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Episode 2 - "Equilibrium"

Posted by: Aku Dec 4 2003, 02:13 AM

Captian Steven Chain - USS Atlantis, Gym

It was break time, and Chain was in the small Gym throwing hoverballs through hoverball hoops. The Atlantis and the Blade had been exploring space for a couple days now, and the starcharts had been mapping out successfully. As he tossed the hoverball through the hoop, he thought about taking another tour of the ship. He tossed the hoverball through the hoop again. "Hm..."

Third time must be a charm, so he tried for the hoop again, and got it in. Chain grabbed the ball curiously and turned around so that his back was to the net. He threw it behind him, and the ball went through the net. Everytime he tossed the ball, it scored.

Then Chain threw the ball off the wall, so that it would richochet throughout the Gym. As it was doing it, the ball miracuasly made its way through the net. The most impossible move in the history of hoverball had just been made by him.


After, Captain Chain made his way to the Bridge of the Atlantis. "Report."
"We're getting strange glitches in our operating systems." Jowett explained.
Chain and Jowett took a seat at the Command Chairs. "Glitches?"
Jowett opened her arm console and displayed random changing numbers. "Everytime I run a random number through the computer, it always comes out 36. Before that, it was always 491."
"Hm... Something happened to me when I was in the Gym. I was throwing hoverballs into the net, scoring every single time."
"I was talking to Captain Koran. He said he was experiencing something similar on his ship."
Captain Chain stood up. "How is this possible? ...Lieutenant, scan the area for any unusual signs of spacial flux."
Lieutenant Nekida checked over his scans. "I can't sir. The scanner alignment keeps throwing off. Give me a couple minutes sir."

That didn't sound too good. Later, Captain Chain met with Commander Jowett, Captain Koran, and Lieutenant Commander Falqon in the Briefing Room. They had beamed over to give thier expertise on the situation.

Briefing Room

Falqon began pointing to a viewscreen. "Scans aren't showing any type of spacial flux, but the scans themselves seem to be fractured."
"We were experiencing glitches. Maybe something similar is happening to the Blade." Chain explained.
"No. This is more like, space itself had folds in it." He showed a diagram of his scans. It looked like broken ice, leading to an end point.
"The fractures seem to get more broken when we scan Parsect 332." Captain Koran continued explaining from his seat.
"There's an El Aurian Transport Vessel passing through there." Falqon said.
"Are you saying this Transport is responsible for... whatever all this is that's happening to us?" Chain asked.
Jowett nodded, "In fact, it's almost like the Laws of Probability are changing."
Koran stood up and started pacing the room. This concept was on his mind, and he knew it wasn't safe.
"I've heard about this. There have been a couple incidents in the Alpha Quadrant where these kinds of Laws have been altered." Chain said.
"I don't like it." Koran stopped.
"Well, how far are these fractures occurring?" Captain Chain investigated further.
"Only as far as a quarter of this Sector." Falqon replied. "As soon as we're past it, we won't be affected anymore."
"Hm. Let's just keep an eye on it." Chain answered his own thoughts.
Koran nodded, "That's probably the best idea."
After that, the meeting was dismissed. Everyone left the room.

Little did they realize, a group of Nor'Shizi vessels had rendezvoused with two Dominion ships on the outskirts of that Sector.

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Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

I can't BELIEVE this! Tinashi thought angrily. It was a no win situation for
him - after his defeat at Jestra, his only possible defense against losing his
command was to admit that the Federation was possibly more dangerous than
the Dominion. He didn't believe it, but he had to spit it out at the inquiry. And
now he was leading up a task force to..... negotiate an alliance with the Dominion.

He was sickened to think that his Empire would be willing to ally itself with such an
enemy. But, he had his orders, and Tinashi had a strict code of conduct about

"Sir, the Dominion vessel is hailing us," Ry'Mor said.

"Very well. On screen!" Tinashi ordered.

A Vorta apeared, with several Jem'Hadar in the background.

Tinashi took the initiative, "Perhaps you would care to dine onboard our vessel this
evening, while we discuss the matter at hand?"

"Very good," the Vorta replied curtly.

Posted by: Jarek Dec 8 2003, 07:39 PM

Captain Neirroun Mikra - Making His Way Towards The Bridge Of The USS Shark In Docking Bay At Star Fleet HQ

Getting inside the turbolift outside of the Transporter Room, Neirroun sighed a small bit. He never thought there would be a day that he would command a Federation Star Ship. After all he was the only Romulan ever to go through the academy. The Lieutenant escorting Neirroun looked at him and tilted his head in a questionable manner.

"Sir are you ok?"

"Yes I am fine Lieutenant. Thank you for asking."

Neirroun kept his shoulders high and left no expression on his face as most Romulans did.


As the Turbolift stopped, Neirroun walked off. The Lieutenant behind him called out,:

"Captain on the Bridge!"

"At Ease everyone." Neirroun answered back.

He walked over to a Lieutenant Commander that was now standing outside of the Captain's chair. She looked at Neirroun with a smile, but still no expression came from Neirroun.

"Welcome to the USS Shark Sir. I am Lieutenant Commander Vidomi." she exclaimed in a warming manner.

"Thank you Commander. I am Captain Mikra." Nierroun caned his head slightly before handing a Dat PADD to Vidomi. "I have been assigned the Shark's new Captain."

Vidomi read the PADD then nodded her head in agreenment.

"It is also shown that you are hereby the Ship's XO."

Vidomi smiled sweetly and grinned.

"Well it is an honor and pleasure to be working with you Sir! It will be interesting to be working with the only Romulan of Star Fleet."

Neirroun grinned gently, the first expression of the day since he stepped aboard the ship.

Neirroun started toward the Captain's chair and stopped before he got there. He stood infront of the chair and started to look around at everyone who, in return, were looking directly at him waiting for orders.

"Jolan'tru everyone. I am Captain Mikra. As most of you know by now, I am the first and only Romulan within Star Fleet. I am sure some of you have your doubts about working for and with me, but leave all doubts asside I am always here. Any help or suggestions please feel free to let me know. Any private matter's may be discussed in my chambers at any time possible. We are all here for the same reason. Preservation of the Federation. And I will leave no one behind."

Neirroun stopped for a second watching the Bridge Crew. Some of them nodded, some did nothing. He knew there were still doubts but he hopped to take them away soon.

"Star Fleet has not yet given us full orders. At the current moment we are to stick by until further instructions. I would like a full report from each station by the end of this hour if possible. I will be in my Ready Room if I am needed."

Neirroun nodded at everyone as they turned around and started on their reports. He slightly bowed his head to Commander Vidomi and walked to the Ready Room.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Dec 8 2003, 08:09 PM

Ensign Shiboline M`Ress - The Serengeti

M`Ress woke up, in the velvet blackness of the African night, an hour before dawn. He stretched slowly and got up, carrying only a small backpack containing a a pair of waterbottles. This wilderness was as close as Cait as he could find. But he has to leave this beauty behind as his first assignment starts today.

Starbase One
M`Ress walked across the massive lobby area of Starbase One, carrying a few personal belongings in a carryall. He briefly paused to gaze at the gentle curve of Earth. Large windows on the far wall give a brilliant view of Asia and the Indian ocean in darkness. Millions of little lights indicating the continent's larger cities.

When he returned his attention to get to his new ship, he caught a familiar scent. He spun around and pounced, knocking over his mother. "Hey, Trouble ... " the sandy-blond haired woman chuckled as M`Ress wrapped his arms around her. "Surprise !"

"Who surprised who ?" he asked, snuggling.

She smiled at him, "I know this must be exciting for you."

"Very exciting, yes."

"Remember," she reached out and pressed her hand to his furry cheek. "I love you more then you can imagine."

He nodded, "I love you, mom."

"Be careful." she said, almost sobbing. "From one adventurer to the next. Don't do anything overly heroic. It would be wasted."

She let him go after another minute or so. He walked onto the long tunnel that leads to the starship Shark and wondered who he'd meet there.

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 9 2003, 08:14 AM

Capt Lacer Koran. In his Quaters
personal log.
These "spacial" distorations are really pissing me off. the computer will do things at random. I order Haspreat from the replacator and i get fried chicken. I hope Falqon can fix these damn problems. End log.

Bridge of the Blade. Lacer Koran.

Lt. Keller did you find anything of sensors. Yes sir, she responded. I thought i saw four ships on long range sensors. I think 2 of ships were Dominion, and the others were Nor'Shizi Koran responded, "are you sure this isnt some glitch." No sir she responded. Then hail the Atlantis, right now. Patch it through to my ready-room.

