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Episode 4 - "Distinct Nature"

Posted by: Aku Mar 29 2004, 06:08 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549 orbiting Jestra V

Chain had exited a boring meeting between Captian's and Commander's. He hadn't had much rest lately, and his body was needing it. Strangely his strength would weaken every now and then, but 12 Hours later it would be up to full. If anything, during those heightened periods Chain felt stronger than humanly possible.

He couldn't understand the fluxuations in his body, but he felt it all the way to his cells. Ever since he was suctioned with the Kei artificat of Nor'Shizi bio-technology, he'd been diagnosed with Cellular Degradation.

Doctor Monica Reyes, who was turning out to be a good friend of his, was doing everything she could for research on his problem. Unfortunately, she had claimed that Chain's mortality was in danger. It was more than positive that Chain was going to die in the next couple weeks.

"Oh man..." Chain had to get his mind off this. He went over to a console in the Command Center. There he saw Alder Jakson's bio. She was promoted to Captian just recently; and well deserved at that. The Federation in the Alpha Quadrant couldn't spare any new Captian's to the Gamma Quadrant due to rebuild efforts and thier own problems.

Being out here, is like we're our own Federation... Chain thought to himself. He then looked at a panel which just happened to shine in the light and reflect his own reflection.

"What the hell?" His reflection revealed some kind of small tentacle sticking out of his forehead. Slowly, he placed his hand upon it and felt that it really was there. "Uh!!" He touched the tentacle around and felt it weird. It was growing out the right side of his forehead and it moved at his own will.

Chain quickly looked back into the console's reflection and watched as the tentacle sucked itself back into his head. It was gone as if it was never there at all. The pure sight of what just happened sent chills down his spine.

The Captian quickly left the Command Center and headed to the Medical Lab for a suddenly much needed check-up.

Posted by: Alan Orlando Mar 29 2004, 07:06 PM

Bajoran Wormhole - Alpha Quadrant

The blue light of the wormhole illuminated the grey hull of the USS Explorer, the Galaxy class starship was heading towards the bajoran wormhole alongside another, smaller vessel.
Onboard the Explorer there were 1038 life forms according to the ship's internal sensors
Everyone is on the ship... thought Lieutanant Commander Javier Cruz as his hands moved swiftly over the operations console and his brown eyes were looking at the sensor's readings.

"Condition nominal sir, we are ready for departure"

"Alright then, hail the relief vessel, commander and tell them that we are ready to proceed towards the gamma quadrant" said the captain of the Explorer.

"Aye, aye sir"

"The relief vessel report that they are ready to go sir" reported Cruz a few moments later.

"Understood, helm take us in 1/4 impulse"

And with that words the huge vessel began to move slowly towards the wormhole.

Hours later...

USS Shark - Turbolift

"Computer bridge" ordered commander Cruz, a moment later the tubolift began to ascend towards it's ordered destination.

The bridge of the Shark was almost empty since most of the crew was either busy finishing repairing the ship or was on a shore leave on the starbase.
As usual nobody noticed him as he entered the bridge, his friends often joke about that he could have entered Starfleet Intelligence, but he always answered them that his place was on the stars exploring, reason why he was very exited about his new post on the Shark.
Cruz walked towards the ready room and touched the acces panel.

"Come" told him Captain Jackson.

As the door opened, Cruz walked.

"Lieutenant Commander Javier Cruz, reporting for duty, sir"

Posted by: Kelly Mar 30 2004, 07:08 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Quarters, USS Alantis

Reyes was glad for some downtime, after the recent events. She looked out her window at the starbase, then turned back to her work. She was busy analysing recent blood tests from captain Chain, her expression was grim. "Just tell me how to prevent this..." she whispered to the results. In all her years as a doctor, she had never come across any case such as this. Research she had done, shown nothing.

Reyes stood up and walked over to the window, running a hand through her dark brown hair, perhaps I could make use of the facilities in the med lab while we're here. Gathering her items, she headed for the door, she was stopped. She turned to the monitor, incoming message. Reyes sat down and turned it on, "Doctor Reyes?"
"This is Monica Reyes," she said with a small smile, it was a short, human male, who she vaguely reconised, wasn't he... "I'm Doctor Ryan," he said, "Chief Medical Officer of..."
"This starbase," she finished for him, reconising here he was, in the lab. "May I ask why you took such methods to contact me?"
"Captain Chain came down for a check up about half an hour ago...I understand you're his physicitian." Reyes nodded, then narrowed her eyes, had he gotten worse.
"I know of his present condition but I think there may be more symptons than you first thought, I believe, I believe he may be seeing things." I'll be the judge of that.
"I was on my over anyway doctor, if it's no trouble. I would like to see my patient."

Reyes stepped in the medical lab, it was three times the size of the sickbay on the Alantis. She saw Ryan, "Where's Captain Chain?" He indicated at the curtain over the far side of the room, "He claims that...something came out of him, a tentacle or something." Reyes nodded, what did they think? He was going out of his mind? "I would like to see him."

Reyes pulled back the curtain, Chain was sitting up on the biobed, "Captain?"
She got out her tricorder and ran it down the whole length of his body, she looked at it carefully, nothing out of the ordinary, just what she had expected. "Doctor Ryan said you saw something?"
"I saw it alright, it came out of me," he pointed at his forehead, "Right here." Reyes stepped closed and looked at it, running her hands over it, if something had come out, there was no evidence of it. Chain saw the look, "I didn't imagine this thing, Monica."

"I wasn't thinking that," Reyes said brightly. She looked closely, "Are you positive you saw this thing?"
"Of course, it's because of this condition isn't it?"
"The research I have on it is limited, I'm having some specialists come over. It's too soon to say, I think Doctor Ryan is ready to have you committed." Reyes looked at him with a worrying expression. "And I don't know if this helps, but I believe captain. If you saw something, then it was there." She turned back to find Ryan standing right outside, "I'm going to need your facilities."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Mar 30 2004, 09:08 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Mess Hall, USS Shark

M`Ress walked into Mess Hall and sat down at the bar with a sigh. He considered turning around and going back to his quarters, but he really needed a break, a little time away from the bridge. Everything seemed louder and harsher today.

Yesterday, he stormed back to his quarters and attempted to write his personal log for the two hours. Right now, all he wanted to do was to unwind. "Can I get you something, Ensign ?" the bartender asked.

"Amarula Cream, your biggest glass" he told the Andorian.

"Wow, someone had a bad day," the bartender said, giving him a 200 ml glass.

"More like a bad week."

M`Ress walked away and sat down at an unoccupied table. Staring out the porthole windows at the stars, he felt guilty for being rude to the Andorian. Instead of drinking, M`Ress buried his face in his hands.

About a minute passed when he felt movement beside him and even though he wasn't telepathic, he could have sworn someone was staring at him. "What do you want?" he asked, rather curtly.

The person moved so that she could peek through the gaps between his fingers. "Looking for you actually."

Sayaka Koyama!

She was wearing a short bronze-gold crush dress, a matching choker with long purple pants and knee-high bronze boots. Her dark hair brushed smoothly over her shoulders.

"Please, I'm rather busy."

She almost laughed at that. She pried his fingers apart, looked him straight in the eye and said, "No, you're not."

He shook his hands free from her grasp. "Yes, I am."

Angry now she said, "This has to stop now. Why do you hate me ?"

"I don't hate you. Its just ... I feel uneasy around you. I cannot explain it."

Sayaka considered his explaination. "Alright. I suppose that is settled for the time being. Can you tell me where Captain Chain is ?"

"I do not know. Consult the computer, it keeps track of everyone."

"Thank you Ensign." she said, heading to the floor.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Mar 31 2004, 10:31 AM

Alder Jakson, Ready Room, USS Shark

Alder sat in the captain's ready room. Or rather her ready room.

She had a hard time believing that the ship was all her own. Alder hadn't been expecting this at least not for a few more years.

She glanced at her PADD. the downside of being a commanding officer was all the paper work. Even if it wasn't paper. There were reports and the such to read. She sighed.

THe door to her ready room beeped.

"Come." she said.

A man stepped in and came to attention.

"Lieutenant Commander Javier Cruz, reporting for duty, sir" he said.

She looked at him. Cruz...Cruz. Ah yes.

"Ah. At ease, Mr. Cruz. Welcome aboard the Shark. We are currently having some downtime. We took a major beating last mission and are finishing up repairs. So you can hang out around the station. But, please keep in touch as I suspect we'll be getting our marching orders soon. And when i find out more, I'll pass what I can on to you. Any questions?"

Alder stepped back and waited.


Posted by: Alan Orlando Apr 1 2004, 01:47 PM

USS Shark - Ready Room

"...any questions" said captain Jakson

Cruz thinked for a second "Well sir if you don't mind i would like to assist with the repairs and began organizing the ops department"

The young captain nodded "Suit yourself commander, dismissed"

And with that the commander walked out of the ready room.
Now were do i found the chief engieneer... thought as he entered the turbolift

Posted by: Eric Draven Apr 1 2004, 03:19 PM

Captain Lacer Koran USS Blade, Ready room.

Lacer was overlooking the plan to attack the Nor'Shizi colony. He was rethinking the whole this over. Wondering if it's the right thing to do. But his answer to his question was. It was a just thing to do. this attack will show the Nor'Shizi that the federation will not stand by and allow them to attack federation property.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 1 2004, 03:48 PM

Acting Captain Alder Jakson, USS Shark, Ready Room
Alder watched the officer walk out.
She had to tell him she didn't like being sir'd. At her last physical she had, she was quite certain that it had said she was a female.

SHe sighed. SHe might as well get off the ship. Alder walked out of her ready room. She notified the officer on deck where she was headed and then headed for the station.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Apr 2 2004, 09:47 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
First Officer's Quarters
U.S.S. Blade

Falqon and his assistant are sitting in his quarters, talking over a meal.

"Wolfe, tell me what you think the captain is up to."

