Starbase 549 also began firing. The Vali'Kaan was completely under attack.

The Battle of the 25

Two more Fighter's were destroyed, but they crash landed onto the Zen'Ti. This in turn, caused a greater explosion in its upper Decks... Pieces flew out into space, which passing Fighters had to dodge.

Most of the Fighter's had been destroyed, and the Zen'Ti left adrift. The Fighter's retreated home.

Starbase 549

The Vali'Kaan was undertaking much damage. This was a relief for Captain Chain. If the Nor'Shizi were defeated, then at least everyone would be safe. But what would stop the Nor'Shizi from coming back with reinforcements? Would a war break out?

If that happened, then the Federation would definitely order us out of the Gamma Quadrant.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 13 2003, 08:08 AM

Captain lacer Koran: Bridge of the Blade
tactical keep firing phasers. reroute power to forward sheilds. keep the weapons on line. tell the shark to take the left flank. attack pattern gamma 1-5.

the three ships unleashed a hellish birage of phaser fire. but the Nor'Shizi ship Vali'Kaan returned fire knocking the shark back.

Posted by: Jake Nov 14 2003, 05:34 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

"The U.S.S. Shark has been pushed out of our left flank, sir!" Ry'Mor yelled.

Tinashi's gaze remained on the viewer, "Take us behind the Starbase."

The Vali'Kaan accelerated ahead of the Blade and turned sharply behind the
Starbase, and came to a complete stop. When the Blade rounded the corner,
the Vali'Kaan had repositioned herself so the they were head to head. Caught
off-guard, the Blade was beaten to the punch - and the Vali'Kaan let loose a
full frontal barrage.

"There is a hole in their forward shields, sir!" Ry'Mor reported.

Tinashi responded quickly, "Beam over the troops!"

On the Blade, Nor'Shizi warriors, dressed in full battle robes, unsheathed their
long, curved swords, called Bataar. They rounded a corner and encountered
several Starfleet security officers - the officers fired, but the phaser blasts were
blocked by the extremely strong and absorbant blades. The Warriors pounced
on the Starfleeters, and their throats were sliced open in a matter of seconds.
The Nor'Shizi then proceeded to their ultimate destination - the bridge.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 14 2003, 07:51 PM

Bridge of the Blade captain Lacer Koren.

Damnit. There slicing our security forces apart. i want those SOB's dead. Evacuate them sections and decompress them bastereds out into space.
Once the decomprassion cycles is complete, reroute power from them decks to sheilds. Arm tricobalt torpedos aim at there bridge and fire. Ready, decomress the decks.
The tactical officer pressed the button, Instatly the nor'shizi warrors blew into space. "Decompression cycle complete." said the tactical officer. At that moment 12 tricobalt torpedos were launched, When they hit it blew the Nor'shizi sheilds to bits.
The tactical officer yelled, Captain there are still 3 Nor'shizi onboard. Koran responded, "transport one out to space 30 meters off the Nor'shizi ships bridge." The other 2 put them in the brig Place several tranport inhibotors around them, and tell the guardes down there that if they try to escape even if they touch the force feild to kill them on the spot. Lacer thought to himself i will not back down. i will kill every Nor'Shizi solider to replay them for killing my friend on the Omaha. i will not stop till i drink a toast over the dead bodies of the ones who killed him.
To the Comm officer, "send a message to the Nor'shizi commander. Tell him well tell him that if he or one of his soilders ever step foot on my ship without asking, i will hunt you down and watch you float across my forward hull."
"Sir," said the Tactical officer. The Nor'Shizi warship is backing off at full impulse.

Posted by: Aku Nov 17 2003, 09:53 PM

Captian Steven Chain - Starbase 549

"Captain!" An Ensign called. He'd taken over the external sensors. "The Nor'Shizi are scanning the surface of the Planet."
"Specify." Chain ordered.
The Ensign kept reading... "They're-- scanning the underground Catacombs in the Western Region."
That's crazy! Chain thought. What could be there that's so significant? Chain turned around, "Who's working the Catacomb Research Team?"
"Dr. Yeager Mendeza, sir."
"...Yeager? Hmm. Open a comm-channel to him."
The Ensign tried, "Unable to comply. The Research Team is on vacation."
"Umm... Okay." Chain rubbed his chin in contemplation. "...What's down there?"

In a matter of no time, Chain made his way to the Transporter Room. He beamed to the surface of Jestra.