Ready-room of the Blade.
Koran: Hey Steve, my science officer just picked up two Dominion ships, and two Nor'Shizi ships on long range sensors. If it is infact true I say we go to red alert, singnal the Starbase, and blow the hell out of them.
Chain: Lacer you know we can't just go there and attack. We are not at war. As much as you wish we could, we cant attack, plus if we do, Gorak will have your head.
Koran: Fine lets wait for furthor instructions
Koran Out

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Dec 9 2003, 02:14 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon, First Officer's quarters, USS Blade
Falqon is lying on the floor, seemingly in pain

Falqon's commbadge goes off
"Koran to Falqon" he hears

"Arrr..... Falqon here go"

"Falqon get to my ready room now we need your advice" says Koran angrily


"Why the hell not"

"I'm getting the thoughts of the entire ship at once"

"Then get to sick bay"

Falqon goes to sick bay and learns that he's just going to have to tough it out

Falqon takes the turbolift to the bridge

Posted by: Aku Dec 10 2003, 03:11 PM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Atlantis, Ready Room

"This doesn't make any sense. The Nor'Shizi and the Dominion hate each other! What are the odds they would start talking again??" Chain stared at the padds on his desk.
"The odds are slim to nil." Jowett replied, as she was standing in front of his desk.
Chain couldn't believe it. The Nor'Shizi joining the Dominion would mean a greater enemy. "What about the Non-Aggression Pact?" Jowett questioned.
"The Nor'Shizi would make light of that... They'll convince the Dominion that it only apply's to the Federation in the Alpha Quadrant."
"Does it?" She wasn't sure.
Chain shook his head... "I don't think it was ever specified."


Chain and Jowett entered. They both stood at the centre before the Viewscreen.
"Lieutenant, is the Shark still in the Alpha Quadrant?" Chain asked.
"Affirmative. They're picking up new crew at Earth." Nekida replied.
"Send a message to the Starbase at Jestra. We may need reinforcements."
The crew looked at Captain Chain like he was insane. There was sudden pause on the Bridge of the Atlantis. Chain looked around at everyone.
"Captain, if the Nor'Shizi are joining the Dominion, then there's no chance for the Federation here." Jowett explained.
"Only a few Federation ship's can be spared to the Gamma Quadrant. We don't stand a chance against a Fleet of Dominion Battle Ship's." Nekida added.
His crew was right. Chain began pacing the Bridge. "Why... Why would they begin peace talks?" He stopped pacing. "Lieutenant, send the message."
Nekida nodded and tapped at his controls.
Chain then looked at the viewscreen again. "Wait a second. Where are the Nor'Shizi and Dominion meeting?"
Nekida flew his hands over the the console. The Captain was working him hard today. "Uh, the Karemma System sir."
"Is that inside the outgoing range the El Aurian Transport is affecting Space-Time?" Chain inquried.
"Yes..." Nekida looked at his console amazed.
"Then the fact that the Dominion and the Nor'Shizi are meeting is at odds." Jowett realized.
"...Altered odds." Chain added. "I bet they wouldn't even be meeting if the Laws of Probability weren't being randomly changed."
There was a second to process this.
"We have to get to that Transport before it starts making things worse." Chain said.

The Blade was contacted about this and before they knew it, they both jumped to Warp.

Posted by: Jarek Dec 10 2003, 05:19 PM

Captain's Ready Room

Neirroun sat at his desk going over reports that the crew had sent him. He was still a bit edgy but he figured he would manage. But what if the crew do not listen to me? What shall I do at that point? These two questions rained inside the Romulan's head. I guess I will wait until that time comes. he mentioned to himself.

"Vindomi to Captain." Vindomi came in over Neirroun's Commbadge.

"Go ahead Commander."

"Sir we are receiving a message from Star Base."

Neirroun stood up

"On my way."


"Report." Neirroun motioned as he walked in.

A young Ensign at Tactical turned around.

"Sir we are recieving a transmission from Star Base. It is sending us a transmission just recieved from the USS Atlantis Sir. Text only."

"Very well Ensign. Send it to my chair."

The Ensign turned around and Neirroun walked over to the Captain's Chair and sat down. After punching a few buttons he started reading the text. He quickly looked up at Vindomi.

"Commander have all crew reported in?" Neirroun questioned frantically.

"Negative Sir, we are still awaiting an Ensign M'Ress."

"Have Lieutenant Caboli in Transporter inform us as soon as he arrives. When he does we must depart from the Star Base."

Vindomi nodded and tapped her commbadge.

"Bridge to Transporter Room."

"Go ahead Bridge."

"Inform us when Ensign M'Ress boards immediatly."

"Aye Ma'am."

Vindomi looked back at Neirroun and nodded again.

"Crew something is going down in the Karemma System. I will update everyone as soon as all officers are aboard and we are under way. But I will say this at this time.. As soon as Ensign M'Ress boards we must make a quit outing. If we do not get to the Karemma System quickly, two of our vessels will be in danger. Maybe even the Federation. Go about normal business until mean time. As soon as M'Ress is aboard, Ensign Desil inform the Star Base of our departure and take us as quickly as possible to the Karemma System."

Ensign Desil, at Helm, replied, "Aye Sir!" then turned back around.

Neirroun sat back down in his chair in thought. Vindomi sat down in the chair next to Neirroun's. She looked at him inqusitly.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Dec 10 2003, 06:18 PM

Ensign Shiboline M`Ress
When his vision cleared, he was standing in a transporter room, small but obvious differences distanced the vessel's interior from the Ambassador class ships he grew up on.

He was greeted by a man operating the transporter. He wore an engineering uniform. He looked almost human, but long purple hair was tied back in a simple braid, slightly tufted ears and sunken pink eyes obviously marked him as an alien of some kind. "Permission to board, sir," M`Ress said, keeping with protocol.

"Granted." he said. "Welcome onboard. I am Lieutenant Fumie Maerton."

"I am supposed to check in with sickbay, right ?" M`Ress asked.


M`Ress entered sickbay and looked around. Seven humans crowded around one bio-bed, the older man complained of a back injury while the little brown haired girl tugged on a woman's pants. "What is it April ?"

"Grandpa broke ?"

"No. He just hurt his back playing with you."

M`Ress turned around quickly, facing away the wall and let loose a silent laugh. "You there Ensign!" a doctor said as he walked over to him. "Hop up onto the bed. I'll be with you in a minute."

"I-I'm sorry ?"

He turns back to M`Ress. "We need to run a full scan."

"No, no, I-I'm fine." he laughed nervously. "Look, a-hah, I can come back when you're not busy." M`Ress said desperately. He hates sickbay. Maybe even more than fire.

"On the bed! Doctor's orders. Or else .... " he said firmly. M`Ress complied. His combadge, beeped, "Lieutenant Caboli to Ensign M`Ress. Report to the bridge at once."

M`Ress jumped off as the doctor approached him. "Maybe next time Healer." M`Ress smirked dashing towards to the door and into the corridor. He tapped his combadge, "Ensign M`Ress to the captain."

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 10 2003, 09:43 PM

Bridge of Blade. Lacer Koran
Helm, how much longer till we are withen weapons range. the young helmsmen responded about 30 minutes. Ops, have they responded to any of our hails. the Crewmen responded no they havn't. then open a channel. She responded channel open. El Aurian Transport vessel, this is captain Lacer Koran of the U.S.S. Blade drop out of warp and prepare to be borded. Any response, no sir she replied. Open it again. El Aurian ship cut you damn engines now. I repeat NOW!!!!!.

Posted by: Jarek Dec 10 2003, 09:51 PM


Hearing a voice over the commbadge, Neirroun responded.

"Captain Mikra here. Welcome aboard M'Ress. We've been waiting for you."

Neirroun looked at Vindomi, then to helm.

"Take us out of here Helm."

"Aye Captain." The Helmsman spoke.

He started tapping his consoul and they de-docked out of the Star Base and started heading for the doors to exit the Star Base.

"Ensign M'Ress once you have your full scans from the Sickbay, please report to the bridge." Neirroun stated over comms.

Posted by: Birds Of Prey Dec 10 2003, 10:49 PM

Ensign Shiboline M`Ress - Corridor

He stopped dead in his tracks. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
That is not even funny !" he said indignantly, to himself.

Slowly, with legs made of lead, he returned to sickbay.

Posted by: Aku Dec 10 2003, 11:27 PM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Atlantis, Bridge

The Atlantis and the Blade waited before the very large Transport. It seemed to drift at Impulse speeds. Chain paced his Bridge.
"The Blade has been hailing, but getting no response. Our hails have been going unanswered aswell." Nekida reported.
Chain shook his head, "Fine then. Load the Torpedoes... Perhaps they need a little waking."

The Atlantis loaded its weapons ready to fire when suddenly both ships were hailed.

