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Episode 7 - "Hunter's Moon"

Posted by: Aku May 5 2005, 10:18 PM

Captian Chain - Dominion Asteroid 932, Training Base

Captian Chain stood atop a platform watching a Jem'Hadar training excercise about to begin below. The base floor was filled with holographic simulated plant-life.

When the bell rung, a group of black-suited men dropped out from the sides and ambushed a bunch of Jem'Hadar. Disrupter pulses went flying in retaliation, but proved useless in close-range as the stealth fighters knocked the weapons out of hand. The Jem'Hadar blocked and punched back at the Fighter's, showing quick and agile reflexes. As Chain watched thier moves, he couldn't help be impressed more and more.

Hatred filled his heart twoards these people. They were responsible for the Dominion War in the Alpha Quadrant. But he couldn't deny the present. They were knocking each black-suited Fighter down without the need of hand-held weapons.

When the last guy hit the holographic dust, the simulation ended. A Vorta stepped out onto the platform above, just noticing the Captian's presence.

"Ah, I see you have found the Training Building. I assure you, these are rarely done, as we are not in active conflict with any species right now," the Vorta said.
Chain glanced over, "Oh, yeah. They were so fast though..."
"Nothing no Human, or Vulcan couldn't accomplish, with a quick mind. Are we ready to schedule the Meetings?"
Chain rolled his eyes in his thoughts, "Ugh. You know this is a waste of time."
"On the contrary, we have some very persuasive offers we hope will entice you with."
The Captian turned to the Vorta, "Just remember I haven't alotted much time with you. As soon as this is over, I'm heading right back out of your Territory." The thought of being in this space for this amount of time made his skin crawl.
"Understood, Captian," the Vorta bowed respectfully. He was trying hard to be on Chain's good-side.

He got back up and lead Chain out of the Arena. As they were leaving, Chain couldn't help but glance one last look down at the area the fighting took place.

Posted by: Veoreiel May 7 2005, 04:20 PM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist, bridge, HISS Lyszar

Yelesi was bored! Screamingly bored in fact. She'd been three weeks on this assignment so far with not a single interesting problem. Sighing she turned away from the console she'd appropiated and looked out over the bridge. Her current assignment was to accompany the shakedown cruise of their new Vypar class starship and fix any bugs that might crop up in the ships highly computerized systems. However, the engineers and designers of this new class had been sooo thorough that she did't really have anything to do. So far she'd only had to fix some minor, if annoying, problems such as the doors not opening quick enough, which was cause for some bruised faces as people slammed into them; doors that shut too soon and caught tails halfway through the door (she quickly smoothered a chuckle as she remembered that officers face when she found him wedged between the doors); replicators that made a mess of things; and lifts that got stuck between decks. They really didn't need someone of her expertise, any second year student could have fixed these types of problems. But they'd asked for the best. So here she was, on the bridge of their latest design, and bored out of her mind.

Not only had there not been anything interesting to do in her official assignment, there'd been nothing of interest in her unofficial assignment either. Not long before shipping out for this cruise she'd received a second, secret, set of orders. They'd been hearing some disturbing rumors from some of their outlying worlds about Dominion activity along the border. Nothing had been substantiated as yet, but just in case, she'd been asked to monitor all intercepted communications and sensor logs for any sign that the Dominion was up to something.

Turning back around, she stared blankly at the console for a minute or two before deciding to head back to her quarters. She was accomplising nothing up here so she might as well go get something to eat. Smiling slightly at that thought, she slid soundlessly off the bridge and headed for her quarters.

Posted by: Eric Draven May 10 2005, 08:54 PM

Executive Commander Koran Lacer, Bridge, USS Blade

Lacer sat on the bridge of his ship. He liked the feal of since it's been several weeks since he last sat in his chair.

"Lt. Killmore , PLease take us out of space dock. Full Thrusters." The Helmsmen responded, "Yes Sir"

LT. set coarse to 270 mark 12. HAve the Shark Follow us. Warp Factor 7. Engage"

"Commander Falqon you have the Bridge, I'll be in my ready room. Inform me when we arrive."

Ready room

Lacer went over the latest Reports from the different Departments. He Picked up a blank PADD, He had a idea that may prove useful to the ship. We wanted to set up a Hazard team on the ship. He figured since the ship has been in tough spots before a Specilized team may be useful. Plus Having a Contingent of Marines to serve on that team as well. He diceded when Jon got off his Bridge shift He'd consult him to start training some of the Security personal for their postitions.

His Computer started to beep. When he looked at it he saw the incoming message flashing. It was a High security channel. He input his Authorization code. A Man wearing a black suite popped on.
"Agent Koran" the man spoke
Koran Responded " I've been meaning to talk to you, Since you have Falqon as a agent you really don't have a need for me anymore. PLus I got Admirals Watching my every move."
"Lacer you have done good work for us in the past, we hate to loose you. But I have to agree with you. You can't do anything without raising some susption. It has been a Pleasure working with you"
"Take Care Sir" Koran said back hitting the End Tranmission button.

Posted by: Aku May 13 2005, 06:08 AM

Captian Chain - Dominion Asteroid 932, Conference Building

The U.S.S. Atlanits remained in space near the Asteroid Complex. Inside a Conference Building, Chain sat at a table with a bunch of Vorta.

"As you can see, an alliance between our people would be most productive," the lead Vorta, Lekit, said.

"Are you serious?" Chain asked.

Lekit nodded, "It would only extend to the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant. Let us become allies. I assure you, it's for the best."

Chain stood up, "I'll think about it."

"Excellent," the Vorta nodded. "In the meantime, please feel free to roam our facilities. The gesture is also extended to your crew."

After that, Captian Chain was lead out the room. He didn't like the idea of being allies with the Dominion. But they seemed to want it so bad. Did they feel too seperated from the Federation after the war? Were they really that obssessed with inter-species relations, or... being alone, that they would ally with thier enemies?

Posted by: Darth Tater May 13 2005, 11:02 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

Captain Taurik stepped onto the bridge of his ship for the first time. Several officers were already there, and they all stood up straight upon their captain's arrival.

"Captain on the bridge!" the senior of the bunch stated.

A strange sensation flooded Taurik. He had technically been a captain for almost a week now, yet the reality of the title hit him just now. He had attained the most coveted rank and position anyone could ask for. People had declined admiralty to remain where he was now. He panned his vision across the bridge, surveying his crew, who returned his gaze with expectancy.

"At ease," he said.

The entire crew seemed to drop, relieved. He realized he had kept them waiting for almost five seconds. In Taurik's experience, humans tended to become nervous when their superiors regarded them with silence.

He took his seat in the command chair at the center of the bridge. When he sat down, he began to shift slightly, as if testing the seat, feeling it. A very human thing to do, but Taurik doubted that the crew would notice.

"Operations, contact Starbase Control, request clearance to depart. Helmsman, prepare to disengage docking clamps and engage one-quarter thrusters upon reception of clearance."

Posted by: Aku May 15 2005, 09:07 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain stepped up to the Holodeck doors, shaking his head. If only the Captian's of the Blade and Shark could see this now... The Dominion, practically begging for us to be thier allies. - "Oh well. At least they get to be exploring the Gamma Quadrant. That sounds a lot more fun than these boring talks."

The doors opened and he walked inside.

Maybe this will alleviate my bordem for a while. It certainly is setting my interest off...

Chain was inside a Sparring Program. He found himself facing a holographic opponent, dressed in blue the same way the black-suited men were dressed who fought the Jem'Hadar. The two of them took thier stances awaiting the computer-chirp to go off.

*Begin* - the Computer said after the chirp, and both Chain and the Fighter began combat.

Posted by: Veoreiel May 20 2005, 01:05 PM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist, quarters and holodeck, HISS Lyszar

Yelesi sat curled up on her favorite chair and sipped her drink carefully as it was still rather hot. Setting the cup down she picked up the PADD she'd been working on and after running through her report once more to check for any errors she transmitted it.

Sighing, I hate sending reports with nothing of any use in them. And just because I haven't found anything doesn't mean that the Dominion aren't up to something, just means that I haven't caught them yet. Staring at the PADD in her hand she gave a hiss of frustration and hurled it across the room to land on the pile of cushions that was her bed.

Uncurling from her chair she set her mug on the nearest table and proceeded to slid around the room in frustrated circles. She was about ready to hurt something she was so frustrated and bored. She'd have loved to beat someone at Renan but there wasn't anyone that was good enough to give her a challenge and make the game worth while. Renan was a 4-D strategy game that was supposed to test you reflexes and your wit and it was one of Yelesi's favorite pasttimes. You'd think on the fleets best ship there'd be someone that would be a challenge.

On impulse she exited her quarters and slid rapidly down the curving hallway towards the holodeck. Reaching it she checked and found it was unoccupied and she entered quickly. She slid swiftly over to the control panel and quickly programed in a medium basic level sparring session with the small disk-shaped blades she prefered. Hopefully this would releave both her frustration and boredom. Sliding soundlessly into the middle of the circular room she assumed a guard stance and waited for the program to begin.

Posted by: Darth Tater May 20 2005, 09:11 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

"Ensign McFarland, contact the Blade and signal our readiness to depart."

The young officer snapped to work, quickly getting off an "Aye, sir." before plunging into the Ops console for the first time.

The ensign smirked. "Captain, Blade signals she's waiting for us to finish getting out of spacedock."

Taurik lifts an eyebrow in sarcastic acknowledgement. "Indeed. How prompt." he says. "Match speed with the Blade and engage at your discretion, helmsman."

Posted by: Aku May 24 2005, 08:43 AM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Holodeck 3

Chian blocked and blocked incoming punches until he was hit in the chest and knocked off his feet. He quickly got up, finding the match was over. Clapping was heard behind him and when he turned, he found the Vorta and two Federation Security Guards watching him.

"Who let you aboard?" Chain asked.
Lekit approached, smiling, "Why, you did a few days ago."
"Huh?" He thought for a moment and then remembered, "Oh. I said I wanted to host the talks on the Atlantis, and you refused and said I should join your offices on the Asteroid."
Lekit opened his arms, "That seemed like an invitation to me."

Chain rolled his eyes, "Either way. What do you want?"
"I was going to ask you if you had more thought on our joining forces, but it appears there are more pressing matters here."
Chain crossed his arms, "Like?"
"Your fighting ability, Captian. It is... how can I put it... weak?"
He looked at him, angrily, "Excuse me??"
"Seriously, you did not even last that long in the arena. But I do praise you for your natural speed. You just don't know how to focus it."
Chain shook his head, "And you can do better?"

The Vorta laughed, "Of course!"
"Vorta's can't fight!" Chain replied.
Lekit just looked at him, "If I may?"

Chain gestured toward the arena, "Be my guest."

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Jun 2 2005, 07:57 PM

Cdr. Jon Falqon
Bridge, USS Blade

Jon sat back in the Captain's Chair and started to drift off

Disembodied voices came into his head. They were far away, and he could not make it out, It seemed like hundreds, thousands even.

"Hmm... what... are they saying?" he muttered

"God, Ensign Matthews is hot" one of the voices became clear
"This beer sucks" another said
"The Chief is such an ass, Who is he to tell me what to do" Came another one

"Who said that?!"

"Said what, sir?" Killmore asked, "It's only you and I on the bridge, and I wasn't talking."

Jon only stirred, not answering Lt. Killmore

"Maybe I should call sick-bay, the XO seems out of it." Killmore's voice seemed to say

=/\="Bridge to sick-bay, Commander Falqon is acting weird, could you send someone up?" Killmore said

"Sure thing, Killmore, right away."

"I wonder what's wrong with the Commander"
"Is Commnder Falqon having that problem again?"

Posted by: Veoreiel Jun 4 2005, 04:33 PM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist; holodeck, quarters, and bridge; HISS Lyszar

Three hours after she'd entered the holodeck Yelesi is still engaged in the sparring session. Or more acturately, sessions, as she'd been through opponate after opponent upping the difficulty with each victory. For her to win she needed to kill her opponent, while her opponent meerly needed to disarm her or knock her down hard enough to stay there 3 minutes. Her current opponent was definately giving her both a workout and a challenge.