"Well, sir....well.... honestly sir I do not know." the young officer stuttered.

"That is okay Wolfe, finish your food. I am going to talk to the Koran himself."

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
U.S.S. Blade

"Captain...." he notices that the captain is not there

"Sir, the captain is in his ready room" said the helmsman


"Who's there?" inquired the captain

"Falqon, sir"

A few seconds later the captian responds "Come"

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
U.S.S. Blade

"Sir, there is an area on deck 6, section 3 I think, that I cannot access. As acting First Officer, I must protest to the restiction of such a large area of this tiny ship"

Posted by: Aku Apr 2 2004, 10:14 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549 orbiting Jestra V

Chain hung out on in the Command Center for a while. Since the Atlantis was undergoing repairs, he thought it wouldn't be necessary to stay there where constant computer malfunctions would occur.

He sat in a comfy command chair, slumped, and bored. It was a such a relief that his Doctor believed in him. If no one did, he would have gone crazy. In the meantime he was avoiding his confinement to the Medical Lab. That place sent chills down his spine. Personally, he didn't like hanging around Sickbay's or Infermaries or anything like that. He found the most comfort on the Bridge, and really, if that would calm his stress chemical imbalances, wouldn't staying in the Command Center be for the best?

As he sat there looking at the Viewscreen which showed the stars, one of the Jestra moons, and the left side of the Atlantis, his brain numbed... Chain then slammed his fist lightly on the chair. Damn! We should be out there in deep space exploring or meeting new species. Not coming back to where we started! He just sat there, until a transmission from the U.S.S. Shark patched in from Sayaka.

*Hi!* She said.
"Koyama," Chain replied, "I'm sorry I can't leave my position. I have to remain on the Starbase."
*Why? I don't understand.*
"It's nothing to worry about. I perfer to be alone for a while."
She nodded, *I see. Well, Sayaka out.*

Posted by: Eric Draven Apr 2 2004, 10:20 PM

USS Blade, Ready Room, Captain Koran

Jon, i dont want to tell you, if you get involved your career might be ruined. spoke Koran. Falqon replied. Sir you know i will always back you.
Koran's response was. Alright, another crewmember which name will not be given and I are creating a weapon to use against the Nor'Shizi. we Are going to attack one of there colonies. To show them we are not messing around here. That we will not take there crap. Teach them a bloody lesson.

Falqon's response was. Count me in, I want revenge on them to.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 3 2004, 06:05 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab, Starbase 549

Reyes stepped back and looked to the screen, she had being anxious to get into the lab and run all sorts of tests to help out Chain. Although, she loved sickbay and it had everything she needed. It didn't quite have the equipment to help out on this certain problem. She let out a small sigh as it came up with the same result she had bein getting everytime.

"Something wrong, Doctor Reyes?"
Are you still here? "Not at all," she said without looking to Doctor Ryan, she glanced back to the monitor, "An hour til the specialists get here."
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Only if you know anything about Cellular Degradation," she said, her tone indicating that she was not being sarcastic. He stepped forward, the look on his face, she reconised as interest, curiousity.
"I'm afraid not, but then again I've never seen a case, who is it?" She felt like lashing out at him There's some happy thoughts. Reyes could do nothing but tell him, "Captain Chain," she answered, "You know the one is seeing things."

"What course of treatment have you been giving him?"
"When I first found out about it, I tried to speed up regeneration by small doses of beta radiation, no effect." Reyes said quietly. "I knew it wouldn't work with any conviantent treatment."
"Can you estimate how long he has left?"
"No," she lied to him. She could tell the interest, these people were not gonna use him as some sort of Guinea Pig. "If you'll excuse me," she said walking back over to the station, a scan came up with a body scan, Chain's.

"Computer zoom in by 100." She tilted her head to the right, "Focus on the head area." She watched as the head come into full view, taking up most of the screen. "Magnify on the Cerebrum," it did as requested. "Magnify on the left hemisphere." She looked closely, "Magnify the frontal lobe." There it was, a dark matter on the brain, it weren't a tumor though. So what is it? Could this be the thing the captain saw coming out of his head. "I need to be able to see it better."

She tapped her comm badge, "Reyes to Captain Chain."
"Chain here. Go ahead."
"Could you come down to the medical lab for a moment, there's something I need to show you." Reyes looked back to it.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Apr 3 2004, 03:57 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
U.S.S. Blade

"Captain, I hate the Nor'Shizi just as much, if not more than you do." Falqon said "And I will always back you. You are my captain."

"I am glad to hear you say that Jon, now we can talk..."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 5 2004, 09:13 AM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - His Quarters, USS Shark

M`Ress was tossing and turning in his cat bed, having a major nightmare.

"Come on, M`Ress, just hand over your toy. If you will do that, then I won't have to pound your nose into the ground." an 11 year kid demanded.

If those other kids hadn't been around, the human boy wouldn't have done anything to him but try to scare him shitless. All the bully had to do was do it one day and then cowardly little M`Ress would be putty in his hands.

The Caitian refused again, so the 5 foot bully pounded little M`Ress who was only 3' 4", into the ground. To emphasize his position, everyone that had been watching had a hand in pounding him as well. The only thing that M`Ress could do was worry about protecting his baby daughter. Where had a baby come in this equation? he thought, confused.

The next thing he knew he was standing naked in Ten Forward onoard the Enterprise-E. No one else seemed to notice him state of dress...or undress in this case. He had ordered a coffee but was given a banana milkshake instead. No sooner had he put it down, then a second one appeared next to the first. He picked it up and took a sip of it. After putting it down, another and another one appeared. When the bar was covered in these milkshakes, someone came up and hit him over the head. M`Ress fell sideway and rolled away two meters before getting up. He couldn't figure out who it was or even which gender the person was. But before he could slug him/her, his dream changed again.

M`Ress made a hissing-yelling sound. He woke up, covered in sweat with breathing fast and with his heart was racing.

It was 1:30 in the morning. He got up and headed for the bathroom. The clock read 4:15 when he finally went back to sleep.

Posted by: Aku Apr 5 2004, 10:45 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549, Medical Bay

Reyes pointed to the small viewscreen of Chain's brain. The Captian looked at it and noticed the dark matter. "It looks like a... tumor or something," Chain said.
"Frankly, I don't know what it is," Reyes replied. "I just thought you should know. Please don't worry too much."
Chain tried to crack a smile for her, "Thanks." He then went over to a biobed to have a seat. There, Reyes got out a cellular scanner and began scanning.

"What about the Kei Artifact we have in the Atlantis Science Lab?" Chain asked. "Perhaps there is something in it that you can learn that would reverse the effects?"
"I have gone over the data collected from the Lab. But all I could see is its cause to organic structures," Reyes said.
Then a comm channel broke in.
*Gorak to Chain. It would seem the Runabout Trinity has arrived with new Doctors from the Alpha Quadrant upon Doctor Reyes' request. Would you like to meet them?*
Chain tapped his commbadge. "I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of them. Perhaps Captian Koran or Captian Alder can do the formal greeting and everything."
*Koran seems a bit busy lately. I do not know why.*
Chain shrugged, "I hope Alder wouldn't mind then."
*Yes. I am also way too busy with Jestra Administration.*
There was a pause when Chain did not answer.
*Captian, are you there?*

Chain suddenly grabbed his head. Something was morphing...

*Captian Chain?*
"Someone get a hypo spray, quick!!" Reyes yelled in the background.
But Chain clutched his head and a long and boney arm shot out his forehead. The arm had its own elbow and tiny hand. Then suddenly, out the back of Chain's head popped another growing arm... "Ahh!!!"

Chain stumbled around, finding he was able to control the long arm. He moved it from side to side when suddenly both arms sucked themselves back into his head. He threw his upper body over the biobed in exhaustion. All he wanted was to be normal again.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 6 2004, 06:52 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab, Starbase 549

Reyes got the hypo spray and adminstered it. She patted Chain on the back and helped him get onto the biobed, "I think it would be best if you stayed here," she whispered, "Don't you?" He nodded slowly. Reyes turned back to Doctor Ryan, he was as white as a sheet, if these were different circumstances, Monica would have took great pride in looking smug. Although, he had a right to look that way. In all her years as a doctor, she had never encountered anything on this scale.

She glanced back to Chain, she couldn't though. "Still sceptical," she asked as she walked past him to look at the scans. The dark matter, it weren't a tumor, it was to deep. Anything that deep in the frontal lobe should have killed him. "Let's give him another full body scan," she said turning back to Chain.

"I told you I believed you, Captain." She smiled sadly to him, then walked back over to the monitor.

"What the hell was that thing?"
Reyes looked to Ryan, "I've no idea," she said firmly, "I'm going to find out though." She tapped her comm badge, "Reyes to the Alantis."
"Go ahead."
"I need the Kei Artifact from the science labs brought over to me."
"Will do."
"Operate with extreme caution, I want no one touching it." She said, "I want it under strict quarentine conditions...." she waited for an affirmative response. "And another thing," she said as she looked back to Chain. "Bring me an EV suit."
"What the hell are you planning?"
"I think that would be my own business."
"I am the chief..."
"I know," Reyes interupted. "But Captain Chain is my patient and I must use all possible methods for the best outcome," she said firmly. Knowing that this tone shouldn't be used but she was not about to give up. "If I can't carry it out here, I shall go back to my own ship and carry out research there."

He simply nodded, "You're the expert on this matter, Doctor Reyes."
What makes me an expert, I don't even understand it.
"You have being doing the research and treatment for a while now, I'm enabling access for you. You have my full backing to do whatever is required."
"Thank you," Reyes said. She walked back over to Chain.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 6 2004, 09:40 AM

Acting Captain Alder Jakson, Lounge, Station.

Alder was relaxing in a corner booth sipping on a soda. She really wanted something else, but realized getting slightly imbibed might not be a good thing.

=/\=Gorak to Jakson=/\= came from her combadge.