"Captain!" Nekida called out. "The Transport is hailing!"
"What? On screen!" Chain ordered.
The screen blinked on, showing a badly injured young El Aurian woman. She seemed to be breathing heavily. -"Whoever you are please help us!!"-
Chain watched the viewscreen completely confused. "What?"
The Woman was almost to tears. She held an unconscious man in her arms. -"Our Engines have been backfiring. The entire ship is infected with radiation!"- In the background, dirt covered Officer's could be seen scattering to consoles trying to fix emergencies on lower decks.
"Oh my God," Chain looked to the side, "This Transport isn't hostile at all..." He didn't know what to think. Then suddenly the transmission cut out. The entire Bridge was quiet. "What's the status of thier vessel?"
Nekida scanned, "Thier ship is in pretty good condition, but it looks like some type of radiation is emitting from thier Warp Generators into the vessel itself. Readings are showing high levels dangerous for organic matter."
"Could this be what's causing the Probability Distortions?"
"Evidence suggests that the El Aurian generator configuration deals with space mechanics we've never seen before."

Meanwhile on sensors, five more Dominion Battleships entered the System. They rondezvoused with the Nor'Shizi alliance talks. If only there was some way to know if the talks were going good or not. Luckily, the Bajoran Wormhole wasn't anywhere near the Karemma System so when the Shark would enter the Gamma Quadrant, they wouldn't run into trouble.

Chain shook his head from thought. "Mr. Nekida, stand down weapons..."

Posted by: Jarek Dec 10 2003, 11:43 PM

Bridge - USS Shark

"Helm, are we currently clear of Star Base?" Neirroun ask inquisitly.

"Yes Captain."

"Good. Set a course for the Gamma Quadrant and straight to the Karemma System."

"Aye Sir."


"20 minutes at full warp Captain."

"Make it soo Ensign."

Neirroun stood up to adress the crew again.

"Ok as I stated before there is a situation in the Karemma System that requires our attention. The USS Atlantis, followed by the USS Blade, have reason to believe, and enough proof, that the Dominion and the Nor'Shizi are in peace talks for an Alliance. By telling you this I am sure that you already know what that could mean for us. The Nor'Shizi have wanted to get their hands on Star Fleet for a while now. With help from the Dominion.. This may come true. We are to assist the Blade and Atlantis as much as possible."

"Sir will there be any other ships besides our three?" Lieutenant Solk at Tactical asked.

"No. We will be the only. The Federation does not need anymore out there. As you know we are still underway of helping with a Border Dispute at Posideion 1. I am not going to lie to you. This may be dangerous. But I will not lead us into a situation that we cannot handle."

"Sir. I am reading the signatures of two Federation Vessels in the Karemma System. Also beside them an El Aurian Transport. Our ships our fine but it seems that the Transport's Warp Core is leaking some kind of Toxin."

"Helm. Head straigh for those Federation Vessels. It seems we have been beaten here. Also send them a message. Audio Only. Computer start recording: This is Captain Mikra of the USS Shark. We are in bound to your position for the back up requested by the Atlantis. We are in your command. Computer end recording. Send."

Posted by: Aku Dec 11 2003, 01:05 AM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Atlantis, Bridge

Nekida recieved the transmission and relayed it to the Captain. The Shark had dropped out of Warp and approached them.

Karemma Homeworld

Not too far off from the El Aurian Transport situation was the Karemma Planet. Its atmosphere was having trouble remaining stable. The odds of a break in its multiple sub-space reactive layers were slim to nothing...

The entire Planet had begun suffering high levels of radiation being exhibited by Karemma's multi-layered atmospheres. Whatever they were made of, they were harming the population more than ever.

-"Jem'Hadar vessels. The Karemma Homeworld desperately requires your assistance."- Messages were sent out. Karemma Starship's surrounded the Planet, trying to manipulate the atmosphere with tachyon beams. Unfortuantely, they had no expertise on atmospheric rendering.

"Commander, have the Jem'Hadar responded?" The General of one of thier Starship's asked.
"No sir. They remain on the outskirts of the System." The Commander replied from a control station.
The Karemma were members of the Dominion. Like most species in the Quadrant, they really didn't have a choice but to be members. Now they needed thier help more than ever. For some strange reason, the physics of thier atmopshere had been altered. But would the Dominion lift a finger to help them? No.
"General, there are Federation ship's nearby." The Commander reported.
"The Federation? ...Oh yes... the new colonists from Jestra?"
"Yes, General."
"The Federation... they're good people." He paced his Bridge. "How are the tachyon beams going?"
"No effect."

USS Atlantis

Chain stopped pacing. "Hail the Shark."
-"Captain Chain,"- the viewscreen blinked on, -"I'm Captain Mikra of the Shark."-
"You're... Romulan?" Chain was astonished.
-"Yes"- Mikra replied.
"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean--"
Mikra put up his hand, -"Don't worry about it. Why are we speaking over communique? Our channels may be tapped."-
"Not by this Transport, that's for sure. Not to mention the Nor'Shizi and the Dominion seem to be busy." He paused, thinking more about the Talks. "One of us is going to have to spy on them."
Mikra thought about this.
"If one of us spied on thier talks, then maybe we'd have a clue as to thier progress." Chain continued. "The Atlantis will remain here, but either the Blade or the Shark will have to go."
-"The only way I see we can spy on the Talks is if we position our ship in this Asteroid Field..."- He addressed a nearby panel with the starchart of the system. -"But I think the Blade may fair better in that field. Thier ship is has a better structural integridy. Not that I think the Shark couldn't handle it."-
"Agreed. Whoever of you goes, we're going to have to keep a strict comm silence."
Mikra nodded. -"Understood."-

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 11 2003, 08:15 AM

Bridge of Blade. Captain Koran.

Falqon hail the Atlantis. On Screen he replied. Hey captain what should we do about this Dominion and Nor'shizi fleet parked in the system. I say we should get us and that transport the hell out of here. what do you think.

Posted by: Aku Dec 11 2003, 09:51 PM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Atlantis

"Agreed." Chain siad. "We'll see how far we can get, though a lot of our systems have been increasing in malfunction the closer we've gotten to this Transport. We'll be engaging Tractor Beams in two minutes."
Koran nodded and the screen clicked off.
Chain addressed the Helm. "Raven, see if you can re-localize the full extent of the Transports effects on space. We need to bring it to a safe place so that its effects won't reach the Talks or any other planet in the system."
"That's a damn far way to go, sir" Raven replied.
Chain increased in stress, "I know, but we have no choice."

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 11 2003, 10:14 PM

Bridge of Blade, Captain Koran.

Commander Falqon tell the Atlantis we are going to do alittle spying on those ships out that I really dont trust them. And tell him I will watch my ass.
Helm take us to the rings of the 6th planet. the radation will hopefully mask us. Aye sir he responded. Tactical charge weapons raise sheilds. Engage.

After 30 minutes of listening in on there communacations.
Sir! Yelled the Tactical Offier. Captain you must listen to this. OK put it on audio.
On the Speakers, so it is agreed the Dominion and Nor'Shizi will attack the Federation colony, and destroy the Federation ships in this quadrant.
Speakers off. Koran yelled "Damnit, send this to Captain Chain now. Tell him to alert the starbase. We can't allow these bastereds to attack."

Posted by: Aku Dec 12 2003, 07:24 PM

Captain Steven Chain - USS Atlantis

The Atlantis and the Shark tractor-beamed the El Aurian Transport as far as they could get before the tractor beams went out. Most systems aboard both ship's were taking turns in malfunctioning. Once one system would go down, the previous downed one would go back up. This didn't happen too frequently, but it happened none-the-less.

"Mr. Raven, have we pulled the Transport far enough out?" Chain asked.
Raven tapped the Helm console, "No, sir."

Suddenly, the Atlantis' tractor-beam went back on. But the Shark's remained temporarily offline. Nekida locked it back onto the Transport and the Atlantis began pulling it again.

"We won't take it out of range for a long time, sir." Raven said. "Do you think the passenger's are okay?"
"I've sent over Medical and Engineering Teams to the Transport to help the El Aurian's in any way" Chain replied.
"But sir, won't the radiation effect our people aswell?" Jowett asked.
"The effects of that only began to influence the lifeforms on the Transport after being exposed to it for more than a month. I don't believe any of our people will be harmed." Nekida added.
Chain finally made up his mind, "I'm going to beam over." He looked on screen. "I want to meet the Captain of this Freighter." Just as he headed for the Turbolift, Nekida picked up a coded transmission.
"Captain!" Nekida read through it. "Sir, the Blade reports the Dominion and the Nor'Shizi are planning to attack Jestra."
"Again??" Chain stopped.
"Yes, Captain." Fear began to creep up on Nekida, slowly but surely.