Western Catacombs

From outside, he passed over a Federation fence and ran into the caves. There, within a deep Mountain, were the Nor'Shizi Catacombs. Empty, and with Federation Research and Geological Devices all over the caves, Chain made his way through. It was a long shot, but something told him there was something here...

The caves were creepy and mysterious. Spider webs, and Jestra Bats dominated the environment. Then Chain found it. Artifact 34-B. It was left alone by the Research Teams, in its natural state. A strangely shaped organic shell. It stuck into the wall, feeding off elements in the rock. Chain picked it off and looked at it.

Nor'Shizi markings were all over it... What did it say? Before that could be addressed, it sprung out tentacles, flying into his chest. "Aahh!!" Chain held the Shell away from him, but the tentacles remained. Another one suctioned into his temple. "Aaahh!!"

He took a few steps back. What the hell is this!?! Panicing, he tried pulling them off, but was unsuccessful. "Argh!" He kept panicing--- but they weren't harming him.

He stopped. They didn't hurt at all. It was just... weird. "Umm. Little help here." He looked around the caves. "Anyone?" Yup. They were all on vacation.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 25 2003, 09:57 PM

Blades Ready Room. Captain Koran

On the computer screen was the Commadore.
Koran: Sir at the time I felt that my tactics were completely warrented. the Nor'Shizi were killing so many of our security forces.
Commadore Gorak: Captain you will never under any circumstance ever use such harsh tactics at any time. Your tactics were most dishonorable. And for this I am putting a repremand in your file. Doing stuff like that will rune your career. You are in StarFleet and a explorer. This isnt the occupation, your not some damned bajoran terreriost anymore. Your not fighting the Cardassain's.
Koran: With all due respect, I felt my ship was at serious risk. Many more could have died if I didn't blow them bastereds out in space.
Gorak: Captain, you should have used other tactics, such as force feilds or defense permiters, to stop the Nor'Shizi. And if I ever hear you doing something like that again i will make sure that you lose your command and never step foot on a federation starship with that uniform again.
Koran: You have my word as a Starfleet Officer, that I will never pull that stunt again.
Gorak: Commador Gorak Out.

Korans Quaters
Personal Log, supplamental.
Today I had the Pleasure of getting chewed out by the Commadore. What the hell was he so mad about. What I did I felt was Warrented. He has no right to do say what he did. He wanst on the bloody ship. I was, and I made the correct call. And if it happened again I woundn't hesitate to do it again.
Computer End Log.

Bridge of Blade.

Lt. Douglas was at Tactical, Ensign Malor was at Helm, and Captain Koran was i his chair.
Lt. Douglas beam down a security detain down to were Captain Chain is. We havnt heard from him in a while. I will join the away team. Lt. Doulas, you have the bridge.

A few minutes later.
Koran and five security officer beamed to Chain's postition. when the team fully materlized all they saw was the Captain covered in something.

Posted by: Jake Nov 26 2003, 02:50 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

Tinashi looked out onto the grim sight - a dead body floated just outside the
bridge, and he was informed that most of their away team had been spaced.
The tricobalt torpedoes had taken down the bridge's shields and caused a fair
amount of damage. Repair and medical teams were strewn about.

Ry'Mor looked up, "Sir, the ship is receiving a telesignal from the surface below.
It's all garbled and gibberish, however."

Tinashi came over and looked at the switchboard. The western catacombs.
"Send an away team - larger and more heavily armed this time."

"Aye, sir," Ry'Mor replied. The communications officer spoke up, "Sir, the Zen'Ti
is adrift, but functioning."

"Her fighters?" Tinashi asked.

"Still operational," the comm officer replied.

"Redirect them to coordinate with the away team - they'll have some air support."
Tinashi looked at Ry'Mor, "I'd like you to lead the away team."

She looked surprised, but determined, "Thank you. I'll do my best, sir."

"I know you will," Tinashi replied.

She walked off to the transporter room.

"The first officer's team has beamed to the surface."

"Alright. Take us across the enemy ships' bows, and let them take a couple of
pot shots at us. Then, take us to warp until we reach the outermost planetoid
of the system. We want them to think we are retreating. We will hide behind there
and set up sensor buoys on the other side, so that we may monitor and come
back in at a moment of opportunity. Let's get to work, people."