Alder jumped then tapped it back.

=/\=Jakson here. =/\=

=/\= Coul you meet some medical specialists coming from the Alpha quadrant, in Docking bay 1? =/\=

+/\= WHy me?+/\=

=/\= Because you're the only captain availble. =/\=

=/\= Alright, I'll do it. On my way. Jakson out. =/\=

Posted by: Eric Draven Apr 6 2004, 08:20 PM

USS Blade, Ready Room, Captain Koran.

Jon I want you to start preparing six torpedos for a bioagent canasters. And arm four others with trilithium resign. Make sure my Captain's Yatch is able to fire both. Both the virus and Toxic chemical shall take out the Nor'Shizi. Also dont tell anyone. Both the agency and the federation will benifet with the obliteration of these bastereds. After i launch you will take command of the ship. Cover my ass, once you take out the Patrol ships get out. I'll meet you at the outskirts of there system. The crew must not know of this. Jon looked at him and shook his head. "Lets take out these SOB's" Lacer looked at him and smiled and said "maybe in the future they might recruit you, you will do anything to protect the federation. We need people like you."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 6 2004, 09:12 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Science Lab Alpha

M`Ress was onboard the Atlantis studying the Kai artifact since 0700 hours. The artifact has been kept in a Type 5 forcefield for the last two days after it tried to attack Crewman Deanna Sobinski.

In his notes he made a remark regarding the artifact's similiarities to Coridori technology. He met a Coradori once, they are a fat, slothful, humanoid race, with emerald green skin and red hair. Most of them are outright stupid. And they smell like a sewer.

He typed ideas and theories into his PADD with a shaky hand, quivering with the energy of a cheetah on speed. Progress was slow and every type of scans M`Ress could think of revealed very little.

The door chime sounded, cutting across his thoughts like a phaser beam, and through his soul. He shifted his attention from his research and said "Open door"

The doors slid open, but no one was there. Perplexed and somewhat angry now, M`Ress approached the doors and looked up and down the empty corridor. "Oh my Goddess," he muttered. "I think I am going crazy."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 7 2004, 11:15 AM

Alder Jakson, Docking Bay 1

Alder stood on beside the the docking bay technican. She watched as the shuttle came in and docked.

"all set ma'am." the tech said.

"Thank you." Alder replied not looking at him. She tugged at her uniform again. and stepped into the bay.

She waited just beyond the shuttle. She watched as two people dressed in Starfleet uniforms, with the blue of the sciences, steeped out. One was a Vulcan male and the other a human female. They headed towards her.

"Captain?" the femlae asked.

"Yes. Acting Captain Alder Jakson, USs Shark." Alder replied, shaking the lady's proffered hand.

The Vulcan raised an eyebrow.
"Captain? YOu would appear young to be a captain."

Alder bit back her retort as the lady introduced themselves.

"I'm Doctor Lisa Rodriguez and this is Sonak."

Alder nodded.

"I'll escort you to Doctor..." Alder paused. What Doctor did she take them to? She glanced back at them.

"Excuse me for a second." She walked off tapping her combadge.

commbadge.gif Jakson to Gorak commbadge.gif
commbadge.gif Go ahead, Captain. commbadge.gif
commbadge.gif Who do I escort the medical specialists to? commbadge.gif
commbadge.gif Doctor Reyes. She's on station at the medical labs commbadge.gif
commbadge.gif Thank you, Jakson out. commbadge.gif

Alder turned and walked back to the specialists.
"If you'll follow me, please?"

She couldn't wait to drop them of onto the Doctor's lap.

Posted by: Aku Apr 7 2004, 05:11 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549, Medical Bay

Chain lay on one of the Bio Bed's for some rest. He was behind a Level 10 forcefield. He was about to close his eyes when he suddenly had a visitor.
"Captian," said Sayaka. She had entered the Medical Bay without him noticing.
"Oh, Sayaka?" Chain got up. "I really think you should get out of here."
She walked over to the forcefield. "Why won't you talk to me?"
"It's nothing to worry about," Chain said firmly.
"I think it is. I had to go through four Security Guards just to get in here!"
"Sayaka, it's not just you I don't want to see. It's everyone. I know you won't be able to understand. But that's what I want."
She suddenly paused for a moment, thinking. "I understand. It's your Captian's pride."
Chain turned away, avoiding eye contact. He was slightly embarassed by his condition.
Sayaka then lightly pulled up her hand, "Alright. Don't worry, I'll leave you alone. Maybe by the time this is all over, you'll realize that you've just been over-reacting." She smiled, and then turned to leave.

"Oh. Excuse me, but who are you?" Reyes accidentally bumped into her as she was walking by.
"Just visiting," she replied, glancing back at Chain, and then leaving the Medical Bay.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 8 2004, 06:32 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab, Starbase 549

Reyes watched as the woman left, she glanced back to Captain Chain. She thought it best not to disturb him anymore at this moment in time, instead she decided to dig through more information, she sat down. She rubbed her knees, it felt good to finally sit down.

Reyes began to read information from the screen in front of her, luckily she was somewhat of a fast reader. Her eyes went from one side of the screen to the other, "I understand that," she muttered as if speaking to the text, "But how..." She looked to her left, back to the scan, with that dark matter. It disturbed her. Reyes stood up and looked at it closely, as if doing so, would automatically bring the answer fourth.

"Doctor Reyes?"
She turned round, "Yes?"
Jakson stepped forward with her two guests, Finally she thought stepping forward to greet them, "Doctor Rodriguez, Doctor Sonak," Reyes said formally. She reached out to shake Rodriguez's hand and nodded to Sonak.
"It's good to finally meet with you," Sonak said. Reyes simply nodded to him.
"If you'll step this way." They both walked past her, she looked back to Jakson, she looked to her rank, "Thank you, Captain."
She thought she got a hint of a smile from her as she walked away. Odd Reyes turned round to pay great attentention to her guests.

"I trust you had a good journey."
"Most pleasent," Sonak answered calmly. Reyes walked them over to the scans, especially the one that puzzled her, "This was taken recently," she held up a finger to the dark matter. "I found this," she pressed for a closer scan, "At first I thought it was a tumour but as you know, anything embedded that deep in the frontal lobe would be very serious news."

"Do you have the artifact?"
Reyes refrained from frowning at Sonak as he changed the subject, "It's currently in a type 5 forcefield in one of the science labs aboard the Alantis."
"May we see it?"
"It is being delievered here under the strictest quarantine, I would like to limit the contact with it." Reyes watched them, to see if they had digested this information. They had.

"Where is Captain Chain?" Rodriguez asked.
"He is resting at the moment," Reyes said, "I thought it best to show you what I have before you see him."
"These are most interesting, Doctor Reyes." Sonak said, "But you have already sent your research on this condition. It is my belief that you asked for our assistance." Sometimes, Reyes really did hate Vulcans. "We cannot assist if we cannot see the patient."
Gotta love Vulcan logic, Monica. She forced a smile, "Of course," she let them over to where Chain had being, she didn't like to use to word quarentined but that is what it appeared to be. She let them get to it. Keeping an watchful eye on them.

Well the hell is that artifact? she thougth glancing back to the doors.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 8 2004, 04:29 PM

Alder Jakson, somewhere on Station

Alder left the medical labs. She hoped Dr. Reyes enjoyed the two new docs. She gave a chuckle. The lady had acted like a complete, Alder hesitated to say airhead, but that was the only word to describe her at the time. The VUlcan, well, he acted in typical Vulcan fashion. Which was bad enough.

Alder stopped and looked around. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She didn't want to go back to the lounge. She needed a necessary break from the ship. SHe paused. Well, there was something she hadn't done since arriving.

Alder turned and headed off to find the closest holodeck.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Apr 9 2004, 09:19 AM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
Ready Room
U.S.S. Blade

"Captain, your Captian's Yacht may have to be seriouly modified. It will not be usable for 5-7 days."

"That is okay Jon, I don't need it until the mission"

"Understood, sir, I will work as fast as I can."

"I like your style, Jon, you are willing to go to lengths, that would normally be a courtmarshal, to protect the Federation, and you do it all without asking to many questions." Captain Koran complemented

"Yes sir, I believe that the Federation is worth protecting, and a lot of things are on a need-to-know basis"

"The Federation needs more people like you, Jon, we would have fewer enemies"

"Aye, sir, they would all be dead"

"Jon, would you ever consider..."

"What, sir?"

"Never mind, Jon, we will talk later"

Lt. Commmander Falqon turned and walked out. He headed towards the main torpedo bay, he was stopped by a young Petty Officer 3rd class, person he put in charge of security in this sector.

"Sir, where are you going"

"Stand down, Petty Officer"

"Sir, respectively, I cannot let you pass, without direct authorization from captain Koran himself." the Petty Officer said

"Falqon to Koran"

"Go ahead, Jon"

"One of my Deck Security Heads is giving me big balls, permission to incapacitate him."

Posted by: Jake Apr 10 2004, 01:05 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi - Vali'Kaan Ready Room

Tinashi sat at his desk in his office staring at an infopad about the latest Federation fleet movements in the quadrant. "One Galaxy-class ship has come through the wormhole. Other than that... business as usual," he said to himself. He flipped the pad down onto the table and got up out of his seat to face his panoramic window.

This is a mistake... Tinashi thought. As much as I respect Emperor Ag'Non, he should not be commanding military movements himself - that's why he has the Overseers and War-Masters. This is so... insanely wrong - I believe there is a human expression for it - 'Putting all your eggs in one basket?' Yes, that's it. Almost the entire eastern fleet is here at this speck of a colony, Tesna Savo... Tinashi shook his head in frustration. 'Forward deployment to inspire and intimidate,' Haza recalled the words of the Emperor. Tesna Savo was one of the Nor'Shizi Empire's outermost colonies, close to the Federation/Dominion presence. The Emperor thought that putting the whole eastern Gamma quadrant fleet there would put fear into the hearts of Federation citizens. Instead, it put fear into the heart of Tinashi - for if the Federation took advantage of the situation, they could destroy an entire half of the fleet in one decisive attack. This decision had made them more vulnerable than ever before.