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 12 2003, 09:29 PM

Bridge of Blade. Captain Koran.

Helm we cant do anymore here take the ship back to the transport. Maintain red alert. And just in case of a battle place several security teams on every deck, inculding the bridge. Break out the rifles. And also have a Heavly armed security team ready in transporter room 3. maybe be when we get there we can convince the El Aurian's to speed up repairs. well thats if Captain Chain hasnt done that already.

Posted by: Doc -Q-vorikan Dec 13 2003, 10:27 PM

lieutenant Commander Jon Falqon, Bridge, USS Blade

Falqon opens a small locker on the bridge and take out the three MACO rifle that lie inside. He throws one to the captain, keeps one for himself, and gives the other one to his associate security chief.

"Get to Transporter Room three now leiutenant" Shouted Falqon "and assemble a team to go with you"

"Yes sir" said the Lieutenant

Falqon then does a site-to-site to the Armoury, when he gets there he grabs 5 type3-a rifles and brings them back up to the bridge

Back on the bridge he hands them out to the Helmsman, Nav Officer, two of his men, and keeps the other with him

Posted by: Jarek Dec 14 2003, 12:19 AM

((OOC My apologies on not posting in a few days. Just had a Winter Storm here so I was off for a bit.. but fear nothing. The Romulan has returned MUAHAHAHAHA))

Captain Neirroun Mikra - USS Shark

"Vindomi, hail the Atlantis again." Neirroun shouted over all of the crew who were trying to figure out why the tractor's were being this way.

A few seconds later Captain Chain came over the screen.

"Captain... These damn Tractor beams are going to be the death of that transport. I suggest we beam them aboard. We have reasonto believe that the Dominion are going to attack again."

"We know they will."

"Damnit... I suggest we quarentine an area on our ships and beam aboard as many people as possible. This is my first day as the Captain of this ship and I do not want to have blood on my hands now."

Posted by: Aku Dec 14 2003, 01:22 AM

Captian Steven Chain - USS Atlantis

Chain paced the Bridge once again. "The answer doesn't lie in combat... The answer's on that Ship..."
-"Captain?"- Mikra questionned, trying to keep everything on track.
Chain stopped and looked into his made up mind, "I'm beaming over to that Transport."
-"What about the Quarintine?"- Mikra pushed.
But Chain just walked towards the Turbolift. "Chain to Transporter Room 3. Arrange a transport site for me to the El Aurian Vessel."
-"Aye sir"- Came a voice over the comm.
-"Captain? ...Captian!"- Mikra was left hanging.

As soon as Chain entered the Transporter Room, he was contacted from the Blade over comm.
-"Captain Chain. I've spoken to Mikra. We both agree that we have to prepare our defenses."- Koran said.
"I'm beaming over to the Transport." Chain stated.
-"This is crazy! We don't have time for this!"- Koran argued.
But Chain didn't respond.
-"The Dominion is going to attack!"- Continued Koran.
Chain tapped his commbadge, cutting communications. He then nodded to the Transporter Chief who activated the beam-out.

El Aurian Transport

Chain made wis way through the Corridors passing a few Federation Officer's working on open panels. He then entered the Bridge.

There, along with a couple busy El Aurian Engineer's, was the El Aurian woman. Her eyes looked of fear and hopelessness. When Captain Chain entered the Bridge, she didn't know what to think.

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Captain Mikra - Bridge - USS Shark

Neirroun shook his head at Chain. This human is crazy. Neirroun thought to himself. But he knew that Chain was more experianced at these situations.

"Tactical and Helm listen to me. I want our torps up to a full spread and our phaser banks charged. I also want a tractor lock on Captain Chain and as many other people on that transport as possible. If this thing goes to hell I don't want blood on our hands."

Vindomi looked at Neirroun like he was crazy.

"Sir. The Nor are not at this time part of our watching list. I must protest this."

"Noted commander. But remember that the Domion are. And if the Nor fire upon this, or any other federation vessel, they are to be considered hostile. I do not trust the Dominion. Not now. Trying to bring the Nor in on this. It is too suspicious."

Vindomi looked at him thinking for a second then nodded.

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Captain Lacer Koran, USS Blade, Bridge

Falqon you have the bridge, i I am going over to that transport and convince Chain that we need to get the hell out of here. if the Dominion and Nor'Shizi attack beam everyone out.

Transporter Room, USS Blade.
Everymember of the away team had checked there weapons. Koran Spoke " set all weapons to stun I do not anyone dead. Aye sir they all responded. They all speted onto the pad and were transported to the transport.

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Leiutenant Commander Jon Falqon, Bridge, USS Blade

"Falqon to Transporter Room 3" said Falqon

"Transporter Room 3 here, go Commander"

"I know I don't have to tell you this, but keep a lock on the away team"

"Yes sir"

"Falqon out"

"Helmsman, hold position. Tactical, status report"

"Sheilds are at full power, phasers are at 80%, maximum warp is 7.6"

"What the hell, why do I get the ship in such poor condition."demanded Falqon " Bridge to Engineering"

"Engineering here, Go bridge."

"Get phasers, and Warp to maximum, I want this ship at full power in case we have a battle on our hands. Tactical, ETA for the Nor'Shizi and Dominion Ships."

"40 minutes at their current velocity"

"Engineering you have 35 minutes"

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Bridge of the Transport. Captain Koran

What is taking your crews so long to repair your ship. i sugest you get moving or I'll have some one take command of this bucket and take you out of here.
Falqon to Koran. Koran here. Sir we have the Nor'Shizi ship closing at impulse. ok I'll have my team and I beam back aboard. Get that ship battle ready. Few seconds later the team was aboard the Blade.

Bridge, USS Blade. Captain Koran.

Lt. Commander Falqon come with me to my ready room. They both entered the room. Commander i want you to set up mupital forcefeilds on every deck, that way we can blow them out into space. Sir if Gorak hears of that he'll bust your ass down to ensign. Jon he isnt here, and he dosnt have know about it. Also if the stun setting dosnt work very well, tell them to any force they see fit. But I want at least one or two prisoners to "question." Commander you are dismissed.

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Captain Chain - El Aurian Transport, Bridge

"I'm Captain Steven Chain of the Atlantis." He approached the woman with the messy hair.
"Tiana... This is Helgen, the Administrator of the Nekul." She was an attractive young woman. It was obvious that she was in command of the Transport while her superior officer was ill. Helgen lay asleep across a table where a Doctor was managing medical devices on his forehead and neck. "Thank you for sending your Engineers over to help us get back online."
"Not at all." He hesitated. "I'm... I'm not sure why I'm here... But I know that your Transport is the cause of everything that's been going on."
"Would you like to see the Engine?" She asked.
"Yes, of course."


They made their way to Engineering. There, Starfleet and El Aurian Officer's had been working together. Lieutenant Commander Morkon, the Chief Engineer from the Atlantis, was heading operations here.

"There it is..." She gestured at the Warp Core. "The 'cause'."
Chain glanced at her questionably, "...Why??"
"Our forefathers built this ship with technology we've lost track of over time." She stared at the Core; its vibrant glow, both mesmorizing and beautiful. "After the Borg attacked our people decades ago, there was no turning back."

The Warpcore connected to deposit devices all over the Ship. Up against cieling-wall corners were device tubes containing Warp Plasma. Each of these Chambers were built to feed energy for each Room on the Ship and also be a part of the Warp Core. It was the Chambers that were emitting the radiation within each Deck and causing the rupture to space-time Probability throughout the Sector.

"We have to do something. We've got to disable your Engines" Chain said.
Tiana shook her head. "We've tried that. Dismantling them won't help. Fixing them won't help. They are what they are."
Chain paced. "What happened when you tampered with your Engines? Did the Laws of Probability ever change?"
Tiana thought about it and nodded. "Yes, but they never went away. What difference does it make?"

Chain went over to his Chief Engineer. "Report."
Morkon was busy at a console, "Examinations lead us to believe the effects on space-time are being caused by the Quantum Circutry."
"Quantum Circutry?"
"Well, theoretically, technology that works on the Quantum plain. I don't recognize it myself, but its configuration isn't that different than our Warpcore" he explained in his trademark deep voice.
Chain stopped to process this, "Lieutenant, have you touched the technology at all?"
"No sir. It's too dangerous."

He walked the Captain over to an open console at the Core. There, energy wires were connected to strangly constructed panels inside. It looked complicated as hell.

Tiana watched intently in the background. She was too afraid to get involved. Her plate of problems was full anyway.