Facing her opponent she circled to the right looking for an opening. Her holographic opponent matched her and struck out in a lightning quick arch. She twisted aside and brought her left blade up for a block that rattled her arm and partially numbed it. Circling wide she tried shaking some feeling back into that arm without taking her focus of her opponent. There, an opening! She struck swiftly with an under-handed arch at her opponents exposed mid-section, scored a hit and quickly recoiled before she left herself open. They both circled eachother warily, watching for any mistakes. Yelesi was sweating heavily and begining to tire out and she knew it. I need to bring this to a close swiftly or he'll be able to take me. No sooner thought than she dashed in in a tight coil and brought her blade up under his guard, striking the left portion of his neck. He promptly collapsed and the computer gave the match to Yelesi.

Panting heavily she straightened up and wiped the sweat from her face. This was a good idea, I feel so much more balanced than earlier. Catching her breath she signaled the computer to end the program and headed back toward her cabin.

Entering her cabin she made the whistling noise that called her pet to her. But got no responce. Setting her blade down on a table she tried again, still nothing. Frowning she ordered the computer to locate Veorl and received the report that the K'krin was not in her room. Uh oh, he most have sneaked out behind me when I left earlier. That would mean he's been out for hours and could be anywhere by now.

Opening up, "Captain, I seem to have lost my pet."

"Your pet huh. What kind of pet do you have? I remember you bringing something onboard but for the life of me can't remember what it was."

"I have a male K'krin Captain." A K'rin is a 1 1/2 feet long lizard-like creature with an upright stance, a curving bone rill around the back of its head edged with 5 short spikes, and a chameleon-like ability to camouflage and blend in. They are highly intelligent and very agile. They also have forepaws capable of manipulating objects. Overall, they are not the kind of pet one wants running around loose on a starship.

"A K'rin!! And he's loose! How long has be been out Noble Born?"

"At least three hours Captain. I believe he snuck out behind me when I left to spar."

Mentally sighing, "He could be anywhere by now. I will have to order a shipwide search for him. Can't have a K'krin wandering around loose, no telling what mischief he'll get up to."

"No offense intended Captain but all you need to do is scan for his lifesigns and beam him back into my quarters. I doubt there are any other K'krins on board to confuse the readings."

Feeling slightly ridiculus for not thinking of that himself, "No offense taken Noble Born, I should have thought of that. There are of course no other K'krins on board."

Turning to his science officer, "Scan the ship for a K'krin lifesign and have it beamed directly to Noble Born Yelesi's quarters."

Nodding, "Yes sir."

Three minutes later, "The K'rin has been located and beamed to the appropriate quarters sir."

Waiting in her quarters Yelesi hard the hum of the transporter beam and turned to see it reveal her wayward pet.

Reaching out again to the Captain, "Thank you. He's safely back."

Once released from the beam the little lizard trilled and launched itself at Yelesi. Catching it she held onto the happily wriggling creature and made soft hissing noises of laughter.

Posted by: Aku Jun 7 2005, 05:30 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Holodeck 3

Lekit leaned back, dodging a close fist to his face. The Vorta knocked the holographic arm away and quickly attacked with a kick to the side. The Vorta's forced-kick knocked the Hologram back off its feet to which it quickly spun its legs towards Lekit.

The Vorta lept up and came down with his heal to the floored-Hologram's chest, but the Hologram grabbed the heal and twisted the Vorta's position around. As the Votra was rotating in mid-air, he kicked his other leg into the Hologram's head.

On the floor, the Hologram tilted his head to the side as to miss the hit. But when the Vorta's foot anchored to the floor, he was in an open position to jab his fist into the Hologram's head full-force. The Hologram suddenly disappeared.

Chain stepped up, "That was... uhh, pretty good."
"Thank you, Captian. It was a slight talent added to my genomic sequence."
"I'm sorry, but I was under the impression the Vorta weren't combat capable?"
Lekit nodded, "True. But the Lekit line of clones were a more experimental phase of Vorta. I could teach you?"
"I'm a little uncomfortable with that."
Lekit walked away, thinking, "Of course. I did not want to over step my boundaries. It is just that, I hoped our people would be past the uncomfortable phase by now."
"It's going to take a long time before anyone is going to be past anything between our people."
"I always thought your kind stood up for values like forgiveness and understanding. I do not see that exhibited in you."
Chain turned away, annoyed, "Isn't it also true that these techniques takes years to learn?"
Lekit faced him and smiled, "Ah! But evolution has regarded us fast learners. I assure you, I can teach you the basics."

Chain glanced at the place the Hologram had previously existed. The whole idea still gutted him. But he could not go back on what he believed in. His instincts told him the Vorta was sincere in his intentions for better relations... or was that well disguised subderfuge? There was only one way to find out, and maybe this way could be it. "Fine."

He turned towards the Vorta, with narrowed eyes. He would have to build on what he learned about combat in Starfleet Academy.

Posted by: Darth Tater Jun 7 2005, 06:30 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

Vulcans were renowned for their patience, but even Vulcans could only endure so much of nothing. The Shark and Blade had been enroute to the Rakatani Cluster for almost 26 hours now. Taurik had already witnessed three watch rotations. He had been hoping that something would happen, something that would make him feel more like a Captain and less like a Lieutenant who just happens to be on bridge command duty for the late-night Gamma shift. He wanted something to do!

A console began beeping frantically behind him. Taurik turned to look at the officer in charge of that console. "Report, Lieutenant."

The man glanced at him with a helpless look. "No clue, sir. We're losing control of the main computer, but I've got no clue as to why."

"Signal the Blade. Find out if they are having the same problems."

"Sir, the communications system is looking sketchy. I doubt if we could even--"

He caught a hard gaze from Taurik.

"--I mean, yes, Captain. Shark to U.S.S. Blade. Commander Koran? Commander Falqon? If anyone can hear us, please respond."

Posted by: Eric Draven Jun 7 2005, 10:45 PM

Exe Commander Koran, Brudge USS Blade

The Communication officer saw her council beep.
"sir we have a incoming transmission from the Shark"
"Put it up Ensign"
"This is Captain Taurik, we are losing control of primary systems and the main computer core."
"Taurik, this is Koran. We too are expercining difficulties, secondary systems are going on the fritz. I'd suggest we drop out of warp, and see whats causing this and make repairs."

Posted by: Aku Jun 11 2005, 07:37 AM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Ready Room

Chain entered his Ready Room, exhausted. He spent the last five hours, sparring with the Vorta. Just then, the Councillor entered. "Come in."

Councillor Celine was an El Aurian. She had always enjoyed Starfleet, and joined for her own amusement.

"Oh, Councillor," Chain noticed. "How can I help you?"
"I was just wondering how I could help you?" She hoped he would talk about what had been bothering him.
"Are you just saying that because that's what Councillors are supposed to say?"
"Pretty much," she replied. "But El Aurians enjoy hearing what others have to say."
"What about the El Aurians that don't?"
"They find work as Mercenaries."

Chain nodded. This had been a productive session.

"Very well. Thank you, Councillor. Without your help, I'm not sure how I could have gotten through this." Chain stood up and was about to leave.

"Wait a second! You haven't even told me your story," Celine said.
Chain stopped, realizing this, "Oh. Well, you see I've been sparring with Lekit for the past five hours, trying to learn if there is any inclination of foul play in his efforts."
"So far, I find nothing. He's hiding it so well!"
"Have you ever stopped to think that he just may be sincere?"
"Yeah, but I'm usually hit in the head by Lekit at those times. He is really fast."
"Captian, the Dominion has learned a great deal from the Wars. Thier purpose changed with the help of the Federation. There could be a good chance that they want some kind of peace with us."
Chain shrugged, "Perhaps. I'll make it my goal to figure that out over the next rounds."
"One more thing... Have you been actually learning to fight from all this?"
"I guess."
"We'll see about that. When you're done with the Vorta, I'll be interested in seeing your skill level. I'll be waiting," she smiled.
Chain smiled back, "Very well, Councillor."

He stepped out of his Ready Room and onto the Bridge.

Posted by: Darth Tater Jun 19 2005, 12:05 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

Lieutenant First tapped her console rapidly, trying to trace the source of the problem before computer control was lost completely. By all accounts, the source was internal, but something about it wasn't right. It seemed alien, like it didn't fit in with the rest of the computer. It almost looked... Cardassian? No, it couldn't be. Maybe--


"Sir!" she screamed. "I've got the problem. There's some kind of Dominion virus in the computer! It's a safe bet that the Blade has it too!"

"Contact the Atlantis. Signal our problem and request assistance."

"Aye, sir." She tapped a long-range comm button. "Shark to Atlantis. We've been hit by a Dominion virus and are losing computer control. Engineering reports we will lose antimatter containment in approximately 26 hours. We need immediate assistance."

Posted by: Aku Jun 22 2005, 07:37 AM

Captian Chain - Bridge, U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain took a seat in his chair when the comm-panel suddenly went off. He glanced over to the tactical station.

"Captian," the Officer said while reading. He was clearly talking before he could register it in his own mind, "the Shark and Blade have encountered what appears to be a Dominion virus. They will loose anti-matter containment in approximately 26 Hours." He looked at Chain directly, "they are requesting immediate assistance."

Chian stood up. Standing at the back of the Bridge was the Vorta, Lekit, all this time.

"What is the meaning of this?" Chain spoke sternly.
The Vorta shook his head, "I assure you, Captian. We have not forced any virus--" But then he stopped to think, "unless..."
Lekit looked up, "Unless it's the Iconian Computer Virus. Those are distributed through subspace as signals, from Dominion manufactured Iconian Devices. The signal is converted into the computer virus in an enemy ships' own Systems once recieved by deflector or otherwise."

The Vorta's intentions seemed to be acted out quite well. He looked like he was actually concerned. But Chain couldn't debate the fact he was or not. Chain doubted the possibility, and that Lekit could actually be sincere in his care. After all, Chain had been trying to crack him for the longest time, and there had been no sign of mischef.

Either way, it didn't matter. The Shark and the Blade were in trouble, and he had to do all he could to help them.

"I assure you, Captian. It was not meant for the Federation. It was constructed based on alien technology. We have... a few enemies on this side of the quadratical border even before you."
There was no time to debate, or pick apart that. "How do we stop the virus?" Chain asked intently. "Can we send instructions to our ships?"
Lekit shook his head, "The only way is through a Dominion Decoding Device."

Chain looked at him, waiting for more than a spoken answer.

"I will have it beamed aboard immedaitely," Lekit said quickly. He tapped his commbadge and began speaking to the Asteroid Complex.

Meanwhile, Chain turned to Tactical and inquired on the position of the two Federation ships. "Where are they?"

The Tactical Officer looked down, "Not close. According to long range sensors, they're at least 30 hours away at maximum warp."

"That would not get us there in time," the Helmsmen turned around and stated logically.

Chain nodded. He knew this... but he had to try. Then he shook his head, "Contact them and put it on-screen."
Several moments later, the view-screen clicked on with a view of Captian Taurik; the Vulcan steady under pressure. "Captian Chain," he said.
"I understand you've come into some trouble."
"That would be an understatement."
Chain looked forlorn, "I regret to inform you that the Atlantis won't make it to your position in time. At maximum Warp it would take us 30 hours."
There was disappointed pause from Taurik. Although, the mood wasn't expressed from him. "I understand."
"We're on our way, anyway," Chain replied immediately. "I don't know how that'll help, but we're going to try."
"Thank you, Captian. Now if you'll excuse me, we have much work to do."
Chain nodded understandingly, and the view-screen clicked off. There was a haunting silence on the Bridge as no one knew what to say.

But Chain did: "Helm, set course. Engage at maximum warp!"

Posted by: Veoreiel Jun 24 2005, 12:18 PM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist; quarters, bridge, and Captains ready room; HISS Lyszar

Yelesi was playing a game with her pet when her console beeped at her. Craning her neck around she saw that there was also a flashing light on her console. Putting the tug toy down she slid over to the console to see what it had picked up. Bringing the alert on screen she saw that her special program had intercepted a message mentioning the Dominion. She quickly brought the message up and scanned through it rapidly. Hm, Dominion computer virus. She brought up another screen and did some quick research into what the problem was and didn't like what she found. Guess they were up to something after all. Seeding our borders with that nasty virus.