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 26 2003, 03:10 PM

Bridge of the Blade. Lt. Douglas
Douglas to Koran, the nor'Shizi ship is coming about a suggest we beam you aboard. Koran responded make it so.
seconds later the Captain was on the bridge of the Blade

Captain Lacer Koran
Tactical i target there weapon ports, after there disabled target sheild generators and life support on the lower decks. Ready, FIRE!!!. Several phaser and torpedos struck the Nor'Shizi battlecruiser. Douglas yelled there sheilds are weakening and there weapons are at 23%. at that moment a Nor'Shizi torpedo struck the ship. The impact of it caused the tactical counsel to blow out imstantly killing douglas.
Koran yelled back to Lt. Cmdr Jon Falqon take tactical. continue firing.

Posted by: Aku Nov 30 2003, 02:31 AM

Captain Steven Chain - Western Catacombs

While struggling with the attacking Artifact on his face, a group of Nor'Shizi Warriors beamed in. The leader, Ry'Mor, stepped up, holding a Bataar sword. As Chain pulled the tentacle sucking artifact away from his face, he noticed her.

"Having a little trouble?" Ry'Mor smirked.
"No, but thanks for asking." Chain successfully pulled the last tentacle out of his forehead. He knew he was in danger, and only quick thinking would get him out of it.

Ry'Mor had her eye on that Artifact. It was the Nor'Shizi Kei. To her, this mission was important. "Get me the Kei."

Three Nor'Shizi ran for Chain. Before Chain knew it, the Kei artifact had suctioned itself to his wrist. "Argh!" Chain saw a sword slicing downwards, and dodged it.

He then turned to his left and saw another blade flying over. He quickly ducked it and ran to the side. Against the wall was a Federation Laser Chisel. He picked it up and fired a constant beam. Chain dragged the beam accross the other wall, and into five Nor'Shizi. He then dragged the beam upwards into the rock cieling, cutting boulders and falling debris which violently took out eight more Nor'Shizi.

One Nor'Shizi approached and hacked his blade into the Laser Chisel. Chain let go, and then punched the Nor'Shizi across the face. He then grabbed that Nor'Shizi by the neck and used him as a shield against Ry'Mor, who had ran up and hacked her blade at them.

Her last remaining Warroir fell to the ground, dead, because of her. From shocked to anger, she looked at Chain and jabbed her blade at him. Chain dodged her, and ran off.

He made his way through the caves out into the open air.

Out here, he had to jump a short fence, as he weaved through the mini-Complex area. He was home free. "Chain to Starbase 549, come in!" He tapped his commbadge. There was no answer.

He looked up, and knew why. Nine Nor'Shizi Fighters, dampening the signal bandwidth's, flew in from the atmosphere. They were hot on his trial.


The Complex to his right exploded as a torpedo from one of the Fighter's struck it.

Ry'Mor ran out the Caves in time to see Chain roll along the pavement, dodging flying debris. Chain got up and arched his head into the sky for a clear view of each Fighter.

The Kei artifact was the same bio-technology as the Fighter's, and also the same as most Nor'Shizi Warship's. Chain had control of this artifact now. He knew its activation was due to the recent arrival of Nor'Shizi vessels. It was part of them.

As soon as one Fighter swooped down, it flew close to the surface for a pass at Chain. This was his oppourtunity to fight back. Chain reached his arm out, and a tentacle shot itself into the bottom organic hull of the Fighter.

Chain was pulled up into the sky, and he clung onto the bottom of the Fighter. Meanwhile, the Nor'Shizi inside was trying to shake him loose. Chain's connection to the Kei artifact and the Fighter, corrupted its systems. While speeding through the air, the Fighter suddenly became sick. The organic material that was circuted throughout its hull, suddenly changed colour... decomposing.

"Aaahh!!" The Nor'Shizi screamed, finding that he'd lost control. That Fighter headed straight for the ground, and just a milisecond before it hit, Chain leaped off in the opposite direction.

He hit the pavement and rolled to a stop, in time to see that Fighter smash into another empty Complex Building. Pieces flew out everywhere into the air.

Chain turned around, and there was Ry'Mor shocked beyond belief.
"How... How... did you do that??" She asked desperately.
Chain looked at the Kei, tentacles suctioned to his forearm, artifact hovering a bit off, and he barely understood it himself. "Get back." He held up his forearm, causing Ry'Mor to jump back in fear. "This thing feeds anti-nutrients to your dead, doesn't it?" He started walking towards her, prompting her to take steps back. "It's what honoured thier spirit's. When a Nor'Shizi died, you'd place them in the Catacombs, and this thing would nurish thier bodies." The Federation had been studying the Catacombs for a while. They knew a lot of what the Nor'Shizi was trying to accomplish in this area of thier customs.
"That is a sacred device." Ry'Mor said. "You don't know what it means to us. Pitiful Alpha! ...You could never understand."

