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Episode 6 - "Threads of Fate"

Posted by: Aku Nov 29 2004, 10:30 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

Chain exited a turbolift quickly and began walking down the corridors. There seemed to be a rush lately, with everything that was going on. The Atlantis, Shark and Blade were due to arrive at Jestra in almost an hour, and there seemed to be a few Officials waiting to talk to them.

Before he knew it, Chain was met up with Doctor Reyes.
"Right on time, Doctor," Chain said.
Reyes began walking to keep up pace with Chain, "What seems to be the problem sir?"
"I'm not completely certain on the details, but on my last communication with Jestra I was told there was an epidemic of some kind on the planet."
"An epidemic??"
Chian nodded, "I doubt it's really that bad. But I thought I should let you know, since the Scientists at Jestra want your opinion on some of thier findings."
"Thank you sir," she replied.
"I would like to join you, but I'm not sure how much of my time the Council Members and Admirals at Jestra will want to use. ...I'm not looking forward to it."
Reyes nodded, "I understand sir. But our list of casualties could have been much worse."

They approached another turbolift and Chain gestured his arm out. "After you, Doctor."
She nodded and entered, and Chain entered after her. What happens after the war, was something to be left to fate.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 30 2004, 07:46 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
0200 hours

The Assistant Security Chief, Lt. James Peterson, was at his post when a thought occoured to him. "Sir, where is Captain Koran, you have been on the Bridge for 5 hours after your shift."

"I know that Jim." Falqon said shortly "You have the Bridge, I need to go find him" he said storming off the Bridge

While on the Turbolift, Falqon has the computer locate Captain Koran and take him there.

Koran's Quarters

Falqon presses the door chime, no response. "Computer, Locate the Captain please"

"Captian Koran is in his quarters" the computer replied.

"Lacer, open the door, it's Jon" he firmly requested, there was still no response. "Computer, override door security, Authoriztion Falqon-Alpha-Theta-Theta-3-Omicron-2" Falqon says hastily drawing his phaser. The door swings open. Koran is asleep in his desk chair with an empty bottle of Romulan Ale.

"CAPTAIN LACER KORAN!!!!!!" Falqon screams at Koran who awakes with a start.

"Jon, leave me alone. I drank too much last night." Koran replies in a tired, irratated voice.

"That's nice, while you were in here getting wasted and sleeping, I was on the Bridge. Now, I didn't sleep well while you were away on your little mission. and am now FIVE HOURS INTO YOUR SHIFT!!!!" Falqon says, starting out calmly and working into a full scream.

"Now" Falqon said, calming himself "You are going to spend some time in the brig for a list of charges that I am going to need to collect my thoughts to name all of them, as well as to sleep off this Romulan Ale buzz/hangover and think" Falqon said like he was reprimanding a child. "I am also temporarily relieving you of your command"


"Communictions, open a channel to the Captains, split-screen, main viewer." Falqon commanded

"Channel Open"

Chain answered first "What can I do for you Jon, I am on my way out and it is urgent"

Captain Jackson answered next "Hello, Jon, you aren't the on I was expecting."

"I have temporarily relieved Captain Koran from command, I need your approvals in order to execute the change in command. "

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Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 30 2004, 08:27 PM

Captain Koran, Brig, USS Blade

Lacer layed on the bed in the brig. He was thinking to himself. I just saved Jon's ass and this is how he repays me. Damn, my head feals like a warp core breech. I swear never to drink that ale again.

He stood up

"gaurd tell Cmdr Falqon I want to speak with him ASAP"

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Nov 30 2004, 09:02 PM

Lt. Commander Falqon
XOs Quarters

Falqon is sitting talking to his viewer, when the door chime sounds. He switches off his viewer and goes to the door. It is a guard from the brig.

"Yes, Petty Officer"

"Captain Koran wants to talk to you." The young PO3 said.

"I knew he would" he says keying in a site to site and dissapearing


"Yes, Koran, what can I do for you?"

"Well, you can get me out of here for one, but we'll talk about that later. Right now, there is someone I need you to contact"

"I know" Falqon replied "Guard, leave us."

The guard walks out of the room

"Computer survielence off, doors locked Falqon 225-theta"

"Agent Koran, did you think I would not find out" Falqon stated wryly

Koran replies "... but how..."

"Your OIC contacted me shortly before I came down here. He wants to recruit me you know." Falqon chuckled.

Posted by: Eric Draven Nov 30 2004, 09:51 PM

Lacer Koran, Brig, USS Blade

"they want to recruit you? what to replace me? they/re not going to leave me hanging are they?

"no Lacer they want me to be a leison between you and them. They are going to help as much as they can." replied Jon

Lacer speaks softly " now gorak is going to be crawling up my ass"

"What did you say Lacer?" Jon asked

"Jon if Gorak gets to pushy I want you to kill him! ok."

"you're kidding, right?"

"of coarse Jon, that would be the last thing to do"

" I'm glad to see you have your sense of humor Lacer."

" Jon it might just be the Ale talking." Koran Chuckled

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Dec 6 2004, 06:42 PM

Lt. Commander Falqon

"Jon, you know they were asking me about you when you showed your loyalties, and willingness to help the Federation at any cost."

"I know Lacer, they told me."

"You know what else Jon, I bailed you out of that..." Koran says as Falqon inturupts

"Lacer, I understand that you got me out of some deep water, so now it is my turn. I am going to contact your OIC and tell him that I will help any way possible." Falqon says "...short of killing Commodore Gorak." he adds with a smirk."

Lacer turns to say something to Jon but the guard is already stand where Falqon was. He then mutters under his breath "I see why they like him."

Posted by: Aku Dec 13 2004, 06:10 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549

The Atlantis docked at the Starbase orbiting Jestra. Chain made his way to the Command Center where Gorak was.

"You are finally back," Gorak said.
Chain nodded, "In a few pieces, but we're back."
"I want to introduce you to Admiral Tarnell. He has a few questions about what happened," Gorak gestured to a tall man to his left.
"Greetings Captian Chain," Tarnell shook his hand.
Chain shook back, "Did you read my report?"
"Well-- yes--"
"Then you know everything there is to know," Chain replied. "I suggest you read the Bridge Crew's reports aswell."
"I just had one question-- Did you ever suspect Koran capapble of doing all that he did?"
Chain shook his head, "No. It wasn't until he actually began his mission that I realized something was going on."
The Admiral walked up to Chain, "You will have to be a part of this investigation."
"I can't," Chain shook his head. "Admiral, what have you heard of what's going on down on the planet?"
The Admiral was alarmed by this question, "Nothing. Is there something?"
"Yes," Chain nodded, "Infact a widespread disease. Haven't you been informed?"
Tarnell was surprised, "No... I'd been so wrapped up in this investigation of the Blade I suppose I locked myself away from my fellow officer's."
"Then this matter on the Planet has to be attended to," Chain realized. "I have to be down there."

Chain walked away a bit worried now. He went up a few stairs to an Office at the end of the Command Center.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Dec 13 2004, 10:06 PM

Actiing Commanding Officer Jon Falqon - USS Blade - Ready Room

Falqon is looking down on a monitor, reading something. we notice that it is the All Point Bulliten from Captain Chain about the rampant disease on the surface of Jestra. "Well, I guess that Captain Chain is going to be busy for a while."