Activating her tie-in to the ships sensors she worked on tracing where that message had come from. After about ten minutes she had her answer, and sure enough the ship that had found the virus mines was very near their border. Sitting back she tried to come to a decision on what to do about this other ship. They were clearly in trouble and close enough to her present position that she could get to them in time if she ordered their course changed. Tapping her fingers on the edge of the console she decided to wait and see if they would be able to get help from their own people. There was no need to expose their position if they didn't have to. After all, she didn't know what kind of people these were. She set up a new program to alert her if the indangered ship recieved any messages.

She'd just finished her program and was getting up to finish her game with her pet when the console beeped again. Turning around she scanned through the new message, which appeared to have come from another one of this peoples ships, and saw that the nearest help was not near enough to get to the crippled ships in time. Looks like our shakedown cruise just became a rescue mission.

Getting up she left her room and headed for the nearest lift as fast as she could. Entering the lift, "'Bridge.'" Humming into motion she leaned back against the gently curving wall and waited to reach her destination. The lift came to a stop and the doors hissed open. She exited and made her way across the bridge, "Captain, may I see you in your ready room please." And without waiting for a responce headed for that room.

The Captain was caught off guard by her sudden appearance on the bridge and her not so request to speak to him. Scrambling out of his command chair he rushed to his ready room to see what she wanted. He entered and waited for the doors to close behind him. "What can I do for you Noble Born?"

Turning around from her position at the window,"On my aurthority you are to change course to this heading," she handed him a padd with the coordinates, "and engage and maximum warp immediately."

Taking the padd he read the heading and looking back up at her, "No offense Noble Born but this heading is way out of our way and outside our border. What can be so important that we must divert there?" He didn't even bother to ask how she'd been able to intercept those messages, not with knowing what her computer rating was. Nor did he bother with why she would be monitoring such things since she was probably recieving orders from Intelligence.

Drawing herself up, "I have intercepted a message for two ships at those coordinates. They have encountered a Dominion virus mine that was meant for one of our ships. They will lose containment in 26 hours and the nearest help besides us is 30 hours away." Glaring at him,"That trap was meant for us. How can we possibly not go to their aid when we're the only one's who can?"

The captain paled and backed up from her glare. Swallowing rapidly,"O-of course we will help them. I-I will order the change of course immediately Noble Born." So saying he whipped around and exited as quickly as he could manage. Once back on the bridge, "Helm set a new course. Cooridanates are being sent to your station."

"Coordinates received sir."

"Engage. Maximum warp."

"Maximum warp aye sir."

The stars in the viewscreen blurred and streaked past them in rainbow hues as the ship hurtled toward the crippled ships.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Jun 27 2005, 09:06 PM

Cdr. Falqon, sick bay, USS Blade

It was clear from his stumbling that Falqon had something intoxicating him.

"Doc, I just don't think that this will work." He said

"Why? Aren't the voices gone?"

"Yes, but there seems to be a side effect that I become slighlty intoxicated. Did you keep in mind my Klingon/Betazoid Physiology?"

"Aye, Sir. Let me run some tests."

"Alright. but make it quick, I need to be back on active duty, ASAP."

The Doctor did some brief runs with the Tricorder, and dropped his jaw. He grabbed the Hypospray and checked it with the Tricorder. "Well, this is strange, It looks and smells like Alaradone, but is reading as an UD"

"Unidentified! What kind of sick bay are you running here doctor?" Falqon Exclaimed "Computer waht was the last drug that was ordered and synthisised thrhough this replicator?"

"Alaradone was ordered, Alaradone was created" The computer spit out.

Posted by: Darth Tater Jul 3 2005, 11:38 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

Taurik sat on the bridge, contemplating with all his Vulcan might as to his next course of action. He had gone over the situation in his head countless times: They were trapped in neutral territory with a Dominion virus ripping their computer to virtual shreds. There was no way the Atlantis would arrive in time. The warp core was mere minutes from detonation. But suddenly, Taurik came to the realization he had been looking for.

They were doomed.

"Lieutenant First," he ordered, "Signal all hands to abandon ship. Set a course to Jes--"

"Captain, there's a ship inbound!"

"The Atlantis?" he asked, his hopes raising.

"No, sir," First replied, Taurik's hope dropping like a large rock.

"It must be a Jem'Hadar fighter or battlecruiser," he said.

"No, it's not Dominion, either. The configuration is, completely foreign..."

Posted by: Aku Jul 5 2005, 09:21 PM

Captian Chain - Ready Room, U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain kept pacing his Ready Room, nervous and unsure at what to do. Time was running out, and the deaths of yet two more Starships were at hand.

He thought back to the U.S.S. Omaha, and the U.S.S. Landaluce. They both fell to the battles with the Nor'Shizi in the beggining, killing many for a cause of exploration and rights. The right to be in this Quadrant. But was it right? That wasn't the issue at hand at the moment. Chain only hoped the fate of the Shark and Blade wouldn't be the same.

Has this Quadrant cursed the name Federation?

It seemed to fight back with a swift weapon, easily soaring through the air. Chain felt his weapon was nothing but a shield. If anyone is trying to make things better, it's the Dominion, he thought. They've realized how small we are here, and have had the patience to wait for our kindness. A kindness yet to be delivered.

Chain shuttered at the thought. Maybe not... but then again stranger things have happened.

If only things weren't going to end this way. This was it. This is the end of our journey. He knew the Atlantis couldn't survive on its own here. There wasn't enough support from the Alpha Quadrant for that. Jestra was beggining to feel the same way. Who comes to live this far, only to have thier home taken away from them?

Most of the survivers on Jestra were either now living on the Station, or returned to the Alpha Quadrant through the Wormhole.

No, Chain thought. This is right. Exploring, uniting, and living. To do otherwise would be to go backwards. He took a seat at his desk. There's something different about Taurik. Something the previous Captain's of the Shark didn't have... perhaps that thing is luck?

Posted by: Veoreiel Jul 11 2005, 04:19 PM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist; Bridge; HISS Lyszar

Yelesi seated herself at her appropriated console and pretended to be busy. She knew the rest of the bridge crew was intensely curious about what she'd had to say to the captain and their sudden change of course but she wasn't going acknowledge either. She'd already trampled on the young captains authority while in his office so now she'd let him lead as long as he didn't deviate from her previous orders.

She'd tied her board into the sensors and so knew when they'd been scanned slightly before the actual science officer noticed it.

"Captain, picking up a ship dead ahead. They appear to be in distress." Fingers moving rapidly over his console, "They've noticed our approach. We've just been scanned."

At this point Yelesi glanced over and made eye contact with the captain. Silently reminding him of what he was to do.

The captain gulped and breaking eye contact, "Open a hailing frequency."

"Frequency open Sir."

"'This is the captain of the HISS Lyszar. You seem to be in some distress, may we be of assistance.'"

He darted a quick glance in Yelesi's direction to make sure he'd made the right move and was relieved to see her nod slightly.

Posted by: Aku Jul 22 2005, 12:19 AM

Captian Chain - Bridge, U.S.S. Atlantis

Captain Chain entered the Bridge quickly, "Report," he ordered. Taking a seat, he could hear the panel tapping behind him as the tactical officer went through his readings.

"There, uh-- the Shark is being approached by an alien vessel--" He said.

Huh? Chain thought. "Who are they?" Chain asked. He almost forgot they were near the edge of known space, to the Federation at least. The only way to really know what was beyond, in his mind, was to explore, or purchase maps off a merchant ship.

"Unknown," the tactical officer replied, taking one more look at his readings. "But that may be due to our distance."

They should know, Chain thought as he sat up and peered at the viewscreen. "Hail the Shark or the Blade---" the Captain ordered. Perhaps, a little insight would be helpful...

"Communications are being deflected," the tactical officer said. "Sensors indicate a dampening field of Nor'Shizi power-signature."

Chain stood up curiously, "Really? At Warp?"

The tactical officer tapped frantically, "Yes, Captain. They're at Warp aswell, and on the same course as us."

Posted by: Eric Draven Aug 14 2005, 11:30 AM

Executive Commander Koran Lacer, USS Blade Bridge

Commander Koran looked at the incoming ship on his view screen.

"Tactical, Identify that ship."

"Sir, it is of unknown design" Said the young woman.

"Ensign, do we have any power avaible for weapons and sheilds?" Koran spoke to the tactical officer.

"No power to weapons, Sheilds up and at 12%. thats all I can get Sir" She responded

"Commander Falqon to the Bridge. Ensign Take up to red alert. post security Teams on every Deck. Prepare to be boarded." Koran said stearnly.

"Hail that unknown ship, now" spoke Koran.

Right now Koran was confused; was this ship a friend or foe. but it dosn't hurt to be prepared for all coarses of actio

Posted by: Darth Tater Aug 15 2005, 02:54 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

"Open hailing frequencies."

The lieutenant at Ops worked her console promptly. "Channel open, Captain."

"This is Captain Taurik of the Federation starship Shark. Our computer core is infected with a deadly virus, apparantly of Dominion origin. Our warp core is approaching fatal containment failure. We require immediate assistance."

Posted by: Veoreiel Aug 16 2005, 07:21 PM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist, bridge and transporter room, HISS Lyzsar

The lieutenant at Communications turned around saying, "Captain, we are being hailed by the other ship."

Simultaneously from the Science station, "The second ship has raised shields sir."

The captain began to say something when the officer at the Communications spoke up again, "The first ship is responding to our hail sir."

Glancing back briefly to look at Yelesi all he got was a raised eye brow. Taking a deep breath and composing himself, "Put them both onscreen lieutenant."

The viewscreen came to life with the images of two different beings. He listened intently as the alien Captain stated the problem. "'We are familar with that particular virus Captain Taurik. The Dominion frequently mine our borders with it. We will send over a team to eliminate the virus immediately."' Turning to face Yelesi, "'Noble Born gather whoever you need and prepare to beam over to the Shark."'

Yelesi allowed the Captain his show of autority and "'I need noone else Captain. I am quite capable of fixing the problem without assistance."'

So saying she headed for the lift but was stopped by the Captain saying, "'As you wish Noble Born. But please take some security guards with you."'

She smiled slightly, she would rather have gone on her own but knew she would not win this time so gave in gracefully, "'I will Captain."'

That satisfied him and she was able to leave the bridge. She could hear him summon the security officers to meet her in the transporter room and smiled again. Exiting the lift she headed quickly for the transporter room and once there waited for her escort to arrive.

Back on the bridge the Captain remembered that the first reaction of the second ship had been to raise shields he decided it might be a good idea to identify themselves quickly, "'Our people are called the Sylesi. You would shortly have passed our borders had you not run afoul of the Dominion's virus mines first."'

Yelesi did not have to wait long before the doors opened to emit her security escort. "'Captain I am ready to be beamed over to the Shark when Captain Taurik is ready."'

Posted by: Eric Draven Aug 16 2005, 10:32 PM

Executive Commander Koran Lacer, USS Blade, Bridge

"Sylesi Vessal this is Captain Koran of the USS Blade, State your Intention" Lacer Instructed

"We received your distress call, and are here to aid in repairs. Since we have expertise in disarming the dominion virus" the Sylesi Captain responded.

"You may send your teams over, but they are to be unarmed. If you do not obey my orders you will be fired upon" Lacer replied. As long as the Sylesi ship didn't call Lacer's bluff, he should be fine.

"Communications Mute audio" Koran ordered

Lacer turned to a security officer " Petty officer, orginize several well armed containment teams. for the sake if they do come with weapons and intend to overtake the ship. I want them under constance survalance if they come aboard.

"Resume Communications" Koran Ordered again

"Sylesi commander you may send over repair teams, make sure they are unarmed. UNDERSTOOD!!" Koran said Sternly " Blade Out" at that command the view screen went blank.

"To all security teams, Excercise Defensive plan Koran Echo 3. Exacute that only on my command, repeat only on my command. I don't any unnessary bloodshed. Koran Out " Koran Ordered with extreame accurance.

Posted by: Darth Tater Aug 18 2005, 04:09 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

"Captain, the alien has arrived. She identifies herself as Specialist Yelesi Maticora."

Taurik almost slammed his commbadge in response. "Take her to the engine room, immediately!"