Above them, flew the Fighter's, circling and waiting to see what was going to happen next.

"Oh yes... I understand." Chain added. "Your desire for order. Your fear of the Federation. To you, we don't belong in the Gamma Quadrant. This area of space is where your people expected to grow. With us here, it is interference."
"I'm so glad you sympathize," Ry'Mor patronized.
Chain referred to the Kei, "Now I hold with me, the one weakness to your people. The only thing that controls your order... if not, your fear."
Ry'Mor leaned in closer to Chain, holding her blade between them, "Let me make one thing clear, Captain. The Nor'Shizi fear nothing."
Chain and Ry'Mor stared each other in the eye for what seemed like eternity's. "Alright," he agreed, "then let me also make one thing clear--" He then knocked the flat side of the blade out of the way between them.

She hacked her blade sideward, making Chain leap back. He turned over to a nearby transport Jeep and opened the door as a shield. Ry'Mor cut right into the door with the Bataar, and the kicked it closed.

Chain pulled his legs inside, lying across the seats. He reached into a compartment and picked out a suitcase to use that as a shield. Ry'Mor opened the other door near his head and stabbed her curved sword into the suitcase. Chain then grabbed a nearby Scanner Enhancer. It was a long pole of technology with kick stands. The Enhancer was designed to help with detalied molecular study's.

Ry'Mor unhinged her sword and struck for Chain again, who was lying down. Chain blocked the sword with the Enhancer and hacked back.

He rolled out, his back to Ry'Mor, before he spun around, blocking another hack from her. Ry'Mor backed up as she hacked blade, hack after hack. Chain stepped forward, blocking and swinging the Enhancer, swing after swing. They clashed sword and Enhancer, left, right, and center.

Ry'Mor stepped forward, backing Chain against the Jeep. She sliced Chain in the shoulder, and then sliced for him again. Chain forced the Enhancer into the sword, redirecting it to slice into the side of the Jeep. There, her sword was stuck in the duranium from such a hard blow.

She tried pulling it out, but Chain whacked the Enhancer into her side, knocking her away. He then whacked her again, slamming her into the Jeep, causing her more pain than ever. Blood trickled down her forehead, and she couldn't concentrate.

"Yarrgh!!!" With a burst of adrenaline, she spun kicked Chain in the side, knocking him over the hood of the Jeep. She pulled her sword out and stabbed it towards Chain, who moved his torso where the sword stabbed right into the hood. Chain kicked Ry'Mor in the face. She was knocked back, as electric currents rode up her abandonned Bataar.

Chain hopped off the Jeep and approached her. He punched for her face, but she blocked with her forearm. She kicked for his side, and then kicked for his side again. Chain endured the pain, then jabbed her in the shoulder, two times, then three, then four.

They spun, changing positions. She backed into the Jeep and kicked herself off it. She spun in mid air, kicking Chain across the chest. Her spin kick was multiple, and when her foot came around again, Chain grabbed it and redirected it into the electrofied sword. Ry'Mor was then shocked with energy as she knocked the sword out. She landed on her feet, taking in the relentless pains. Her head down, she fell to her knees, and placed her hands over her face. Ry'Mor leant her covered face into her lap, giving in.

This is what it was like to fight a Nor'Shizi.

Chain was in too much pain to notice. Up in the sky, the USS Shark flew in, firing phasers onto each Fighter. Each was disabled and crashed, as Chain and Ry'Mor were beamed aboard.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 30 2003, 02:43 AM

Lt. Commander Falqon, tactical station, USS Blade

"Sir, the sheilds are at 40 percent, one more hit like that and we are through" says Falqon as he fires a volley of tricobalt torpedos followed by a short burst of phaser fire, each hitting the engines "Sir, I beleive that we've crippled her, they would need a miracle to defeat us now"

Posted by: Jake Nov 30 2003, 12:00 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

"Frat," Tinashi said under his breath. "They whittle our shields and engines away
as they stay too far from grasp."

The conn officer turned around, "The Charismatic and the Blade are on our stern,
and they've severely damaged our engines, sir!"

"Do we have any fusion bombs left?" Tinashi asked.

The tactical officer responded, "Yes, but only one, sir."

"Fire aft tube!" Tinashi bellowed.

Outside, a small, inconspicuous metal object floated out of the Vali'Kaan and
attached itself to the hull of the Charismatic. Just then, the Shark came up
from the atmosphere...