Falqon is paged to the bridge over the comm system. He steps out of his office and onto the Bridge. The dock management officer of C-Dock is on the screen. "Commander, we are ready for you to dock, but you need to bring your ship to A-Dock, this Dock is reserved today. Some medical ship or something"

"Alright, helm bring us around the station to A-Dock." Falqon orders

When the ship is docked Falqon and five other security officers escort Captain Koran to the Brig of Starbase 549. Afterward Falqon goes to find Commodore Gorak at the Command Centre.

Command Centre - Starbase 549

"Commodore, you left a message with the Comm Officer on the Blade for me to come and see you." Falqon said to the commodore in the common area of the Command Centre

"Yes, I understand that you were the officer that arrested that terrorist" Gorak replied

"Commodore, I would assume that you are talking about Lacer Koran, and I would like to point out that it is not appreciated. He is a damn fine captain. Now you did not call me here for me to lecture you, so why did you?"

"I would like for you to be on the investigation panel, Commander Falqon."

"And I would like to respectfully refuse, I am biased in my CO's favour."

"I understand. You do realise that you are subject to the investigation yourself."

"Yes, I have known that since I arrested Lacer"

"Now when are you going to transfer him to a cell here on the Starbase"

"Already done, cell 33-B03"

The look on the Commodore's face shifted "Koran sent me a recommendation before you arrested him, but I hadn't looked at it until shortly before you docked. He wants you to have a Command Promotion to Executive Commander. Now I see why. You are good, dedicated to you captain, your job and your ship. Give me some time to think this over. I'll send word when I have come to my decision."

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 13 2004, 10:51 PM

Starbase 549, Cell 33-B03, Captain Lacer Koran

Koran laid on the bed, he was staring at the ceiling. He was very deep in thought.
He stood up after 5 more minutes of staring. He looked at the security guard who was a ensign.
She looked at him " Yes sir"
"I would like you to send a message to Commander Jon Falqon, I would like him to help repersent me."
" Is that all SIR" she said in a scarstic tone.
Koran replied " Yes that is all, and would like you to show proper respect. I am a captain and your a ensign. and your lucky I'm in here."
She replied once again in a scarstic tone. " We'll see how long you stay captain"
Koran looked at her, a look that could kill. he extended his right arm out and gave her the finger.

He laid back down on the bed.All he could do is await the trail and hope the agency would help pull him out.

Posted by: Aku Dec 13 2004, 11:15 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549, Executive Office

Chain sifted through the latest reports from the surface. He even linked up with the Medical Database on the Western Continent. There, he read reports of devastation.

"I can't believe it..." He turned off his monitor and walked out into the Command Center.

Command Center

There, he approached a console and attempted to link up with the Alpha Quadrant. But in doing so, got a lot of static.

"What the heck...?" He tapped at the controls in confusion.

Suddenly, Captian Alder approached from the other side of the Center. "Having trouble? Yeah, I couldn't get through either."

"What's going on?" Chain asked.

"I don't know," Alder answered.

Just then, they were approached by Admiral Tarnell. "Ion storms," he said. "You can't expect a perfect link from here all the way through the Wormhole and then to the Alpha Quadrant can you? There's bound to be some break-up somewhere along the lines."

"He's got a point," Alder said. "Well, I'd better go check on my Status Report. It won't check itself," she smiled and walked away.

Chain glanced back at Tarnell, "You think you're so good by staying up here and playing Investigator? Well there are people's lives down on that Planet who need our help!"

"And they're getting the best Medical Attention we can offer, Captian," Tarnell replied. "I looked into it. Your very own Doctor is even making her way down there to assist them."

Chain looked away and sighed, "Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just angry... I guess I'm misdirecting it."

"Why don't you get some rest? I'm sure you'll be able to think better with a clear head."

Chain shook his head, "It's not that. It's just... Jestra doesn't get the attention it should on its development. All Starfleet Command cares about is securing an impressionable position in the Gamma Quadrant. If they wanted that, why don't they send more ships here? I don't know... I'm just rambling I guess."

"It's understandible. You've been at War."

Chain shook his head, "Thank you, but I don't need your patronage." He then walked out the Command Center.

Posted by: Kelly Dec 15 2004, 07:40 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay, USS Altantis

Reyes wanted to make sure she'd have everything she would need for the trip down to Jestra. An ensign walked in, "We're almost ready to depart, Doctor." She walked over to the desk and picked up the case which contained among other things her trusty tricorder and a weapon, just in case. She'd learned in her years as a doctor that some people resorted to violence when they didn't get what they needed.

And from what Captain Chain had told her, it wasn't looking good down there. "Thank you." She followed him out.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Dec 18 2004, 02:09 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Outside of Koran's Cell
Starbase 549

"Hello Lacer, you wanted to see me."

"Yes Jon, I want you to assist in my representation. I have some information."

"Okay Lacer, I'll need to know the file name and encryptions used to retrive it from the database. Oh, yeah, one more thing, the security officer assigned to you reported to me that you threatened her."

"I was pissed Jon, she was being sarcastic. And the file is in your database."

"Get some sleep, Lacer, you are going to need it. The Pre-lim is in 1600 hours, and they are thinking that it will be long." Falqon said before walking away.

Falqon's Starbase Quarters

The quarters are pretty standard. Falqon goes to his panel, retieves the files, then goes to bed after reviewing them."

Posted by: Aku Dec 31 2004, 09:13 AM

Captian Chain - Western Medical and Science Center, Jestra

Chain entered the building, which seemed to be busy and at high alert. He couldn't help but feel bad for snapping at Tarnell earlier. He was only trying to help. Perhaps I misjudged the Admiral... He thought to himself.

"Captian," an Ensign approached. "We weren't expecting you."
Chain glanced over, "I just wanted to see if I could help in any way. Is Doctor Eilrin around?"
"She's in the Observation Lab."
Chain nodded in appreciation, "Thank you Ensign."

Observation Lab

Chain stepped through the vaccination doors. He never felt so clean. The Lab was just as busy, and Doctors and Scientists were in panic. It didn't seem like Reyes had arrived yet, but she was in for a surprise.

Chain went over to the main computer, where Eilrin was going over data. "Captian? It's about time."
"What's going on?" Chain asked as he peered at the data onscreen.
"I just don't get it. The same virus that invaded your system is spreading throughout the planet."
"How are the evacuations going?"
"There's a 95% complete evacutation of the Eastern Continent," she said.
"Why are there still people there?" Chain asked.
"Because we haven't been able to get a transporter beam through areas of developing radiation!"
"Is this radiation dangerous?" He asked.
She shook her head, "No, it just interferes with technology. We think it's an effect from those things that came out of that artifact you once had. Nor'Shizi bio-technology; but we're not completely sure."

Chain stepped to the side to let this all sink in. This planet was falling apart now, and there was nothing he could do. And no one knew what was out there. Just then, the same Ensign from before approached with some very bad news.