The Commander looked at all the ships moored to the relatively small station in orbit of Tesna Savo. "I hope we all make it through this," Haza breathed.

The door chime sounded. "Enter!" Tinashi bellowed. A stately older Nor'Shizi man walked in the office at a comfortable gait.

"Ah, it's excellent to see you Haza - it's been far too long," the man said.

Tinashi's eyes widened in pleasant surprise. "Overseer Mongata? It has been far too long! What are you doing here, old friend?"

Mongata smiled. "Well, relaying you your next orders, Commander."

Tinashi chuckled. "Then by all means sir - order away!"

Mongata's grin grew, and he continued genially, "You are to be placed on a long range, deep space assignment."

Tinashi leaned back. "Sounds good... anything to get away from here..."

Mongata clicked his tongue. "Now, now, now - the Emperor's command is... well, the Emperor's command."

Tinashi nodded. "I know. It's just that I feel... vulnerable here. I've been having nightmares..."

Mongata cut him off. "You? Nightmares? Hahahahahaha!"

Tinashi smiled brilliantly, "Aye! But, seriously - I dreamt that Starfleet would come here with chemical weapons, and great destruction would ensue...."

Mongata's laughing grew louder, and Tinashi's smile grew wider. "Chemical weapons? Starfleet's far too moral for THAT!"

Tinashi kept on, "Well, it doesn't really matter. Tell me more about this assignment of yours." Tinashi raised a glass of water to his lips.

Mongata stifled his laughing. "We are going to begin refitting your faster-than-light drive systems immediately, with the newest stuff R&D has been conjuring up back on homeworld. It is a transwarp drive that will allow you to traverse the length of the Galaxy in a matter of weeks."

Tinashi spit out his water all over the desk, shorting out all the electronic paperwork he had been catching up on. Mongata's laughter resurfaced.

"The refit should be completed in a matter of days. Next week, you will warp out of orbit and, proceeding under transwarp drive, set a course for Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant."

Tinashi's eyes widened in surprise again. "Earth?"

Mongata smiled. "You don't miss much. Once you have reached your destination, you will decloak and issue an ultimatum to the Federation government - To stop sending ships through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, or we will collapse the entrance to the wormhole ourselves since we have no further use for it."

Tinashi sat in stunned silence. "What if they give military resistance?"

Mongata looked at Tinashi squarely in the eyes, "Then you are authorized to use whatever force you deem necessary. That means the Emperor himself has given you the authorization to execute General Order 47-Sigma."

Tinashi's mouth was agape. When he finally found the words, he spoke. "Well, Overseer - I shall perform this duty to the best of my ability. However, if the wormhole is destroyed, we will not be able to attack the Federation on a large, fleet-wide scale, since the Vali'Kaan will be the only ship with this new drive system."

Mongata smiled again. "We thought about that, and so did the Emperor. That's the real reason why he has half the Imperial Stellar Navy here - not so much to scare the Federation colonists senseless once they learn about our presence here, but to put the entire fleet into refit. The same will happen to the Western Gamma Quadrant fleet in a few weeks. Several ships will be in refit by the time you leave port."

Tinashi flashed another brilliant smile. "It seems you and the Emperor have thought of everything."

Mongata maintained his grin. "We like it that way. Now - I must inform the other Commanders of what's going on. We have alot riding on you, Haza. Long live Emperor Ag'Non."

Tinashi stood to say goodbye to his friend. "I thank you for giving me this responsibility. Long live the Empire of the Crescent Moon."

Mongata nodded. Tinashi hit a button on a panel on his desk. "Sub-Commander Ry'Mor, please escort Overseer Mongata to the docking ring."

Ry'Mor acknowledged, and Mongata left the office and met the Sub-Commander on the bridge proper just outside.

Tinashi turned back toward the window overlooking the ships and the starport.
"This is the opportune moment I have been waiting for..." He whispered to himself.

Posted by: Eric Draven Apr 10 2004, 02:19 PM

USS Blade, Captain Koran, Ready Room.

Jon let me talk to him. Said Koran. The security officer spoke first yes sir. Koran replied, Crewmen it is in your best interest to allow the Commander to pass, or i will allow him to knock you on your ass. The crewmen replied, yes sir I'll let him through. Falqon replied Thanks Captain.

Posted by: Aku Apr 10 2004, 10:24 PM

Captian Chain - Medical Bay - [Quarantined]

Chain sat up on the biobed from a good rest and stretched. He decided to take a walk, and began strolling around. But he found there wasn't anywhere to go since he was behind a forcefield that limited his space to just the biobed.

Stopping at the forcefield, he crossed his arms. "Damn..." he wined. "I'm stuck!" He decided the best thing to do was to return to the biobed... considering it was the only attraction within his proximity. As he turned his body, his elbow accidentally hit the forcefield... but instead of richocheting off it, it just passed through.

Glancing over, he suddenly noticed it. His elbow was going through the forcefield. "What the!?!"

He then outstretched his whole arm, which passed through the forcefield with no harm or pain.

Doctor's Reyes, Sonak and Rodriquez approached from the other area looking at Chain. They suddenly noticed the phasing of his arm.

"Doctor! Does this Level-10 Force Field have power??" Chain asked.
Reyes quickly went behind a control panel and checked. "It does! What?? I just don't get it. How are you doing that??"

Chain then walked himself through the forcefield into the open area. He glanced at Sonak and Rodriquez. Rodriquez had the most shocked expression ever, but Sonak's shock was more well hidden.

"How puzzling," Sonak said. "You know Doctor Reyes; if you had run tests early on in your discovery of Chain's illness, I'm sure these strange affects could have been prevented to a certain degree."

Chain looked at his own arms, still in shock, "This is crazy! I can pass through forcefields??" He flug his arms through the forcefield again and again, seeming it to be true every time.

"The Quarantine is useless. How can we expect to protect ourselves?" Rodriquez was starting to panic.

"We'll keep him in a Decontamination Room." Reyes answered, a bit ticked by Sonak's earlier remark. "I'm sure you can't pass through walls." Reyes then spoke to Chain.
Chain shrugged, agreeing with her, "I hope to hell I can't."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 11 2004, 10:24 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Science Lab Alpha

The Caitian worked on several hypothesis. Given the artifact's function through, he figured that it can restore a Nor'Shizi body with injuries and decay to what the Nor'Shizi used to look like in their life's prime. Why ? M`Ress wondered. Maybe for the purpose of public funerals ....

He added more notes, referring possible links to ionized gases such as ozone, a subset of liver cells called EVE, adenosine triphosphate and apoptosis (cell suicide).

M`Ress transferred the new files to Dr Monica's attention when he felt scared again, a primal instinct telling him he's being watched. His ears suddenly pulled back and he spun around, "Show yourself !"

Naturally no one replied, M`Ress was the only one working in the science lab at the time. "I am not going crazy." he muttered. "Not crazy."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 14 2004, 03:08 PM

Alder Jakson, Holodeck
Alder sat on the cliff over looking the beach. IT was her favorite spot in the whole universe. Being stationed in the Gamma quadrant, Alder was almost certain she'd never see it again. SHe sighed. THis place had a lot of memories. She grew up not far from her and always felt like nothing could harm her when she was there. She frowned. Unfortuately, the holodeck couldn't give her the same feeling.
"Computer end program." she said standing up and unconsiously wiping the back of her pants.
SHe turned and left the holodeck in a depressed mood, her mind on the past.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 15 2004, 06:13 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab

Reyes glanced to the monitor on her left, it gave a bird's eye view of Captain Chain in one of the Decontamination rooms one deck down. It had being a wise idea to keep tabs on him for the time being and so far, he hadn't been able to pass through any walls. And she used the term "so far" loosely. She cocked her ear to listen into the conversation that Rodriquez and Sonak were indulged in.

"Perhaps if we take him back with us," Rodriquez said in a hushed tone. "We have more facilities."
"I suppose it would be the most logical course of action," he said in response.

Reyes turned to regard the two doctors, she knew who she was looking at. Two of the most highly regarded experts in their fields. Reyes hadn't being a doctor as long as Rodriquez, and most definately not as long as Sonak. But she had learned a lot in her time, seen many things and she wanted to remind them, just who had the authority in charge here.

"May I remind you, Captain Chain is my patient. His course of treatment will be established from me," she said, holding her voice steady.
"The facilities here are inadiquit to handle this matter, Ms Reyes." Sonak countered.
"Doctor," she said, she didn't want them to forget they were talking to a fellow doctor here. "We can't move him in this state."
"We'd take precautions," Rodriquez said.
"He is not a lab rat," Reyes said letting her true feelings about the matter arise, ever since they had arrived they hadn't taken the time to study his illness, all they were interested in was getting him back on their turf. Well, she weren't about to let that happen. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave," she said.

"It's unethical to put his life in danger," Sonak said.
"I'm not the one putting his life in danger, Mr Sonak." Reyes did her best to refrain from glaring, "I have being treating Captain Chain for a while now, I have being through every stage of his illness and I will continue to treat him until the envitable." Both of them stared at her for a moment, she only hoped they could understand her position.

"I'm afraid you are not the one to decide," Rodriquez said, sounding almost as emotionless as Sonak. With that they left. What the hell did that mean? She turned to Doctor Ryan, "I don't want to hear it," she said moving back to the monitor.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 15 2004, 08:54 AM

Alder Jakson, Sickbay on station

Alder walked in at the end of Dr. Reyes' speech. She moved aside to let Sonak and Rodreguiz to lesve. She shot a look back to Dr. Reyes.
"Having trouble with our guests?" she asked. The answer was obvious based on Alder's observations. She moved away from the door. "Could you tell me why a bunch of Alpha quadrant doctors are here. ANd what thier problem is?"