Lieutenant First spun in her chair to face the captain. "Sir, we're looking at a total warp core containment failure in forty-five seconds!"

Taurik thought for a moment. Forty-five seconds to escort an alien technician to main engineering, where she would root a complicated Dominion virus from a completely unfamiliar computer system. The options were not encouraging.

"Bridge to engineering. Prepare to jettison the main warp core, standby. Taurik to Crewman Sanchez. Ms. Maticora has approximately forty seconds to clean our computers of the virus. Should she fail, be prepared to help evacuate Main Engineering."

Posted by: Veoreiel Aug 19 2005, 09:56 AM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist,Transporter Room and Engineering, U.S.S. Shark

Once released from the purple spiral of the transporter beam Yelesi and her escort slid quickly, if slightly awkwardly, down the angular stems leading from the platform.

Sliding quickly over to the alien who was waiting for her, "'Let's go.'"

And with that Yelesi, guide, and escort raced through the ship towards the engine room and bursting through the door Yelesi headed for the nearest console. Fingers flying over the keypads she located the central file of the virus and attaching her equipment directly to the console began the work of eliminating it.

With relief she noticed that it was the same version that she was used to dealing with. She'd been momentarily afraid that the Dominion might have updated the virus to make it harder to get rid of.

Yelesi concentrated hard on errasing the virus while trying to ignore the preparations to abandon ship going on around her. Disengaging the virus program from navigation and helm was the easiest and then shields and weapons. Working quickly she now only had to get it out of the engines and shut down the containment breach. Ya, only. Ha.

Brushing away some alien who was trying to watch what she was doing she increased her efforts to root out the virus. A warning flashed in the upper right corner of her screen alerting her that she only had ten seconds left. Hissing in frustration she tried even harder. There, almost there. Just a little bit more. I've almost got you you sneaky bug.

Finally she located the final code and wiped it out. Switching gears quickly she reinstated the warpcore containment field and stablized the engines. Breathing a sigh of relief and sinking back onto her coils she glanced at her countdown clock and saw it had stopped at three seconds.

Turning to the officer who'd brought her down here and grinning widely with relief, "'The virus has been eliminated and warpcore containment stablized."'

Just then the Captain of the Lyzsar reached her. She'd sensed him trying to make contact while she was working but had needed to concentrate and so had errected her mental shields and blocked him out. "Noble Born, the other Captain is insisting that you come onboard unarmed or he will fire on us. Science enforms me that this is imposible as he has no power to weapons so there is no threat."

"Captain, we will do as he requests and come unarmed. There was no reason to come armed in the first place."

"But....N-noble Born! Your safety is my responcibility!"

Sternly, "Captain, I am quite able to defend myself. Besides, it is diplomatically unwise to come armed on a rescue mission in the first place. We will go unarmed and that is the last of it. Understood?"

"Yes, Noble Born."

Turning to her escort, "'Return to the Lyzsar, I have no further need of you."' The security guards knew better than to argue and immediately beamed back to their ship.

Once more facing her guide, "'If you will show me the way back to your transporter room I will beam over to the Blade and remove the virus from it's computer as well."'

Posted by: Eric Draven Aug 21 2005, 01:43 PM

Executive Commander Koran Lacer, U.S.S. Blade, Main Engineering

Koran was over looking the work this Yelesi Maticora was doing. She worked very quickly. Withen 2 minuted time The Blades System began to stablize. Lacer turned to his Cheif Engineer, Lt. Braxton.

"Braxton, Get the sheilds and weapons to full power. I want to be ready for a dominion attack. Warp drive is also a priority." Koran Ordered

Koran turned to Yelesi

"Ms. Maticora, I was wondering if you have the complete specs for this virus. Koran Paused then continued to ensure that further federation and friendly ship don't have to worry about this".

When he asked he didn't want to seem to eager and suspious about this virus. But if she did have the specs. Then this virus could give the the starfleet vessals a major advantage over Nor'Shizi ships. but for this to happen he had to talk to chain. and bring it through the Proper chain of command that idea of having to ask to use this advantage annoyed him greatly.

Posted by: Aku Aug 24 2005, 11:57 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain was suddenly confused by the presence of the Nor'Shizi. He was sure they had more important things to worry about... Like the recovery of thier civilization. Chain glanced over to his Tactical Officer, who was also taking care of communications.

"Hail them!" The Captain ordered.

Just then, the view-screen clicked on to a view of a Nor'Shizi soldier. Captain Chain's shock was now validated. He glanced over at Lekit, the Dominion Vorta who had accompanied him on this venture... but found no reaction of remorse of any kind. The Dominion had split from the Nor'Shizi long ago, and although negotiations were in temporary play for something of a rekindling nature, the stern look on Lekit's face told Chain that such talks never went through.

Chain felt his enemies were enemies.

"We have orders to destroy the vessel that annihilated the population of our homeworld: the U.S.S. Blade!" The Nor'Shizi Commander yelled in immediate aggression.

Chain knew the Blade wasn't in the greatest condition right now. Even the Shark was failing with its systems.

"I'm here. Why don't we play for a while?" Chain attempted to negotiate. He was in no way going to allow the Nor'Shizi to get to the others. In fact, he hoped they'd all abandonned thier ship's by now.

The Nor'Shizi smiled, "Ah, Captain Chain. I'd have no better pleasure than to dispose of you. But I have my orders, and the Nor'Shizi do not break orders. Besides, Haza Tinashi wants that honour for himself."

"Oh? Should I be expecting him anytime soon?"

"He'll come for you at the time and place of his choosing. Do not die just yet. In the meantime, I have business to take care of," he breathed in deeply, "The killer of my homeworld is still living, and my people want thier vengeance."

Chain looked him over, thinking. Their resources must have been deepleted and ships been too busy trying to help thier own people. Only now were they able to free up a ship to devote specifically for a vengeance mission.

The screen cut out, and the Nor'Shizi ship sped up faster in Warp.

Captain Chain turned to his crew and ordered, "Match course and speed. --Lock Quantum Torpedoes on to them and open fire."

The Altantis followed behind the Nor'Shizi ship and blasted a torpedo into their backs. The Nor'Shizi ship and Atlantis dropped Warp, back into normal space to do battle.

As the Nor'Shizi adjusted thier direction to face the Atlantis, Chain ordered a barrage of Photon Torpedoes out into space. Few hit, and weakened the Nor'Shizi's shields, when the Nor'Shizi impulsed towards the Atlantis for closer combat.

"Is this really necessary, Captain?" Lekit said in a tone without patience. He wasn't willing to sacrafice his life for a pointless endeveur. "May I remind you, putting a Dominion Officer in danger is an offense?"

"Not right now, Lekit. The Dominion has no command over my ship." Chain said as he focused on-screen.

"Captain, let's not break the good relations we have. Please Warp out of this system immediately." Lekit was seeming to be offly pushy all of a sudden. The Captain was beggining to see through the lies of good faith towards him... lies that were suddenly revealed.

"Lekit, if you're willing to create an alliance between our people, you're going to have to show an authentic trust in us. If you're attitude up to now has been nothing but fake, then I'm left to wonder if any relationship with the Dominion would be less than that," Chain said as the Atlantis was hit by torpedoes.

The Nor'Shizi ship swooped by, and was coming around again. Lekit looked at Chain angrily, about to respond, but found himself interrupted by the battle. He looked on screen to allow Chain to continue his fight. Lekit would have to gamble on Chain's life-saving ability.

Posted by: Veoreiel Aug 29 2005, 01:34 PM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist, Main Engineering, U.S.S. Blade

Yelesi completed her work quickly and soon had the Blade's systems stablized. She'd been closely watched by the Commander the entire time she worked and by now was slightly annoyed about it. It did not seem to her to be proper etiquette to show such open suspiousness about someone who was only trying to help you. However reacting to the Commander's attitude would have been an even worse breach of first contact etiquette and she was determined that there would be nothing for anyone to find fault with in her dealings with these new people.

She was rather startled when he asked if she had the specs for the virus and had to think fast about her answer. Granted his stated reasons for wanting the specs were perfectly reasonable but she was concerned about any unstated reasons he might have, besides she didn't even have them with her. She knew Intelligence had them but as this mission had been only a shake down cruise and reconnaissance it hadn't been necessary to give her the specs before hand. With this in mind she fixed a polite smile on her lips, "'I am sorry. I do not have those specs with me at this moment. It was not anticipated that we would be required to have such specs to hand but I'm sure if you requested the information from my superiors they would be glad to give it to you. We would not want any more innocent vessals to fall prey to them.'"

After packing up her equipment she slid away from the console she'd been using and once again faced the Commander. "'I am very glad we got here in time to prevent the destruction of your ships and I hope our peoples will be able to work together in the future. But for now I must get back to the Lyzsar before the Captain has a stroke wondering what's going on.'"

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 6 2005, 01:05 PM

Engine Room, Exe. COmmander Koran Lacer, USS Blade.

"Thank you very much Specialist, we are indebted to you. I shall make the my inquiry to your captain. Hopefully they'll be able to share it so we can stop this from ever happening again. But until next time we meet, have a safe trip to your ship." Lacer said

She responded " Your welcome captain, I shall return to my ship now."

Yelesi Maticora walked out the door and down the hall to the transporter room.

Koran looked at his cheif Enigneer and spoke, "Lt. see if you can learn how she stopped this virus. And Until we get the specs on it, try to figure out how to prevent it."

Before the cheif could respond "aye" a call came over the intercom, "
Captain Koran we are picking up the atlantis and a nor'shizi ship engaged in battle. Please report to the bridge"

Bridge, USS Blade

Koran Walked out of the turbolift and took a seat in his chain.

"Ensign whats the status on our weapons and sheilds" Koran Ordered.

She responded " sheilds are at 67%, forward phaser's at 45% aft at 47%, Torpedo launchers are online but need to be targeted manualy."

"Communications, Send a message to the Shark, explain the situation to them" Koran Ordered.

"Put up the commander of the Lyzsar, Up on screen" the captain's imagine popped up. Captain this is Captain Koran of the USS. Blade, The Starship USS Atlantis is Under attack by the Nor'Shizi. It seems that the USS Shark is in no shape to respond. I ask you if you can provide protection to the Shark. Until it is completely repaired. The Blade will respond, and aid the Atlantis. Koran Out"

Koran looked to the person at the engineering station and spoke to the crewmen at that post" What is our max, warp speed."

He replied " Warp 3.2, but we'll have warp 5 in 20 minutes."

"helm set coarse to the Atlantis, best possible speed" Koran continued with little pause, "Tactical, Raise sheilds, arm weapons, Battle Stations, have security teams stand by." again with little pause " Communications, send a message to the Atlantis that we are coming to their aid. We will come in Weapons hot and firing, unless ordered not to."

Koran pulled his type 2 phaser out of his holister and set it's setting to level 5, and set it back in it holister. He thought back to the first time he did battle with the Nor'Shizi. the shear amount of damage they did to his ship. But now he knew their tactics, their way of fighting. It shall be no Surprise. He will destroy this ship. He hoped destroying their Homeworld would have gotten the message to leave the Federation alone. But it's clear they didn't. Hopefully if he can get his hands on this virus of the Dominion, he can use it against the Nor'Shizi, and finally cripple them beyond all repair. So they'll never be a threat to the federation ever again.

Posted by: Aku Sep 8 2005, 09:23 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis sped at impulse, arching around space, and blasted two more Quantum Torpedoes at the also moving Nor'Shizi Vessel. The Nor'Shizi ship suddenly pumped out a side thruster which spun the wing of thier ship out of firing range.

As the whole Nor'Shizi vessel flipped purposely around, the two Quantum Torpedoes flung out into the emptyness of space.

Chain's crew watched on-screen at the same time they were preparing the next ordered attack. It was evident the Nor'Shizi had made extra use of thier Thruster Technology. "They're more manouverable this time," Chain realized.

"Captain!" Tactical alerted admist his calculating, "The U.S.S. Blade is coming to aid us!"

"Oh crap," Chain said to himself as he watched the Atlantis launch the next attack, "That's who the Nor'Shizi want." He quickly ran to a control station and began inputting codes.

"Captain?" The Tactical Officer asked.