She whispered it into his ear and Chain suddenly realized someone very close to him was infected by the disease.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Jan 3 2005, 08:43 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon

Falqon was sitting, alone, outside the Courtroom, reviewing the brieings on the Trial. "Second Chair to Fleet Captain Robert T. Bartkus, Judge Advocate of the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet." Falqon said aloud "I am Second Chair of Three. I guess I passed the Bar."

"Yes Jon, you passed it with flying colours." a voice said from nowhere. The voice belonged to Fleet Captain Bartkus, Falqon noticed as he looked up.

Commander Sanik approached the rookie barrisiter from the direction of Holodeck 3 "Mr. Falqon you bumped me to Third seat. you had better impress me. It's time to go in. Send for Captain Lacer Koran."

The legal Trio entered the court room.


Dave please PM me with some info on how you want me to play this out.

Posted by: Aku Jan 12 2005, 10:21 PM

Captian Chain - Section B, Room 312, Medical Center

Chain peeked his head into the room where she layed. When it looked alright, he walked in and found Sayaka half awake. She opened her eyes all the way, noticing Chain.

"You came," she said.
Chain sat in the chair next to her, "I had to... How did you get this disease?"
"I was in Desille City when it happened... Just walking down the street to my meeting with the Nor'Shizi Research Department, when... the ground shook, like a torpedo hit it, and the next thing I knew I was in a dream state; probably the coma. Then I was here."
Chain thought about what she said for a moment.
"Ask anyone who was there. We're all telling the same story," she replied. "The City's been destroyed; all torn into," Sayaka finished.
"There've been no reports of ships in this area. There's been nothing," Chain said.
Sayaka shook her head, "I don't know... Thank you for coming. I almost thought you'd never show up."
Sayaka shrugged, "Well," she looked away, "We kind of grew apart ever since... you know."
Chain looked at her, "Sayaka, there's nothing that would have kept me from coming here."
She turned straight, to fix her position and smiled, weak. "Just don't go in there. Something isn't right there... Not right..." She began to lose consciousness and strength, falling into a harmless sleep.

Chain stood up and checked her vital signs on the monitor nearby. She was okay. He looked at her one more time and then turned to leave the room.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Feb 10 2005, 09:35 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Second Seat, Courtroom

Everyone was in the courtroom that was related to the case, and not tied up in other business. From Gorak all the way down to the PO3 that was guarding Lacer's cell. Everyone, that is, except for Lacer Koran himself, and the Starbase Master at Armsf.

The doors slid open as the crowd turned to see a still-hungover Lacer Koran. being half dragged by the Master at Arms. he was seated next to Sanik.

Gorak took the place as Chief JAG, followed by two Fleet Captains, also JAGs. "Now. we shall begin withthe opening statements." The Commodore spoke. "Prosocution first."

The Prososutors made a lenghty statement, regaurding all of the events that were known to the General public.(Koran's doings on the NS homeworld, his drunkeness, and the like, but not stuff like Kanap's death and the cover-up, or Falqon's involvment)

Posted by: Aku Feb 11 2005, 10:24 AM

Captian Chain - Transporter Center

Chain and a bunch of guards from the Atlantis entered the Transporter Center on Jestra. They all carried phaser rifles and were wearing protective suits. Chain walked over to a control panel on the wall and pressed a button.

"Chain to Reyes, come in," he said.
*Reyes here,* came the reply.
"I may need your assistance on this mission. I'm going into the city, but I don't know what I'm looking for. Your presence is completely voluntary; I'm not going to order you to come. But if you do, you have to beam over to the Transporter Center in RecMck City," he waited for her response.
*Captian, I was going to speak to Doctor Eilrin about the situation. I know you've spoken to her, but maybe there's something I can help with at the Medical Science Center.*
"By all means, do what you think is necessary. But if you do come with me, I'll be leaving soon. It's not too late to join me."
There was a silence, as Chain wondered if she was thinking about it, *I'll contact you again in fifteen minutes.*
"Understood, Chain out."

The comm signal broke and Chain went back to prepping his suit. He had hoped he didn't put any pressure on her. But the truth was he had to find out what was going on in there. If no one else was going to, it had to be him.

He nodded to the other guards as a few of them were ready.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Feb 11 2005, 03:11 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon

The defence's opening statement consisted of Captain Koran's record, and the good that he has done, both for the Federation, and the Gamma Quadrant. The stress led to the drinking of the Romulan Ale, which was confinsacted from an on-duty engineer. The fact that Koran was chosen for this mission proved that the Commander, Starfleet thought that he was right for the job.

Gorak spoke "The Pre-lim is over, recess until 0800 Thursday. Commander Falqon, I need to speak with you."

Posted by: Aku Feb 15 2005, 10:29 PM

Captian Chain - Transporter Center

Chain checked the control panel, having just finished a conversation with the Doctor. She had been called back to the Medical Center by Doctor Eilrin.

As he turned to join his team on the Alpha Transporter Padd, the control panel beeped again. Sighing, he returned and accepted the transmission.

*Chain, this is Fleet Captian Bartkus,* came the voice.
"Oh, Captian. I had no idea you were in the Quadrant."
*Yes, well I've taken First Chair in the Koran Court case.*
"Ah... I see. The case I'm supposed to be at."
*Exactly. I just wanted to back my colleges on thier side of this. You really should be here... The only reason you're not being forced here is that, well... basically Starfleet needs you.*
"What, are they afraid I'm going to resign if they try to control me?"
*Actually, yes.*
"You've got to be kidding me."
*The Gamma Quadrant is a touchy subject. We need the friends you've gained here. More importantly, we need you... Why are you fighting us? Starfleet needs your support.*
"Right now Jestra needs me. I'll be back to review the case. Chain out."

He de-activated the comm and went over to the transporter padd.

"Energize," he said. And they all beamed out.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Feb 24 2005, 12:10 AM

Sec. 31 Operative Commodore Alec Teris
Gorak's Chambers
Before the Pre-lim

"Gorak, Commodore to Commodore. It is in your best interest to exonerate Koran" Teris said.

Gorak swallowed hard, "You know I must be fair and uphold the laws." he paused for a moment as Teris mimed out a noose, then swalloed hard again. "I'll see what I can do, now what about this Falqon kid, what's his deal"

"Never you mind that 'Falqon kid' as you say, he does nothing but his job."

{... Insert pre-lim trial thingy here...}

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Gorak's Chambers
Post Pre-lim

"Commander, I was visted by Commodore Teris before the trial. do you know who he is?"

Falqon thought hard for a moment "Yes, sir, I have seen him around the station. Cheif of Tactical... right?"

"Something like that, but, this guy has power over even the Starbase commander, He told me to exonerate Koran, but you know that I cannot do that without a trial. So, here is all of the files on the prosecution's side. As much as Koran and I don't get along, I need to stick around. And apparetly Teris need your captain for something."

"Sir?" Falqon said, "I cannot take these files, nor do I need them. The prosecution's case is weak, I know that I can win..."

"... and with Fleet Captain Bartkus, who could lose" He added walking out.

"JON, come back here" Gorak commanded.

"Aye, sir?"

"Teris has put a block on a trial for your involment in this, what is that about?"

"Aye, sir" Falqon smirked, then tapped his commbadge "Ensign, I need an exit" and the transporter engaged.