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Apr 15 2004, 08:08 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon
U.S.S. Blade

"Thank you, Captian. I am going to take care of that now. Falqon out."

"Sir, may I ask what you are doing down here." the Petty Officer inquired

"No." Falqon said shortly

"Sir, can I help you then"


"God sir, what is eating you today."


He knocked the Petty Officer out, and tossed him in a room.

=/\="Captian, that petty officer would not leave me alone, lock on to his commbage signal, and beam him to sickbay, make sure I don't have to see him here again"

Posted by: Kelly Apr 16 2004, 06:50 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab

Reyes looked to Alder for a moment, "You could say that," she said refering to the comment about having trouble with guests. Then Alder asked another question, she looked to the captain, who looked very young to be one. Some reason it didn't seem to bother her though, they didn't make just anyone a captain and Monica Reyes was an open-minded person anyway.

"Sorry," she said moving back over to the monitor to watch Chain's vital stats, he appeared to be asleep at the moment. "Someone on the Alantis has an usual illness," she answered trying to keep her patient confidentally. "I requested some assistance with the matter but as you can clearly see, I don't think their interest lies with the patient's recovery."
"You mean they want to use them as a guinea pig?"
Not the kind of wording she would have used, but... "Yes," Reyes said with a small smile, "Won't be long before they come back though," she narrowed her eyes.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 16 2004, 11:11 AM

Alder gave a tight smile. SHe had seen the doctor glance at the at a monitor.
"Want them kept away. Until Repairs are finished on the Shark, i have nothing to do." She smirked. "except paperwork and i'm ready to throw that out that out an airlock. My replacement can deal with it."

Posted by: Aku Apr 16 2004, 05:28 PM

Captian Chain - Decontamination Chamber

Chain lay along one of the beds in the room, alone. It was quiet until there was the sudden entrance of three Security Guards, and Sonak and Rodriquez.

"Captian Chain, we believe it is in your best interests that you accompany us back to the Alpha Quadrant. I doubt you'll be getting any recovery here."

Chain sat up and looked at them through the glass windows, annoyed. "Are you kidding me? I just got in here."

"Absolutely not." Rodriquez answered.

The Captian didn't like this at all. He didn't even trust these Doctor's. Reyes was the only one he knew could help him. "Fine." He finally said. "Well you're going to need the access codes to the Chamber," he was making it hard for them.

"Err--" Rodriquez glanced at Sonak, "May we have the access codes?" He asked Chain.

"Gamma - 4 - 32 - Jestra," Chain replied. This was outrageous, but he was too preoccupied with his own problems to even fight this. He feared what was going on within his cells. That was when another thin, boney arm grew out his temple.

The Chamber was opened, and Chain had four long arms growing out his head. "Uh!!" His forehead sweated in fear as six more arms grew out his back, and he was lifted off his feet by them.

"Close the Chamber!!" Sonak yelled, but it was too late. Chain broke out and knocked them to the floor as he ran past them.

He used one of his many arms to grab the doors and tear them off. He threw the door's away and left Chambers. Chain was beggining to become something else.

"Rodriquez to the Command Center! Locate Captian Chain!!" He tapped his commbadge in panic.

There was a small silence before an answer came, *Internal sensors aren't reading him, sir.*

Posted by: Kelly Apr 17 2004, 05:20 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Medical Lab

"If you would Captain," she said then looked back to the screen as something happened to Chain. She made out figures behind the forcefield. "Why those..." she didn't get to finish the sentence as she sprinted out the doors. Alder in close pursuit.

Reyes slowed to walking speed as she approached the room where Chain had being. She shot a look to Alder, "What happened here?"
Reyes shook her head, "Is that a door?"
"Looks it," she stepped inside to see her fellow doctors getting up off the floor, she looked to her left at three security guards. Were they planning to take him away? She made her way past them focused on one thing, she reached the chamber.

"Where is he?"
"He's gone," Rodriquez said with a flushed face. If she was shocked before, she was certainly more shocked now.
"What do you mean gone?" Reyes said, how could someone just disapear.
"Your sensors are unable to read his biosign," Sonak said dusting off his uniform.
Reyes glanced to Alder, at this moment in time, she was the only person in this room she trusted. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"I am saying, that Captain Chain is not himself."
Reyes thought back to the tentacle, "Are you saying he's transformed into something?"
She got nods all round, she looked to Alder, "Is it possible to get security teams on each level?"
"Why me? You're the doctor."
"They tend to take Captain's more seriously then doctor's," Reyes said quietly.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 18 2004, 08:40 PM

Alder listened to the doctor's conversation lost. What the heck were they talking about? SHe felt way out of her league.

She got nods all round, she looked to Alder, "Is it possible to get security teams on each level?"
"Why me? You're the doctor."
"They tend to take Captain's more seriously then doctor's," Reyes said quietly.

Alder shot a look at Reyes. She sighed and thought about it.

She dropped her voice. "Doctor. I am only an acting Captain. I'm still just a security officer" SHe gave another sigh. "BUt I'll help. In exchange for some answers." Alder steped back and tapped her combadge.

commbadge.gif Captain Jakson to Security. I need all security personal on station to look for Captain Chain. If you see him, contact myself and Dr. Reyes. and get him to the medical labs. This is high priority. Jakson out. commbadge.gif
She nodded to Dr. Reyes.

"And why didn't you tell thm to contact us." Rodriquez asked.

Alder fixed a cold stare on them. "Because for now i want you to stay away from Dr. Reyes and her patient." She turned to the three security officers. "Escort the Doctors to thier quarters." she ordered.

"Captain Jakson." Sonak began.

Alder turned and fixed him with a glare.
"Yes, Doctor Sonak?"

"Why are you confining us to our quarters?" he asked.

"Because form my gathering you are more of a hinderence than a help. I-"
"A hinderence?" Rodriquez asked a look of both anger and disbelief on her face.

"Yes. I believe you will be a hinderence to the hunt for Captain Chain. When Dr. Reyes feels you can be allowed to see the Captain then I will allow it."

"You will be hearing from Starfleet Command." Rodriquez said moving off in a huff.

Alder just grinned. "I'll look forward to it." she looked at Sonak.

"This is why young humans should not be allowed command." he said. "They are much to irrational and illogical."

"well, Sonak. We humans don't have the time to sit around being stuffingly logical. Time's too short. Now please leave."

He gave her a curt nod and followed Rodriquez.

Alder turned to Reyes. "How come I have a feeling i just ticked of the wrong people? And those answers, Doctor??

Posted by: Kelly Apr 19 2004, 06:41 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Decontamination Chamber

Reyes watched as Alder gave the two doctors their marching orders. It was the most sensible thing she had seen the two doctors do since they had arrived on the starbase. She felt like saying thank you but all Alder wanted were some answers.

"A couple of month's ago I was doing the crew's routine medical examinations, I found something disturbing was happening to Captain Chain," she said slowly, she sat down, while Alder remained standing.
"What do you mean disturbing?"
"Something happened to him when he picked up an Kei artifact... this certain artifact was used to nurish the Nor'Shizi dead. Considering he wasn't dead, it shouldn't have made the connection it did to him." Reyes raised a voice a little lower, "I found that he was suffering from some sort of Cellular Degradation as a result," she said softly.
Alder processed this information, "Okay, I follow you so far, but what is with the tentacles?"
"I can only presume that this is all part of the side effects," Reyes said, slightly fustrated, she hoped that Alder wouldn't take it the wrong way. "I've being researching this thing for 8 weeks now, I've run all possible tests I can think of." Reyes stood up, walking over and looking into the room where Chain had being held. She turned back to Alder, "Is that enough for you, Captain?"
Alder nodded slowly, she seemed a little pale. Reyes nodded, "If you'll excuse me, I'll be back to where I started." She made her way back to the medical lab.
"You okay, Doctor Reyes?" Doctor Ryan stood opposite her as she walked in. She nodded and went over to the monitor where she was keeping an eye on Chain when he was in the Decontamination Chamber. She sat down, "Computer play back recording in normal time," she said watching as it went back to the precise moment when Sonak entered with the security team. She watched all vital signs on Chain as once more, part of him transformed. It went by all too quickly. "Computer play back in slow motion."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 19 2004, 09:15 AM

Medical Labs
Alder watched the computer playback. She raised an eyebrow at actually seeing the tentacles.

"That's just wrong." she muttered quietly, shaking her head. A thought hit her.

"Could his...uh transformation be almost complete?" she asked not sure how to ask.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 20 2004, 06:11 AM

Reyes didn't look back to Alder as she asked the question, the thought hadn't really occured to her. She had being looking so hard for a medical cure that she hadn't even thought about it, what it was doing to him. Remembering the description Chain had used when he first told her about it. She looked to Alder, she may have just solved it for her.

"It just occured to me," Reyes said. "What this thing is?"
"I've being trying to treat it as a disease, not as a completely different lifeform."
"Yes, it's starting to make sense," Reyes said with a small smile. "What if," and she knew she sounded crazy at this point in time, "What if what ever was being incubated in the artifact somehow found a way to transfer itself into Captain Chain?" She watched Alder's reaction, she seemed somewhat speechless, she brought up different scans and images which she knew would not make an sense to her as she was in the security department, "If the contact would just long enough, tissue transfer would be complete and intricate itself, his not dying," she said. "He's transforming into whatever this thing is."

"Can you reverse it?"
Another question, "I believe so," she said gathering all the information she could carry.
"Where are you going?"
"To the science lab on the Alantis," Reyes said. "Where the artifact is being kept, can you keep a lookout for Captain Chain?"
Alder nodded.

Reyes walked quickly as she could, she only hoped that there was a way to reverse it and that the transformation wasn't complete.

Posted by: Aku Apr 20 2004, 08:52 AM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549

Chain ran down a hallway, using his tentacle arms as his legs to lift him. As his multiple arms and legs scurried, he was able to walk off the walls and cielings as well.