"Prepare the Bio Weapons," Chain said. Ever since thier constant encounters with the Nor'Shizi, the Specialists from Jestra had harnessed bio-technology in torpedo form. The weapons were based on the Kei Artifact and research from Nor'Shizi bio-ship specs.

The Nor'Shizi sped past the Atlantis again, taking out thier shields. The Atlantis responded with three green torpedoes, of two that hit as the Nor'Shizi manouvered. --Suddenly, the Nor'Shizi bioship began to be infected... and before the Captain could clench his fist with success, he saw the Nor'Shizi hull begin to regenerate the damage.

"Damn!" He said, Their homeworld is nearly destroyed and they are able to keep up with thier technology advances???

In another attempt, the Nor'Shizi ship blasted more weapons onto the Atlantis, blowing an aft portion of the hull. Inside, bulkheads and broken conduits began blowing in chaos.

Nor'Shizi Attack Cruiser

The Nor'Shizi Commander was about to finish off the Atlantis when he picked up the Blade on his sensors. He smirked, happy, and got his crew to alter course for an entire world's enemy.

The Nor'Shizi ship jumped to Warp, and left the Atlantis to its own problems.

U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Busted bulkheads were spewing oxygen onto the Bridge. Chain got up, in pain, and checked the Tactical Console. The Tactical Officer was on the floor unconscious.

"According to reports," he read, "there've been eighteen major injuries." No one dead, he thought relieved and surprised.

Sure that his crew were taking care of things, he turned and slumped onto the floor, his back against the computer-stand. Chain took breath for a moment, to calm his nerves.

From the corner of his eye, he suddenly realized Lekit was standing to his right and staring at him. Chain looked over quickly to catch his gaze of anger. "Don't start with me, Lekit--" Chain began, but was interrupted.

"Oh, I'm not angry at the fact you went through with the attack. Respectfully, that was a Captain's call. What I'm disappointed in is your perception that I've been 'faking' my good nature to you. I didn't see anywhere in my actions or words that would have indicated that. You think we don't realize the way Vorta have treated thier allies in the past? With deception and conspiracy? I believe my position on the necessity of your attack was a valid one, and I stand by it. The Dominion is here to help you, Captain. Believe it or not, we are attempting to smooth relations with you."

With that, Lekit walked off to the surprisingly-working Turbolift.

Chain looked back to the back of the Bridge of which he was facing. He then realized Lekit was right. All this time, Chain just wanted to believe there was some kind of conspiracy going on with the Dominion's intentions and Lekit, and the disaproval for attack was just an excuse. He shook his head in disappointment. How foolish of me, he thought.

Chain stood up and looked around the dieing-of-chaos Bridge. His crew were helping each other and trying to get lost systems online. He began tapping at the half-working Tactical console to try to transfer some systems around.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 9 2005, 10:52 AM

Exe Commander Koran Lacer, Bridge USS Blade

Koran looked at his readout next to his chair, he saw a ship heading towards them.

"Tactical Identify that ship" Koran Yelled

"Sir it's that attacking Nor'Shizi warship, They've stopped their attack on the atlantis and are heading towards us." the tactical Officer replied

Lacer Commented out loud. "oh shit, we are in no shape to take on a warship our selves, in our current state. Helm drop to impluse, 1/2 ahead. Tactical transfer emergency power to sheilds. keep the warp engine on hot stand by."

"SIR" yelled the tactical officer "Their dropping out of warp. Incoming Torpedo's"

"Evasive action, Pattern delta 5." Screemed Koran " Target their ventral sheild's, fire phasers"

Several phaser pulses struck the ventral sheild array of the Nor'Shizi Warship. doing very little damage. The Warship returned the favor, launching 6 more torpedo's at the Blade. 3 torpedo's missed the Blade barly. But the other 3 hit their target.

"Damage report" Yelled Koran

The Engineer replied " hull breach deck 2 section 4a through 5a, we are losing forward sheild strength." Before he could finish the tactical Officer Yelled

"Incoming torpedos, brace for impact" he screamed

Two torpedo's struck the Blade, one hitting the port nacelle, and the other giving a almost crippling blow. nearly missing the bridge.

Koran got up from the deck plate of the bridge. he scanned around to see if there was any fallities. It look like a young crewmen was dead at the science station. He thought, She was only 24. It seemed several of his officers were unconsiouious. He moved himself to the tactical station. He began to open fire at the Enemy ship. firing phaser burst after phaser bursts. Doing little damage. Then the next sound he heard was the Intruder Alert Klaxon going off. Five Nor'Shizi beamed onto his bridge. One of the warriors swung his sword instantly killing his helm officer. Koran Pulled his phaser and fire drilling 2 warriors.

After several seconds the warriors were dead. but this battle went bette than others. over 40 invaders were on his ship. 15 of his security force is dead. the invaders were still on the move on desk's 3 and 4. boarding parites on deck's 1 and 2 were contained.

Koran continued firing the Blade Phasers at the Nor'Shizi ship. hoping no praying he'll score a crippling blow.

Another torpedo struck the Blade. Lacer looked at the display, half of desk 2 was now decompressed. There were only 3 officers left of the bridge, Koran, and 2 crewmen working the helm and engineering stations.

5 more Nor'Shizi warriors beamed onto the bridge. 3 were killed quickly, before the remaining 2 were killed One got off a quick blind shot. After all five were killed Lacer noticed pain coming from his left shoulder. He looked to were the pain was coming fromt o to see blood coming form the area. He was shot, he felt the blood rush out of him, but he couldn't let this slow him down, he needed to complete his objective, destroying that Nor'Shizi ship. Koran Got off a few more phaser hit's, he felt really tired, he could barly stand,before he collasped,he sent out a distress call. The Crewmen at Engineering ran over and bandaged him, he stopped the bleeding and took over Koran's station.

Posted by: Darth Tater Sep 11 2005, 12:12 AM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

Chief Petty Officer Emerson walked onto the bridge, and handed Taurik a PADD. It contained all of the damage assessments caused by the Dominion virus and the resulting containment loss. Emerson looked at the captain with inquiry, as if he were interested in the captain's judgement of his report.

"Lieutenant Proudmoore has the warp drive operational, sir. We're clear to head back to Jestra."

"Very well," Taurik said with approval. "Helm, set course for the Jestra system. Standard cruise velocity."

Lieutenant First jumped to action for what seemed like the quadrillionth time during this mission. "Sir, I'm picking up a battle on the outer edge of our scanning radius. Sir, it's the Blade."

Taurik revealed a Vulcan expression that equated to exasperation."Plot an intercept course, Maximum warp."

The helmsman plotted his course, but as Taurik sat down, he noticed a lack of sound from the helm console. He looked to see the helmsman waiting patiently.

"Go!" Taurik spouted, the last bit of his patience being tested. The helmsman quickly engaged the engines, and as Taurik shook off this latest annoyance, he realized that this crew was accustomed to waiting for the order to "engage", as opposed to the near-telepathic synchronization of the Ticonderoga's crew.

It seemed the Shark would take some getting used to.

Posted by: Aku Sep 12 2005, 01:56 PM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Ready Room

Chain entered through the destroyed doors of his Ready Room, his body in a weak state. On his laptop was possibly another link to the main computer and the communications. Since the communications terminal on the Bridge wasn't working, he came in here to try his.

An Ensign was at the corner of his room, working on an open conduit that connected to the main Bridge. He was trying his best to fix what ever was wrong with it.

Chain fell to his knees at his table where his chair was once. He found that the Communications were offline as he tapped at his computer. "Damn!"

An officer earlier had suggested that communications were most likely offline, and this only confirmed it. Chain lent above his table in thought. He now felt just as the Blade was once, inoperatble. But how did the Blade recover? Was the Shark working aswell? Unfortunately the Nor'Shizi dampening field prevented the Atlantis from long-range scans earlier, and now they were offline.

"Captain's Log, Stardate 59128.5. I'm back to where I started: Not knowing what the status of those two ships are. I'm left to ponder the descision Starfleet made in leaving the exploration of this Quadrant to just three vessels. In the amount of directions of unexplored space a ship could go, and the defenses we would need against enemies, we would need a great many more ships. But... perhaps there is a certain logic to thier plan? Being small and unnoticeable may leave less attention on us than back home. Unfortuantely that did not apply here. Nearly 26 Hours ago we recieved a distress call from the Shark and Blade who were on minor mapping missions. . . . . . . . "

As the Captain continued his log, the remaining crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis were left to wonder the fates of thier counterparts on the Blade and Shark. They all had friends on both ships, and in some cases, family. Just as before, all they could do is wait on an unconfirmed threat of virus upon the Shark, and an unconfirmed threat of Nor'Shizi upon the Blade.

Posted by: Veoreiel Sep 14 2005, 02:45 PM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist; transporter room and bridge, HISS Lyzsar

Back on the Lyzsar Yelesi quickly slid off the transporter platform. She smiled at the techincian on duty and headed out the door. Sliding rapidly through the gently curving halls she headed for the nearest lift to the bridge.

"Captain, I have completed my mission upon the two damaged ships and am heading up the bridge."

With much relief in his mental voice,"I am glad that you have returned safely Noble Born."

Slightly exasperated, "They would not have hurt me Captain. It was in their own best interests to let me do my job."

"But they did not have to let you leave Noble Born."

Sighing mentally,"And what would they have gained by holding me there? This ship is many times their size and they did not have full power to either shields or weapons yet."

The Captain wisely admitted defeat once again to her arguments and kept silent.

Slipping out of the lift on the bridge she nodded at the Captain and took her accustomed console directly behind him.

No sooner had she made herself comfortable then the young sub-lieutenant at Communications spoke up with, "Sir, the Blade is moving off. The Captain asks that we remain to protect the Shark while he engages a Nor-Shizi vessel that is attacking one of theirs."

"The Nor'Shizi! Here! Whatever brings them this far away from their usual territory and so close to ours?"

Nervously,"I do not have that information Sir."

Not long after that the Shark broke off and headed in the direction of the battle and the Communications officer reported picking up a distress call from the Blade.

Leaning forward, "Plot a course for the battle zone and engage at maximum warp."

"Aye sir."

The helmsmans fingers practically flew over his console as he plotted and laid in the new course and then the ship sprang forward on its way to once again assist the Blade.

It didn't take long to reach the battle zone and coming out of warp, "Target the Nor'Shizi vessel and fire as soon as you have a lock."

"Aye sir." A brief pause,"Targeting and firing now sir."

Two intensely purple beams shot out of the Lyzsar and struck the opposing vessel.

"Direct hit aft sir."

"Keep firing. Launch torpedos pattern Syles-7."

"Torpedos aye. Firing sir."

A spread of seven torpedos sprang away from the Lyzsar toward the Nor'Shizi ship.

Posted by: Darth Tater Sep 14 2005, 03:23 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark


Ensign Thomlinson worked the tactical console. "Direct hit to the starboard bow. Shields at 61%."

Taurik stood, as if to get a better view. "Target the lead ship and initiate attack pattern Sierra," he said.

The Shark began to barrel roll laterally to the target vessel. This enabled the use of all phaser banks on the ship, allowing for many successive shots, as opposed to a few drawn out shots. It also minimized the damage to any particular section of the ship, as no part was exposed for more than a second.

"The lead ship is disabled, Captain." Thomlinson reported. At that exact moment, the entire ship shuddered as it came under fire from a flight of Nor'Shizi anti-capital corvettes.

"Hull breach on decks one, three, and six to thirteen!" First yelled.

As if triggered by her comment, the door to the briefing room began to groan. "Forcefield!" Taurik yelled, the field raising just as the door ripped from it's mount and skittered out of the hole that was once the starboard wall of the briefing room.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 15 2005, 06:23 PM

Crewmen Josh Kelby, Acting Captain USS Blade, Bridge

Josh Stood at tactical, He continued to fire what phasers the Blade had left at the Nor'Shizi. He Yelled to the other crewmen at the Helm.

"Engage what best impulse away from the fighting. Evasive retreat pattern alpha 2, Engage"

"Kelby to Engineering get the sheilds back online, and get as much power to impulse as possible"
"Medical Team's to the Bridge the captain is injuried."

He Opened a channel to the Shark and sent a text message to her. Captain Taurik, Captain Koran has been injuried and is currently unconisious. I Crewmen Kelby have taken command and am currently retreating to make repairs.