"That is the most clever way to dodge a question I have ever witnessed" Gorak sighed

Posted by: Aku Feb 24 2005, 08:15 PM

Captian Chain - Desille City

The Captian beamed in to the desolate city. It was broken and buildings had holes in them. The streets were cracked as if there was some kind of earthquake, and the sky was grey with clouds.

What the?? It looks like the city was attacked! Chain said to himself in his head.

Chain glanced at his Security Team, who also seemed to be confused. How could an epidemic have caused the whole place to be ruined like this?

Everyone took out thier tri-corders and began scanning. Unfortunately, the tri-corders weren't responding.

Chain smacked the side of his tri-corder. "Argh! ...Alright everyone. The suits we're wearing should protect us from any air-borne viruses. We don't have to worry about being infected. But if something should arise, we will beam out with our personal transporter devices."

The others nodded in acknowledgement.

Chain sighed, "Start examining the place for evidence... especially those holes in the side of the buildings. See if you can come up with any hypothesis' as to what has caused them."

"Aye, Captian," the team leader said.

Chain was relaxed now that he cleared that up, but then looked slightly away lost in his thoughts for a moment.

"Captian, are you alright?" the team leader asked.

"Huh?" Chain snapped out of it, "Oh, I'm fine, Lieutenant.... Ummm..."
"Raven, sir. I served with you for a short while on the Atlantis."
"Of course," Chain suddenly remembered. "How could I forget your Helm skill?"
Raven smiled, looking down preoccupied with the mission.

"Everyone, move out!" Chain called and then began walking over piles of rubble.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Feb 27 2005, 10:28 AM

**************** The trial will be taking the back seat to the conflict on Jestra, I am going to run some of the Evidence presentations and Witnesses behind the scenes (For the sake of brevity (and sanity) ****************

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Outside of Koran's Cell
1230 Thursday

They both look a little pissed. Falqon breaks a silence "The Prosecution will not get away with this."

"I know Jon, and nor will Lt. Crisp. He is purguring himself."

"They are trying to make you look like a mad man, and want you to get worked up in the courtroom an lash out. which is why, during the recess I asked Gorak to rule that you are not to be present for the rest of the trial.

"You WHAT, JON! I DON'T BELIEVE IT. I thought you were on my side. GO TO HELL, JON, LEAVE ME BE"

XO's Quarters
USS Blade

Jon is talking to a shadowy figure "He is an explosive one Commodore. I had to pull him from the Courtroom."

"I understand, Commander, you don't need to tell me."

"I know, Maybe you can get through to him"

"I can try, and think about my offer" Commodore Teris said stepping from the shadows. "... I don't know if it is going to help, but I will talk to Captain Lacer Koran."

"Thank you Commodore, and I'll tell you in after the trial, what my verdict is that is. No pun intended.

Posted by: Aku Feb 28 2005, 05:35 PM

Captian Chain - Desille City

Chain smacked his tri-corder a couple times. It had been turning on and then off again every once in a while, depending on where he was standing. He approached a broken building, when he found that his tri-corder suddenly began working again. Staying completely still, he began scanning the broken wall infront of him.

"I'm getting some strange bio readings here..." Then the ground rumbled, as if something big was moving. He dropped his arms down and looked around suddenly. What the hell was that?

Chain turned a corner, over large piles of rubble, and peered down an alleyway. To his surprise he saw something long and green speed by. What it was, he couldn't register in his own mind. "What the hell... was that?" He said aloud this time.

He looked back, down the way where his men, scattered throughout the area, but in visual range, were looking at pieces of rubble. Chain turned his head back towards the alley-way and ran down in search of what he thought he saw.

As he neared the behind the toppled building, he found there was nothing there.

Then there was a sound. There was something behind the broken wall to the building next to this building. He quietly stepped over. I wonder if some people were left behind... He thought to himself.

He turned to see what was behind the wall finding Doctor Reyes stepping out. She held her tri-corder in her hand.

"Captian!" She said in surprise. "I was looking all over for you."
Chain's heart rate slowed, relieved at her sight, "Doctor. What are you doing here?"
"I decided to beam in and help you out. Did you know the tri-corders only work in certain areas where there is less radiation?"
The Captian nodded, "Yeah. I was picking up some bio readings earlier. But the tri-corder doesn't recognize them. Why didn't you contact me??"
Reyes gave him a look, "Communicators don't work, remember sir?"
"Oh right. Well, I think I saw something around here. It may be a creature of some sort."

Reyes gave a second to think, "There are no creatures of any kind in this city. The laws for animals hadn't been passed yet."
"Then how do we explain some of these trails," he pointed down. It seemed something was dragged along the ground.
Reyes looked at it perplexed, "I don't know sir. Perhaps, we should follow it?"
Chain nodded, "Alright, but we have to be careful."
"That's a given, sir," she smiled.
Chain nodded again, and began walking. The Doctor followed.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Mar 1 2005, 10:46 PM

Sec. 31 Commodore Alec Teris
Koran's Cell
0600 Friday

"Commodore, what are you doing here?" the incarcarted captain commented (dammit, alliteration much?)

"Lacer Koran, Firey temper, and a superiority complex, right?"

"..." Koran muttered somthing under his breath

"Yep, thought so"

"Why can I not go to my own trial, Commodore? Have you all abandonded me?"

"Far from it, that XO of yours, Falqon, he got the 3rd highest score on the BAR, ever Lacer, 3rd EVER! In addition, we have Fleet Captain Bartkus to defend you, and Gorak to scared to rule against you."

"Piss on Jon, he's so... so... "

"Like you?" the commodore commented (alliteration again, that's it, I am outta here soon)

"Yeah, he is, huh?" Koran sighed

"Yup" the commodore confirmed (DAMMIT, BYE Y'ALL)

Posted by: Aku Mar 3 2005, 08:38 AM

Captian Chain - Desille City

Chain and Reyes stepped through the rubble, getting closer to what ever made the track in the ground, when Chain's commbadge suddenly went off.

*Ald-- t--- Ch---in in--*

It was Captian Alder's voice.

Chain glanced at Reyes curiously. "What the?? I thought commbadges didn't work in this city."
Reyes glanced away in thought, "Maybe they work in certain areas, just as the tricorder's worked in certain areas that were weaker in radiation."
Chain stopped in his tracks, "Well in that case, we'd better stop walking."

He tapped his commbadge.

"Chain here!"
*Cap---, B---g pppr---bl--m. F--- C--ttttain--- Kor---nn. W---orkks--- fff---r Secttt----. He's--- ---can--t----- th--- i---t.*
Chain cursed, "Damn! The radiation isn't making it any clearer."
"Maybe we should beam back up?" Reyes asked.
Chain nodded, "That might be a good idea." He tapped his commbadge, "Alder come in. We'll be up in a few minutes. We just have to---"
*Th--- Ch----- ca---n-tt -----*
"Captian?" Chain asked.

But there was no response.

Posted by: Eric Draven Mar 3 2005, 09:26 AM

Captain Lacer Koran, Brig

Koran sat withen his cell. All he could do is think and wait. Many things were going over in his mind. The most prominiant thought was; Should I walk aaway away from the ageny after all this is done. Will more admirals and other people be watching my every move from now on. He was still unsure what he was going to do. But the first thing he does when he out of here is promote Jon. He's been a damned good officer.