Turning a corner, he climbed along the walls, then cielings. He had taken up most of the hallway space with his arms.

"Ahh!!!" An Officer yelled in horror, as Chain was passing over him. An arm accidentally stepped against him and knocked him down.


Chain entered a Kitchen area of the Starbase and scared everyone out the room. He went down a main walkway, knocking hanging pots and pans. He went towards food storage doors. Tearing them off with other arms, he found packages of different kinds of food.

He opened them and began feeding himself, eating anything there was.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 20 2004, 10:41 AM

Alder Jakson, Medical Bays

Alder stood there watching as Dr. Reyes bolted out of the room, excited over something she had said. Alder played back the conversation mentally.

A different lifeform.
Alder gave a grin. Now that was more up her league. She headed for the door.

"Computer, locate any unknown lifeforms. I want force fields placed around them."

{acknowledged} came the reply.

Alder stopped and turned around and walked to a moniter.
"Computer, display those coordinates here."

She glanced at them.

commbadge.gif Security personal to Decks 7, 4, and to the Kitchens. Orders to find Captain CHain still stands. Be alert. He might not be himself commbadge.gif

Boy was that ever an understatement she thought heading of to inspect those herself.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 20 2004, 11:33 AM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Science Lab Alpha

M`Ress was sitting, taking a break from research. His associate, Ensign Siobhan Beckett was standing at the repilcator. "Coffee, M`Ress ?" she asked.

"No. That stuff is disgusting."

M`Ress heard something, sounds from the artifact.

"You should be awakening soon." said the voice.

"What are you talking about ?!" Beckett asked, her back turned to M`Ress.

"Quiet" he hissed.

The disembodied voice continued, "Listen…Your cells are calling out… we are communicating with each other. Do not believe me Captain ? Does your body feel very hot ? Just don't try to spontaneously combust. Yes... feed, you must feed more."

M`Ress felt utter dread, his ears pulled back and his eyes wide. =/\= "Ensign M`Ress to Bridge. We have a major problem."

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 21 2004, 09:38 AM

Alder Jakson, Deck 5

Alder glared at the...well she had no idea what it was. IT was diffenately an unknown lifeform. She turned to the security officer behind her.
"This isn't it. But confinsacate it. And detain the owner. I want to know what it is."

"Aye, Captain." the officer said to her back as she stormed off.

Alder was headed towards the turbolift when her combadge went off. She tapped it.

:combadge Jakson here :combadge

:combadge'am could you please come to the kitchens? You need to see this :combadge
The security officerr sounded..scared she realized.

:combadge Why? :combadge

:combadge YOu are not going to believe me

:combadge A very big thing with a ton tentacles? :combadge

The startled reply came back
:combadge Yes, ma'am. :combadge.

:combadge Thank you. I'm on my way.

Alder closed that communication. She then tapped her commbadge again.
:combadge Jakson to Dr. Reyes. Found the Captain in the kitchens. :combadge

She closed the line and headed for the kitchens.

Posted by: Aku Apr 21 2004, 12:53 PM

Captian Chain - Starbase 549, Kitchens

Chain finished eating all the extra real food there was. When he arched himself over, he noticed the Security Officer.

"Uh!" The Officer was startled by the eye contact, when he noticed it was Captian Chian. "Sir??"

Chain just leaped over him, as the Security Guard fired his phaser at Chain. The beam hit Chain, but only shocked him on a minor effect. Chain broke out the Kitchens and ran down the corridors past Captian Alder.


"Captian Chain!" She yelled. But Chain didn't respond as he turned a corridor. "Oh man. What happened to him..."

Airlock Section 3

He was now wandering around. His many arms and feet allowing him to walk along the cielings and walls. When he came to an Airlock that was obviously connected to a Starship, be broke through.

U.S.S. Shark

The Shark had been docked at the Station for a moment, and Chain made his way inside. There, he knocked people down as he ran by. Going down the corridors, he broke down door after door with extra side arms.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 21 2004, 02:45 PM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Science Lab Alpha

Reyes reached the lab in almost record time, she stopped when her comm badge went off.

"Jakson to Dr. Reyes. Found the Captain in the kitchens"

Then she closed the communication, Reyes was thankful for the update, even though there was nothing she could do at this point in time. The doors opened and she stepped through, two ensigns were in the room, one of them looked very...uncomfortable. She recoinsed them as M`Ress and Beckett.

"Doctor," Beckett said walking over to her, "We heard about Captain Chain," she said. Reyes nodded as she walked in, M'Ress kind of jumped out the way. "I need to get to the artifact."
Beckett looked puzzled, "You were the one who told us we weren't to come into contact with it," she said. Reyes rubbed her eyes, and put her hands on her hips dropping all the information she had brought onboard with her.
"Back then believed that it was an hazard but know I have reason to believe otherwise," she said watching them. "You're both scientist's," she looked to them in turn, "You're run all the scans possible on the artifact and got nothing." Reyes walked past them and looked into the chamber, "It could be a way to return Captain Chain."

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 21 2004, 06:08 PM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Science Lab Alpha, USS Shark

He blocked Monica from getting to the artifact. "Sir, please stop."

"I don't have time for this." Monica said, angry. "Out of my way, NOW."

"The artifact started talking just now. It is talking to Captain Chain somehow."

She paused. "What ?" They looked at the forcefield, just behind the wall of energy, the Kai artifact was lying perfectly still and quiet on top of a cluster of close range sensors.

M`Ress was extremely anxious now. "It ... it said something about 'awakening soon', 'Your cells are calling out, communicating with me' and 'Does your body feel very hot Captain?'

"Feed, you must feed more.'" Ensign Beckett added.

"That means .... " M`Ress trailed off.

"The captain is coming here to get the artifact." Dr. Monica finished.

"This is bad. This is very bad." M`Ress replied.

Posted by: Alan Orlando Apr 21 2004, 07:05 PM

USS Shark - Bridge

Lieutenant Commander Javier Cruz was now on the bridge of the Shark monitoring the command console on the captain's chair on wich he was seated now.
After having talked with the chief engineer wich told Cruz that there was nothing he could help on, he had begun to review the current organization of the operations department. When he was almost finished Captain Jakson had contacted him and told him that she was going to the station and therefore he was going to stay in charge of the ship.
The bridge was almost empty now only Cruz and two more crewmembers were on it, the empty bridge reminded Cruz of another empty on another starship wich he had also commanded.
It's been 5 years, and i still haven't get over it, he thought.
I shouldn't get over it, he inmediately reminded himself, the blood of good people is on my hands, get over it would be an insult to them.
The empty bridge reminded him of the day on wich he failed to his crew.
The thoughts of the commander were interrupted by the signal of his combadge

"Jakson to Shark"

"Cruz here, go ahead captain"

"There is an intruder on board, he entered through the airlock on section 3" inmeditely Cruz stand up and begun to walk to the ops station to check the internal sensors.

"Don't boter with checking internal sensors, they can't pick him" said Alder

"Red alert, security teams to deck four" he said as the red alert klaxons begun to sound.

"Do not harm him he is Captain Chain, Jakson out"

I'm closer that the security teams, Cruz thought then moved to a security console on the wall of the bridge, operated it and when it opened grabed a phaser as he entered the turbolift he said

"Ensign Alain you are in charge"

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 22 2004, 10:14 AM

Alder paused fopr a second after Chian blew past her. She then took off at a dead sprint trying to catch him. As she ran she tried to remeber where this was going. IT hit her. Not the Shark. SHe thought to herself. She tapped her commbadge.

"Jakson to Shark"

"Cruz here, go ahead captain"

"There is an intruder on board, he entered through the airlock on section 3" inmeditely Cruz stand up and begun to walk to the ops station to check the internal sensors.

"Don't boter with checking internal sensors, they can't pick him" said Alder

"Red alert, security teams to deck four" he said as the red alert klaxons begun to sound.

"Do not harm him he is Captain Chain, Jakson out"
She finished.

She paused to catch her breath and consider her options. The captain didn't seem phased by forcefields and she'd heard the phaser and that didn't seem to slow him down. So what to do now?

At least he was easy to follow. she continued down the corridors following the trail of destruction on her ship. And she'd just gotten it fixed too!!!! She only stopped to grab a phaser. and continued to follow slowly and carefully.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 22 2004, 01:53 PM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Science Lab Alpha, nice change of scenery, she could get used to this...

"This is bad. This is very bad."

"It certainly is," Reyes said, she looked around the room and her eyes wandered on the artifact, she looked back to M'Ress. "Did it say anything else?"
"Not really," he answered.
"Whatever happens, the captain can not get his hands on it," of that she was most certain. Now Monica Reyes wasn't a tatically minded person, she looked to both M'Ress and Beckett, "Suggestions? Anyone?"

Posted by: Aku Apr 23 2004, 11:17 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Shark, Deck 3

Chain crawled through the Decks like a large spider with a clothed-humanoid body. When he came into confrontation with Cruz, he stopped curiously.

"Don't move!" Cruz held up his phaser.
Chain just looked at him, with a curious expression. As if never having accepted a humanoid before. With that curiosity, Chain moved forward.
"I'm sorry sir, but you leave me no choice!" Cruz blasted the phaser beam at Chain, knocking Chian's shoulder back for a second. The beam seemed partially affective.
"What??" Cruz tapped at his phaser, increasing the setting and blasted again.

The beam pushed Chain back a little, but not enough. It didn't even seem to harm him.

Cruz looked down at his phaser. He didn't want to do it, and he seemed unsure if he should. "What kind of damage would the kill setting do?"

But Chain got bored fast. He leaped over Cruz, accidentally stepping one of the large boney legs into Cruz's chest. Cruz was thrusted down to the floor in a violent manner, until the leg lifted and Chain continued on through the corridors away.

Cruz was left in agonizing pain over a simple passing by. His chest was punctured and he needed medical attention fast. "Cruz to all personnel!! Captian Chain is on Deck 3!"