Kelby heard the jefferies Tube hatch open with two medics coming out. One quickly ran to the captain, the other checked the other remaining bridge crew.

The Second Medic spoke
"5 dead, 2 in serious condition, Hows the captain?"

The First one responded

"He's in critical Condition, Lets get them to the Med bay"

Just before the Blade could get out of range a Nor'Shizi Torpedo struck the port impulse engine. Computer consules exploded, Bulheads exploded straying metal everywere. Overhead gurtter's fell trapping some of the crew.

The helmsmen yelled

"Sir impulse engine down to 7%, Main power is completely offline, emergency power at 25% and holding."

The Acting Captain looked at his consule

"Damnit, phasers are dead, torpedo's are out sheild are gone. Get repair crews working on the goddamned sheild grid and impulse engines"

The Nor'Shizi Warcruiser came for another pass. it had the Shark on his tail. pounding torpedo's into it's aft sheild grid. But the war crusier got off a torpedo before it was disabled. That torpedo was aiming right towards the Blade. It slammed into aft hull ripping out part of the deck.

The computer voice came on from the over head

"Life support offline line on all decks, Oxygen depletion in 20 minutes"

"Kelby to engineering, get that Life support back online."

The Engineer Responded " Sir the life support controls are fried, they need to be replaced at the starbase."

Kelby thought to himself hard. what to do next. for a person thats not even an officer he never expect this much responsibility. He thought there was only one thing he could do.

"All Hands abandon ship, repeat all hands abandon ship. get to emergency escapre pods and shuttles."

He hoped to have made the right discussion. If he didn't call the evacuation the entire crew would be dead. Now he hoped that the Shark can Beam the crew to safty.

Posted by: Darth Tater Sep 19 2005, 06:40 AM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

"Captain, the Blade's crew is abandoning ship. I'm detecting several dozen lifepods emerging."

"Lieutenant First, take a trio of runabouts and retrieve the crew," Taurik ordered. "Tractor their pods to us if you must."

First pointed to an Ensign and a Petty Officer 3rd Class and the three left the bridge.

"Ensign Thomlinson," the captain requested. "Target that battlecruiser and open fire at your discretion."

A pair of quantum torpedoes struck the battlecruiser. One lucky shot hit the impulse manifold and ripped apart the engine from the inside. Needless to say, the ship shattered into millions of tiny, glimmering fragments.

Posted by: Veoreiel Sep 19 2005, 12:15 PM

Yelesi Maticora, Specialist, bridge, HISS Lyzsar

Yelesi watched the battle unfold from her console behind the Captain. At least one of the Nor'Shizi ships was disabled but so was the Blade and the Shark was not in great condition either.

With a continuing barrage of disrupter fire the massive form of the Lyzsar bore down of the remaining Nor'Shizi vessels. With precision shots the flight of ships that were attacking the Shark were quickly dispatched and the Lyzsar went after the main warship.

"Sir the Blade's crew is abandoning ship and the Shark has sent one of their shuttle craft to pick up the personel."

"Alright. Leave that to the Shark and continue firing on the other battleships."

"Aye sir."

Continuing to fire both disrupters and torpedoes at the Nor'Shizi battleships they watched and cheered briefly as the Shark dispatched one with a lucky shot. For such a large vessel the Lyzsar was highly manueveralle and dipping and diving among the remaining enemy vessels soon took care of them.

With the Nor'Shizi ships disabled or distroyed the Captain hailed the Shark, "'Captain Taurik we are ready to render any aid needed for your wounded and those of the Blade. Just let us know was is necessary.'"

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 27 2005, 05:42 PM

Exe commander Koran, Sickbay, USS Shark

Lacer wike up on the biobed. he looked around and relized he wasn't onboard the Blade. He got up and tried to walk out the room, when the CMO stopped him.

"Doctor I ned to see the Captain now" Koran ordered.

"Sir you are still recovering, that wound was pretty severe. you need rest." the Doc said

Koran Ordered "I am fine, and now releise me, I need to speak to the captain. By the way what ship am I on the Shark or the Atlantis?

Doc responded " Shark sir, Fine you may leave."

Lacer walked out of the Sickbay and startd to walk to the turbo lift.
"Bridge" he ordered to the computer.

He walked out of the lift onto the bridge of the Shark. It had been some time since he last stepped onto it. He asked a officer at tactical were the captain is.

She pointed to the Ready room.

Koran hit the door chime and heard a "Enter". He walked in.

"Captain, Why am I on the Shark instead of the Blade?"

Posted by: Darth Tater Sep 28 2005, 05:26 PM

Captain Taurik, Ready Room, U.S.S. Shark

Taurik sat in his chair quietly, reviewing battle reports and damage/casualty lists for not only the Shark, but the Atlantis and Blade too, when the doorbell to his office chimed.

"Enter," he called. The door slid open softly and Commander Koran entered the room.

"Captain, why am I on the Shark instead of the Blade?" he asked.

Taurik addressed Commander Koran without even looking up from his reports. "Because, Mr. Koran, the Blade was damaged beyond the ability to support life. The acting captain at the time gave the order to abandon ship, saving the lives of the entire crew. Right now, the Shark is the only operable ship of the Jestra division. We are towing everyone back at impulse speeds, until the Atlantis' engines can be repaired."

He finally set his PADD on the table and looked at Lacer. "Commander, it is a miracle your ship is intact. Even so, it will be in drydock for at least a month. It is entirely possible that the Blade's shell will be scrapped."

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 28 2005, 07:29 PM

Exe Commander Koran Lacer. USS Shark, Guest Quaters

Koran walked out of Taurik's office and was escorted to his temporary quaters.
While he was walking; he was annoyed at Taurik's tone. He thought to himself, "Damn Vulcans and their sense of arrogance. All he could have said is "your ship was severaly damaged and it had to be exacuated." Goddamed vulcans"

When he entered his temporary quaters he layed down on his bed. He wondered how bad the damage was to his ship. He got off the bed and moved to the Computer station on the desk. He clicked it on and ordered it to show the USS Blade's damage report. The report read
Hull breachs on desk 2 section 1a-7g, deck 3,4, and 5, sections 5c-12f, and deck 7 and 8 are completely decompressed.
Hull Micro-fractures reported all over the ship


Forward Phasers offline
Aft Phasers destroyed
Forward torpedo tubes are offline
Aft Torpedos destroyed
Primary Sheild grid offline
Secondary sheild grip at 6%
Abblitive Armor offline

Life supprt offline
Warp coils fried
Impulse Enginges at 22%

After reading to this point he had to stop. His ship was crippled.
"Taurik was right it will a month to repair" He spoke softly to himself.

Koran then opened a channel to Captain Chain

Chain's Face popped up on the screen

"Captain I was wondering if you'll alllow repair teams to start on the repairs of my Ship. I need some repair crews from your ship and can you talk to Taurik. I think you'd be better at tlaking to him."

Posted by: Aku Sep 29 2005, 07:59 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Ready Room

Chain had just finished replacing a bulk-head piece to his Ready Room, when he was notified of a incoming transmission. Suddenly they were back online.

"Captain," Lieutenant Hilder said, "Commander Koran is hailing from the Shark."

Chain took a seat at his desk and activated his laptop. There, Koran's presence blinked on screen.

"Captain I was wondering if you'll alllow repair teams to start on the repairs of my ship. I need some repair crews from your ship... and can you talk to Taurik?" Koran asked, "I think you'd be better at talking to him."

Chain thought for a moment, "I could spare a team perhaps, but the Atlantis is pretty bad itself. I'll speak to Taurik, but I'm sure if you talked---"

"--No," Koran interrupted. "You speak to him."

There was an awkward pause but Chain continued, "Very well. I meant to ask you... how was it like working with the, Sylesi?"

Koran looked up in thought and then glanced back at Chain seriously, "They were more helpful than I thought. If not for the incessive Nor'Shizi, my ship would still be in tact."

Chain thought about what he was to say next, he knew he had to tell Koran what he heard, "Commander, I spoke to the Ship Runner of that Nor'Shizi vessel. He told me something a little distrubing; that he was after you, specifically."

Koran remained silent for a moment.

"You somehow used to have access to some powerful weapons," Chain started. "Why not this time?"

"I can't talk about that, Captain," Koran replied.

Chain toyed with the possibility that Koran had some powerful friends in Starfleet that he never mentioned. Either way, this was perhaps an issue for another day.

The screen clicked off, and Chain stepped out onto the Bridge.


The crew had just got the viewscreen working, and Chain intended on testing it out.

"Hail the Shark," he told Hilder.

Taurik staticked on; the Vulcan face staring onto the Bridge. "Captain Chain, our repairs will most likely take sometime. Two of our Runabouts and the Sylesi vessel are presently surveying the Nor'Shizi debris."

"Koran wanted assistance in the repairs of his ship," Chain opened.

Taurik nodded, "I anticipated such a request, and have readied some very thin teams for both yours and his ship. I assume we are heading back to Jestra?"

"Yes," Chain replied. "You'd think we'd at least get a little further out into Gamma Quadrant? Ah well."

"The Sylesi were very helpful," Taurik said. "If not for them, we'd all be dead right now."

Chain tapped his finger to the side of his chair, "Then we owe them our lives. I'll talk to you later, Chain out."

The screen clicked off, and Chain was hailed by the Lyzsar. After a moment, the Captain came on-screen. This was his first glance at this species, and it caught him off guard. Chain almost fell back at thier appearance.

"Oh-- uh, Captain of the Lyzsar," Chain began, "You have completed the surveying? ...Uhhh, we owe you our lives. I don't know how we could ever thank you."

"Return to our starbase for repairs. There, we can properly have a 'first contact'."

"I couldn't ask you to---"

"Please. We insist on it. That Dominion Mine was meant for us. We are constantly having to deal with them, so we knew how to reverse the effects of thier weapon.."

Chain found he was speaking to a device around the alien's forehead. He thought about the connection between the Sylesi and the Dominion. Wasn't the Dominion trying to change thier ways? He needed to find out more. "Captain, we will take up your invitation, and head for your Starbase. Thank you again."

The Sylesi nodded and the screen clicked off.

Posted by: Eric Draven Sep 29 2005, 02:33 PM

Exe Commander Koran Lacer, USS Shark, Transporter room

Koran had just received word that lifesupport was restored on his vessel. And some of his crew that was able, had returned to help with repairs. Lacer stepped onto the Pad, and ordered the tech to beam him to his bridge

Bridge, USS Blade

Lacer Materlized onto his bridge. All but one computer screen was blown out or offline. Main power still hasn't been restored. There was debris about everywere. Only two repair team personal have been assigned to repair the bridge. Repair teams were scarse. Only 25 of his own crew was aboard, plus an addition of 9 people from the Shark and 5 from the Atlantis. Koran had set engineering as the priority. He wanted his Implulse engines repaired. And what could be repaired in the warp drive done so.

After two hours of cleaning the debris out of the bridge. Lacer grabbed a Engineering kit, and started to get the tactical consule operational. The other two people were focusing on the Helm and Operation Stations. It Took 30 minutes to get the damned thing working. When it did, he saw weapons were particaly operational. Koran then walked into his ready room, to start coridnating the repair schedule. and then it came to him and spoke out poud "Where the hell is Jon" his tactical officer.
He flicked on his computer terminal (Which he was suprised it still worked) and sent a comm message to the Shark and Atlantis, that all Blade personal (With the exculsion of wounded) return to the ship and get repairs underway.

Posted by: Darth Tater Sep 29 2005, 03:13 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Shark

"Lieutenant, attach tractor and power transfer beams to the Blade," Taurik ordered, "and extend our warp field around them."

"Aye," came the reply from First.

The Shark emitted a wide-angle beam of blue light, catching the Blade and pulling it close. Then, a razor-thin yellow beam shot toward the relatively small Shrike-class ship, and began to act as an umbilical.

"Blade is ours, sir," First reported.

"Good. Ask the Lyzsar to do the same for Atlantis, and follow them to the Sylesi starbase."