Posted by: Darth Tater Mar 3 2005, 04:01 PM

Commander Taurik, McKinley Station (Earth Orbit)

Commander Taurik sat in the local cantina aboard McKinley Station, Vulcan spiced tea in hand. It wasn't like him to go to a place like this, but with the Ticonderoga in for refit, he wasn't allowed on board, and had nothing to do aboard the station. He took a sip of his tea as he heard the door swish open and several men enter.

"Commander Taurik, you are under arrest."

He stood and turned to face Admiral Ross, who was flanked by two men from Starfleet Security. "I do not understand. I have done nothing to warrant this arrest." Taurik said.

The admiral addressed Taurik with a stern look. "Your recent actions aboard the Ticonderoga were unbelievable and uncalled for, most definitely not in keeping with your rank." One of the guards spoke up. "Follow us."

Taurik was lead down to the station's Security Office, where the captain and first officer of the Ticonderoga were present. The captain walked up to Taurik, and spoke to him softly. "Mr. Taurik, I have watched our career onboard the Ticonderoga with interest. You were a shining officer, and a credit to Starfleet and the Vulcan race. I remember your transfer to my ship, as a young lieutenant, freshly liberated from the Dominion prison camps. You gained the respect of the entire crew of the Ticonderoga. But now, you've changed. I never thought it would come to this, Taurik. I never thought it would be. But you don't deserve your rank any longer."

"Captain, I--"

"Mr. Taurik, you have expressed actions unbefitting of your rank. I want you off my ship immediately..."


"...and instead, you shall be transferred to the U.S.S. Shark..."


" her new commanding officer."

"Sir? I don't understand."

"Mr. Taurik, I hearby promote you to the rank of Captain, and bestow upon you all the privileges and responsibilities that come with such rank."

Posted by: Aku Mar 10 2005, 10:30 PM

Captian Chain - Desille City

Chain glanced over to the Doctor, but was no sooner interrupted by a giant tentacle slamming in front of them.

The Captian and the Doctor dove out of the way, as the enormus thing pulled back. It flew up into the air and held there.
"What the--??" Chain peered up into the clouded sky. There rested the biggest alien tentacle he'd ever seen.

Another one broke out the building wall behind them, shattering debris all over the place. Chain and Reyes ran for it, as more and more tentacles broke out of the ground and through building structures.

One large chunk of stone came flying over thier heads. As it came down towards them, Chain and Reyes were forced to dive to opposite sides. The stone crashed into the ground, dividing them.

A tentacle came around and shot itself towards Chain, but Chain rolled to the side, dodging it. The Tentacle pierced the giant stone, bursting it to pieces. As the smoke cleared, the Captian noticed Reyes running off in the distance. She was being chased by more of the tentacles.

Where are they coming from?? Chain thought to himself. Following thier direction, he could see that they were growing from out of the ground itself.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Mar 14 2005, 08:48 PM


The prosecution stood at the witness stand, the person seated there was a Betazoid, Kajel Reyna, the Blade's Counselor and the prosecution's expert witness.

"... Koran is a great Captain, very dedicated to Starfleet. I did not see this coming, I mean, sure, his fuse is a little short, but, genocide, I don't think that he came up with this plan, I'm sorry, but I will not perjure myself. Not like your other witness"

"OBJECTION, THAT IS JUST REDICULOUS" The Chief prosecutor shouted nervously.

"A Recess of 2 days will be needed to sort this out. Until then." Gorak said shortly.

Posted by: Aku Mar 14 2005, 09:34 PM

Captian Chain - Desille City

Chain reached for his transporter device, but was suddenly attacked. A giant tentacle swooped in from above, piercing its point into Chain's chest. Chain was scooped and thrown up into the air, dropping his transporter device into the debris below.

As he fell, he quickly grabbed onto a nearby tentacle and slid his way down it. When he reached the ground he looked all around, finding tentacles sprouting from out of the shaking ground, everywhere. They bursted all around and behind him, prompting him to run.

He ran over a couple boulders, and ducked down to grab his transporter device. With it, he activated it and dematerialized.

Posted by: Xopher Wailen Mar 16 2005, 08:45 AM

Lieutenant Xopher Wailen
Chief Medical Officer USS SHARK
LOCATION: McKinley Station (I think).

Xopher Wailen slumped gloomily down into his chair, and switched on his computer. Taking a cigarette from his pack of cammels and lighting it, he browsed through his messages.

The computer beeped and the image changed to Admiral Ross's Face. Dropping the cigarette into the neigbouring ash tray, Xopher composed himself.

"Admiral...This is quite unexpected".

"I'm sorry to disturb you..However I need to inform you of certain new arrangements..."

Xopher looked puzzled for a moment. He had not been stationed for a great deal of time on board. He thought worriedly for a moment that something could be quite wrong.

"...erm what exactly do you mean sir?"

"I have reason to believe that your assistance is required on bored the USS Shark, so I am re-assigning you." The Admiral replied.

"Further more you shall take the role of Chief Medical Officer, and be promoted to Lieutenant, with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails."

Xopher looked stunned at the screen and said nothing. The Admiral smiled.

"...Congratulations doctor. I must attend to some other bussiness, Ross out."

The admirals face dissapeared and the screen changed back to its familiar display. Xopher finished off the ciggarette, and smiled to himself.

Posted by: Darth Tater Mar 16 2005, 04:14 PM

Captain Taurik - McKinley Station Cantina

Taurik had just recently finished packing his belongings from the Ticonderoga, and getting ready for the transit to Deep Space Nine, and then to the Gamma Quadrant colony. He couldn't place the name at the moment. Something with a "J" in it. He came back to the cantina, realizing it could be his last chance at a spiced tea for quite a while. Upon entering, he noticed a man looking over a PADD, supposedly a crew roster. His passing glance caught the word "Shark". Realizing it may not be any of his business, he casually looked again. The title read: "U.S.S. Shark, NCC-97405 - Crew Roster". Taurik decided this might be a good idea to get acquainted with a member of his crew.

"I apologize, but I noticed you are looking over a crew roster of the Starship Shark," Taurik stated. "Have you been assigned to the Shark?"

The man turned around, confused as to why this Vulcan was talking to him. "Um, yes I have," he said, noticing the Vulcan's collar. "...sir. Why do you ask?"

"I have just been assigned to the Shark as well. It is a strange coincidence, but pleasant nonetheless."

"Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm Lieutenant Wailen. I'll be the new Chief Medical Officer."

"I hope you have your possessions packed. The Ares will be departing for Deep Space Nine in one hour, and we will need to be onboard."

Posted by: Xopher Wailen Mar 17 2005, 04:53 AM

Lieutenant Xopher Wailen
McKinley Station

After having been surprised by the un-annouced appearance of (unknown to him at the time) of his captain, Xopher decided that it prehaps would be a good idea to retire to double check his luggage. After sending his luggage to be loaded onto the Ares, he retired to a secluded corner for a quick ciggarette.