Lyn Ry'Mor - Brig of the Shark

Lyn sat there in disbelief, her head in her lap in much the same position she was
in when the fight ended. 14 of her finest warriors. And one was killed by her.
But she could not dwell on the past - she had to get out of here. She looked up
at the panels surrounding the force field - then she had an idea. A drop of dark
red blood dripped from her nose, and she took a drop of it to her finger. She then
applied it to an area close to the force field, and the blood chemically reacted -
eating away at the duranium and shorting out the circuitry inside. The force field
was down, and she was free.

She first snapped the neck of the guard and took his weapon. She accessed the
computer with her most polite voice. "Computer, show me to the transporter
room." A red dot flashed, directing her where to go. She shot unsuspecting
officers while walking through the corridors - nobody on the bridge knew a thing.

She stormed the transporter room and stunned the chief. She looked over the
controls as well as the coomunications and sensor interface.

"Vali'Kaan's shields on the bridge are down..." she mumbled to herself as she set
coordinates. She aslo noticed that since the Shark was in the clear, the good
captain hadn't bothered to raise shields. She took advantage of the situation.

Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

"We're ready to-" the tactical officer was interrupted by Ry'Mor appearing in
the middle of the bridge.

"Report," Tinashi requested quickly while Ry'Mor took her station.

"All 14 warriors are dead, sir. Captain Chain had acquired the Kei, and he used
it against us. I... failed to retreive it."

"Understood, Sub-Commander," Tinashi replied, unfazed.

He returned his gaze to the tactical officer, "Detonate the warhead."

The nuke exploded. The Charismatic's entire forward half was vaporized, while a
significant portion of the stern was burned heavily. The Blade was damaged and
turned of course by the blast. The Zen'Ti had just completed repairs, and they
brought the Vali'Kaan home.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 30 2003, 02:07 PM

Bridge of the Blade Captain Koran

The bridge was full of debris. Fallen Gurters were everywere. Computer stations were mostly burnt out.

Damage report. Falqon yelled back, sheilds at 12%, aft weapons off line, hull braches on decks 4 and 5, plasma leak on deck 8, our max speed is warp 5. 23 dead, 67 wounded, 12 severaly. The XO, tactical officer, and cheif engineer are dead.

Koran: get damage control teams on decks 4,5, and 8. I want full warp power in 3 hours. Commander get those weapons back online. Draw power from any system you see fit to restore the sheilds. lets move people. And also Falqon, you've been promoted, your my tactical officer/ sheif of security. Also your acting XO, til a replacement is found.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 30 2003, 03:17 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon, Bridge of the USS Blade
"Divert half of the availiable power to warp and the other half to sheilds" shouted Falqon

"Yessir" said the acting Cheif of Engineering "Any other orders"

"Lieutenant, Captain Koran want full warp in 3 hours...I want it in 2,"

"Sir we are reading a Nor'Shizi in the weapon maintainance area"

Engineering, USS Blade

"Ensigns your with me, we need to go manually repair the weapon the controls are not responding and I need to know why"

Ensign 1 "Sir, might I suggest that you assemble a security team to meet us down there we're reading a Nor'Shizi lifeform"

"Already done, Ensign we picked that up on the bridge" says Falqon "they're going to meet us near by the entrance to the jefferies tube"

corridoors USS Blade

On the way to the jefferies tube a voice comes Falqon's commbadge
"Engineering to Falqon"
"Falqon here, go Engineering"
"Sir, the jefferies tube you are headed for is sealed off, It was damaged in combat"
"Son of a... Ah well guess we have to go the long way"

As Falqon and the ensigns, and a security team of three meet up, Falqon says to the team "set up a perimeter around the turbolift, meet you there I have to run to my quarters to get my EM-33, Ensigns wait here with the security team"

The five of them together "Okay, sir"

Falqon returns about two minute later with an EM-33 phaser in hand

Maitainace Cooridoor, USS Blade

When the team reaches the the weapons area they see a Nor'Shizi sabotaging the relays

Falqon open fire on the Nor'Shizi stunning him "He might be useful"

Falqon literally throws the Nor'Shizi into the brig

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 30 2003, 04:44 PM

Brig of the Blade. Captain Koran
Koran: Gaurds you all dismissed.
Gaurd: sir what about your safty.
Koran: I will be fine now go.

The brig is now empty except for Koran and th Nor'Shizi warriror.
Koran: were is your base of operations.
Nor'Shizi Warriror: I will never tell you puny alpha quadrant species.
Koran: tell me were your damn base is now.
Nor'Shizi Warriror: I will never say anything.
Koran: Damnit tell me now. Fine im sick of your crap.