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Apr 26 2004, 09:24 AM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Science Lab Alpha, USS Shark

Every bizarre scan about the artifact suddenly started making sense to M`Ress. "I think the captain needs the artifact to evolve completely. So if we can keep him seperated from the artifact will give us some time to figure out how to reverse the effects."

"Hopefully." Reyes muttered.

M`Ress approached the forcefield, A mixture of emotions hit him, but one is dominant. He grabbed a radiation blanket that was laying over another experiment he was doing. "Computer, drop forcefield. Authorization, One Seven Three Eight."

"M`Ress! Stop." Reyes and Beckett yelled.

The Caitian wrapped the blanket around the artifact and picked it up. Reyes looked like she was about to jump at him to get to the artifact.

The three suddenly heard something huge pounding on the doors. What used to be Captain Chain tore off the door and come through.

M`Ress was in shock. The Captain's transformation was unbelievable. The colour of Chain's eyes turn from brown to emerald green. His hair pointed up and outward. When there were those long octopus tentacles.

Beckett and Reyes distracted Chain by shouting at him, M`Ress realized what they were doing, he ran past Chain, dodging tentacles.

M`Ress took off running as fast as he could, he planned ahead knowing the thing would come after him.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 26 2004, 11:02 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Science Lab Alpha, USS Shark

As M'Ress ran off at lightening speed, she realised what he was trying to do. She turned to Beckett, "He is faster than both of us, if anyone can keep the captain from getting his hands on it," she said, "It's him." Chain was already heading to where the door used to be, without thinking she grabbed onto one of the tentacles and held on. Next thing, she remembered flying across the width of the room and colliding with the deck. She sat up, slightly dazed.
"I'm good," she replied sitting up and looked at the entrance, "What happened to the doors?"
Beckett knelt down, "Doctor..." she clicked her fingers, "Snap out of it."
"Sorry," Reyes said, as she fiddled to tap her comm badge.

commbadge.gif Reyes to Captain Jakson commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Jakson here. Go ahead commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Captain Chain's on the move. There is a crewmember with the artifact, if you happen to come by him, at no means please do not attempt to stop him. He is attempting to keep it away from the captain commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Am I too assume, if we see him. That Chain will not be far behind?commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif That's correct. Reyes out commbadge.gif

Reyes deativated her badge and attempted to stand up. She'd forgotten how safe being a doctor could be some times. Now I just need a way to fight this.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 26 2004, 11:13 AM

Alder Jakson, USS Shark

"Cruz to all personnel!! Captian Chain is on Deck 3!"

ALder sprinted around the corner to find Cruz on the deck in pain. SHe skidded to a stop beside him.
"Damn it all." she muttered under her breath. She tapped her commbadge. "BEam Coommnader Cruz to sickbay now!!" she ordered. Alder watched as the OPS officer was transported away.

She turned and headed down following Chain's path of destruction on her ship. She paused since when did she start thinkin' of it as her ship? She shook her head. She'd figure this out later. She took off down the corridor.

She heard shouting and then got bowled over by someone. She glanced back the way he'd gone. IT was a Catain (if i'm wrong fix it) officer. She 'd glanced back the way he'd come from. She cursed and rolled herself out of the way of captain Chain. barely missing getting stepped on.

Reyes to Captain Jakson

Jakson here. Go ahead

Captain Chain's on the move. There is a crewmember with the artifact, if you happen to come by him, at no means please do not attempt to stop him. He is attempting to keep it away from the captain

Am I too assume, if we see him. That Chain will not be far behind?

That's correct. Reyes out

Alder sighed and lyed her head on the deck. It was better late than never she supposed.
"Ma'am." she heard.
She looked up.
"Yes? Ensign?" she asked.
"you alright?"
Alder rolled and pushed herself up.
"yeah. i am." she answered.
"Don't stop the crewman runnin' from Chain. I have to go find Dr. Reyes and work out how to stop him." she said and walked away.

Posted by: Aku Apr 27 2004, 04:51 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Shark

Chain continued scurrying through the corridors. He just wasn't fast enough. As the anxiousness of this set in, he began to flow with a bio-electric energy. It was like an adrenaline, and with it he tore off the sides of the corridors. He threw panels and large pieces of bulkheads away.

He then broke through walls, through people's Quarter's, and then down through the floor into the next deck.

Deck 4

M'Ress had made it to the lower Deck, running. He turned his head to see a huge amount of debris crash from above. Chain broke through and ran for him.

M'Ress made his way to the Transporter Room and beamed himself out somewhere Chain wouldn't be able to catch him... the U.S.S. Blade.

Transporter Room 2

Chain then broke into the Transporter Room, flowing with bio energy and looking around. The Lieutenant standing there just look at Chain in fear.
"Ahhhhhh.... Hi, Captian."
"GGggggrrrrrggghhhhhhhh....." Chain drooled in response.
"Aaahh!" The Lieutenant ran under the computer station in fear.

Chain turned his head and ran in the other direction. He was now fully engulfed with flowing energy, that trailed and dissapated off him like pouring water. He leaped right through a wall, into an empty Quarters, and then leaped right through another wall. He broke out into cold space, unaffected by it and protected by the flowing energy.

In the distance was the Blade, hovering away from the station. Chain slammed against the outer hull of the Blade and tore his way inside.

Posted by: Kelly Apr 29 2004, 06:41 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Science Lab Alpha, USS Shark

Reyes shook her head slowly as she devised different solutions to try and stop Chain from permantently transforming. She only hoped that M'Ress had been able to keep the artifact from him. She focused on her work, all these months of studying, learning and she knew no more now as she did then.
Why does he want the artifact, if the arifact is compulsary to the transformation.... Her thoughts were interupted.

Jakson stepped through what used to be the doors, she held up a hand. She tapped her comm badge.

commbadge.gif Re... commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Go ahead, Doctor commbadge.gif

She narrowed her eyes.

commbadge.gif Do you still have the artifact in your possession? commbadge.gif

She could heard the clank of M'Ress' feet on the deck as he ran.

commbadge.gif Yes commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Good, destroy it! commbadge.gif

Reyes looked back to Jakson.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Apr 29 2004, 09:11 AM

Alder looked at the doctor than turned to look at the entrance she had used.

A slight grin came across her face.

"Just when I get it fixed too." she said, turning back at Reyes. "So mind explaining why i got bowled over by one of my officers being chased by Chain?"

Before Reyes could answer, her commbadge went off.

commbadge.gif Jakson here. commbadge.gif
commbadge.gif Lt jefferson here ma'am. Ummm, Captain Chain is no longer on the ship. commbadge.gif
Alder raise an eyebrow.
commbadge.gif Where is he? commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Headed towards the Blade...out in space. No, he's on the Blade. commbadge.gif
Alder looked at Reyes efore answering the LT.
commbadge.gif Notify the Blade about what's going on, Jefferson and, that the Dr. Reyes and I are heading over. Jakson out. commbadge.gif

SHe looked at the science lab beofre turning to leave.

Glancing over her shoulder she asked, "Coming Doctor?"

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan May 1 2004, 10:43 AM

Lieutenant Commander Jon Falqon
Torpedo Storage Room
USS Blade

Falqon grabbed a transport cart, and loaded up 10 torpedos

"Okay... six, bioagent canisters are next, I should be able to get those from the Medical storage room across the hall, the 4 units trilithium resin is going to be slightly more difficult." falqon murmured to himself"

He walked out of the room, and looked for the Med Storage Room, and found it halfway down the hall. The room was locked.

"Computer, override security protocols on this door." Falqon demanded "Authorization, Falqon-Alpha-Beta-Beta-Phi"


The door slid open. Falqon grabbed six bioagent canisters, put them on the cart and wallked out.

=/\= "Falqon to Koran"

"Yes, Jon" Koran's voice came over the commbadge

"Sir, where in the hell am I supposed to get trilithium resin"

"From an Engineer" Koran replied

"...or the Engineering supply room" Falqon chimed in "Thanks, sir"

He obtained the resin from the supply room and began to walk away

"Computer, site-to-site transport, myself, and the cart, to the Captain's Yacht" They energized out, and then in to the Captain's Yacht's hangar

Falqon began to modify the yacht, and then began the torpedos. he worked for a couple of hours and decided to call it a night. He headed back to his quarter's, Ensign Wolfe was gone.

"Ah, good, I can get some rest"

Posted by: Aku May 2 2004, 10:12 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Blade, Deck 8

Chain crawled his way through the Blade like a giant spider with a human body. He knocked out Officer after Officer, whoever got in his way until he came to a very familliar type of room.

It was a ship Kitchen. This one seemed a lot smaller, and he had trouble fitting into it. As he dropped to his actual, real, feet, all his other extended arm/feet straightened out behind him so that he could enter.

Looking around he didn't find as much food as he desired. It was a disappointment. But he was really getting hungry from all that chasing. If only there was some other way to get food.

Instead, Chain backed out the Kitchen and returned to his ramping through the corridors. Two Officer's with phasers, ran infront of him and blasted phasers. Chain was hardly affected and knocked the two Officers to the side.

They hit the wall and fell to the floor unconscious. Chain just stood there, a bit angry at the fact he could not find any food. He looked down at the two, deciding on if he'd take his anger out on them...

Posted by: Birds Of Prey May 3 2004, 11:45 AM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - Corridors of deck 9, USS Blade

He wondered what the best, and safest method was, to destroy the Kai artifact. A handheld phaser or even a rifle may not be powerful enough, he decided. Need something very powerful, unless ....

He ran towards main engineering, he found a cargo transporter in section 44 and entered it. =/\= "Cargo Transporter 2 to Bridge. I need access to the transporter controls.

=/\= "Why ?" Lt. Tylree First asked harshly.

=/\= "To prevent Captain Chain from ripping the ship's bulkheads apart."