Sighing to himself he considered what was to be done. This was a big step for Xopher in his carreer, and boy did he know it. He left his corner as he saw the captain approach the vessel.

"You made it then Dr" the captain said regarding him for a moment.

"Yeah just about" xopher replied smiling.

They borded the Ares together and took their seats. Preparing for the journey ahead of them.

Posted by: Darth Tater Mar 19 2005, 08:09 PM

Captain Taurik - Bridge, U.S.S. Ares

Captain Taurik walked out of the turbolift onto the bridge of the Ares. While he would normally take the advisor's chair on a larger ship like a Galaxy or Sovereign class, the Ares was a smaller ship, an Intrepid class, and as such, had no advisor's chair. Taurik resolved to simply stand at the rear of the bridge, making sure not to get in the way. The captain of the Ares saw Taurik just standing there, and called him over.

"Don't be shy now, captain, we won't bite," he said with a ribbing tone.

Taurik raised an eyebrow. "I am not worried that you will bite me. I simply do not wish to interfere."

The captain laughed. "It's just a phrase, captain. Come sit down, my XO's off-duty right now, so I've got a spare seat."

Taurik began to move toward the chair. "Thank you, captain."

The Vulcan looked around the bridge, admiring the efficiency. "This is quite a commendable vessel," he remarked.

"That she is. I'm proud of each and every member of my crew, and they've all done fantastic jobs onboard. Listen, Taurik, I know you are a Vulcan, and don't like to open up to people, but when you're a captain of a ship, you can't always be so serious. Let your crew get to know you. Believe me, a crew functions much better serving for a captain they like, rather than a captain they don't really know."

"I see no fault in your logic. I will try."

Several Hours Later - Taurik's Quarters

The chime roused Taurik from his meditation routine. he stood, and moved to the comm panel above the replicator. Pressing the button, a female bridge officer's voice sounded.

"Captain Taurik, we've arrived at Deep Space Nine," she said.

"Thank you. I will be along shortly," he replied.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Mar 19 2005, 09:35 PM

(Yay... last trial post before the sentancing)

"Fleet Captain Bartkus, Captain Anderson" Gorak said "Approach the bench"

Anderson appeared to still be outraged at Reyna's testimony, and accusations. "Lt. Reyna is an outright liar and should be put to death!" he exclaimed to Gorak

"Captain..." Gorak said patiently

"I mean..." Anderson inturpted only to be interupted

"CAPTAIN!" Gorak shouted at him."You witness that was accused of pergury has confessed to everything"

"SHIT!!!" Anderson swore "OKay,I did it, I was holding his wife hostage, our case was..."

"Anderson, shut the hell up or I wll have your commission."Gorak sileced the babeling fool."I have no option but to declare this a mistrial, or let Captain KOran Go with a Formal Repremand, and constant survilence. Adjourned. My desicion comes in one week, until then, Release him to his ship."

Posted by: Aku Mar 20 2005, 10:44 PM

Captian Chain - Transporter Center

Chain beamed in, trying to catch his breath. He couldn't believe what he saw. What the hell were those things?? Looking around, he saw that his Away Team was there. They had escaped aswell.

"Captian! Are you alright?" One of them asked.
Chain nodded, "I'm fine. Where's Doctor Reyes?"
The Team glanced at each other, unsure.
Chain stood up, "You mean she's still out there??"
"I believe so," someone answered.
"She may already be dead..." another man spoke.

Chain glanced at his tri-corder. He had to get his readings examined immediately. "I need some volunteers to go back out there..." He said, darkly.

The Team suddenly became shocked. Was it right for Chain to ask another man to go out there?

"You would be going alone. I have to get to the Medical Center with this information..." Chain paused. "When my business is done, and if you're still out there... I'll personally join you."

They all looked at each other. Had the Captian gone mad? Nevertheless, there was no questioning him. He knew what he was doing.

"I volunteer," someone stepped forward.
"I'll volunteer aswell," another man stepped forward.
Chain half-expected that no one would volunteer. Especially knowing what was out there. "Alright," Chain nodded.
"--Sir, I volunteer too," another man, younger, stood forward.
"You realize your lives are at stake here?" Chain leveled.
They all replied, "Understood, Captian."
Chain stepped forward, off the Transoirter Padd. "Find Doctor Reyes. It is of the utmost importance. I believe she can help stop these... things, more than anybody. Do whatever it takes, is that understood?"
"Yes, sir," they all said.

He stared them each in the eye one last time. He could see thier commitment to this mission, and he believed they could do it. Chain nodded, "Good luck."

The volunteers got onto the padd and beamed out. Chain dismissed the others and got onto the padd himself. He transported out of there.

Posted by: Eric Draven Mar 20 2005, 11:09 PM

Captain Koran Lacer. USS Blade. His Quaters.

Koran just walked into his quaters. It felt good to be back home. being cooped up in that brig was very annoying and uncomfortable. He thougyht to himself. I'm glad the trial part is done. But what's my sentance?

Koran walked over to the replactor. He commanded to the device, "Hasperat, with a side of kavva melon, and Andorain Ale." He pulled the try out and sat it on his desk. He finally good eat a decent meal of choice. not some random dish they gave him. He took a bit of the Hasperet. he spoke to himself. "thats damned good"

After 30 minutes he finished his meal. He picked up the reports on the repairs to his ship. It wasn't severaly damaged, but it suffered some damage none the less. He pulled up a blank PADD and typed in a few upgrades on his ship. The list followed

Upgrade Warheads and guidance system's on torpedo's
Install another secondary Sheild genarator
Increase density of Ablative Armor around deck 1.
Install a secondary 3GW Fusion generator, Tied directally into the impulse system.

After finishing the list he had it sent to the repair master. ANd then walked into the bed chamber and decided to call it a night.

Posted by: Xopher Wailen Mar 21 2005, 06:36 AM

Lieutenant Xopher Wailen
His Temporary Quarters

Xopher looked out of his window at the looming image of the famous DS9 station. He would only be staying their for a short time before being briefed and carted off to the USS SHARK. Settling back into his chair he closed his eyes drifting off in to a light slumber He was awoken only by the sounds of machinery grinding together, and an alert signifying they were safely docked with DS9.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Mar 21 2005, 07:45 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
USS Blade
Koran's Quarters
0800:3 days before sentancing

"So, Captian, how does it feel to be back" Falqon queried

"Great, Jon, It feels, wonderful, I am glad to be back. You must have done some wonderful lawyering"

"Well, I could not have done it if you did not transfer the status reports during this ordeal."

"Heh," Koran chuckled

"How did you know that he would lie about the communique to Starfleet HQ, telling them ofwhat you were about to do."

"What is it that the magicians always say, oh, right 'I Never reveal my secrets."

'Well we find out the sentace in three days Koran, I think that Gorak is going to demote you, even though he said formal repremand."

Posted by: Darth Tater Mar 21 2005, 07:52 PM

Captain Taurik - Docking Umbilical, U.S.S. Ares

Captain Taurik stood with his bags in hand as the docking umbilical opened. Before him stood a strange, circular that was similar to an old Earth sprocket. That too, opened, revealing several Starfleet and Bajoran officers. The leader of the pack, a Bajoran female, stood forward.