Posted by: Veoreiel Sep 30 2005, 09:44 AM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist; bridge; HISS Lyzsar

Yelesi had been kept very busy assisting in the survey of the Nor'Shizi debris but they'd completed that and she was still at her console on the bridge, this time making detailed notes on said debris for her report. She heard the entire conversation between her Captain and the Captain of the Atlantis but pretended not to notice so as to give their young commanding officer space to breath without feeling like she was breathing down his neck. She quiet agreed with his offer to escort the Federation ships to their nearest starbase to effect repairs. That would give both parties a chance to get to know eachother better, which in her estimation would be a very good thing.

When everything was ready she turned around just in time to watch the Shark tractoring the Blade.

"Message from the Shark sir requesting to copy their manuever with the Atlantis and lead the way to our starbase."

Nodding, "Put a tractor on the Atlantis and pull it inside our warp sphere."

"Aye sir." And they watched as a deep purple beam shot from the Lyzsar to the Atlantis and reeled it in close.

"Manuever complete sir."

"Excellant. Set course for Starbase 36 and inform the Captains of the Federation vessels. Engage once you've gotten confirmation from them."

"Aye sir, course set."

From the Communciations officer, "Recieving confirmation from the Federation ships sir."

"Excellant, helm engage course maximum warp."

There was a brief moment of silence as the massive vessel turned to face the proper direction and, with the Atlantis firmly in tow and the Shark towing the Blade following, they shot off towards their starbase.


Two days later saw them dropping out of warp nearby Starbase 36, a rather beautiful structure composed of multiple interlocking coils with not an angle or sharp point in evidence.

"Hail the station Sub-Lieutenant."

The screen was soon filled with the image of the Starbase Commander. Fingers steepled, "'Good day Captain. What I can do for you?'"

"'Good day Commander. We need docking space and repair crews for several badly damaged ships.'"

"'Not your own I hope."'

Smiling politely, '"No, the Lyzsar sustained only minimal damage and my crew is more than capable of repairing her. The ships with me however need extensive and immediate repairs that cannot be completed out of a starbase and their own was too far away."'

"'I see."' Pausing briefly and speaking offscreen to someone, "'Docking space has been provided and the coordinates sent to your ship. Repair crews will be assigned shortly to the specific ships.'"

"'Excellant Commander.'"

At that moment Yelesi moved away from her station so that she could be seen on the Commanders screen. She smiled to herself as she saw his shocked expression at her presence on board.

"'Commander I will require the use of your Communications deck to send my report to my superiors. If you could kindly make it available I would appreciate it."'

Spluttering slightly and trying to regain his composure, "'Immediately Noble Born."'

Smiling politely, "'Thank you Commander. I shall be over shortly.'" She nodded to the Captain and returned to her station.

The Captain was having a difficult time keeping his amusement over the Commanders reaction hidden but eventaully got control of himself and exchanging pleasentries with the station Commander once more he signed off.

"Sub-lieutenant, make sure the Federation ships have to proper coordinates for docking."

"Aye sir."

"Helm bring us about and tractor the Atlantis into her docking port."

That was soon accomplished and the Lyzsar docked along side her.

Posted by: Aku Sep 30 2005, 02:01 PM

Captain Chain - Sylesi Starbase

Chain entered a Briefing Room, where he was met by a Sylesi Representative. The room was completely slender and comforting. Chain felt an odd sense of safety from being there.

"I'm Commander Ulane, of the Sylesi Command. We welcome you to the Station," the alien said.

"Thank you. Captain Chain of the Federation Starship Atlantis..." he paused and then, "I'm sorry. I didn't notify my other two ship leaders to join me. Had I known this was the actual First Cont--"

Ulane held up his hand, "It is quite alright. I believe we've already had this, 'first contact' you speak of, during the battle."

"You risked your lives for us; a people you've never met before."

Ulane brought his hand down, "There are times when we take the chance with other species. There will be a gathering in this room in an hour or so, where we can all meet, including your other Captain's." He glanced at Chain, "But the real reason I asked you here, is because of the Vorta on your ship. I wanted to request immediate surrender of him to our government."

Chain shook his head, "I will forward the request to him, but if he so wishes to stay on my vessel, I'll have to keep him."

"Ah, the sanctuary rule. We strongly wish for him to be put into our custody... But in light of hopeful relations between our people, we will leave the creature in your hands."

"Thank you for understanding," Chain then eyed him, "How bad is your relationship with the Dominion?"

"Well, we tend to leave each other alone. Aside from the odd Mine, like the one your Blade and Shark encounted, and the odd accidental encounter, we were very quiet with each other. Every now and then aggression picks up, but nothing we can't handle."

Chain nodded.

"Please alert your peers of the meeting. I would like you all to meet the one who repaired your ships," Ulane said.

"I will," Chain shook his hand and walked out the room.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Oct 5 2005, 10:00 PM

Cdr. Jon Falqon, XO, USS Blade
Bridge USS Blade

"Captain Lacer Koran, What the hell did you do to my ship while I was out?" Falqon questioned half jokingly.

"Shit, Jon. Don't do that, you almost gave he a heart attack!" Koran responded. "And just what do you mean your ship?"

"Everyone knows that it's the XO's ship, the captain just takes care of it."

"Oh, Jon, I am just glad to see that she's still here. I was injured in battle, and it all just went to hell. What happend to you anyways?"

"The voices came back, and the replicator malfunctioned. But I'm okay now. I have to contact my superiors on a secure channel, is the comm system up yet?"

"Not yet, I'll get a team on that right away. You have full use of my ready room, for the transmission."

"It is so great to have such an understanding Captain. I can't imagine all the hell you caught from all of your former COs."

"Yeah, and what do you mean the voices came back? I thought they were gone."

"It must have had something to do with the minefield."

Posted by: Aku Oct 12 2005, 11:13 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Briefing Room

Outside the windows was the largely visable Sylesi Starbase. Space traffic was coming in and out of the enormus structure.

"How can I help you, Captain?" the Vorta, Lekit asked. Chain had called him in there for a meeting between just the two of them.

"It's the Sylesi. I wanted to talk to you about them."

"Puh! Those arrogant slugs. Don't make friends with them, Captain. They'll be nothing but a thorn in your side," Lekit said.

Chain looked at him, "They saved our lives from one of your devices. A device, if I'm not mistaken, that was created specifically for them! Or did you accidentally leave that part out?"

"Perhaps you need your head examined. The Dominion still have enemies, Captain."

Chain flung his arms to the side, "Well, why not try to tide things over with your enemies? Why not at least work at it?"

"This isn't the Alpha Quadrant, Captain. It isn't all just peachy out here! The only reason we're doing that with your people is because it's such a strong charactaristic of the Federation. Other species don't always work that way... Some actually get along on no-speaking terms here."

Chain held up his hands, "Alright. But you seem to be at aggression with the Sylesi. They even asked me for your surrender."

"That's right, and that's why I'm asking you to leave the System right now," Lekit stepped forward. "The Dominion will never be friends with the Sylesi, as much as you'll never have relations with the Nor'Shizi."

Chain looked straight ahead into nothingness, recalling the many battles he had with the Nor'Shizi.

"Fine," Chain finally said. "You can have your war with the Sylesi, but we're going to meet with them."

The Captain turned and headed for the door, but stopped as Lekit spoke one last word, "Go ahead, Captain. We all know the real reason Starfleet has you out here anyway... to expand the Federation. It's like expanding your empire; you don't conquer with force, but with good relations. The Dominion's been doing it for Centuries, and now you're picking it up."

Chain just continued walking out the Briefing Room, leaving Lekit alone. The Vorta turned to the window and smiled. He knew he was right.

Posted by: Eric Draven Oct 12 2005, 11:53 PM

Exe Commander Koran Lacer, USS Blade, Ready Room

Lacer was sitting in his chair, Sipping his tea. When his Computer screen starting beeping Incoming transmission. It's was a text message sent by Captain Chain. Inviting the captains of the Shark and Blade on the Sylesi Starbase.

Koran Walked out of his readyroom and went into the turbolift Destination Airlock 3.

Sylesi Starbase

Lacer walked onto the starbase. It was utterly amazing. He walked to a wall computer screen. to see if he could find a map of the station. After a helpful Sylesi showed him were to go, he walked to a tubrolift since the breifing room it was 18 levels above his current level. When it reached his level, the lift stopped, Koran stepped out and walked down the coridor into the Breifing room. He took a seat in a chain around the table and awaited the other two captains the the sylesi Repersentive.

Posted by: Veoreiel Oct 13 2005, 10:22 AM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist and Ambassador; quaters and briefing room, Sylesi starbase

((OOC: quick comment, the enviro controls have been reset for the Feds. normal conditions- greater than Vulcan gravity, Vulcan normal heat but with tropical humidity, higher than Earth normal oxygen. Just thought I'd let you know, expect these conditions or hotter when we get to the planet))

Yelesi had finished giving her report to both sets of superiors as well as an official update to the Empress on the possibility of new allies. She'd expected that a trained ambassador would be sent to complete the talks with these Federation people. That was not what happened though. The Empress thought that since she'd already had dealings with them and had at least had rudementary diplomatic training as part of normal Imperial family schooling that she was the best qualified to handle the situation. Thus she'd been given the rank of Ambassador to the Federation and was expected to handle all the talks. This made her more than a little nervous as she wasn't officially trained for this type of assignment.

After she'd closed communication with the Empress she curled up on her cushion for a few minutes and thought through how she would handle this. The first thing she decided to do was call all the Captians of the Federation vessels to a meeting on-board the station. So she turned back to her console and called up the station Commander. Once he'd come onscreen, "Commander please notifiy the various Captains of the Federation vessels that a meeting has been called on-board the station to discuss relations."

"Immediately Noble Born."

Just about to close the connection she thought of something, "Commander reset the enviromental controls on the station to conditions suitable for the visiting Captains. I'm sending you the information now."

Glancing over as he recieved it he nodded, "It shall be done at once."

Smiling and nodding, "Good. Inform me when they are ready."

"You will be informed immediately."

She nodded and closed the screen. Uncoiling from her cushion-like chair she headed for her bedroom to make herself presentable for the meeting.

That didn't take long and she had some time to play with her pet for awhile before her console beeped. Slidding over she activated it to see the stations Commander. "Yes Commander?"

"Noble Born,[i] the Federation Captains have been informed and have started to arrive at the briefing room."

"Thank you Commander. Please inform them that I will be there shortly[/i]."

"At once."

Yelesi once again closed down her console and giving her pet one last caress slid quickly out of her quarters and headed for the briefing room. Luckily it was relatively close to the level she was on and it didn't take her long to get there. As she slid gracefully into the room she noted the presence of the Captain of the Blade. Nodding politely she coiled herself down onto the cushion chair and waited for the remaining Captains to arrive.

Posted by: Veoreiel Oct 25 2005, 09:56 AM

Yelesi Maticora; Specialist and Ambassador; briefing room, Sylesi station

Not long after Yelesi had seated herself the stations Commander arrived. She caught his eye and subtly waved him over. Reaching up casually she touched one of the seemingly decoractive gems in her headdress and turned the translator off so she could speak in private to the Commander. Turning to face the waiting Commander, "Commander I wished to tell you that I have been named Ambassador to these people by the Empress."

The Commander had also turned his translator off, though not as subtly. His eyes widened slightly and he bowed, "I offer my congradualtions on your new position Noble Born."

Smiling politely, "My thanks Commander. After everyone has arrived and been properly introduced we will begin this meeting."

He bowed again, coiled down onto his seat and waited.

That seen to Yelesi re-activated her translator.

Posted by: Aku Oct 25 2005, 10:24 AM

Captain Chain - Sylesi Briefing Room

Chain was about to enter the room when he bumped into Captain Taurik. The Vulcan had just turned the opposite corner.

"Oh, excuse me, Captain," Chain said apologetically.

"Please," he gestured for the door.

Chain nodded and entered the room where Koran and a few other Sylesi were waiting.

"Sorry to keep you," Chain said.

"Not at all," the Station's Commander said.

Taurik took a seat and Chain took one next to the head of the desk, where the Commander was.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Commander Ulane of the Sylesi Command. This is Yelesi Maticora, scientific and engineering specialist. She was the one who readjusted the viral infection that stranded your vessels."

Taurik and Koran looked on to her, already knowing who she was.

"These other two are Caline, and Euatic, silent representatives from the Command Office. They will observe the meeting," Ulane continued. He then opened his arms to the table, "We welcome you onto the station and we welcome you as a whole."