The artifact lying on the floor of the transporter pad, the control panel in front of M`Ress powered up. "Crap, I havent used one of these in nearly 9 months."

He managed to dematerialize the alien artifact, and had it rematalized outside the Blade, scattered across an area nearly 2 square kilometers wide.

"Now what ?" he muttered.

Posted by: Eric Draven May 4 2004, 04:18 PM

Captain Koran, USS Blade, Bridge.

Koran just got the news. He ordered, " All security teams to deckd 6,7,8, and 9. Chain has gotten on board. Sett phasers on setting 5. the stun setting dont stop him, Engage type 9 force feilds in random spots on them decks. Have only people with comm badges get through them. Do not use leathal force I repeat DO NOT use Leathal force."

He sat back in his chair, and thought. "Damn it, he better not try to get into the torpedo bay."

Posted by: Aku May 7 2004, 12:02 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Blade

Chain grabbed his head with multiple appendages in throbing pain. He was flowing with the currents of energy, as he lost his balance and slammed against the wall of a corridor. The flowing energy poured onto the floor and evapourated, as he stuggled through the hallways.


He couldn't take it anymore, so he ran and broke through a pair of doors into a large Torpedo Bay. The people there were shocked by the currents of energy and knocked to the walls. Chain continued to clutch his head, until he fell to the floor. He was breathing heavily, until he stopped all together. His extra arms had been sucked back into his body and he was unconscious.

Just then, Captian Alder, Doctor Reyes and a few other Officers came running in. They looked down at Chain.
"Is he alright!?" Alder asked.
Reyes took out a tricorder and began scanning, "He's still alive. I need to take him to the Sickbay on this ship. It's important that we don't transport him."

Suddenly, Captian Koran entered the room. He was calm, mixed with concern for both Chain and something else on his mind.

"Captian," Alder approached.
Koran just looked at the almost emptied Torpedo Bay and then at Chain, and then at the others. He feared something, but it was uncertain what.
"Captian Koran, are you alright?" Alder asked.
"I'm fine," Koran said, examining them just in case...

Then the other Officer's started carrying Chain out into the Hallway. Chain was brought to Sickbay.

Posted by: Eric Draven May 7 2004, 09:57 PM

Captain Koran, USS Blade, Torpedo bay.

Koran yelled, "Alright everyone out of this room now. That is a order." Koran thought to himself. "Alder seemed suspisious about somthing. Like I was trying to hide something. Alder must not be able to find out. If so measures would have to be taken that Koran will regret, only as a last resort."

In that few secinds the torp room was empty. He tapped his comm badge, "All hands stand down from security alert." Cmdr. Falqon report to my readyroom when it is convientiant." He knew he might have to step up his plans.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 10 2004, 11:05 AM

Alder Jakson, USS Blade

Alder stared at the door. The instinct to obey a captain had overridden her security instinct. Koran was heading something. He had been very nervous. She gave a slight grin. She would find out what it was. It wasn't like she had anything better to do besides repair the Shark. Again. She headed off to the sickbay.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey May 11 2004, 09:26 AM

Ensign M`Ress Shinoline - outside Transporter Room, USS Blade

M`Ress was returning to his ship. And for some weird reason, every crewman he ecountered in the last couple of minutes, seemed to jump when they saw him.

M`Ress caught a vague reflection of himself. He looked every bit like a feral on the prowl, his toenails were extended (he never wears shoes), ears flat against his head and his tail straight.

The Caitian never noticed how stressed out he was, but it meant that two things was proberily going to happen. One, mating season is approaching. And two, he'd have to go to sickbay atleast once. The latter just caused him more stress and anxiety.

M`Ress tried to recompose himself enough to go into the transporter room and ask the crewman to beam him back to his ship.

Posted by: Kelly May 11 2004, 10:47 AM

Doctor Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay, U.S.S Blade

As they entered the room, it thrown Reyes off slightly as she had no idea where anything was in this Sickbay. She helped put Chain onto the biobed and ran the tricorder over once more, "Okay," she whispered looking from the tricorder, to Chain and back to the tricorder. He looked human again and she couldn't understand it, there was no evidence of where all the extra limbs came from.

"How is he?"
Reyes didn't need to turn round to see who the voice belonged to, she was quickly getting accustomed to Alder. "I can't really tell," Reyes said speaking up, "It's odd, one minute he's tearing around ships, space, looking like something out of an old movie and the next," she pointed back to Chain. "Whatever happened to him, there is no evidence of it."
"Is it completely reversed?"
Reyes ran a hand through her hair, puzzled, tired and fustrated. "That's the thing, I don't know what happened, if anything did to reverse it."

Posted by: Eric Draven May 11 2004, 08:45 PM

Capt. Koran, USS Blade, Torpedo room.
Koran tapped his comm badge. Koran to Falqon "I want you to have someone you trust to Observe Captain Jakson. I thinkAlder is getting suspisious. I don't trust her at all. She might infact be a threat to our mission. Report to my readyroom quickly." Koran out.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 12 2004, 10:46 AM

Alder Jakson ~ Sickbay~

Alder listened to Reyes. The attitude of Koran was bothering her. Professionally she knew that she probably shouldn't pry but as soon as she got back to the Sjark, she was doing some snooping around.

"What about the artifact?" Alder asked an apparently frustrated Dr. Reyes. "If it was destroyed then..." Alder let her thought trail off. "What is the story behind the aritfact?"

Posted by: Aku May 13 2004, 12:32 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Blade, Sickbay

"...The Artifact..." Chain sat up suddenly with a splitting headache. "...Used by the Nor'Shizi to nourish thier dead. It suctions itself to thier bodies in Catacombs dug in on Nor'Shizi planets. That's where I found the one we have... on Jestra."

"Captian!" Alder said in surprise. "Are you alright?"

Reyes immediately took scans of him again. His vital organs were showing fine. "You're not going to believe this, Captian Chain, but your cellular degredation problem is gone."

"What do you mean?" Chain asked.

"I mean whatever that transformation was all about, it reversed the degredation to your cells. You're now healthy!" Reyes explained.

Chain shook his head, "I can't believe it... I'm not going to die... I'm not going to die!"

Reyes went over to a console which she downloaded her tricorder into. "It appears those tentacles were a result of metamorphasis. Whatever entity that was growning out of you, was you..."

"I think I was connected to it on a deeper level. It was calling for me. It was growing as an entity the same way I was."

"Let me get this straight," Alder broke in. "Why didn't we just destroy the artifact in the first place?"

"The Artifact's suction abilities work in reverse effect to Nor'Shizi bio technology. It simply kills it," Reyes said.

"I see. So then the Artifact was actually our best weapon against the Nor'Shizi," Alder realized.

"Was?" Chain asked.

They paused for a moment.

"It was destroyed, sir..."


Chain and Alder entered the Bridge of the U.S.S. Blade. There they met up with Koran.
"Captian, I'm glad to see you're better," Koran said.
"Thanks. What was the urgency about?" Chain asked.
The view screen suddenly clicked on to a long-range view of Tesna Savo, a Nor'Shizi colony located incredibly close to them. Around it was a large fleet of Nor'Shizi vessels.

Alder glanced at the viewscreen, shocked like everyone else, "That can't be good."

Koran shook his head at this. He knew that he wouldn't let even this interfere with his plans.

"Contact the Shark and the Atlantis. We have to come up with a plan..." Chain said.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson May 14 2004, 10:03 AM

Alder Jakson, Bridge USS Shark
Alder glanced Chain.

"And with all do respect , Captain, I don't think that the Shark will be able to do much." She glanced back to the viewscreen. "YOu sorta tore it up quite well, while going after the artifact."

She shook her head.

"I guess I might want to get to the Shark though. Captains." she gave a nod to the two captains and headed for a transporter room. SHe had to figure out what the Shark was capable of before setting any course of action.

Posted by: Aku May 15 2004, 06:16 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis

The Atlantis sat in space around the Starbase, Shark and Blade. Chain was speaking to the Doctor on the Bridge.

"I'm not sure I would have survived if it weren't for you, Doctor. Thank you for keeping hope alive," Chain said.
Reyes nodded, "I'll still want to check up on you frequently. Well, I'd better get back to my Sickbay."

She left through the Turbolift doors just as Sayaka was entering. Chain went over to the back of the Bridge to meet with her.
"So, how's the Doctor? You seem to be spending a lot of time with her."
Sayaka crossed her arms and looked away.
"Sayaka, it's not like that. We're just friends. Did you even know about my transformation??"
She then pulled him over to another part of the Bridge where they wouldn't be heard.

"Look the real reason I came here is because I had to talk to you about something. I got a job on Jestra... as Second Administrator of Nor'Shizi Research. I did a test and they immediately accepted me."
"Congratulations, wow."
"I think it's a great opportunity for me to command my own teams and learn co-ordination skills. I have to move there, but I didn't want this to affect our relationship..."
She looked down unhappy, but Chain lifted her chin. "Don't worry, I---"

"Captian, we seem to be recieving an encoded transmission. The source is unknown, but we know it's from somewhere from the surrounding Sectors," Lars explained. "They want to speak with you in private."

Sayaka smiled one last time and left the Bridge. Chain nodded to Tactical and headed to his Ready Room, "Alright, patch it through."

Ready Room

Chain walked around his desk and took a seat. He fixed his uniform and rotated the laptop around. The screen clicked on to a view of a shadowed alien species.
"Captian Chain. We know of the Nor'Shizi fleet sitting at Tesna Savo," the shadowed alien said.
"Who are you?" Chain asked.
"We dislike the Nor'Shizi as much as you and we're willing to help. We want to send our fleet for an attack at Tesna Savo, but we'd like for you, the Federation, to command it. You'll find us very useful."
Chain looked down and then back at the viewscreen. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You're willing to allow us to command your fleet? Who are you??"
"You know you need us. Please, we must meet as soon as possible."
Chain took a moment to think about it. "Alright."