"Welcome to Deep Space Nine," she said. "I'm Colonel Kira Nerys, commander of this station."

Taurik passed the sprocket-like door and entered the station. "Thank you, Colonel," he replied. "I am Captain Taurik, the new commanding officer of the U.S.S. Shark."

"The Rio Grande will be ready to leave for Jestra V tomorrow," she stated. "Until then, we'll assign you and any other passengers to some quarters and you can do whatever you want. Avoid the dabo tables, though. You'll never win."

"Thank you, Colonel," Taurik said, repeating himself. He watched as Kira gave a small chuckle and walked off toward the Promenade.

Posted by: Eric Draven Mar 21 2005, 11:06 PM

USS Blade, Captain Koran Lacer. His Quaters.

"At least I get to keep my command, They can Demote me. But I belong on in that chair on the bridge."

Jon looked at him and said "I agree"

"So am I going to be demoted to Exe Commander or just a plan commander?" Asked Lacer.

Jon responded "Probally a Exe Commander, Since this is a odd and rare case. so it kinda calls for a rare rank." Jon said with a smile.

"the thing I don't understand is how is gorak on my side, Jon? Asked Lacer.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Mar 24 2005, 08:16 AM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Koran's Quarters
USS Blade

"Alec Teris, that's how."

"Commodore Alec Teris?, Of S31?" Koran Asked.

"Yep, he also said that they are keeping you on, and cadding a new agent, under your command, to the roster"

"Oh, who?"

"Yours truly." Falqon smirked

Posted by: Eric Draven Mar 24 2005, 08:59 AM

Captain Koran, USS Blade, His Quaters.

"Ah so your a full timer now?" Lacer spoke

"Yep" said Jon

Lacer Replied, "Thats good becasue I feal like steping back. Becasue more will be watching me. And they won't be watching you. Will they?"

(Maybe we should continue this over AIM and then post it. that way it easier.)

Posted by: Aku Mar 27 2005, 06:02 PM

Captian Chain - Medical Center

Chain approached the doors to the Main Lab in the Medical Center. As he went to step through them, he was forced to stop. Looking around, the doors didn't open. "Um... What?"

Chain tapped his commbadge, "Computer, over-ride the doors to the Medical Lab, Chain-Delta-Pie-4-Tango."
The computer chirped in response, *Captian Chain is not authorized to enter the Lab.*
"Not authorized!?"

Suddenly the viewscreen next to the lock blinked on. It was Admiral Tarnell.

*Captian Chain, by my order I have dis-allowed you to continue interfering with the investigation on the planet.* Tarnell said.
"Your order!? I'm in charge here! I've been in this Quadrant longer than anyone here has!"
Tarnell adjusted his sitting, *Look... I'm sorry. But your place on this trial was needed and you decided to ignore that.* He looked to the side, uneasy and then back at Chain, *If I may be frank... I... don't blame you for what you're trying to do. In fact, I am impressed.*
"Then let me back inside the Lab! I have more readings on what's going on down here!!" He held up his tri-corder.
*Like I said, I don't blame you. But I have to do my job... in any other situation I'd help you. But I have to put my foot down as an Admiral. Due to your absense on this trial, you are here-by discontinued in your investigation on Jestra. Leave it to the professionals, Captian. Doctor Eilrin has informed me that she is making progress.*

The screen then clicked off. Chain leaned over and punched his fist into the metal door in anger. As he let go and open his fist, he realized how Tarnell had changed. In fact, Tarnell kind of impressed him.

Chain shook his head and began walking down the hall towards the exit. Now all that worried him was Sayaka. She was laying sick in bed, and he couldn't do anything.

He looked at his tricorder, "Eilrin has to get this information. There's something about these giant tentacles that's connected to me on a personal level. They're not just some alien invasion..."

Suddenly, two men stepped out from an intersecting hallway. They were two Doctor's that Chain had met in the past.
"Greetings, Captian," Sonak said.
"We're still here!" Rodriquez added.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Apr 3 2005, 07:42 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Koran's Quarters
USS Blade

"Jon, I'm promoting you." spoke Koran

"What?! How? I might out rank you after the sentencing."

"I am making you a Full Commander, you are a damn fine officer"

"Thank you sir, The senencing is in a couple of hours, get some rest." Falqon almost ordered

"Okay Jon, and here" said Koran as he tossed a box, containig a full pip

[04.04.05 I am now adding the Sentencing part here]


Everyone was in full dress uniform, Gorak walked into the Courtroom shortly after the Baliff ordered all to rise.
"All but Prosecution and Defence be seated" he spoke "Captain Lacer Koran, are you ready to recieve your sentencing"

"Aye, sir" Koran said, this was as civil as Gorak had ever been to him. he wasn't about to ruin it for himself.

The Commodore rose, walked over to Koran and removed one pip from his collar, replacing it with a black one. "You are now Executive Commander Lacer Koran, you may keep the CO position on the Blade... if you wish. Oh, and Lacer, watch out, I will have people watching your every move."

Posted by: Aku Apr 5 2005, 07:28 AM

Captian Chain - Medical Center

Sonak and Rodriquez allowed Chain access into the building. They also quickly pulled him into a seperate Lab.

"What the?? I thought you guys left!?" Chain said.
Sonak activated a panel, "That would be illogical."
"You need help, Captian, and we're your only hope," Rodriquez said as he brought up research.
"We have been studying the radiation on the planet, and find it most interesting," Sonak said as Chain gave him a tricorder.
"Well, I have something more interesting you might want to check out," Chain said.

They cross-referenced the data on the tricorder and read the results on the screen. After a moment, there was a look of shock on Rodriquez's face.

"It's true... they have come to life," Rodriquez said.
Chain nodded, "That tentacle species... they're from more of those Nor'Shizi Artifacts, right?"
"Are you two saying this is the same species of the artifact that caused Captian Chain's transformation?" Sonak asked.
"There's no doubt. I could sense them. I know it," Chain walked over to the screen, looking at the data.

"But how have they grown and taken over the planet?" Sonak was perplexed.
Rodriquez shook his head, "Don't you remember!? The Kei was engineered to serve the dead. The Nor'Shizi would distribute them in the underground Catacombs in order to nourish the dead bodies... It was-- err, a way to keep them from decaying completely."
Chain turned around and nodded, "Right. And those lengthy Tentacles would be wired throughout the caves and suctioned onto their tombs... After the Dominion got through with this place... those Kei had nothing left to nourish."

Sonak stepped around, "Fascinating. But how does that explain thier sudden growth?"
"That we can't explain. There is no way to find out unless we execute months of research," Rodriquez said.

Chain looked down, "I suppose so... I don't know. Maybe... maybe the dead bodies used to keep the Kei from growing like that."

He glanced up on screen and squinted, feeling something deeper for the Kei.

"But then again, maybe they heard the cries of the Nor'Shizi who were killed on that planet... Maybe they heard thier cries..."

Posted by: Darth Tater Apr 20 2005, 04:36 PM

Captain Taurik - Deep Space Nine

Taurik had his bag ready, and was standing next to several other officers bound for the Gamma Quadrant. The hatch opened, and the group entered the runabout. Taurik went for the cockpit, and was met by a young Trill female in a blue uniform.