"Lieutenant. What is the best course of action into stopping the radiation leaks on this Ship?"
Morkon looked at the wires closely, he'd been scanning them and examining the Ship's systems for the past three hours. "Well, initially the radiation is being caused by aging Warp Reactor Chambers located all over the ship. But I believe rerouting these two wires into the excess energy assembly matrix may neutrilize what additional power is causing the radiaition."
Chain looked at him. They both knew an order was about to be given. It didn't tamper with the Prime Directive because these El Aurians asked for help. They both knew this next order could change everything. These circuts controlled the Warpcore Assembly, the Warp Drive controlled the Laws of Probability throughout the Sector. Something had to be done. "Mr. Morkon... Reroute the wires into the assembly."
Morkon reached in and got to work.

In seconds, the Dominion Battleships and Nor'Shizi War-Cruisers dropped Warp and opened fire upon the Atlantis, the Blade, and the Shark.

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Commodore Gorak - Starbase

Gorak sat at his desk, filing through reports, anxiously waiting for news from one of the ships. NO, he thought, anxious is not the word. Klingons do NOT get 'anxious'. Gorak sat ...preparedly... waiting for news from one of the ships.

Gorak hated being idle, and stood, with intentions of going to get a drink. Before he could leave, his computer beeped at him, signifying an incoming message. Gorak walked angrily to his computer, and opened the message. The message was anonymous, clearly in violation of Starfleet Communication regulations, and was text only. What in Hell is this? he wondered. The message read:

Keep your eyes on Captain Koran. He is not what you think.

Furious, Gorak tapped his communicator. "Gorak to Communications!"
An ensign who hardly sounded old enough to have graduated from the Academy answered.
"Yes, Sir!"
"An anonymous communication was just sent to my office. I want you to find out who the hell sent it, and where they are. Immediately!" he growled.
"Yes, S-Sir! Right away, Sir," stammered the Ensign, as Gorak slapped his commbadge to turn it off.

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Lieutenant Commander Jon Falqon, Ready Room, USS Blade

"Yes sir I will get right on those forcefields. It should take about 4 minutes" stated Falqon

"I need it done in 2 Commander." demaded Koran

"Yes sir, I will get it done. Computer, prepare internal sheild formation Falqon-Iota-2"

"Authourization codes required for that function" commanded the computer

"Voice authourization, Falqon-Gamma-9"

"Confirmed" stated the computer

"Add sheilding on decks 3 through 7, and decks 17-24"

"Task complete"

"Execute, current program"

"Program complete"

Posted by: Eric Draven Dec 20 2003, 11:14 PM

Captain Koran, Bridge, USS Blade

All stations assume battle stations. Damage control teems stand by on every deck. Secruity teams, if we are boarded, stun them if you want otherwise kill the bastereds. Helm put me on the intercom. I qwant every person on this ship to hear me. Aye sir responded the young ensign.
Crew of the Blade this is Captain Lacer Koran. we are to go into battle. Fighting a enemy more brutal than the Cardassains. I execpt everyone to fight to the best of there ability. If you all do that, we will be able to kill those sons of bitches. To seek redemption on those whole killed so many of our comrades. We are Starfleet. We are the best. And they will die like those who have opposed use in battle befor us. We will fight a damn good fight. Koran Out.

Falqon target the Nor'Shizi ships, fire full phaser and torpedo spreads. fire at will. several shots blasted both Nor'Shizi ships. but they aready were firing a full barage at the Shark. Falqon fire everything at those ships, draw them away from the Shark. Blow the Nor'Shizi to hell. Helm atack patteren Koran-3a. The Blade started to pull a reverse L-4 putting it to the port side of a Dominion Battleship. All weapons learched out from the Blade. Shreading the Battleships sheilds.

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Lieutenant Commander Jon Falqon,Bridge, USS Blade

"Sir this is one hell of a fight." said the young Associate Tactical Officer, Anthony Fallard

"Yeah,fire phaser banks, as well as a full volley of tricolbalt torpedoes, and will someone.... get me some coffee." commanded Falqon

"Sir there is a replicator right here on the bridge." Fallard stated sarcsticly."

"Ah...yes, I had fogotten about that," Falqon replies while walking to the replictor "Coffee, Black, Hot, in a mug." A mug full of hot, black coffee materializes. Falqon says while smirking "sometimes you have to be very specfic with these things. You never can tell when they're gonna go on the brink"

Just then, a young, foolish ensign sticks his hand right in the coffee mug, giving him a second degree burn

"You'd better get to sick bay." laughs Fallard

"No, I can treat it, I don't know why, but I know how." states falqon somewhat inquizitivly "Oh and lieutenant..."

"Yes?" asks Fallard

"Get back to work"

Falqon takes out some medical supplies from a locker on the bridge and the young ensigns burn is no longer.

"Tactical, Status Report." commands Falqon

"Sheilds, Phasers, and Warp at full funcionality" shouts Fallard

"Good... now blow thw hell out of those Nor'Shizi"

But it was too late the Nor'Shizi had already fired. The Blade was hit, the sheilds were down to 67% and Commander Falqon had an Idea

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Commander Haza Tinashi - Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

It is done, Tinashi thought to himself. This is our first joint venture with

To him, it was a disgusting thought. They were once blood enemies, and Tinashi's
true hatred would always be directed towards the Dominion, not the Federation.
The Federation was merely an inconvenience - a thorn in the side.

But, as a soldier - he obeyed his superiors, to the letter.

And now Jem'Hadar and Nor'Shizi fought side by side against a common enemy...

An explosion rocked the ship and Tinashi was brought back to reality.
"Helm, hard to port! Tell the Jem'Hadar to go hard to starboard - we'll catch the
Starfleet ships in between!" Tinashi ordered.

Ry'Mor, his first officer, acknowledged.

This battle has to be quick, or not at all... Tinshi thought, remembering his

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USS Blade. Bridge Captain Koran

Koran Stood from his Chair bajoran phaser of his hip along with his D'K'tagh. Falqon I want you to send a message to the Shark, Atlantis, and the transport to get the hell out I will cover your ass. And then I will be right behind you. Falqon responded message sent. Well then Koran spoke. Now we kill these bastereds. I want you to target there enviromental systems take them offline. I want to Nor'Shizi to die from suffacating. I would have liked to kill there Captain with my bared hands, but this will suffice. And also to all the bridge crew I am about to ignore the part of the Kitamor Accords. In the cargo bay there is a Three Islolitic Subspace Charge's. I will fire one of these charges at the Jem'Hadar Battleship. Hopefully it will destroy both there ships. Once it's fired, helm you are to take us to full impulse and get us out of here. Falqon I want you to fire the charge when the Shark, Atlantis and ther transport leave. Are there any Objections. If so I will note them in my log. I will take full responsibly for this. And if Gorak brings it up, I will make sure he'd wish he hadn't.

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Captain Chain - El Aurian Transport Nekul

The Captain tapped his commbadge, "Chain to Atlantis, what's going on?"
*We're under attack, sir. It's the Dominion and the Nor'Shizi.* Came Commander Jowett's voice over the comm. *Our shields are up, so we can't beam you over right now.*
Chain shook his head. Once again he couldn't be on his own ship when it needed him most. "Alright, do what you can to survive. You have my permission to open fire on the Dominion."
*Sir? Is that wise? Shouldn't this be approved first?*
"Would you rather you perish?"
*Point taken, Captian.*
"I know you'll do a good job, Chain out."

The Captian and Morkon then made thier way to the Bridge. Tiana was already there, assessing the situation. The Transport suddenly shook from an attack.
"I don't think we can handle this. Shield's are at minimal at best..." Tiana said as she went to the Helm. She began impulsing the Transport away from the other ship's. But one of the Nor'Shizi Vessel's broke formation and went after them.
Chain ran over, "Do you have weapons??"
"Yeah, we have Pulse Charges but their energy level depends on the power of our torpedo tubes..." She replied.
Morkon checked Tactical. "Power is being rerouted to the Structural Integrity. We can't put any more to the torpedo tubes."
"Fire the Pulses." Chain commanded.

While escaping, the Transport opened fire behind it. Three Pulses Charges flew through space and hit the incoming Nor'Shizi vessel. The Nor'Shizi were hardly damaged.

"Is that it??" Chain couldn't believe the weakness in thier attack.
Tiana looked at him in fear. She didn't say anything, but there was an obvious helplessness in her eyes.
Chain looked to the side, thinking... But he couldn't think of anything. "Morkon! What if we..." Then it hit him, "Vent drive plasma in our wake!"
"We can't. This vessel has all its plasma chambers inside the ship."
There was a pause.

The Blade, Shark and the Atlantis were in the background battling the enemy.

The Transport was then hit big time. Sparks and conduits blew throughout the ship! Crewmembers in the back hit the floors. It didn't look like the Transport could handle it much longer. It was a weak ship. Its defenses were bad, and its systems were failing to begin with.