Chain stood up next, "Commander, we can not thank you enough for your help. I'm Captain Chain of the Federation Starship Atlantis. This is Koran of the Blade, and Taurik of the Shark."

Both men nodded.

"The first matter at hand, is that the Command would like to extend an allowance for your kind to visit our territory. We understand the Federation is an organization in the... Alpha Quadrant? The conclusion is that you must barely have friends here."

"It hasn't been easy, but we've made a few," Chain said.

"Our doors are open, but to limited territorial access."

Chain nodded, "We understand."

"The next order of business is the Dominion," his translator stated. "We must ask you to not bring any of thier business into our space. We also ask for a complete history outline of your people and them. As much detail on the Dominion you can get us."

"I can only collect a descrete amount of data with the assurance it won't be used in a manner for War," Chain said. "You see, we are a peaceful people."

Ulane nodded, as his peers were taking notes. These matters would be attended to in detail over later conferences. In the meantime, a preliminary understanding and allowance into Sylesi borders was put in place. It didn't seem as if there would be any trouble with these Federation people at all. Just a lot of paper work.

"The third matter I wanted to bring up was Yelesi's presence here."

Chain recalled a mention of an Ambassador. He actually was looking forward to it, as he found someone willing to join them in thier journey's quite interesting.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Oct 25 2005, 05:46 PM

Cdr. Jon Falqon, XO, USS Blade
Ready Room, USS Blade

Jon seemed to be deep in thought, Suddenly he decided that he was going to make up his mind. He turned to the comm panel/

"Computer, hail Captian Chain, Priority 1B" He said.
The computer immediatly responded "Authoization Code required for that encoding"
"Override, 31-Falqon-2-2-7-Black"
"Override accepted"

The young engineer repairing some of the systems entered, "A transmission from the Atlantis for you, sir"

"I'll take it in here" Falqon said pressing a few buttons on the comm. I was a Communications officer from the Atlantis.

"What was her name?" Falqon thought, "What can I do for you Lieutenant?"

"Captain Chain is not in right now, I understand that you have been trying to reach him"

"What do you mean not in?!" Falqon exclaimed "Go get him then, It's urgent!"

Posted by: Aku Oct 26 2005, 08:57 PM

Captain Chain - Sylesi Briefing Room

"Captain Chain. There is an urgent message coming from the Blade for you," a voice suddenly broke in.

Ulane was interrupted in mid-sentence when they heard it. Chain glanced at the others in confusion. Who would be capable of defeating the strict comm-silence of a meeting with this great importance?

Commander Ulane looked to Chain quickly, to address the issue.

"Uh, please Ensign. We strictly ordered no interruptions. You should know that," Chain said.

"It's Commander Jon Falqon. He says it's urgent," the female voice replied.

Chain and Koran exchanged looks, unsure at the need to have the meeting interrupted.

Ulane decided to press on, very sure that this was an insugnificant matter. "As I was saying... Yelesi Maticora, scientific and engineering specialist, more specifically, Imperial Princess and Ambassador to the Sylesi, is---"

Chain nodded, nearly falling back into Ulane's speech as he had a moment before when he realized he hadn't dismissed the communique'.

"Captain?" The female voice interrupted back.

Ulane had almost forgotten the Human's never had empathic ability, and almost assumed Chain gave the voice his answer via telepathy. He excused the second interruption just as Chain said, "Oh, Ensign. Give me about five to ten minutes."

"Aye, sir," the voice said as the comm cut out.

Ulane and Chain exchanged a quick glance of understanding, and quickly got back on track.

"Um, as I was saying. Yelesi Maticora, our Imperial Princess and Ambassador, is who we've chosen to join you in your journey's. It's our hope she'll pick up on this culture of yours... this exploration, as you call it. Perhaps there can be something learned with you that she can then bring back to our people."

Chain nodded at this. He found the very idea intriguing and quite enlightened.

"Besides," Ulane continued, "We know a few of the species in this Quadrant, and you never know when a Sylesi would come in handy."

"The Federation doesn't like to exploit advantages in that fashion. If anything, we prefer her expertise to be used more internally; and towards any personal scientific interests she may have," Chain said.

"Of course," Ulane replied, "In fact, this was leading to an iquiry the Command had for Starfleet. If at all possible, you had volunteers in your crew who were willing to come onto our worl---"

Suddenly the comm broke in again, and it was a male voice.

"Captain Chain. I need to speak to you, immediately," it was Jon Falqon's voice.

Koran almost stood up in shock, "Falqon, what is the meaning of this--"

"I'm sorry to do this but I must speak to Chain--"

There was a sudden dead silence as Falqon nearly came to a realization at what he'd done. But instead, he waited for a response, because of the sheer importance of the issue.

Everyone looked to Chain, who suddenly realized they were waiting for him to do something. "Oh--"

He held up his arms to Ulane for a moment, embarrassed by the showmanship of a working organization like Starfleet; but none-the-less began to step away from the table.

"--Right. I'll just... Well, to deal with this I'm going to---" He was already sidestepping towards the door in embarassment. It slid open, and he smiled for a second. "Please, avert your attention to the various condiments on the table. Some of them are really, really good. I'll be just a second," he looked at Taurik and Koran quickly, "If one of you could say a few words-- heh, heh---" and then he stepped out.

As the doors shut behind him, Chain found himself free and in the hallways.

"Ah, it was a tense meeting anyway," He tapped his commbadge remembering the rude interruption by the Commander. "Chain to Commander Falqon--" The Captain gritted his teeth in anger. He's gonna get the biggest talking-to I ever---

Then suddenly Falqon replied.

Posted by: Eric Draven Oct 26 2005, 11:15 PM

Exe Commander Koran Lacer, Sylesi Briefing Room

"I'm sorry, I apoligize for my first officer's interruption. I shall have a tlaking to him upon my return. Before we continue on I have a question. I was wondering if your government could give us the computer viruse the dominion used to disable us. That way we can prevent any federation of friendly ship ever going through that." Koran ended. He had to remain calm and not let them think there was another motive behind the wanting of the virus.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Oct 30 2005, 01:19 AM

Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
USS Blade

"Captain, I need for you to come to the Blade, it has become much more, in need of security"

"Jon, tell me what the hell is going on here, or I'll-"

Chain was cut off by another voice, Commodore Alec Teris, "You'll do what Steve? Shoot him?" He laughed

"... Commodore, I had no idea that you were there." Chain replied in a slightly worried tone

"I just got here. What Jon is doing is out of the ordinary, I had to be here as do you."

"Yessir, I'll be right there" Chain answered

When Chain arrived at the Blade's ready room, he was greeted by Teris, Falqon and something covered in a sheet. He look first quizzically at Falqon and Teris, then to the sheet. He decided to address Falqon (as opposed to Teris).

"Jon, is this why you called me here, to show me your bed linens?" Chain joked

Falqon spoke, removing the sheet, "No, sir. This is STADD, Security Tactical And Defence Droid. They are deployable into space, and are capable of Warp 4. They are outfitted with Mine-detection and Disabling Gear, 2 Phase Cannons and 2 good ole' D'Kah'Tangh. I have been working with the Commodore and a few select team members to develop them. There are currently 36 ready for use, with 36 more on the way."

"Wow, I... Jon..." Chain stumbled

"Speechless?" Falqon commented

"Yeah..." Chain replied

"They can be outfitted upon return to our starbase." Teris spoke as he walked out the door

"Jon, how did you-?"

"I had help, from a few friends. That is all you can know."

Posted by: Hawku Nov 8 2005, 09:58 AM

Captain Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain had returned to the Atlantis, and was staring out the window of his Ready Room. He gritted his teeth in anger... More weapons of mass destruction.

"Will there be no end?" He said to himself.

Somehow the Blade seemed to be constantly providing him with problems. First the mass destruction of life with the Nor'Shizi... deaths beyond imagination; Now the readiness for war. Apparently, the Federation came to the Gamma Quadrant to declare war on it.

He took a seat and turned to his computer-laptop. On it were the co-ordinates for the next mission. They were going to meet with the next world beyond Sylesi Space. But according to Comodore Teris' order, they were to return to the Starbase. It seemed like all anyone was interested in was going home. What foolish behaviour.

Chain tapped his commbadge, and turned in his seat again. "Captain Chain to the Bridge."

- "Jowett, here."

"Set a course for Jestra, and arrange a Warp jump time with the other ship's."

- "Aye, sir."

Transporter Room 4

The Captain had entered curiously, looking over at the Transporter Chief and then the Padd. There, Ambassador Maticora was just beaming in. As she slid down the steps of the Transporter Padd, she came unto Chain's presence.

"Greetings, Captain," she said.

"Welcome aboard the Atlantis," he smiled. "It's an honour to have you amung us."

"The honour is mine," she replied.

"I... apologize for what happened during the meeting. I'm glad we were able to smooth things over when I got back."

"Yes, well the remaining details of the Federation-Sylesi friendship are workable over subspace tranmissions. In fact, the slim information we have on the Dominion virus is to be sent in the next contact. I don't think it will help much, but there it is."

"That's great. We were also able to send over a few volunteers to your world. I hope they learn to stand the heat."

She nodded and then looked over at him, "I hope you don't mind... but I brought a pet along with me?"

The Captain thought for a moment, "Oh. Well, I'm sure, as long as it's cleared with the Doctor, it should be alright."

"Thank you."

They both left the Room and began walking the Hallways.


"The Atlantis looks like a very interesting ship. Although it seems a bit cold," Maticora said.

Chain nodded, "Special temperature arrangements can be made from time to time, depending on where you go and how long you stay in certain rooms. I've readied your Quarters, where you may stay while aboard the ship."

"Thank you."

They came to some doors and stopped.

"I want to extend a freedom to board any Starship, the Blade or the Shark when ever you feel like exploring them. I think you'll find similarities as well as a fair share of differences within our culture. They may have prepared Guest Quarters on thier ship's as well. Once again, Welcome aboard."

She nodded and then entered her Quarters. The Captain smiled slightly as she left, taking comfort in the idea of the Ambasador's stay.

Holodeck 3

Later that day, Captain Chain was in the Holodeck. He was punching a set-up punching bag in an empty room of ancient earth-Chinese style. He continually jabbed, and kicked and kneed the punching bag multiple times, in hopes of clarifying his moves.

After a hour of doing this, he stopped.

This is dumb... He thought. Why am I trying to do something a Vorta showed me?

He went over to a control panel on the wall and deactivated the program. The metallic grid showed true of what the room really was. But as the holograms went down, a voice broke in over the comm.

- "Captain, you have an incomming transmission. But the source is undetectible."

"What?" He tried thinking of possible answers to this but figured the only answer he could get was from talking to whoever was trying talk to him. "Put it through to the Breifing Room. I'll be there in two minutes."

- "Aye, sir."

Briefing Room

He entered the Briefing Room, alone, which prompted the computer to open the transmission. The big screen blinked on, showing the image of a Nor'Shizi soldier.

"Well, Captain. It appears you were successful in disabling our ships," the alien said.

Chain saw his face and came to accept the transmission. "Let me guess, the war is not over?"

"You may not believe this, but we have more important things to take care of at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that we'll be coming back for you someday."

The Captain eyed him, "You mean Captain Koran? The guy who destroyed your world, right? I don't think I'll let y---"

"--No. You, Captain. We've decided we'll be back for you specifically. There won't be a revenge against your Federation. It's you we want."

Chain stopped, and wondered, "...Me? Who wants me... you? Or is it..."

"You guessed right; Tinashi. His direct orders are for one day in the future, provided that you don't kill yourself before that, we will hunt you down and kill you. Your bones will decorate our trophy room."

He stepped up to the screen, "Fine. I accept your challenge. I'll be waiting for him. But him alone. It's quite easy to go war, and quite predictable. The only thing is, he'll be the one falling after the last hit is struck. Our fight will mark his death."

"We'll see. But the terms are accepted," the Nor'Shizi said. "He wouldn't have it any other way."

The screen blinked off, and Chain was left to the image of the Federation logo and the hum of the ship. To that end, he knew he wouldn't be seeing the Nor'Shizi for a long time. Though, one day, he knew he would see them again, and that day would mark the death of an enemy... and quite possibly his own.