"Hi, I'm Lieutenant Ezri Dax, I'll be your pilot this fine morning," she said with a sarcastic but inviting smile. Taurik took the co-pilot's seat while Ezri began the preflight sequence.

Several Hours Later - Gamma Quadrant

The Rio Grande dropped out of warp near a small planet, and around it was an orbiting starbase. The dockmaster cleared the runabout for docking, and the tiny starship slid into a landing bay.

Posted by: Eric Draven Apr 20 2005, 05:29 PM

Executive Commander Koran Lacer, Bridge, USS Blade

Koran Stepped out of the Turbolift onto his Bridge. He looked around to see everyone stand at attention, and a young Lt Comander started clapping whcih the rest fell in line. She spoke "It's good you have you back Captain". Koran replied "It's good to be back, At ease everyone. I'll be in my ready room"

Ready Room, USS Blade

Koran took a seat at his deck. He was very greatful he was able to keep his command. The Demotion was a little bump in his career. But maybe in time he'll regain the rank of captain. He was glad he wasn't doing any major work for the agency anymore. that has been dawned on his XO.
"Computer" He Spoke, "Green Tea, Iced" He picked up a PADD. to go over the crew roster and transfers. Which after a looking it over he sent to Falqon's Quaters to figure out the duty roster.

(This is probally my last post for the Ep)

(in tradition he'll still be called captain since he's a CO of a ship. But he'll have the rank of Exe Commander.)

Posted by: Aku Apr 26 2005, 09:23 PM

Captian Chain - Medical Center, Jestra V

Chain entered the Lobby. The vast Federation architechture carried the entrance high enough to echo the Captian's calmed footsteps. He was about to head off into a fit of emotion, worrying about his friend lost in the invaded city when they entered through the main doors.

Two Federation Officer's supporting in a limping Doctor Reyes, struggled to keep thier own footing. Chain immediately ran over when this regestered. "Doctor!"

The three glanced up at him, torn and wrecked in thier uniforms. Reyes managed to let the guy on her right go, stepping up to her own balance. She looked at Chain in the eyes.

But Chain's eyes then turned to the man she let go. He walked around, intending on passing the Captian. "He's dead," the Officer said, angry.
"Lieutenant Raven. He was crushed by one of those... tentacles!" He continued.
Chain looked down in realization. He then glanced back at the angry Officer, who passed and continued walking down the Lobby undismissed.

Chain glanced back at Reyes, who was broken and hurt. "What happened!?"
"Ugh..." Reyes started, "I was cornered... I managed to escape through a crevace to a open area, but more of those things started chasing me. I fell... I don't know how many times."
Chain looked down, saddened. "I can't imagine what was going through your head."
Reyes looked up at him, focused, "Calculations."
"What?" Chain asked.
Reyes continued, "I was thinking about what I had studied on the Kei. I think I've come to understand thier biological structure. It's based--- Argh!" She held her chest in pain. She was bleeding internally. "--I know. I know the Kei from a scientific perspective. I figured it out!"
In Chain's mind, his jaw dropped a thousand feet. Could she have really have realized what she said she had? Did she elevate to another plain of understanding so thoroughly?

"We have to get you to a BioBed," Chain said immediately. She was in worse shape now, than a minute ago. And then, before he could say anymore, she squirmed in a painful shock losing the other officer's hold on her and she fell.

Reyes fell to her knees, prompting the two men to try to help her up. But it was too late. Her skin was turning pale... she was infected with the disease. The worst disease to hit Jestra V in the history of the planet. It consumed thousands, and now it was consuming the Doctor. She passed out.

An Hour Later... - Section B

Everyone in thier beds was moved to the larger area where all the Doctors could put thier attention on the patients at once. Chain stood in the sea of the sick, where they all had the Kei Disease. Chain felt responsible. Only now were the final hostages brought in. They were all sick... and all regretting the move to the Gamma Quadrant.

There lay Sayaka.

Chain stepped forward, about to leave when it occurred to him. There's no way we can stop these things... we have to evacuate the planet. He glanced up to a corner window where the light shone through. This strangely brave new world was nature taking itself back, and the Humans were just in the way.

Posted by: Aku May 4 2005, 08:46 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549

Chain stepped into the Operations Center. It was busy as hell, with panicky Commanders and some Admirals. How this place had become filled with high ranking Officer's lately, he observed.

Chain looked around for her. He lifted his sights above distant heads, and titled around distant over-lapping bodies. She was no where in his horizontal line of sight.

"Computer, please locate Captian Alder?" He spoke out amung the background voices him.

*Captian Alder is not aboard the Station,* the Computer replied.

Always so general, Chain thought. Can't you ever be more specific on her exact whereabouts? He went over to a computer and searched the database. According to it, the missing Captian Alder wasn't even in the Gamma Quadrant. It says here... She's transferred to Earth! Chain looked away in confusion. Why did she do that?? She didn't even talk to me.

Chain closed off the console and crossed the floor to the communications controls. There, a Lieutenant had been working on sending and recieving many messages through and from the Wormhole.

"Captian," he nodded.
"Lieutenant, I need you to get me in contact with Starfleet Command," Chain said.
"Oh, I don't know sir. We've only been able to get a steady signal through the Wormhole three times out of thrity-eight attempts! And it only works when the Wormhole is open."
Chain was disappointed, "Damn. When is the next ship to go through it and open it?"
The Lieutenant shrugged, "I don't kn-- Oh wait. Actually, the Rio Grande has just opened it. The opening may be momentary, but I can hold a signal through it."

He tapped at the controls quickly.

Suddenly the small viewscreen to thier left, blinked on. A partially static image came on, and it was the Federation Logo. An Admiral accepted the transmission.
*This is certainly rare! There must be countless Relays directing this signal!* The Admiral said surprised.
"Whoa! I did it!" The Lieutenant said.
"Great job!" Chain slapped his shoulder. "--Now Admiral, I need to speak to Captian Alder."
The Admiral took a moment to recall her name in his head. "Oh yes! I am certain I can patch you through, Captian Chain. Please hold."

A moment later, Captian Alder blinked on screen. It was just as distorted as the last image.

*Captian Chain,* she said calmly and without expression. She looked as if she just came out of a mind-numbing meeting, or a boring sleep.
"Alder! What happened? Why did you give up your own Command??"
*Just moving on, Captian. Personal reasons.*
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--"
*No. It's quite alright. I believe someone by the name of Taurik shall be taking care of the Shark. I met him once before. He is perfect for the ship.*
"Understood. Take care of yourself, Captian."
*I will. Alder out.*

The screen clicked off, leaving Chain a bit estranged. Was there a real reason she left? Something under-handed? This wasn't the time to think. Right now the evacuation of the entire Planet was underway.

Chain nodded to the Lieutenant and left. He walked over to a giant window and looked out at Jestra. Almost a hundred Transport Pods were leaving the planet and heading for the Starbase, filled with people.

Hopefully the evacuation would be temporary until they could find a solution to the problem on the planet. In the meantime, a lot of people didn't have a problem leaving. There was something haunting about Jestra now... Something cold.