Tiana tapped at the Helm frantically. The Transport swerved to the side, dodging a torpedo from the Nor'Shizi Vessel.

Then, she swung the Transport to the other side, dodging another torpedo from the Nor'Shizi Vessel.

As they sped through space, Chain was hit with confusion. "What's going on? We should be dead by now."

Tiana arched the Transport downwards, more torpedoes were fired from the Nor'Shizi but they all missed. "These Nor'Shizi of yours are bad shots, Captian."
Chain shook his head, "No, they're much better than this."

Now, the Nor'Shizi Vessel was getting frustrated. They couldn't understand why they were missing. Thier targetting array did not malfunction, so nothing should be going wrong.

Two larger Torpedoes were blasted in space, prompting the Transport to arch itself at high speeds. The Torpedoes missed and flew off into oblivian.

"Missed again." Morkon mentioned.
Tiana laughed. "Ha! This is becoming very amusing."
Chain looked onscreen, "Of course! ...This must be the affects of Probability."
Morkon nodded, "It's possible the odds of them hitting us has become great indeed."
Tiana looked at them, "We've been under attack before. But we were always hit."
Chain glanced at Morkon, "Maybe it was that change we did to the Engines. Things could be happening in our favour now."
"I doubt that. We lost two power conduits in the earlier attacks." Morkon read reports on his console.
"Can you reconnect them?" Chain asked.
Morkon took a second and checked, "Yes..." He was surprised. "They weren't damaged in critical areas at all."
Tiana looked at Chain, "So it is in our favour..."

The Transport neared the 6th Planet in the Karemma System. Tiana planned to take the Transport through the Rings.

As they sped downward, the Nor'Shizi began to encounter damages from the asteroids in the Rings. Two huge asteroids just happened to be orbiting that way and the Transport sped under them.

The Nor'Shizi saw this too late, and pulled up. Their ventral side richocheted off the asteroid and sent them spinning. The Nor'Shizi were in for it now... they headed straight for the second huge asteroid.


They got caught in it and both them and the asteroid went spinning down into the Atmosphere.

The Transport just sat there and watched in horror. "Oh my god..." Tiana said.
"Halt engines," Chain said. "Let's begin repairs-- again."
"It seems like all we do is repair ourselves," Tiana commented wearily.

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Captain Koran Bridge USS Blade.

Koran was standing near his chair. The OPs station had just blown out. The young ensign that was stationed there. Her face barly looked like a face. Koran Knelt down to her, she was dead. All he felt was more anger, more hate. He looked back to Commander Falqon, Commander tell the Atlantis and Shark to attack the Dominion ships, we will take the Nor'Shizi. Helm take us full impulse try to get the Nor;Shizi ships to follow us. Falqon arm the subspace charge aft launcher. Koran ran to tactical, John I want to to make sure these Sons of bitchs fell there ship being crushed. Make sure they die Painfully.

The Blade jumped to full impulse one of the Nor'Shizi ships followed. The ship was in weapons range of the Blade.
Koran sat in his chair, and screamed out, "kill those bastereds, FIRE!!!!"
A large blue charge exploded 50 meter in front of the Nor'Shizi ship. Subspace riped open. The Gravity started to rip the Nor'Shizi Ship apart faster and faster. About Half the ship was either crushed, or torn apart when the Energy wake disapated. The ship drifted in space.
Falqon drop sheilds and transport seven Nor'Shizi aboard then raise our sheilds fire torpedos at the ship and rejoin the main battle.

4 Quantium torpedos launched out to the forward launchers ripping the battlecruiser apart. Then the Blade Rejoined to Main battle and opened fire with all phasers.

Posted by: Aku Jan 16 2004, 11:42 PM

Captain Chain - El Aurian Transport Nekul

Kodor, one of the few Nekul Officer's, had visited Tiana in the Administrator's Ready Room. The room was dark, as the lights had been deactivated to save power. She stood at her window looking out into space and the horizon of the ringed Planet.
"Ma'am! We've just got the structural integridy online." He awaited her approval.
But there was no response. Her mind was elsewhere.
"Yes that's fine!" She quickly snapped.

Kodor left the Administrator's Ready Room a little ticked. He passed Chain who noticed his irritation. "Excuse me."

Chain entered the Ready Room. It was dark, but the window shone light which silouetted Tiana. Captian Chain knew it was her attitude that ticked off her crew. "What do you think you're doing? Look at you!"
Tiana just stood there.
"Your crew needs you! How can they go on with you being like this?"
Tiana turned, annoyed. "They're not my crew! They belong to Helgen."
"So? You're now thier leader. Helgen has nothing to do with it."
"You don't understand. Helgen is a great man. No one is like him!" She walked over. "I don't even compare to his abilities..."
Chain just looked at her. "Wake up Tiana! This isn't the time for sulking. You have the skills. I know. I've seen it! The sooner you realize that, the sooner this crew will get itself together!"
He then turned and begun walking out the room... Tiana gritted her teeth in anger and picked up a laser tool. She threw the tool at Chain in anger and the tool bounced off his head. "You think you know what this is about!? Helgen knew how to maintain these Engines. Without him space-time will be distorted forever!"
Chain turned in silence. Now he understood. She was worried about the Engines and what it could mean for space-time.
"...When these Engines go... so will reality. That's what they do... They alter reality the worse they get." She paused. "...And I'll be responsible for it."
*Morkon to Captian Chain* A voice inturupted over the comm.
"Chain here," he tapped his commbadge.
*We're picking up readings of the Nor'Shizi Vessel that crashed on the Planet.*
"On my way."

Tiana and Chain entered the small Bridge. Morkon was at sensors.
"The Vessel is still functioning. But not at full capacity. They're struggling to get off the surface of the Planet." Morkon reported.
"Tough ship." Chain replied.
"It seems most Nor'Shizi Vessel's are."
Then Chain got an idea... "I have it!"
Tiana looked at him confused.
"We can adapt Nor'Shizi components to your Transport. The components are organic right?" Chain continued.
Morkon nodded, "Theoretically, you wouldn't be changing the Engine's technologically so there would be no alteration to the probability effects."
"They'd just be keeping things in order."
"What?" Tiana was confused.
"We'll use the Nor'Shizi to keep your ship together." Chain spelled it out.
"How do you know organic technology will do that?" Tiana asked.
"Well, organic technology works on its own. In ways it is integrated into computer systems, but it will always be seperate in its own way. The Nor'Shizi tech will never interfere with El Aurian tech, just help it keep it together. We can add a seperate system for them."
"It would take us forever to do that." Tiana said.
"Yes but now you have something to work for. Now you have a plan." Chain replied. "Morkon and I will take the rest of our men down to the Vessel. We'll get the components you need and Morkon will give you instructions on what to do. After that you'll be on your own." Chain paused. "You'll learn, but at least you won't be malfunctioning anymore."
Tiana stood there in deep thought. She didn't know if she could do it. But then... she thought about what she had to do. Then she nodded. "Alright."
Chain nodded back, "Okay. Morkon, let's go."
Chain and Morkon left the Bridge on thier way to the Transporter Area.

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Lieutenant Commander Monica Reyes @ Sickbay, USS Alantis(where else would she be?

Monica Reyes stood up and walked away from the small monitor, she had been sitting at it for the best part of an hour, something had peaked her interest when she had examined some of the crew, one person in particular. She couldn't take her mind off it and she had ran all the scans she thought were possible.

The doors opened and an ensign in red walked in holding her arm, it didn't concern Reyes, so one of the capable medics helped out the young lady. She had asked not to be disturbed unless the injuries were serious, scraps and bruises the medics could handle, people loosing limbs and have sharp objects sticking through them, that was her cue. It made her think back to what had happened to Commander Jowett, she shook away these thoughts and walked over to the doors looking around. It was a lot busier now the Alantis was under attack, she glanced to her staff, they were going to be busy, she could see it coming.

Reyes walked back over to the monitor, "Computer how long until analysis on subject 346 is complete."

"Seven minutes, 28 seconds." Came the automatic response. She folded her arms and tapped her foot lightly, she glanced back to the medic and the ensign who was in brighter spirits, she walked over to them.
Reyes focused on the patient as she looked at the arm, she ran her hands down each side of the arm and the wrist, "No swelling," she said softly then held the wrist in her left hand, "Wiggle your fingers for me," she ordered. She watched as each one successfully moved smoothly, "Any pain?"

"A little doctor," she said, "But nothing I can handle." Reyes smiled to her and ran her medical tricorder over her, looking at the readings and satsified everything else was okay, she let her go on her way. Reyes looked back over to the monitor, still five minutes to go and it didn't look like they'd be too many medical emergencies just yet. "I'm going to my quarters," she said to the medic, "I'll be back in five minutes, I need to go feed my cat before I have no cat left."