Koran pulls his phaser sets it to setting 5 drops the force feild and drills the Nor'Shizi Warriror in the leg. He screamed out in pain.
Nor'Shizi Warriror: Never.
so Koran stuned the Nor'Shizi Warriror and tied him up.
5 minutes later.
Koran: Dont make me kill you.
Nor'Shizi Warriror: Your from the federation your morals won't allow you to hurt me anymore.
Koran: i dont give a damn about my morals right now.
so Koran punched the Nor'Shizi Warriror several time over and over in the face.
Koran: I am sick of this crap. Tell me what I want to Know. NOW!!!!!
Nor'Shizi Warriror: Go to hell.
Koran: Think you mister tough guy. i'll show you tough.
At that moment Koran pulls a Dak'tag his friend k'lanor gave him. And stabbed him in the side. blood came gushing out.
Koran: think you tought huh. Want more.
Nor'Shizi Warriror: Alright I'll tell you.

Posted by: Aku Dec 1 2003, 04:17 PM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Shark

Chain walked over to the centre of the Bridge where Lieutenant Commander Vidomi stood. She had temporary command of the Shark the last week or so. On screen was shown the ruins of the Charismatic. "Survivors!" Chain ordered a report from Tactical.
"189 People are unaccounted for, sir!" Lieutenant Bruce replied from his console.

A hundred eighty-nine people? There were no words to describe the bad emotions. But this was battle. The loss of life was to be expected... Chain shook his head. "Get repair teams over there quick!"

It had already been underway. With the giant Planet in the background, the Shark and the Blade went over to the debris trailing Charismatic and begun helping each other with repairs.

Chain beamed over to Starbase 549 just as the Atlantis was returning from the distance.

Starbase 549

"Captain's Log, Stardate 57219.3. We've successfully repelled the Nor'Shizi invasion. Although, there were many casualties. ...Let the souls lost in battle rest in peace. May their efforts and their memories live on with us, in the Gamma Quadrant. --With the loss of more than six-hundred people, those including the destruction of the Omaha, and the Lundaluce, there has been much talk about the next move for the Federation."

There was a pause.

"There is no tactical advantage to the Nor'Shizi having this World back. They showed no interest in other than their attempt to purge the Federation from the Quadrant and retrieve the Kei. It's been years and they don't care for this Planet, even after its abandoning by the Dominion. My only certainty is that we do belong here... on this Planet, in this Sector; and we'll remain here. To grow for all eternity."

Chain wanted these Station Logs to know this.

"And so, since the Federation has requested we reconsider our placement. Commodore Gorak has already informed Starfleet Command in the Alpha Quadrant that all Gamma Quadrant operations and living status will remain."

Later, Captain Chain entered the Control Deck Ops, meeting up with Gorak and Commander Jowett. The sting of pain and death was still in the air.


"What is that thing?" Gorak asked, pointing to the Kei suctioned to Chain's forearm.
Chain just glanced at it. "The only way to defeat those bio-Ship's." He pulled it off, and took great care in handling it. "Let's hope we won't have to use it. I don't think the Nor'Shizi are ever going to return."
"I hope you're right," Jowett said. She was okay for a short meeting, but had to return to Sickbay later.
"Don't be so sure." A voice from behind them stated. It was Captain Koran.
Gorak got up in anger. "You have the nerve to show up here, patok!?!?"
Koran eyed him, holding in his volatile nature. "Sir?"
Gorak knew better than to fight with fellow officer's, and he just left.
As he was leaving, Koran turned to Chain and Jowett. "Tell me we are going after the Nor'Shizi."
"We can't," Chain replied.
"We're not at War," Jowett added.
Koran began to walk away, to get back to his Ship but stopped when Chain begun speaking again. "Thanks for coming down for me back there at the Catacombs."
"Don't mention it," Koran said, and then left to continue assisting his Crew co-ordinate repairs.
Jowett also left, but in the same direction Chain was going to be heading.

USS Atlantis

It would seem the Blade and the Shark had been reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant. Chain left Ops and made his way to the Docking Port's. He just had caught Commander Jowett in time at the doors.
"Hey, don't close those doors yet." Chain entered the corridors of the Atlantis. He and Jowett began passing crewmember after crewmember.
Commander Jowett offered her hand. "Captain Chain, welcome to the Atlantis."
Chain shook her hand and they continued on throughout the corridors. The adventure had just begun.