Reyes stepped into her quarters, and sighed a breath of relief. "Tibs," she said looking round, "Tibby," she said softly. She looked over to her bunk and a small white tail popped out of the covers on it, she smiled to herself and lifted them back. The brown and white long haired cat, turned to her and arched it's back, when Tibby finally reconised her, he jumped over the bed and started rubbing himself againest her legs. "Is all this weapons fire scaring you?" she asked bending down and picking him up, she rubbed his ears and kissed him on the nose.

She walked over to his bowl and put him down, "You hungry?" Reyes got out a bag and poured some cat nip into one bowl and water in the other, she only gave him milk on occassion as a treat. She stroked his back as he began to feet, she stood back up and went over to the door, she turned back to him, "See you in a few hours."

Reyes arrived back in Sickbay, she walked straight over to the monitor. Finally she sat down to read the information on the screen, her face went quite pale and she was now sure what had happened. A couple of days again, Reyes had given captain Chain an medical examination, as well as the rest of the senior staff onboard. She had also took a blood sample, as well as the other tests. What she was looking at now, was not what she had expected.

The information told her, that somehow the cells in his bodies were in a state of degradation, forcing herself to carry on, she bit on her lip and run a diagonistic which would tell her how far gone the proccess was, she looked at it sadly. If the information was correct, Captain Chain had two months, at the most to live. She had to tell him as soon as possible, she tapped her comm badge.

commbadge.gif Reyes to the bridge commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Go ahead, Doctor commbadge.gif

It was Commander Jowett, she hoped nothing had happened to the captain. She carried on:

commbadge.gif Can I have a word with the captain? commbadge.gif

She knew it wasn't the best time to be asking, but if she didn't do something soon.

commbadge.gif I'm afraid the captain isn't avaliable, he's not onboard commbadge.gif

commbadge.gif Thank you, Commander. Sorry to bother you. Reyes out. commbadge.gif She tapped her badge to deactivate it and stared at the screen, Time to see what you can do, Monica.

Posted by: Aku Jan 20 2004, 08:53 PM

Captian Steven Chain

Chain and his Team of Federation Officer's infiltrated the partially functioning Nor'Shizi Ship that was speeding through the sky of the Planet. Nor'Shizi workers were quickly knocked out to make room for transport enhancers around certian structural technologies. In no time pieces of organic technology were beamed aboard the Nekul.

The Nekul remained in orbit, closer to space-time destruction than anything. Before thier hopes were lost the Federation Teams beamed back-- with all necessary and therectically necessary technologies to help the Nekul.

Chain entered the Bridge and spoke to Tiana one last time. "We would stay here and study your technology more but we have to get back to the Atlantis. They need our help."
Tiana nodded, "I feel better now. It's time we worked on helping ourselves and keeping the state of probability normal."
"You may want to get the hell out of here before the Nor'Shizi find a way off that Planet."
"We will. We'll be providing you with a Shuttle to return to your ship. Good luck Captian." She shook his hand.
"Don't mention it."

The El Aurian Shuttle shot out from the Transport and flew through space. It jumped to Warp, just as the Transport jumped to Warp in the opposite direction. While in Warp, the Federation Team on the Shuttle waited patiently knowing they were about to enter battle again.

How many times were they going to be battling while thier exploration of the Gamma Quadrant? Didn't they get enough of that during the Dominion Wars? Obviously not. It seemed like all anyone knew how to do was battle nowadays.

The Shuttle dropped Warp into normal space. In the distance was the Atlantis, Blade and Shark pumping phasers at two Dominion Vessels.

Captian Chain beamed onto the Atlantis.
"Welcome back sir." The Transporter Chief said.
"Thanks," Chain replied.

He left the Transporter Room and headed for the Bridge. There, Jowett had been busy as hell giving commands and tactical advice. "Captian!? I didn't know you were back!"
Chain gave a single nod, "Status?"
"We've taken care of the Nor'Shizi. They're crippled, but the Dominion seem to be fairing much better against us."
"They should. They've learned so much about our Offensives during the War," Chain said as he took the center of the Bridge. "Hail them!"

A Vorta came on screen, *Greetings. I see you took a little vacation?*
"Funny. You think you could manouver as well as your wit?"
The Vorta sat unconfortably. *Our attack is merely a sign of our new alliance with the Nor'Shizi.*
"Did you care to think about Federation-Dominion relations?"
*What relations? We went to War! How do you expect us to treat you now?*
"I believe the Founders would not approve of this."
The Vorta was even more uncomfortable now. *Yes well, they are too busy trying to amend relations with you. Perhaps they wouldn't mind of we continued allying with more species.* The Vorta looked at him. *You know, the Gamma Quadrant is a very scary place. What if... say, the Federation-- that is, the one here in the Gamma Quadrant-- joined us?* The Vorta smiled. *We would become very powerful indeed... Together.* Chain tilted his head at this suggestion. *Think about the pluses! Free passage through each other's Territory... well you would be limited to some areas on our side of course--*
"Of course."
*--Sharing technologies... Intelligence!*

Chain deactivated the viewscreen.

Posted by: Jarek Jan 21 2004, 10:42 PM

((OOC: My apologies again on not posting. My computer really does hate me. Can't wait top get my new one lol. Anyway the bastard of a Romulan is back.))

Neirroun sat in his chair thinking. A second later he spoke,

Neirroun: "Status report."

Vindomi: "Three deck's were breached in the attack by the Dominion. They have all been cleared and forcefields in place and holding. Our shields are at 33 percent. Dorsal phashers and torpeado tube two is down."

Neirroun sat there shaking his head. What is Chain thinking? An alliance with the Dominion? Crazy he is in deed. Neirroun could not get over the fact that Chain was thinking of making peace agreements with them but he would follow Chain's lead no matter what. Obviously Chain was a more experianced captain than Neirroun.

Posted by: Eric Draven Jan 22 2004, 05:14 PM

USS Blade, Bridge Captain Lacer Koran.

Conn hail the Atlantis, and patch it throught to my ready room. Aye sir.
The screen poped on.
Steve you can't be actually considering alling with the dominion. If you are then what the hell are you thinking. Them bastereds killed so many of my friends in the war. Lacer also think iof the pluses of the alliance. Screw them. and i swear if any dominion people come aboard my ship i will slit there throughts. And hang them as trophys. I dont have time for this. End transmittion. Lacer walked out of his ready room. Falqon prepare to fire everything at those Jem'Hadar ships.

Posted by: Aku Jan 23 2004, 09:13 AM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Bridge

Chain turned to his crew. "Think about it! Allying with the Dominion!" He pawned at the idea... It was such a good idea.
"Captian snap out of it!" Jowett grabbed him and shook him. "You're just under that stupid probability influence!"
Chain shook his head. "--Huh? Err..." He looked to everyone.
"Captian the Blade is opening fire onto the Dominon ships." The Tactical Officer reported.
"No!" Chain turned, but was suddenly pulled back again by Jowett.
"Oh right-- Sorry." Chain shook his head again. "I have to.... fight this--!!" He struggled with his own consciousness.
"I'm taking over command." Jowett said.
"No! Open fire at the-- Blade!" Chain ordered.
"Sir I will not follow that order." Tactical replied.
"They've betrayed us! Do what I told you!" Chain yelled. He suddenly fell to his knees in pain. His skin was turning almost a pale grey. He gasped in fear. "What-- What's happening to me...??"
"We have to get you to Sickbay." Jowett said concerned.
As two guards came to help him up, he stopped and knocked their arms away. "Wait. I have one last order..." Chain turned and looked at Tactical. There was a sudden uncomfortable pause with the man at weapons. "Open fire..." Chain ordered... "on the Dominion Ship's," he finished.
The Tactical officer fell into relief. He nodded back understandingly, "Aye sir."
With that, Chain left the Bridge on his own without the need of the guards and entered the Turbolift. The doors closed and he headed for Sickbay.

Posted by: Kelly Jan 23 2004, 10:42 AM

Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay (well duh...)

Reyes stepped away from the monitor rubbing her eyes, "In your own medical opinion Monica, too much staring at bright monitors does you no good," she looked around for any of the medics. None around so they couldn't say she was crazy, she allowed a smile then a serious look crossed her features and she narrowed her eyes. She looked at the monitor, as if doing so would give her the answer she was looking for.

There has to be some way to prevent this, or at least slow it down. she looked back at the results, and scans and the cells calculating and re-calculating but no matter how many times she did this, the prognosis remained the same. Reyes gave up and sat down next to it, picking up a spare PADD, giving her eyes a rest.

The doors opened, she turned to it expecting to see some crewman but no she was, okay welcomed wasn't the word but welcomed by the sight of Captain Chain. "Captain," she asked walking over to him, she weren't sure if it was the lightning in Sickbay but his skin looked a pale grey. "Come over here to the biobed," she ordered, he followed her and lay down, "No need to ask what's wrong," she said in a more friendly voice. He smiled to her as best he could, she ran the medical tricorder over him and frowning, "Commander Jowett thought it would be best for me to come down here...can you believe it, kicking me off my own bridge."

Reyes glanced up to him from over the medical tricorder, "Okay maybe not kicked."
She looked back down to the medical tricorder and it was just as she had feared, "It's actually quite fortunate you ended up here, sir."
"What's wrong?" he asked sitting up.

"You remember the last routine examination you had," she said and he nodded seriously, "What were the words you used..." Chain asked thinking, "Fit as a butcher's dog."
She mustered a small smile and nodded, "Yes...and it was true at the time. I looked at some of your bloodwork earlier and it had properties that were...disturbing."
"I'll show you," she walked over to a monitor and brought up some files, it had two sections on the screen. He followed her over, "What am I looking at?"
"This," she said indicating the one on the left, "Is bloodwork taken the last time you had a routine examination, just before we left." She looked at it for a moment, "The right one is from your last examination from me..."
"They're different..." he noticed nodding, not knowing how much difference she was talking about.
"A lot different."

"These cells," she pointed to the right, "Are in a state of degradation..," she moved the one on the left and concentrated on the right, "It wouldn't concern me that much if there was something that could be done."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that with the number of cells lowering, normally they should be able to keep up with the loss by rebuilding," she looked elsewhere then back to him, "There's no evidence of that happening."

She took a deep breath, "If there is nothing to help either prevent it or at least slow the process down..." Chain looked to her waiting, "I fear that you have two months at best before you succumb to the effects."

She closed her eyes, awaiting a reaction.

Posted by: Aku Jan 23 2004, 05:17 PM

Captian Chain - U.S.S. Atlantis, Sickbay

Chain just sat there, staring out into nothingness. This news was unbelievable. He didn't know what to think really.
"What is... the cause of this?" He swallowed.
Reyes went over her scans again, "As far as I can tell, the most likely cause would be that Kei artifact we recovered. You said that it shot out tentacles that suctioned themselves to your body? Well the organic technology that is that artifact has actually affected you."
Chain processed all this. "Those artifacts... they're meant to nurish the Nor'Shizi dead. I guess it wasn't supposed to link into me..."
Reyes nodded, "And since you're obviously not dead, it had adverse effects on you. The same effects it would bring onto organic technology."
Chain sat in deep silence again, but was suddenly inturupted by the ship shaking. It was hit by a torpedo.
*Captian,* Jowett's voice came over the comm. *The Dominion Vessel's are retreating.*
"Understood," Chain replied tapping his commbadge. The Atlantis was looking in pretty rough shape. Fallen beams and bulkheads, broken consoles and decompressed sections were all over the ship. He was satisfied some of his crew's injuries were treatable, because his... wasn't.

Posted by: Jarek Jan 23 2004, 06:40 PM

Captain Neirroun - USS Shark, Bridge

Neirroun sat in the captain's chair comptemplating the actions of Chain. He still did not completly agree with this but he wasn't going to voice it. His meditation was disturbed as Vindomi walked over to him.

Neirroun: What is it Commander?

Vindomi: The Dominion are retreating captain.

Neirroun: Excellent. Finally they have learned a small lesson. But they will be back, but this time with higher numbers. Hail the Atlantis.

Tactical: On screen Sir.

Neirroun: Atlantis, this is the Shark. I must ask in our partake to vacate this space. The Dominion will return with higher numbers.

Posted by: Jake Jan 23 2004, 08:32 PM

Commander Haza Tinashi ~ Bridge of the Vali'Kaan

Haza stared out of the portside window.
The repair crews were working overtime to get the Vali'Kaan ready to get out of the planet's atmosphere. The ventral side of the ship had scraped an asteroid, and the lower bow had taken a full frontal blow. To add insult to injury, several components from around the ship had inexplicably gone missing.

As the ship ascended, he observed the thinning clouds and atmosphere.
This was the second time the Nor'Shizi Empire - he - had been defeated by the Federation. Although one might have expected nothing but bitterness and hate from Tinashi, the truth of the matter was that this encounter had given him a solidified respect for the Starfleet warriors. He would have to make sure never to underestimate them so greviously again. He would have to plan his next engagement ever so carefully, to have every detail thought of, and not a single one overlooked. This would take time, and he would have to strike at the opportune moment - not an instant before.

Lyn Ry'Mor walked up to him with a datapad. "Here are the latest damage reports, Commander. We should be able to leave the atmosphere at any time."

Haza nodded. "Thank you. Then do so, Ms. Ry'Mor."

Ry'Mor bowed slightly and proceeded onto the bridge proper.

Tinashi took one last look at the stunning amber orbital sunset. I'll have some explaining to do at Imperial Command. However, they will most likely take this as a sign of the Federation's strength and resolve - as I have - rather than a weakness in my abilities. But I must take care next time. I have only had two failures in my command career - both of them with the Federation. I believe the humans have a saying - The third time's the charm. I will not fail. My Empire depends on whether I succeed or not.

Posted by: Kelly Jan 24 2004, 05:01 AM

Monica Reyes ~ Sickbay (surprise surprise)

She moved back over to the captain, he hadn't really said much since she had told him. "You'll be experiencing a lot of side effects like this," she said softly, "I could give you a little something for the pain and dizzy spells," he nodded, "But you understand I can't give you anything stronger unless I take you off active duty."

"Out of the question," he answered. It was his decision, she nodded and walked back over to a hypospray and readied it with 5ml of Terakine, "This is the strongest I can give to'll last about 5 hours and if you feel more pain come back in 4 and I can give you some more."

He got off the biobed quietly, "I strongly suggest you reconsider Captain," Reyes said as he walked over to the doors, "I'm trying everything I can to find a way to fight this captain. We have to remain optimistic."
He turned to her and gave her a small smile, she did the same and watched as the doors closed once again and she was all alone in Sickbay. She put the hypospray down and walked over to where she stored the strongest medication.

Posted by: Eric Draven Jan 25 2004, 03:14 PM

Captain Lacer Koran Uss Blade. Captain's Quaters

Lacer sat at his desk in his quaters. He was Drinking his coffee. Computer Open a channel to Captain Chain on the Atlantis. The computer responded Channel open. Chain Appeared on the screen. Steve I hope your fealing better after you thought about Joining the Dominion. Chain just smiled partly. I see your doing well Lacer. So what would you like. I was wondering if you could appow a nurse on the Atlantis to beam over i need to talk to her. Lt. Samantha Lomar. I need to talk to her in private. Chain responded I'll see what I can do. Thabks very much Steve. Koran out. Lacer was glad to hear this. In his mind he thought, excellant, we can now begin.

Posted by: Aldera Jakson Jan 30 2004, 11:37 AM

Starbase 549

Aldera left the shuttle. According to starfleet records her ship was out and about...somewhere. She headed to the turbolift and went dirctly to her temp. quarters.

Temperary Quarters
Aldera set her stuff down. She sat on the bed and laid down. She'd been busy and couldn't wait to get to her new ship. SHe didn't like the waiting. SHe sat up. And decided to hunt for the closest bar.

Posted by: Similitude Feb 3 2004, 05:23 PM

Lieutenant John Lars sat inside of the Class one shuttle pod; he was being transferred into the Atlantis while there was a possible Borg threat. John had served on many federation ships. He was one of the first cadets in Star Fleet History to be transferred to the Fleet ship, then get promoted to Ensign within a week. Star Fleet Record states that Lt. Lars has served on the USS Nightingale as Chief Ops officer, USS Enterprise as a Security Officer, and now after being promoted to Lieutenant, Chief of Security / Tactical on the Atlantis.
John's Pod slowed to a stop as it was preparing to connect to the ships main docking bay, when Captain Steven Chain was awaiting his Arrival.
John Walked off of the shuttle pod and out to the Docking bay.

“Good Evening Captain, I have been transferred from the Nightingale to give aid to your crew in this hard time.”
“Yes yes, pleasure indeed, right this way to your quarters.” The captain spoke with a stern voice.

John followed him to Deck 2, where he was going to stay. Most senior officers quarters where on Deck 2, In case of any emergency they could be out on the Command Center [The Bridge] in a scurry.

“I hope this well do, not as good as you might have had it on the Enterprise but it is one of our best.”
“Not at all captain, Living quarters are meant only for Sleep. I will be at the Bridge most of the time, when Im not on Duty ill be working with New Officers on Hand to Hand Combat.”
“Settle in, were about to proceed with our Next Mission.”